Mounce Wants to Be Big Gun in Legislature

Republican Richard Mounce is running this ad for his District 30 House campaign:

Richard Mounce, big gun
Richard Mounce has a big gun. Richard Mounce wants your vote.

…because if you’re a Republican, running for office is all about who has the biggest gun.

78 Responses to Mounce Wants to Be Big Gun in Legislature

  1. mike from iowa

    Where does he stand on armed BLM agents with police powers?

  2. owen reitzel

    I bet he’s anti education as well

  3. mike from iowa

    Keyser’s dog’s name wouldn’t be Drumpf,would it? That was hilarious!

  4. What a platform. Guns, guns. Last I looked, that was not an issue in South Dakota or anywhere else. Sounds to me like a feller that is still stuck in the closet.

  5. Bob Newland

    Apparently, Lance Russell, Mike Verchio, and Bruce Rampelberg (Dist. 30 incumbents) are not crazy enough to satisfy those who are financing Richard Mounce and Tim Goodwin.

  6. Jeff Barth

    Second Amendment folks oppose armed undocumented workers. Doesn’t that mean that they do want gun restrictions?

  7. Bob, add Ms. Oakes to the list and you and I will never be candidates to be the insanest in the district.

  8. Honestly, how can you adequately represent a district without an RPG or Howitzer?? I’m voting for the guy with the battle tank, myself!

  9. Roger Cornelius

    The sad part of Mounce’s message is that people believe that crap as if it really means something.

  10. Liberty Dick

    Little guy is trying real hard but I’m pretty sure Laseter has the strongest 2A cred in that race.

  11. Speechless. This kind of photo alone is how hollywood alone sells movie after movie. I respect this guy’s right to own guns, but not the right to take on the government or to decide what’s right and true by killing another in a civil society with a military assault rifle. Pretty Sexy, thats Where The Term ‘ammosexual Came From. This Ad Is Abusive To The Concept Of Civil Society. What Will He Tear Up With Semi-auto 20 plus Round Dum-dum Style Ammo? Dreaded Fed. Regs? Dreadlocks? Run Away Slave? He Has Been Manipulated. Fight For Civil Rights And Constitutional Protection With Words or Get Out Of The Way. How Do You Respond To Such Republican Stupidity? Very, very Sad.

  12. Leslie, it is hard to offer a logical response, because Mounce and the ammosexual Republicans aren’t appealing to logic. They are appealing to emotion, to libido, to Hollywood fantasies. Asteroids pose a greater threat to our lives and liberty than the alleged hordes who want to repeal the Second Amendment. There is more chance that an asteroid will hit the earth and cause widespread death and destruction than that the Second Amendment will be repealed and facilitate the rise of tyranny (America is tilting Trumpist right now on the back of, among other things, pro-gun mania). I could as phallically and more logically campaign with a big poster showing me in front of an ICBM saying “Pro-Missile, Pro-Asteroid Defense.” Or I could go stand in front of a giant radio telescope and label the photo with “Pro-Science, Pro-Earth, Pro-Early Asteroid Detection and Deflection.”

  13. mike from iowa

    Jeff Barth wins the internet today!

  14. And always in the midst of the “pro gun”, “pro second amendment” gravitas, they can never provide evidence that the big bad Dems are trying to take their guns away. The reason they can’t, is that it isn’t happening! Not even close. No one EVER remembers that Pres Obama expanded gun “rights” in National Parks, wildlife refuges, and Amtrack.

    Just because people want to decrease gun violence with common sense gun regulations, doesn’t make them gun grabbers. It is just common sense. (yes, alleged pro-life people, I’m talking to you)

    And just because the NRA (who make tons of money off of the believers) and gun manufacturers (who make millions off of the believers) tell you that your gun rights are in danger — doesn’t mean they are. They aren’t. But it is big money for them, so they keep on doing it! The con keeps happening because people keep letting it happen with their ignorance and emotion. Mounce runs this ad because it plays with people who don’t want to take the time to really figure out the truth.

  15. John Wrede

    This state and nation need a great deal more Teddy Roosevelt/Jack O’Connor style gun owners and a whole lot less gun worshipping conspiracy theorists like Mounce. The unconscious gun rights/2nd Amendment fiction novelists are yet another reason why our State legislature and Congress don’t function. Why this message or it’s messenger appeals to otherwise rational and thinking people is beyond comprehension. This guy, and Tim Goodwin are in the same class…. They have to pound the 2nd Amendment drum because they aren’t qualified or adept at playing any other instrument.

