McCartney Prompts Minor Border Skirmish Between Star Tribune and Hunhoff

The Minneapolis Star Tribune‘s Chris Riemenschneider took a poke at Sioux Falls in his May 4 column on Sir Paul McCartney’s concert swing through the Midwest:

For once, you may envy the folks who live in Sioux Falls. They got to experience the city’s first local Paul McCartney concert last night, one of four U.S. cities on his newly launched One on One Tour where he’s making his local debut.

Here in Minneapolis, of course, we saw the 73-year-old Beatle just two summers ago at Target Field. In a word, the show was huge: 39,000 fans, 39 songs, almost three hours and a trove of fireworks and visual effects [Chris Riemenschneider, “5 Reasons to Still Get Excited for Paul McCartney (Besides the Obvious),” Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2016.05.04].

I’ll say this: I’m envious of a fellow writer who has an even longer German name that offers two examples of the German vowel-combo pronunciation rule (when vowels are paired, say the second!).

SD v MNRising to the slight is South Dakota’s greatest pen-wielding knight, Senator Bernie Hunhoff, who notes that South Dakota is gaining population through domestic migration while Minnesota is losing. Amidst his own humorous ribbing of our neighbors, Senator Hunhoff waxes generously philosophical:

Who can say why Paul McCartney chose Sioux Falls as a tour stop? He reportedly wanted to include some smaller venues that normally might not be considered. Obviously, the singer lives the words he wrote so long ago and then performed in Sioux Falls — and 48 hours later in Minneapolis: “For well, you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool … by making his world a little colder.”

Or, as my pastor says, blowing out another’s candle doesn’t make yours shine brighter.

Lots of young Minnesotans are moving to South Dakota, especially to Sioux Falls. Some young Dakotans are emigrating to Minnesota. It’s all cool, as Paul would say. You can love both places [Bernie Hunhoff, “Counterpoint: Gee, Did You Have to Slam South Dakota—Again?Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2016.05.05].

Remind me to use that on my middle-schoolers today… and maybe on some blog commenters and Trump voters who think they must denigrate others’ values to affirm their own.

McCartney played two concerts at the Target Center in Minneapolis Wednesday and Thursday. He takes his love to Argentina next, then Germany, then a May 30 concert in Paris.

21 Responses to McCartney Prompts Minor Border Skirmish Between Star Tribune and Hunhoff

  1. mike from iowa

    Picture says it all. South Dakota looking up to Minnesota. Minnesota has the obvious advantage in reach,as well. Game,set and match to the beautiful North of iowa-Minnesota.

  2. Because a Paul McCartney concert should be the metric on which we evaluate youth migration. I would be curious to see the average age of the concert goer to see a 70+ year old rocker where tickets cost upwards of $100 each.

  3. Anne W, it would be interesting to get an overhead shot of Monday’s crowd at the Arena (sorry: Sanford Premier Defective Siding Center) and see how grey those heads look.

    Mike, I prefer to think of South Dakota not as looking up to Minnesota but as the scrappy underdog ready to defend itself with wit, guile, and superior statistical analysis. ;-)

  4. OK, let’s not burry the lead: McCartney played Sioux Falls and it was a blast. Although I did not see his Minneapolis performance (where I believe a Prince tribute was added to get the 39th song – versus the “measly” 38 Sioux Falls heard), we were at the Target Center the day before to see the Who (an ever-so-slightly better show all around) and sound, energy, crowd (lots of old white people for both) of both venues were spot on. Sanford was big enough to let McCartney do “Live and Let Die” in full production mode, so that is plenty big.

  5. Sir Paul gave a great concert. I grew up with the Beatles; as did many. I like Mr. Hunhoff’s pastor’s quote “blowing out another’s candle doesn’t make yours shine brighter”. Case in point.

  6. Lanny V Stricherz

    Interesting that both venues at which he played, are being paid for by taxpayers, many of whom cannot afford to attend his concerts.

  7. btw – when walking to the Target Center from the parking lot behind First Avenue, there is a HUGE billboard (mounted on top of First Avenue) advertising South Dakota.

  8. mike from iowa

    McCartney released some of the most cringe-worthy singles I have ever had the misfortune of ever hearing. Ringo was so much better with his all star band and that wife of his.

    On another note, McCartney and I share 6 letters of our last names including the first 3.

