Rounds Enables Trump-Klan March to Power

Donald Trump continues to ride a long- and well-documented wave of white supremacist rage to victory in his campaign to turn the Republican Party into (or simply expose them as?) America’s Brownshirts.

Unable to speak truth to rising fascist power, Senator Marion Michael Rounds prostrates himself before the Trump colossus and says Trump would be a better President than either potential Democratic nominee.

To make absolutely clear what Rounds said about Trump, the Ku Klux Klan, and the evil Rounds will tolerate in the White House just to beat Democrats, I quote extensively from the originating Huffington Post article, because this is darned important:

On Sunday, Trump was asked three times whether he would disavow the support of David Duke, a leading white supremacist. Three times, he dodged the question. He has since said he couldn’t entirely hear the question, an assertion that is difficult to believe, given that Trump repeated Duke’s name in his own answer at the time. (Trump later tweeted that he does indeed disavow Duke, although a number of white supremacists don’t believe he meant it.)

Reporter Todd Zwillich asked Rounds on Tuesday about Trump’s role in the race, in the context of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s condemnation of his KKK moment.

“If he is the nominee, then will he bring more people out or won’t he? You can call it transactional, but it’s factual,” Rounds said of a Trump candidacy, arguing that it could boost GOP turnout.

I followed up with Rounds in the Capitol, asking: “But if the people he brings out are white supremacists, for instance, is that a calculation that plays into the mind of a senator who says, ‘You know what, I didn’t get into this for this’?”

“Honestly, I’ve only been here a year,” Rounds replied, “but I can tell you that I can’t think of a single person who would be in favor of, or promote anything to do, or give any credibility to any movement that would suspect or promote additional activity on the part of white supremacists. Down the line, Republican or Democrat, there is no room anyplace for supporters of the KKK or any other white supremacist group.”

“It’s unfortunate that it happened,” he went on. “You know, the only part I saw the other day is where he said he was disavowing it. I understand that some other people said he didn’t do it loud enough or whatever.”

“No,” I said. “Jake Tapper said to him ‘I’m talking about David Duke and the KKK,’ and he said ‘Ku Klux Klan,’ just in case he didn’t know what KKK stood for. And Trump responded, ‘I have to look into these groups… I don’t know David Duke.'”

Rounds responded by saying he didn’t think Trump meant it — but that even if Trump answered that way on purpose, he’d still be a better choice for president than a Democrat [Ryan Grim, “GOP Senator: Even If Trump Meant It On The KKK, He’s Still A Better Choice Than A Democrat,” Huffington Post, 2016.03.01].

A man who panders to white supremacists to drive voter turnout will be a better President than either Democratic nominee? Really?

Grim helpfully provides a transcript of Senator Rounds’s full, uninterrupted response to his question about Trump’s handling of the David Duke endorsement:

The March to Power
The March to Power

I think it’s an unfortunate response. A very unfortunate response. Like I say, I’ve met Mr. Trump once. It was a businesslike discussion and I walked away thinking he’s been doing a great job as a showman out here and he’s brought a lot of people into this thing. There was a side of him that I did not see when I visited with him personally.

My choice would still be — honestly, I’m still leaning to Marco Rubio, as I suspect there are others [who] are. But nonetheless, our critical issue is fixing things in the United States, and you can’t do that if you’ve got Bernie or Hillary, because they have a differing point of view about what’s right and what’s wrong with this country.

And there are some things wrong with this country: [The Congressional Budget Office] is very clear within 10 years — the 250th birthday of our country, 2026 — 99 percent of all the revenues we collect will go to two categories: interest on the federal debt and mandatory payments on entitlements. You can’t fix that unless you’ve got a team in here agreed that you’re focused on it. And I just don’t think Democrats are going to do that. I think it has to be a Republican.

Even if you’re disappointed with the way he’s responding to things, even if you’re mad at him, you disagree with him, if he did it intentionally — I don’t think he did, I think he just made a mistake — even if he did, they’re still going to do a better job with him there than if you had Hillary or Bernie in his place [Senator M. Michael Rounds, in Grim, 2016.03.01].

Senator Rounds, you and Governor Christie are going to end up looking like Hindenburg and von Papen carrying Hitler to the Reichstag before he burned it down.