  16. Bob Newland

    Corey, I think you resort to hyperbole on occasion, as in “There is more chance that an asteroid will hit the earth and cause widespread death and destruction than that the Second Amendment will be repealed and facilitate the rise of tyranny.”

    You’re a debate guy. You know that a statement like that requires at least a time frame in order to be remotely arguable.

    I think it’s entirely possible that, within the few years I have left to observe this stuff, significant strictures on the right to possess and bear arms can take effect.

    Who would have imagined, in 2002, that gay people would be marrying each other in 2008, and that the federal government would extend the right nationwide in 2012?

    Who, in 2000, would have imagined that Colorado and Washington would allow cannabis sales in stores in 2010? And that, by 2018, it is pretty probable that the federal war on marijuana will cease to exist?

    There are lots of shades of opinion on the “Goldilocks point” in the balance of allowing folks reasonable use of firearms and reducing gun-related crime. That makes the Goldilocks point pretty portable right now.

  17. Dana, I have no desire to touch Richard Mounce’s big gun.

    Bob—timeframe? Well, let’s start here: in the 220+ years of the existence of the Second Amendment, it has been repealed zero times. The empirical probability of a Second Amendment repeal facilitating the rise of tyranny is so far zero.

    Over the same time period, we have experienced at least one asteroid impact large enough to level a big portion of the Siberian forest. The empirical probability of an asteroid strike capable of doing significant damage is, on that scale, once out of 220 years.

    But let’s do risk analysis. The impacts of the repeal or modification of the Second Amendment are unknown and debatable. I would contend that we could repeal the Second Amendment and life would go on in our Republic almost exactly as before. I may be wrong, but we can argue the point.

    I can also argue the the continued existence of the Second Amendment may do nothing to stop the rise of tyranny. Exhibit 1: Donald Trump. Exhibit 2: The Patriot Act. Exhibit 3: REAL ID. Exhibit 4: one-party rule in Pierre. Exhibit 5: the War on Drugs. Again, we can argue the point.

    We cannot argue the point that asteroids exist, that they have struck the earth, and that if they strike the earth again, they will do significant damage. Asteroid impacts are another problem the Second Amendment will do nothing about.

    If we’re worried about real threats to life, liberty, and property, getting serious about space exploration and asteroid detection and defense is a more urgent project than stocking pistols and whatever monstrosity Mounce is getting ready to shoot in my closet.

  18. Roger Cornelius

    Will all those AR-15’s, AK-47’s, and automatic pistols be of any help at all should an asteroid strike the earth.

  19. Asteroids are mostly harmless. They are mostly harmless and we have only known about them for a few hundred years. They might have been around for the entire 6,000 years on record, or even longer, and have hurt only a fraction of the earth’s primate population.

    REAL ID is harmless. It has never hurt anybody.

  20. mike from iowa

    Former Texas guv Perry’s neighbor shoots hisself in the foot in Perry’s driveway. 36 year military vet and former Marine Corp General.

  21. Bob Newland

    Mounce, however, is a clear and present danger.

  22. Bob Newland

    People shooting themselves in their feet while defending defenseless points of view is not news.

  23. Mr. Mounce is insaner than most in the district 30, save for Mr. Goodwin.

  24. JW’s spot on: acting ammosexual morons such as Mounce and Goodwin aren’t qualified to be my ammo-bearer. I fired and was responsible for the firing of more ordnance than most – from Ranger training, to the cav artillery, to attack helicopter gunships – hundreds of thousands – perhaps over a million small arms rounds, tens – perhaps hundreds of thousands of 50-caliber rounds, thousands of rounds of grenades and 2.75 inch rockets, perhaps a thousand Hellfire missiles, and provided terminal guidance for close air support cannons and bombs – in war and peace – my units fired the unfired ammo from other units who’s commanders winced from the ‘risks’ of sending troops to the range – big deal – none of it gives one more or less insight into logical, rationale, public governance, doing unto others, or bettering America or the American dream. There was a combat or training objective tied to each round. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Mindless noise from the likes of likely ammosexuals like Goodwin/Mounce/etc is simply that – mindless – void of history, logic, and rational thought. The likes of the ammosexuals never stopped an assassination or mass shooting. They are feel-good, self-serving noise makers serving no public purpose.

