Yankton Sioux Host Prayer Protest at Keystone Spill Site Saturday 2 p.m.

I made my journalistic trek to the Keystone pipeline spill site between Freeman and Menno on Monday. If prayer is your thing, you might want to make your pilgrimage to Meridian Corner this Saturday:

Keystone pipeline spill prayer circle protest poster, Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Yankton Sioux Tribe invites all people who want to protect our land, water, and future generations from the ills of corporate petro-raiders to gather at Meridian Corner, the junction of U.S. Highways 81 and 18, this Saturday, April 23, at 2 p.m. Central. They will then head two miles west to the site of TransCanada’s latest accident, on 437th Avenue, between the properties of Loren Schultz and Galen Heckenlaible, to offer prayers of protection for the earth.

If you’re attending, watch where you walk. TransCanada’s hired security will not allow you beyond the orange barricade right at the edge of 437th on Highway 18. The forecast is for sunshine, so visibility should be good, but semis along that highway aren’t too interested in slowing down. Temps are predicted to head toward 80, and the wind will be gusting, so raise your voice… and bring your Chapstick!

37 Responses to Yankton Sioux Host Prayer Protest at Keystone Spill Site Saturday 2 p.m.

  1. Paul Seamans

    Representatives of all faiths are invited to offer prayers at the ceremony if they so wish. These prayer circles are a powerful way to show unity.

  2. mike from iowa

    Is Hiway 18 the same that runs through NW iowa? If so I will join in solidarity from Hartley,iowa at 2 pm.

  3. Gail L. Swenson

    Thank you, YST Tribal Leaders and members for organizing this prayer for the land and water and future generations. I drive by the site frequently and have sadly watched the number of trucks and machines grow and the contaminated mounds of soil get higher. When will we learn that we need to respect and protect the earth?

  4. Paul Seamans

    mike from Iowa. The spill site is about 50 miles west of Canton on US Hwy 18. Would love to have you attend. The spill site is right where the Keystone 1 goes under Hwy 18.

  5. All faiths… how about no faiths?

    I’m kind of kidding—I have no doubt that an atheist like me could walk comfortably among the folks gathering Saturday, but I’d like to hear other folks’ thoughts: how do strictly secular people fit themselves into a spiritual event like this?

  6. Paul Seamans

    Cory, I am probably not much more religious that you are. The prayer circle to me is more a sign of coming together, a sign of unity. I would call it more spiritual than religious, if that makes any sense.

    No faiths are also welcome at Saturday’s event.

  7. Steve Sibson

    “a sign of unity”

    You are right, this is a pagan event in the name of “unity”. Perfectly fits the prophecy of the Book of Revelation.

  8. Robin Friday

    cory, we do that by going there and honoring and respecting others and their traditions and joining in their dance if we’re invited. And holding our heads up and joining in with our good thoughts and good will and good company, honoring the premise of the occasion just by being there and being respectful.

  9. Robin Friday

    My understanding has always been that “wakan tanka” meant “great mystery” before Christianization, more than it meant “great spirit” which it is said to mean today.

  10. gee thanks sbby, as always with the enlightened world view (political correctness).

    “Paganism is a term that developed among the Christian community of southern Europe during late antiquity to describe religions other than their own, Judaism, or Islam–the three Abrahamic religions. Throughout Christendom, it continued to be used, typically in a derogatory sense.”wiki

  11. Just by coincidence, Saturday, the 23rd is also the first day of Passover

    This year, the Passover menus may feature rice and beans or sushi for the first time, thanks to new rules taking them off the list of foods forbidden during the elaborate meals prepared for the long holiday, which begins on Friday.

    Menus might include sushi, which is made with rice; rice and beans; hummus; chicken satay with peanut sauce and other once-forbidden foods. The new variety may satisfy seder guests who balked in the past at traditional dishes like beef brisket, gefilte fish and matzo ball soup.

  12. Christianity has nothing to do with a gathering of mind and spirit. Mr. Sibson does not wish to attend because he loves him the higher power of the almighty Kochs, the right wings new golden calf.

  13. Paul Seamans

    This gathering on Saturday is a sign of unity for those of us who have been fighting TransCanada for so long.

    Steve Sibson, I don’t see how you are relating this event to paganism or the Book of Revelation. I am not really up on my bible reading. You will have to explain, to me, your meaning.

  14. Steve Sibson

    Paul, you and the rest if my critics on this thread have eyes, but cannot see. Explaining truth won’t make a difference with you folks. Leslie proves that with his ability to believe false propaganda.