As Ann Kirkpatrick, Senator John McCain’s Democratic challenger in Arizona, says, “We need leaders to stand up to Donald Trump.”

189 Responses to Rounds Enables Trump-Klan March to Power

  1. mike from iowa

    Trump also desecrated the legacies of MLK and other civil rights leaders by claiming to have done more for equality than anyone. His reasoning? His Mar A Lago gentlemens club in Palm Beach, Florida is open to everyone,including Blacks and Jews (if they have $100000 buy in and can afford $14K yearly dues and $1K per night costs)

    Trump is the biggest and worst liar out there. Rounds is a moron.

  2. Pretty much what I have come to expect from the SD Rep party, only look for the R beside the name. Certainly, don’t listen to policy or ideas. It is embarrassing that, in the past week, SD politicians have made national news with the “potty” bill and now this. No one had heard of a Marion Rounds until he opened his mouth to support a bigoted racist. SD reps making us proud, again! Sheesh!

  3. Rounds just blabbers on as he is so excited to recite his talking points. He needs to learn to know when to shut up. This will be the last time he talks to the HP.

  4. Nick Nemec

    I’m having a hard time following Rounds’ statement. Is it just me or is it a confused jumble of word salad?

  5. Rounds hasn’t done one damn noteworthy thing in his time in the Senate until now. We’re so proud. Come to think of it, Thune hasn’t done anything noteworthy in his long tenure either, other than standing a few paces behind other Senate leaders in photos.

  6. Jake Cummings

    The sad thing is, this will likely solidify Rounds’ standing with the “base” here in SD and nationally. Moreover, it serves to bolster assertions that SD is the “Mississippi of the North.” Plus, they’ll likely employ the “liberal media bias” and “comment taken out of context” excuses.

    Until the SDDP finds viable candidates to oppose our congressional delegation, they’ll have little to dissuade them from making extreme comments like Rounds’.

  7. This is analysis is what is alarming to me under the current situation, if you have a better analysis, it would be interesting to read:

    I’m too old to do the goose step! I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m scared!

  8. Mike Rounds is only leading the parade of Republicans who’ll finally come out of the closet as the true fascists they are. One by one, your SDGOP pals will have to make a commitment.

    This is going to be fun. Ask your Republican friends whether or not they stand with David Duke, Donald Trump and Mike Rounds. Keep asking them that question until November. Duke, Trump and Rounds.

  9. Mike’s attempt to walk this back shows that to him “KKK” and “White Supremacy” are just words to be avoided and he is incapable of grasping the what they meant in the past and what they mean today.

    More telling is that he is willing to support someone like Trump whose views. As Mitt Romney’s top adviser said, “It’s becoming obvious that supporting or not supporting [Trump] isn’t a political choice…It’s a moral choice. The man is evil.” “If Trump wins the nomination, politicians who support him will be acquiescing to, if not actively aiding, his hate.”

    Mike Rounds, this isn’t about politics. It’s about morality and it looks like you’ve joined Trump in bankrupting that too.

  10. Compared to his successor in the Governor’s office, Mike Rounds is less conservative but markedly more partisan. His position that even the most vile, deceitful, race-baiting, fascist demagogue is better than a Democrat as long as that person has switched from Democrat to Republican – should come as no surprise to nobody.

    Personally, I’m glad Donald Trump dropped his Democratic voter registration. His success in the GOP party shows that he’s right where he belongs.

  11. Oldhag, I certainly believe Sanders would better counterprogram Trump than Clinton will. As the article you link contends, Trump would have to work harder to attack Sanders. But attack he would, without any moral compunction, and Trump would have plenty of resources to wage that harder attack.

  12. Jana, is the word “quisling” in order here?

  13. Another profound statement from Mr. Rounds that defies understanding. He continues to say he’s “new in Washington so…” Well Mike I guess you were to busy to study for the job before being elected. Maybe he was to busy building his house in the mighty Missouri.

    South Dakota has a virtual juggernaut of political science, statesmanship and nation building in DC these days. But that’s what the majority of SD wants. NOT Daschle, Johnson or Herseth. Geez.

    Word salad is a polite name for it Nick.

    Christie has amazed me. His desperation to be somebody has driven him to this? Sad to see. .