    One needs to recall this nation has a long history of, shriek, ‘gun control’. Tories controlled the guns of Patriots. Patriots controlled the guns of Tories. Tories controlled the guns of Indians – unless the Indians allied with the Tories. Patriots controlled the guns of Indians – unless the Indians allied with the Patriots. Sheriffs controlled the guns of drovers who came to town – after the latter spent months looking at the back-end of a heifer. The ammosexuals pound the ammo-drum because they lack other apparent logical or rational thought.

  25. john-wow, thks for that perspective, and yer service. salute!

    I met a local chopper pilot who enthralled me with story after story of flying in line, at night, tracer softballs streaming from two colors and coming at him from two or three sides, pulling straight up to avoid collisions, long nights in bunkers under attack, pulling downed aircraft from the Mekong ect.


  26. To John’s point about the failure to stop assassinations and mass shootings: the ammosexuals sound like the Christian culture warriors with their persecution complex. They act as if they suffer under all sorts of restrictions and need new freedoms, when for the most part they already have the constitutional protections, laws, and public attitudes to back the exercise of their freedom. The NRA chants, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” as if “good guys” didn’t already have the freedom to carry their bang-bangs around and be on high alert. We are already the most armed nation in the world; all those good guys with guns aren’t making us the safest nation in the world.

    And per Roger’s question, they aren’t stopping asteroids.

  27. barry freed


  28. Not only are the ammosexuals a danger to themselves, but they are a danger to the public.

    A criminal public nuisance.

  29. Ammosexuals mostly just want to target their own families for destruction. Mounce should scare the bejabbers out of his neighbors and should give mortuaries a sign of a twofer or even better!

  30. barry freed

    You people sure are fixated on sexualizing guns. But yeah, someone too old to physically defend themselves from a home invasion and want to have a gun, are the freaks.

    Freud would think your fixation was a desire to have a BBC in your mouth.

  31. barry freed

    Big Black Colt

  32. barry freed

    “No Injuries reported” criminals don’t report getting shot.

  33. barry freed

    Detroit, the Bannosexuals’ dream town and the story of “child home invaders” and a Mom with an AR (20 rounds is not always enough):

    The three home invaders had one handgun between them. The one with the gun has a moment of courage after initiallly retreating into the backyard and decides to go back inside and kill the mother. However, he’s untrained and unskilled. He drops his gun in the snow, picks it back up, and heads back inside. The mom fires at him again (inaccurately, again) and that’s all the thug can stand. He runs away once and for all. I don’t know how many rounds the mom fired in her first fusillade, but if she had had a revolver she might have been empty when the thug with the handgun came back in the house with his gun drawn. That’s a fine reason for having a rifle with a 20 or 30 round magazine, which gun banners also want to prohibit us from owning and using. It’s also a good reason to train on reloading smoothly and quickly with every weapon you do own.

  34. Yes Barry, but for every story you have of a good guy with a gun defending himself or his property, I’ll show you a story of a toddler shooting themselves or someone around them.

    The point is, guns in the hands of responsible citizens should be fine. The problem is we have so many unresponsible citizens. Nobody is suggesting guns should be banned, but they shouldn’t be so freely available that they end up in the hands of toddlers who so far in 2016 have shot AT LEAST 23 people.

    Forget transgenders in Target bathrooms or brown people trying to immigrate into the US – the real threat is apparently four year olds with handguns.

  35. Sorry for inventing a word. Should have said irresponsible.

  36. Ammosexuality in America is a very serious concern as it gives responsible owners a bad name. It is a very real disorder and if anything the responsible gun owners should be alarmed and want to do something to keep the mentally disturbed and learning disabled from owning semi-automatics, but instead they choose to blame the liberals for wanting to take away their guns.
    Many liberals are not anti-gun, we just want stupid people to own up to their problem.

  37. barry freed

    Craig, you got the talking part done. Let’s see these one for one stories.

    Calling someone names is not the same as: “in the hands of responsible citizens should be fine”
    Yes, we have people who should not be armed. They are usually called violent criminals.

    Who said anything about TG’s or brown people? That is racist.

  38. barry freed

    Website not working, says I already posted that link.


  39. barry: “Let’s see these one for one stories.”

    The WAPO link I provided links to numerous individual toddler shootings each of which is from this year.

    barry: “Yes, we have people who should not be armed. They are usually called violent criminals.”