  15. Mr. Sibson, the truth waived bye bye to you some time ago. But thankfully you have found your new direction, the complete devotion to the golden calf of the Koch brothers. Drink their elixir of destruction with gusto, the rest of us will put our hearts and minds into a way out of your mess.

  16. Paul Seamans

    Steve Sibson, I have never criticized you or anyone else who comments on this blog. If I have offended anyone personally I apologize.

  17. Steve Sibson

    Paul, yes I understand your intent. I appreciate that. I will try to return that respect. Thanks.

  18. Steve Sibson

    Paul, since you sincerely asked for an explanation, I will start off with this:


    Note that Pope Francis is leading the pagan movement while warning about it. Jesus called those of his day…hypocrites.

  19. Steve Sibson

    Paul, I have not read all of this (so I may not agree with all of it), but what I have read seems to provide a good answer to your question:


  20. Paul Seamans

    Thanks Steve. I will check it out tonight.

  21. Anyone have ideas for getting more photos or video of oil leak site? Maybe from the air?
    This RC SR-71 Blackbird drone gets the job done. Fast, in & out. Duel turbine jet engines. Not cheap.


  22. have eyes, but cannot see


    prophesy of Revelations


    -sibby-u got banned here because u repeat the above message in many, many of your posts. your own blog is unsuccessful so u burden this blog with your numbing repetition.

  23. So now the Pope is pagan in Mr. Sibson’s eyses. I always thought the Pope was Catholic. BTW, how do you know what Jesus said about the Pope?

  24. You’ll have to excuse Sibby as he is a recovering Catholic. I kept telling him that he should have told those priests to stop it.

  25. Steve Sibson

    Paul, thanks for not being like jerry.

  26. Paul Seamans

    Steve, I try to treat everyone with respect. If I can’t get my point across without beating up on others then that means my teachers didn’t do a very good job.

  27. mike from iowa

    That makes you a good man and human being,Paul. For some of us,there are some commenters just begging to get taken to the woodshed (verbally speaking). I listened to attacks on Democrats for years before I finally got a computer and can return the favor. Be with you in spirit tomorrow.

  28. Paul Seamans

    Thanks mike. And I do enjoy reading all the comments. There are some pretty intelligent people who comment on this blog. I learn a lot. I am still trying to sort out all the information that I read here on the deep bore drilling. Thanks to Cory for getting all the latest information out there for us.

  29. Roger Cornelius

    “There are some pretty intelligent people who comment on this blog”, Sibson isn’t one of them.

    With each of his comments he becomes less and less relevant.

  30. One could wait years for this info on Deep Bore from the “major” media units

  31. Steve Sibson

    Roger, there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom. What is it?

  32. Roger Cornelius

    Sibson, you don’t have either, intelligence or wisdom, so I know you don’t know the difference.
    Look back at your comments Sibson and see how often others agree with you.

  33. Unity and protest of TransCanada’s corporate oppression of our environment and property rights—those issues make Sibby’s complaints seem trivial. let us know how big a crowd joins you to discuss these real issues today, Paul!

  34. Paul Seamans

    I’m half way there Cory. I’ll see if I can’t get you some pictures.

  35. mike from iowa

    The gentleman who owns and manages Fiesta Food Store in Hartley,iowa is a Lennox native named Greg Musch. He wasn’t aware of the spill. He knows now.

  36. mike from iowa

    Must have been a powerful prayer vigil, yesterday. Before dawn today, Mother Nature slowly rumbled through mikeyland with a spectacular light and sound display, letting all know who is still in charge of Mother Earth. Good on everyone who attended and lumps of coal to those who caused the damage.

  37. as wildfires burn, Alberta’s tar sands fields pump dilbit by pipeline 1400 miles to near Sioux Falls.

    It takes two tons of Alberta tar sands to produce a barrel of crude oil, and one barrel of oil to make 19 gallons of gas. Most extraction occurs in situ, through a process called Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage, or SAGD (sag-dee). Two holes are drilled deep into the ground, and pressurized steam, 400 °F, is injected into the top well. The steam liquifies the buried bitumen, which can then be pumped out of the lower well.

    Alternatively, shallower deposits can be strip-mined, loaded onto 400-ton trucks, and hauled to a nearby processing facility, where the soil, clay, and water, are separated from the tar. Both methods are energy intensive, which accounts for the higher carbon footprint.

    The unconventional crude is then ready for its long journey to special refineries on the Gulf Coast. Tar sands oil is so thick it won’t flow through a pipeline, and so it has to be mixed with lighter hydrocarbons and other substances. (The exact formula is a trade secret.) Heat from the friction of its flow, up to 150 °F, also helps keep it moving.

    imagine the grinding going on inside Chinese steel pipe lines that change diameter at every intersection along the way.