    96 Tears unfortunately after watching SD legislation this year I am again reminded that a majority there DO stand with Duke, Trump and Rounds.

    I’m waiting for Trump to suggest herding us natives back to the rez at gunpoint n rebuild the fences, then it will solidify his base in SD. Pesky natives are competing with his casino business, shame on them.

    May peace prevail.

  14. Bill Dithmer

    Didn’t the KKK think Catholics where evil?

    The Blindman

  15. I honestly think Trump is in it to win it for Hillary. Trump and the Clintons have had a long time friendship. Could Trump just be saying the dumbest things he can to try not to get elected? This is just an entertaining rich man’s game for him and he didn’t realize he would get this far into the game!

  16. I have thought the same thing myself, Jenny. It’s as if Trump were trying to fail. Not fielding a real campaign ground game, saying things the likes of which would and have killed candidates previously. I think he’s shocked how many crazies there are in his adopted party. At this point though he probably believes that he’s no longer Hillary’s stalking horse but the guy who’s going to win. And he’s probably having as much fun as the rest of us are having as he shows the public who his GOP party opponents really are and who the GOP party voters really are.

  17. “Quisling” it is! Hey Mike Rounds, check out how badly your BFF and favorite candidate did on this topic with FOX News…you think you guys would learn.

    Good grief! At least Mitt Romney has some morals. Here’s what he had to say:

    “A disqualifying & disgusting response by @realDonaldTrump to the KKK. His coddling of repugnant bigotry is not in the character of America.”

  18. “Again, a candidate cannot be held accountable for everything said and believed by his or her supporters. But once it’s clear that the candidate has both the attention and affection of the ugliest, most vile creatures in our political swamp, what he chooses to do about that is a leadership test not only for the candidate but also for the party of which he is becoming the standard-bearer. Now that the KKK and the white nationalists feel that the Republican Party has finally given them a candidate they can believe in, who will disabuse them of that notion? And how?”

  19. Which Trump is the real Trump? The one who in the early 90’s declined to run for President under the Reformed Party because David Duke was there, or the current one? The pro-choice Democrat or the fascist Republican?

    We either have to take his current statements at face value, or acknowledge that Trump is an actor playing a part. But since we have no idea which Trump we would get as President, the safer route is to accept that as President he will be the monster he presents himself as right now.

  20. David Newquist

    Rounds is tutored in thoughtful eloquence by John Thune.

  21. If we get a Trump/Sanders nomination and Bloomberg steps in as Indie, dIlutes the vote pushing it to the US House, how many here actually believe our US GOP House will put Trump in over Bloomberg?

  22. our senator newbie is the mental giant that brought you EB5 and MCEC and has evasively taken no accountability.

    here, it’s huffpo’s fault, says a staffer.

    good thing there is a GOP otherwise he wouldn’t have daily talking points. no, wait, that is not a good thing.

    we need to fry him on EB5 and MCEC and get him out of the senate.

  23. “but I can tell you that I can’t think of a single person who would be in favor of, or promote anything to do, or give any credibility to any movement that would suspect or promote additional activity on the part of white supremacists.”

    The current hate and intolerance by the KKK and other white supremacist groups are at just the right level. Rounds won’t support any additional activity because he thinks their efforts are fine as they are? Yikes, get this guy a ticket to one and done!

  24. One gift Trump gives us is that he’s drawing everybody out of the dark shadows of the GOP party and showing the world what they really think.

    There’s Sen. Jeff Sessions, one of the select few whose nomination for federal judge was killed in the judiciary member by a senator from his own state because of racist comments – endorsing Trump right after Trump blows the racist dog whistle. Now we know he hasn’t changed at all. Pres. Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee?

    There’s Chris Christie, desperately trying to grab Trump’s lifeline and keep his political career afloat before the New Jersey voters cast him loose. The lifeline is a little slippery as anything associated with Trum is slathered in poop. No wonder Christie is frowning. Better hold on.

    Then there’s Mike Rounds. Any cur with an R is a king. We thought you felt that way, now we know.

    Then there’s Sen. Ben Sasse from Nebraska, who we find out has a conscience.

    The revelations keep coming.

