Big-Money GEAR UP Consultant Still Focusing on Booty & Loot

Booty & Loot screen cap
This is what you get from one-party rule… (screen cap, Booty & Loot website, 2016.05.24)

In today’s audacity file, Brinda Kuhn spends a decade providing consulting services of questionable value and plane rides for the scandal-poisoned Mid-Central Educational Cooperative. She makes off with over a million dollars of taxpayer dollars and wipes her consulting firm website sometime over the winter.

And where does Angela Kennecke find this GEAR UP profiteer? Running a consignment shop called Booty & Loot.

Booty & Loot.

My goodness—I think Brinda Kuhn just wrote the recruiting pitch for young Republicans to come work for state government.

But no, no, no, there’s no nefarious intent in the name of Brinda’s shop. As she explained when she and her partner Tony Cuzela opened the store back in 2014, it’s just a name, the product of brainstorming:

She said the name Booty & Loot came from when they were brainstorming the concept. They felt the store should be a place where people can find unexpected treasures, but they did not want the word treasure in the name.

“The word ‘treasure’ has pretty much been beaten to death, so we started looking up synonyms,” Cuzela said [Scott Feldman, “Talking Biz: Popeye’s Chicken to Open This Month,” Rapid City Journal, 2014.10.12].

Just a name. Really.

3 Responses to Big-Money GEAR UP Consultant Still Focusing on Booty & Loot

  1. mike from iowa

    Booty and Loot don’t have negative connotations?

  2. I love the irony. Good job Cory.

  3. She needs to be put in front of a courtroom and explain why she was paid one million for the work she did. She alone got more money than all the children this money was to serve.

    This state is apparently full of thieves from our ex governor Rounds on down.