    Sure I’ll agree violent criminals shouldn’t have guns. But toddlers shouldn’t either. When a toddler gets a gun, it shows the supposedly responsible adult gun owner isn’t so responsible, and thus they also should not have guns. Also, those suffering from severe mental illness shouldn’t have guns, nor should anyone who has a history of substance abuse. It is easy to point fingers at violent criminals, but nobody is a criminal until after the crime has been committed. There are an awful lot of guns used illegally by people who had no prior criminal history. The challenge is preventing these types of incidents, and although I admit we will never prevent them all, we surely can do a better job than we are today.

    barry: “Who said anything about TG’s or brown people?”

    It is called hyperbole and is an example of how the bright shiny object used to divert our attention towards a non-issue is often the wrong issue. This campaign season we are told that Muslims entering the US are a danger, but so far in 2016 toddlers have shot and killed more people than Muslims. We are also told that transgenders are a threat to the safety of our children, but again toddlers have injured and even killed more people than transgenders have assaulted in public restrooms. So where is the real threat?

    I know, I know… nobody wants to talk about the gun problem with toddlers because it isn’t nearly as easy to blame minorities for the issue when in most cases the toddler ends up being a white kid of a Southern (gun loving) state. Yet facts are facts.

  40. barry freed

    Whew, thought I got “Larried” wouldn’t that be the worst thing imaginable?

    People want to make their own decisions so what do Liberals say? Pass a Law.

    People want to make their own decisions so what do Conservatives say? Pass a Law.

    Don’t find common ground to address the social problems that cause abortions and gun toting child drug dealers in Chicago. Just pass more Laws and build more jails for those who don’t share your grand wisdom.

  41. barry freed

    One of your only FIVE citations in the article where 26 were claimed, was a 1 year old shooting people. I’d like to see this Herculean baby who has the strength to lift a 2 pound gun and pull the trigger. Hey Mom, I can’t sit up yet, but if I could talk, I’d say: you better duck, ’cause I’m armed and I missed my nap time.

    Hypebole: refuge of failed logic.

  42. And I’m reminded again how you folks can be so hateful and intolerant of people you don’t agree with (or even try to understand) that you use tribalism to create the “Other,” denigrate them to make them sub-human, and establish your superiority.

    There’s nothing in that advertisement remotely sexualized. Nothing there to indicate a fetish. Just a couple guys plinking at the range.

    If you guys want to win hearts & minds in this state, you might want to stop lumping everyone who supports the 2nd Amendment, hunting, and being responsible with their firearms into the hate-speech category of “ammosexual”.

    But if you’re convinced your tribe has the sole platform for moral righteousness and Truth(tm), and has absolutely nothing to gain from respecting folks with a different opinion or lifestyle from yours, then continue on with your hate speech.

  43. Wayne, it is the ammosexuals that are making it bad for the responsible gun owners. You know the ones you hear about every week shooting up the family or a school or shopping center?
    I understand that there are many decent law abiding gun owners. We liberals just want you guys to admit there is a problem with a certain percentage of people in the gun owning category that are not dealing with a full deck. This could end up being drug users, alcoholics, mentally disturbed, mental retardation, learning disabled, spousal abusers, etc. I hope you would agree with me here. Admitting and then finding solutions to stop the killings is all we want. I don’t want the 2nd Amendment taken away, as I know how much it means for people like you. I want common ground solutions.

  44. barry: “One of your only FIVE citations in the article where 26 were claimed, was a 1 year old shooting people.”

    Excuse me barry – are we now limiting our discussion of toddlers shooting people to just those who are 1 year old or less? Are you so uncomfortable with the definition of the term “toddler” that you feel the need to move the goal posts and redefine the term?

    Every single one of those 23 cited in the article cites a source at the bottom (along with dozens more from 2015). There are also additional links to other sources and analysis including one which shows kids under 18 have accidentally shot at least 77 people so far this year as well… but I didn’t mention it since my context was limited to toddlers.

    I have no idea what your strategy is when you just ignore evidence and spin things to ignore the incidents that didn’t involve a child aged 1 or under. Is reality just too scary that you have to ignore it and create your own limited positions to debate against?

  45. Wayne – so now “ammosexual” is on par with hate speech? I’ll admit I’m not a fan of the term (and you won’t find me using it) but it is a derogatory slur – not hate speech.

