SDSU Expands Online Psychology Minor to Meet Workforce Needs

The Board of Regents doesn’t listen to every memo from Governor Dennis Daugaard. Check out the programs they are expanding to respond to workforce needs:

The regents also approved expansion of online courses offered and programs that can be offered through the Sioux Falls University Center.

SDSU expanded minors offered online including: criminal justice, geography, gerontology, history, psychology and sociology. The university will also offer its minor in human development and family studies online and at the University Center.

“The ability to offer any course in more than one modality … is really a way to make sure that students and professionals throughout the state have access to the training and development that they need and want to advance their careers,” [SDSU Dean of Arts and Sciences Dennis] Papini said [Megan Raposa, “New College Programs Aim to Address Workforce Needs,” that Sioux Falls paper, 2016.04.04].

Governor Daugaard and Jeb Bush both recently said that psych majors can’t find jobs. Daugaard has a good job for another three years; Bush failed his last major job interview. Maybe both should consider expanding their job opportunities by taking psychology online, thanks to SDSU.

One Response to SDSU Expands Online Psychology Minor to Meet Workforce Needs

  1. Porter Lansing

    Maybe psych majors can’t find jobs but any top level job is won by a candidate who’s “psych aware”. Psychology is a fundamental building block to compromise, compassion and communication. Without those building blocks growth is slow and one may well slide into the doldrums of conservatism.