  25. Would love to hear from some of the GOP folks who read and comment here in Cory’s house.

  26. Trump is a Rorschach test for the GOP.

  27. I think its clear that Trump has deep ties to the KKK, and his maneuvering in that direction is not some accident. His father, Fred Trump, was arrested at an anti-Catholic KKK rally in NYC in 1927.

    A very strong-willed plurality (not majority) of the Republican Party is on its way to nominating a modern day Mussolini and will probably crack the party in half, or greatly alter its mission away from neoconservatism. Personally, I agree with fivethirtyeight’s recent analysis, which is that we probably should be taking bets on whether the US will still be a two-party system in another year. (Independently of whether we have a fascist president or not.)

  28. Stormtrumpers! (h/t Berke Breathed’s Bloom County)

  29. The comments from Rounds are inexcusable and disgusting, and there should be calls for his resignation. However, these comments are typical of most of his and Trump’s supporters in our state. Remember, Trump bragged he could shoot and kill someone and his supporters would still vote for him. Obviously, that didn’t discourage Rounds from defending Trump, either. Sadly, Round’s approval will probably go up after this. I hear and read these kinds of racist remarks everyday in our town and on social media directed at President Obama.

  30. mike from iowa

    This us what wingnuts are de-evolving into with Trump as their poster boy. Not necessarily safe for work langwidge inclided.

  31. Ror, in regards to switching parties, Trump is like Annette Bosworth. Hildebrand and others have told me she was politically liberal, but she switched to the GOP because she could better tap their attitudes for campaign cash. Trump isn’t running to make money (although he’s certainly boosting his brand for whatever comes after this campaign), but he’s channeling his rageful management style into a message that appeals to Republican voters in a way that likely could not be replicated among Democratic voters.

  32. Ed, I wish we were at the point where shame could compel our Catholic Senator (thanks for the reminder, Bill Dithmer!) to resign for countenancing Trump’s passive acceptance of the Ku Klux Klan. But Trump is leading us to an era in which politicians apparently won’t be held accountable for any words coming out of their mouths. Yikes.

  33. mike from iowa

    Ed-if it is any consolation,none of the commenters that disparage Obama are racists. Just ask them.

  34. Happy Camper

    Trump’s last remark was a disturbing blunder, but he’s the only one to call out the war as a huge Bush mistake and openly criticize the Republicans. The conservative comment sections widely agree with him. It must be they are willing to acknowledge this from someone identifying as Republican (one of them) but not if coming from the Democrats (the outsiders), though Obama’s policies haven’t been all that different and Democrats stopped being vocal about the war once it became Obama’s. You can look back to the comment section of the Madville Times and see how we talked about those war criminals, how Obama would close Guantanamo, etc. Don’t dismiss how differently we treat them versus us.

  35. mike from iowa

    Obie tried to close Gitmo and wingnuts blocked every attempt. They are still determined to block closing Gitmo. The war was never Obama’s. That cluster is/was/always will belong to dumbass dubya.

  36. Happy Camper

    Did Hillary vote for the war?

  37. Lanny V Stricherz

    At breakfast this morning, we were not talking about politics at all. I said that if either of the two frontrunners was elected, I might have to consider moving from the United States. My friend said, there was a guy back in the 1930s that was a lot like one of the candidates. He followed it up with, Hitler was not much different from Trump. I would have to concur.

  38. Happy Camper

    There was a time Mike that Democrats had The House, The Senate, and the Presidency yet they didn’t close Guantanamo. Democrats said something stupid like Republicans won’t be relevant for the next 25 years, but low and behold the next election they got I think it was the house back.

  39. Six newspapers in New Jersey today have called for Chris Christie’s resignation as governor of their state for supporting Trump after Trump received the backing of David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan. Why isn’t our press holding Rounds accountable for his statement defending Trump? State Dem officials should be pressuring our media to call for Round’s resignation as well. Kudos to Rick Weiland for criticizing Rounds, but where are others like Johnson, Daschle, Herseth-Sandlin, and Pressler? Our state Democratic house and senate caucuses should also unanimously call for Rounds to resign as well as our candidates for national office, Hawks and Williams. Someone needs to ask Noem, Thune, and Daugaard if they agree with Rounds.

  40. Hap, I do grant that I also enjoyed hearing Trump full-throatedly reject the rationale for the Iraq War. His fearlessness on certain issues appeals to me. But that same fearlessness would also make him more inclined to do the terrible fascist things that his words suggest.