    Let’s not overreact to an insult. If you consider it hate speech, then you must feel the same about the terms libtard or wingnut. They might be insulting, but they are far, far below the level of some of the terms used to describe blacks or homosexuals. Let’s not diminish what true hate speech is.

  46. “. Just a couple guys plinking at the range.”

    hahahahah. 3-4 minute Oregonian news report

    see 11;00 to 12;45 where Kevlar clad ar15 patriots call surrounded FBI agent in charge an asshole.

  47. happy camper

    It’s about machismo like these stupid quad cabs. Most of them don’t even have a scratch in the box they’re just pretty boy pickups. Those 3 cats were worthless. One small barking dog would have scared them off, no need for a pitbull or Rottweiler. Straight guys, their ego, and too much compensation.

  48. Leslie,

    I’m sorry, I didn’t see Mounce or his colleague sharing the range with him in that advertisement in either of those videos. Care to point them out to me?

    Craig. I certainly do view it as hate speech; it’s pretty evident the words are used to offend, insult, demean, denigrate, and perhaps even threaten. The promulgation of those words is to create a sub-human class delineation. I do have a big issue with libtard and wingnut. Again, they’re being used to create the “Other”, separate out and denigrate a group of people, and diminish their value as human beings.

  49. Well I suppose we will just have to disagree on that point Wayne. I just can’t bring myself to see the term “ammosexual” as being as equally offensive or hurtful as terms used to describe African Americans or homosexuals which I’m not even willing to type due to their crass nature.

    I also don’t believe that the people who use the term hate gun owners. At least that hasn’t been my experience. Often I’ve seen the very same people who use the term admit they are gun owners themselves… and the term ammosexual is used to describe a certain type of person who (for lack of a better definition) seems to share an obsession and love affair with their weapons.

    On the other hand, those who use hate speech against minorities do typically hate those people not for what they believe but for who they are. I see that as a significant difference.

  50. John Wrede

    What is most aggravating and annoying about Mounce, Goodwin, and their ilk is the willingness they display to foment belief that guns, gun ownership, marksmanship, para-military preparedness, marksmanship, authoritarian illusion of self righteous violence is constitutionally dutiful and necessary in a free republic. That is a sure sign of mental illness and detachment from reality. It is the most egregious, artificial, factually unsupported, fear driven creedo that anyone can possess in this persons opinion and whats more, the appeal to the hunting populace these people have is even more disingenuous and false representation. Truth be known, we don’t need modern guns to hunt with and we particularly don’t need guns designed and intended for combat. We are not in violent conflict with wildlife and never have been and the person that promotes the idea that black guns and military spin offs are desirable to use in the sporting field not only insults our hunting heritage, but it is an insult to wildlife and traditions of fair chase that have stood to regulate outdoor behavior for nearly a century…….. I’m a gun owner, collector, gun smith, stock maker military armament repair officer, (4808) hunter and supporter of the 2nd Amendment but I can not and will not, in good conscience, support or endorse a disconnected extremist like Mounce or Goodwin that use fictional representations of 2nd Amendment rights as a political marketing tool in an effort to gain public office so he can impose his estranged will on the rest of us. We need people in legislative chambers who are proven reasoned and rational thinkers with an abundance of problem solving skills. We don’t need uncompromising, dull minded, constitutional theorists that do more harm to society than the firearms they sleep with every night.

  51. Barry, et. al., rhetorical question: how is stopping a crime ‘in the home’ carrying a gun in “public”?
    – aside from all the well-documented cases of toddlers, juveniles, and domestic violence in the home being a violent gun-spawned epidemic.

  52. mike from iowa

    A genial wingnut running for Rubio’s senate seat in Florida called the Potus an animal twice in a speech. Bet he wasn’t being racist and it prolly wasn’t personal. At least he didn’t insinuate either the Potus or First Lady were monkeys.

  53. I believe I saw Mr. Mounce today with my own eyes and he was shorter than his ads make him appear. He seems less capable of holding a firearm in the legislatures as a sentinal than I had originally feared. I urge all District 30 voters to vote No for Messrs. Mounce and Goodwin. I may have to become a fan of Ms. Oakes.

  54. Wayne, I don’t hate you for your plinking at the gun range. I just think it’s silly, with all the policy problems before the South Dakota Legislature, to tout one’s gun usage as a primary qualification for office.