  9. MFI, when looking at McCartney’s catalogue, certainly there are highs and lows, but all have to be seen in proper historical context; McCartney is the king of pop songs which by definition are defined by their cultural context. Some hold up better than others. At the show, there were moments I questioned choices he had made for what to include – thinking to myself “you know ‘Let it Be’ and you are playing this . . .?”

    But as the theme of this post goes, “blowing out another’s candle doesn’t make yours shine brighter.” I shall throw no shade on McCartney’s performance and celebrate the greatness of what was.

  10. I thought his response showed class and performed the task of selling South Dakota to Minnesota for more than the Mars loving administration as accomplished.

  11. That teleprompter served McCartney well, I’m told by someone who was there.

    Are you a cousin of Stumcfar, mike?

  12. oh boy, did rapid city ever want to double its civic center size to get this “A” concert. there is still Tyler Swift.

    I agree w/lanny but who paid/is paying for the venue but can’t afford to attend. good “economic development” though

    I think paul would come out to the Black Hills to sing us “Rocky Raccoon” some day if we are lucky. the beatles once said, late in their career, that the only place they’d play live again would be Mt. Rushmore (mythology?). I suggest we change the name to Mt. John, Paul, George & Ringo. Think of the bikers that would flock up there all in the name of economic development. shoot fireworks. burn the ballroom down, so to speak. :)

  13. mike from iowa

    Not a chance in hell, Ror. :)

  14. I like Bernie and all (who doesn’t), but this is surely a lot of fuss over nothing.

  15. Trivia: What rock group never played or toured South Dakota?

    At one time tickets cost $5 for about 8 hours of music. Outdoor concerts were epic. The sound system produced 28,000 watts of continuous power. Subsonic base waves could shake the ground and create its own wind patterns for more than a quarter mile.

    Hint: The Wall of Sound was unveiled at Stanford University, Ca.

  16. Olivia is right. With social media this became much bigger than merited or imagined and now I am feeling sorry for the Star Trib writer.

  17. I have had the pleasure and privilege to attend the Eagles, Bob Seger, and McCartney at the T. Denny as well as Keith Urban.

    For the former three concerts, the age of the attendees had to have been 80% 50 years old or older.

    For Keith Urban, the mix was easily reversed.

    Sidenote: Possibly because the Beatles had broken up by the time I could buy records and really started listening to music, I have never been a Beatles fan but was a Wings fan. Before I went, I assumed much of the songlist would be Beatle’s songs. I was so very pleasantly surprised that it seemed he played more Wings songs than Beatle’s songs. Whether one likes McCartney (or Prince or Glenn Frey, may they rest in peace) or not, when one goes to a concert of a songwriter/singer relevant over multiple generations, you get a real sense of the depth of their talent. These three were not only not one-hit ponies, they weren’t one-genre ponies.

    They have lived intentionally to be exceptional at their craft and achieved it. :)

  18. Douglas Wiken

    Last concerts I saw were Roger Miller in Sioux Falls and back about 1963 a cowboy western Marty Robbins sing in Rapid City old city auditorium. I guess back about then, SDSM&T had Chad Mitchell Trio. We sold tickets for something like $5 and barely filled the old Central High School auditorium. I don’t quite see getting all bent out of shape about performers and traveling to see them when CDs and vinyl is so cheap in comparison.

    Marty Robbins
    Roger Miller

  19. Smaller venues are the way to go, there are way less crowds and you have a decent chance of seeing the band pretty much anywhere you sit in a smaller arena. So Sioux Falls you have the smaller crowd venue going for you! No long tiresome waits and traffic jams afterwards to deal with.

    For a small venue like feel in the Cities, I liked the Xcel Energy Center over the Target Center.

  20. Douglas Wiken

    My wife reminded me that we had also seen Andy Williams in the old downtown auditorium in Sioux Falls before we were married. She also reminds we are married about once a year on our anniversary. I think Hunhoff wisely played it cool, but he could have found an Ole and Lena joke that fit. This one doesn’t, but is sort of funny anyway. Ole and Lena had been farming for about 40 years in Minnesota. Then, Ole looked out the window and told Lena, “We better get out there, there are government cars in our yard.” Ole went out and they told him the new GPS system indicated they were in Iowa instead of Minnesota. Ole said, “Whewww, good to hear. I don’t think I could stand another Minnesota Winter.”

  21. Good one, Douglas Wiken LOL