GoBlueSD.com Features Progressive Candidates Across South Dakota

Brent Johnson of Sioux Falls has created a useful website for voters looking for South Dakota’s progressive candidates—and right now, I’m willing to extend that designation to anybody who is horrified by Donald Trump’s GOP triumph and who wants to vote for as many good people as possible to repudiate Trump’s tyranny (which I will still dare to call fascism, Andrew Sullivan be darned).

Johnson has built Go Blue South Dakota, with links to the campaigns of Democrat Jay Williams and Paula Hawks plus a handy list of progressive Legislative candidates by district. Each district page has links to candidate websites and any available candidate feeds from Facebook and Twitter. The District 3 page, for example, offers lots of info about the next Legislators from Aberdeen:

GoBlueSD.com District 3 page, screen cap, 2016.05.04
GoBlueSD.com District 3 page, screen cap, 2016.05.04.

We are your only hope, South Dakota. Reject Trump. Reject a party gone so angry, so paranoid, so hopeless, and so unable to deal with facts and reason that it would nominate a Manhattan skyscraper king. Go to GoBlueSD.com and find the right people to lead our country back from the brink of Trumpism.

4 Responses to GoBlueSD.com Features Progressive Candidates Across South Dakota

  1. Robin Friday

    Breaking…Kasich dropping out.

  2. Breaking—Republican hearts as a third Clinton term just took a leap toward inevitability. Get to know your Democratic candidates, Republicans. We are your path to penance, salvation, and good government.

  3. Lanny V Stricherz

    Peance and salvation? I thought that you were/are an atheist?

  4. Lanny, my atheism doesn’t mean I can’t speak the language my neighbors understand. Call me multilingual. :-)