  55. wayne b-u said just two guys plinking at the range.

    don’t be obtuse. people don’t “plink” at the range w/ an ar15, 30 round clip and high damage bullets. u have intentionally deemphasized the impact of the political ad. why?

    the vids show military use of these very same weapons in exceptionally dangerous situations by FBI, SURROUNDED by dozens of threatening “patriots” equipped for war with this very same gun, cap, glasses, gloves and Kevlar…last month.

    thanks but we don’t need these militia, including these two you defend, in SD.

    “Care to point them out to me?”… my ass. u r only too cute.

  56. gun fetish and sexualization is a widely understood phenomena. look it up wayne

  57. Cory, who said anything about it being a primary qualification? All the ad is is a means to show people he likes firearms without the obligatory blaze orange cap in a field with a shotgun.


    I don’t apologize for Lassiter.

    I’m also not obtuse. I go plinking with my scary black rifle. So do my friends with theirs. Are you calling me a liar?

    Please don’t use foul language. And also please realize my “cuteness” is a response to the fact that you’re making guilt by association. How people present themselves says quite a bit. The people you link to are not Mounce and his compatriot. So why is it you’re equating the responsible people displaying safe weapon discipline with the folks who clearly are not?

  58. so…”likes firearms without the obligatory blaze orange cap in a field with a shotgun”. so instead use the obligatory (since aurora theater and Newtown AR15 massacres of innocents) sara palin ar15 pose to assure yourself this is normal.

    apologist spinning like”plinking” doesn’t really refer to BRAPPPPP of a rapid fire high velocity overloaded or dum dum round semi w/30 count magazine with a military assault rifle into what, a black and white circular boy scout target? do you use a bayonette on yours while “plinking”?

    I don’t want you or those you protect to normalize this behavior to manipulate uninformed without having to explain yourself. I don’t recall why I called your apologist behavior for possible gun fetish to be characterized as cute nor swearing. please remind me.

    you are soooo proper, while spinning. john w. said it pretty clearly as one trained in this business.

  59. AR 15 penetration of Obamacare act was 5 inches in a political ad.

    inane rather than obtuse.

  60. barry freed

    What is the claimed response time of Police in your town?

    How are response times qualified? By the Police themselves?

    Some users results may vary.

  61. Leslie,

    I can tell you they don’t make a BRAPPP noise. More like “Per-Kow”. We’re talking semi-automatic rounds just a tich bigger than a .22 with more powder behind them. Not a Ma-Deuce.

    We typically shoot quad targets – less wasted paper. Sometimes we find old rattle cans. Always clean up afterward.

    You’re welcome to come and get educated, rather than reside in the fear of your mind and what you find on Youtube.

    And I’ll continue to try to be polite and proper; it’s how I was raised. I respect the inherit value of all human beings – even the ones I disagree with. It frustrates me that folks can’t show that same courtesy… that they seem to think folks who don’t share their worldview are evil demi-humans who want to destroy the world.

  62. Yes barry – if I was presented with dozens of citations proving a point I disagreed with, I’d probably try to change the subject too.

    leslie – you may not like to hear it, but a lot of people like to target shoot (aka: plink) with AR-15s. That is how you improve your skills and become proficient with the weapon – plus it can be a lot of fun. ARs come in a wide array of configurations many of which are designed with heavier barrels designed for range use which are really too heavy to use for hunting. The ammunition used on a range is also generally different from what someone might use against game. Range ammo isn’t going to use hollow-points etc. since the target is most often just paper or a piece of steel. There is nothing scary about it, and an AR-15 is just another semi-automatic rifle. It isn’t capable of full-auto fire and cannot shoot any faster than a user pulls the trigger thus it is no different than any semi-automatic handgun or semi-automatic shotgun.

    The reality is the AR platform just looks scary to some people because they associate it with the rifles carried by the military in combat. However if someone desires to inflict damage via a firearm, the AR is no more or less capable than dozens of other type of weapons that are essentially ignored by the media and gun-control groups. It also is used in far less crime than common handguns, because it is rather difficult to conceal and wield an AR-15.

    All that said, Cory is right. This isn’t really about the gun, it is about the marketing. Mounce seems to think this staged photo (with a photographer standing in front of the firing line) somehow believes this makes him more qualified for public office. Since our state legislature has not attempted to control guns in any way nor are their plans to do so, I’m not exactly sure what his point is. If he were running for Congress it might make more sense, but even then it wreaks of pandering. I’d rather know about his stance on education funding, the minimum wage, tax policy, or whether he thinks transgenders in the bathroom at Target are really one of our major concerns in the year 2016.

  63. I am just as comfortable target shooting as you are.

    so when you hand your ar15 to a kid s/he does rip right thru the magazine as fast as he/she can pull the trig? what niose does that make. somewhere in between brrraaappp and ker pow.

    overload that mere .22 size bullet and what kind of damage does it do to flesh?

    barry, if u have to have a loaded weapon in yer dresser incase the cops can’t respond quick enough to kill the intruder so you feel safer killing instead, whose afraid?

    no one has changed the subject but you apologists keep ignoring the point of the political add, trying to normalize and homogenize that “family behavior” of “suiting up in Kevlar” and practicing with your army guns. I kno, its just like putting on a wetsuit while water skiing. just tools. AR15s are designed in every way to do maximum damage on the killing field and not for firing on full auto. controlled bursts, right. and ar15 owners are fascinated with them and don’t want that fascination to be called a purient interest, and society as bestowed the term ammosexual on you and you are reacting to that. too bad.

    civil society is not going to adopt your world view that more guns, bigger guns, are safer.

    do we have a family .50 cal sniper rifle that we all need to be capable of zeroing in at 500 yards or a thousand. may as well normalize that too.

  64. the result of such ads-normalize family bayonetting and sniping practice, normalizing shooting blacks (the reason for the 2nd amend), and normalizing shooting people without accountability and cover-ups by the gun culture so cops don’t have to wear cameras.

    cops are refusing to do their jobs. cAMERAS WILL GET THEM IN TROUBLE. NO SHEIT, SHERLOCK. I don’t like caps keys.

  65. leslie: “the result of such ads-normalize family bayonetting and sniping practice, normalizing shooting blacks (the reason for the 2nd amend), and normalizing shooting people without accountability”

    Wow. That’s quite a rant… and a stretch. But thanks for offering me a glimpse of what you have going on in your head I guess?

  66. John Wrede

    As has been mentioned…….. All this add is superficial idea advertising that has virtually no relevance to qualifications for public office…… Horsehockey…….. Some of us have forgotten more about guns and their roll in history and politics in this country than these two have ever learned and that reality still isn’t qualification for me or anyone else to run for political office. All these adds do is further inflame an irrational and ignorant belief system and foment anti-government hatred. The shallow, absent minded, fear mongering, machismo and NRA cheer leading has done absolutely nothing in the last 40 years to improve government, public safety, crime reduction, or identify some theorists notion of lost liberty. It does nothing to encourage people to consider anything except their own visions of power and control of something they’ve never had control of in the first place. All one has to do to validate that thought is look at the direction this thread has taken…….. Recreational shooting, combat preparedness and all that snake oil illusion has nothing to do with the primary elements of the 2nd Amendment but the gunners would have the rest of us believe that it is. Reading comprehension is a problem in this country as is interpretation of language.
    Is Mounce, Goodwin, Nelson, Campbell, Jensen, or any of the more recent gun culture amorists, statesmen that have done anything positive and productive to make South Dakota a better place to live, work and raise a family………… Not only no but heck no…….. They are the people of NO, without any mental capacity to produce solutions to problems. We send people like this to elected office to create problems so that we can perpetuate arguments in their defense…….. We aren’t thinking………… we’re just shooting from the hip!

  67. Barry, u said: “your fixation was a desire to have a BBC in your mouth”

    then u told us what bbc means. who is sexualizing?

    am guessing someone smart came up with “ammosexual” to get your attention, pull your chain, and illustrate the lack of responsibility in some gun use. it has been successful.

    u or wayne keep trying to say we liberals, without concealed weapons, without assault rifles, ect. are the problem. but u guyz are paying $1500 bucks for weapons designed to carry bayonette mounts, grenade launchers, higher velocity barrels, and parts and methods for expensive (I know, its a bitch) conversion to full auto. brrrpppp.

    then you apologize for political ads depicting Kevlar clad shooters’ AR15 30 count mags, and attempt to normalize their use of battlefield weapons as mere “plinking”. we all know plinking means that little sound of a .22 short rifle round knocking a tin can off a stick, unless it is too far away. barely audible.

    so don’t B.S. everyone here and claim your vast, superior experience and knowledge of military arsenal to defend your blessed 2nd amendment fear of losing a “right”. reasonable regulation to save lives. that’s it. regulate yourselves or we will.

  68. well it had to happen barry. atlantic compares trump’s sexualization of his daughter to a fetish. in a presidential election year. when monce wants to win in SD sexualizing his big hands on his big gun, an AR15. who are you voting for?

    alex wagner, frmr msnbc anchor, today in the atlantic.

    alex definitely knows hot, glass ceiling in the millennial gen, and can comment on Hillary’s rival.

    “For over a decade, Ivanka Trump has been an object of her father’s sexualization, fetishized by a parent who said he’d otherwise date her if she weren’t, uhm…his daughter.

    The Times touched on Trump’s inability to control this odd impulse:

    “Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?” Ms. Lee recalled [Trump] saying. “I was like, ‘Really?’ That’s just weird. She was 16. That’s creepy.”

    And it is something that’s been going on for years.

    In a 2004 New York profile, Jonathan Van Meter visited Trump to discuss his parenting savoir faire:

    When he’s had enough of our small talk, he claps his hands together and says, “Tell me about my children.” Before I get far, he jumps in, “Let me tell you one thing: Ivanka is a great, great beauty. Every guy in the country wants to go out with my daughter. But she’s got a boyfriend.”

    Notoriously, appearing on the View in 2006 with Ivanka sitting beside him, Trump announced: “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

    Ivanka gamely shook her head, tongue firmly in cheek, as if to say, “Yep, that’s my dad!” (This was before she became someone who tweeted out #ITWiseWords, including quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt about self-worth).

    Trump did not appear to be cowed by the public gross-out. He has gone on to talk about the fact that Ivanka has “the best body” and to again suggest—this time to Rolling Stone—that he might bed her, were it not for the inconvenient fact that they are related.

    But perhaps ickiest of all these covetous moments is a 1994 clip of Trump and then-wife Marla Maples, unearthed recently by the Daily Show, in which Trump says of his one-year old daughter Tiffany:

    “Well, I think that she’s got a lot of Marla, she’s a really beautiful baby, and she’s, uh, she’s got Marla’s legs. We don’t know whether or not she’s got this part yet,” Trump said, motioning to his chest, “but time will tell.”

    Evaluating the sex appeal of an infant is paradigm-shifting alright, especially when said infant is one’s own child. One can only imagine Ivanka the Mompreneur’s potential displeasure if her husband, Jared Kushner, spent their daughter’s teenage years crowing about her hotness, and his desire to date her, if not for the for taboos on incest.

    More broadly, this pattern of behavior—Donald Trump’s vulgar inclination to objectify and even humiliate his very own progeny—is an anathema to most women, most mothers. You might wonder what #ITWiseWords Ivanka would have to share on the subject.

    So far she remains her father’s loyal ally and most articulate spokesperson, someone the press has deemed “his secret weapon.” But Donald Trump’s unseemly behavior goes far beyond the disputed accounts by Rowanne Brewer Lane, and at some point his daughter Ivanka will have to reconcile how his gluttinous misogyny fits into her highly calibrated attempt at female empowerment.”

    maybe this is all just PC and we shouldn’t be using that word ammosexual so much. monce’ ad is however, definitely “cweepy” in the millenial’s word choice of today. instead of plinking, perhaps its fishing or trolling, like a pedophile grooming its next victim,… on the target range?

  69. NRA’s annual meeting Friday, Trump spoke to an older, largely white crowd, and the NRA’s CEO, Wayne La Pierre, spoke to that crowd in exclusionary terms.

    “In this room, we still see the America that we have always loved,” he said. “We in this room, we are America.”

  70. (cont.) LaPierre did not talk about race or racism. He highlighted a different tension: the contrast between the people “who keep American running every day” and the “political and media elites” who are “shredding the very fabric of our country and transforming America into an America you won’t even recognize”.

    so NRA is venturing into an attack mode on media, and elites. seems sinister. they are digging deep to attack PC and other psychological issues. I would not think they will emphasize AR15s however, like monce. will be interesting to see their campaign approach crystalize.

  71. mike from iowa

    Louisiana is in the process of passing a blue lives matter bill which makes it a hate crime to kill a cop. They don’t appear worried about cops offing unarmed blacks.

    Meanwhile a five year old girl was playing with a handgun and killed herself. Her life doesn’t seem to matter, either.