  41. Roger Cornelius

    On the very same day that Governor Daugaard helped to clean up South Dakota’s name, Mike Rounds turns right around and makes national headlines with his Thump KKK endorsement.

    I’m waiting patiently for Powers over at the Dump Site to give his support to Rounds for his racism and tell us Rounds didn’t mean it so just forget it.

  42. Trump seems to be driving the racism out of the GOP closet. Now the GOP House does this to Maya Angelou for once saying something not hateful about Castro. And this coming from the party of old white men who have a same sex crush on Vladimir Putin…must be the shirtless pictures of Putin on a bear or horse.

  43. You know, Roger, I actually would enjoy hearing more from Team Rounds on this story. They tried to say that the comment was taken out of context, but I think the full text provided by Huffington Post is pretty clear. Come on, Pat, get a press release on the topic from Senator Rounds! Offer us some counter-analysis!

    Pat did have time today to call me “the most liberal man in South Dakota.” How superlative! I wonder how we quantify that. Roger, aren’t you more liberal than I am? Might Joe Lowe be more liberal than I? How about Jim Abourezk? or Angie Buhl O’Donnell?

    But I’m happy to say I’m more liberal, more progressive, and less of a quisling than Mike Rounds.


    I thought Cheney was as close to Hitler as we’ve seen yet, Lanny. He was about an inch from martial law on more than one occasion. Big Daddy, GH was a bit smarter and left the libs a bit happier with his destructive anti gun efforts to pacify them a bit.

    Woe unto those who fear the Donald. Our God will not allow that! The almighty dollar has spoken. Welcome to DC, Madam President.

  45. Mr. Stricherz, at breakfast this morning I was talking about politics but it was all about countering the insane Howites in the legislatures, not about this Trump fellow. I don’t like the Trump fellow at all.

  46. Happy Camper

    I’m not saying I support Trump. He’s almost everything I dislike about arrogant straight men but most of you pound your chests like a bunch of gorillas. I’m just tryin to put it in to perspective.

  47. larry kurtz

    We are witnessing the systematic deconstruction of the national GOP thanks to the nihilistic campaign of Trump’s Oz.

    About time.

  48. larry kurtz

    Curious whether Stan Adelstein will support Trump as the GOP nominee like he did Mike Rounds.

  49. larry kurtz

    Flush the GOP.

  50. mike from iowa

    Happy,you need another history refresher course.

    Read it and weep,buddy.

  51. Funny, but I seem to remember quite a few who discounted Trump as a candidate both for his “not real” candidacy and his politics. Wonder if any have changed their minds?

    Troy, I don’t think you were ever a fan, what do you think about where the primary has gone so far? Can’t imagine the Donald dissing the Pope helped his cause with you.

  52. Watched the video of Christie standing behind Trump…I think he was “bleeding out of his eyes or something.”

  53. Happy Camper

    You’re missing my point Mike. I’m not blaming Obama. I’m saying when the balance of power shifted almost all the anti-war criticism stopped. If it was sincere it would have kept going. It was politics. Hillary voted for the war.

  54. Lar, Mr. Stan is a Hillary man.

  55. They had it the first 1 1/2 years, mifi.

  56. Happy Camper

    Christie is one of those gorillas that has to be in charge. He can’t stand to be second fiddle.

  57. But Cheney stayed behind the scenes.

  58. Not always, Cory. There was that time Dick sent GW to read to the kindergarten class in FL while he ran the show.

  59. Lanny V Stricherz

    I am blaming Obama, Happy Camper. Remember he is the guy who when running for President, told about how he was against the war in Iraq. Of course he was in the Illinois legislature when he was against it. He allowed Afghanistan to expand, allowed Hillary to promote the NATO war against Libya, and how did that turn out? Through the Arab Spring, he allowed the CIA to help to overthrow the democratically elected President of Egypt. He was the loudest voice in the US saying that al Assad had to go in Syria. And he allowed the CIA to supply weapons to the FSA, which ended up in the hands of ISIS. He also allowed the CIA and the State department to help overthrow the democratically elected President of Ukraine and to install a neo nazi to take his place. At some point we need a President who is willing to put a stop to all of this war stuff. It ain’t any of the current candidates of either major party.

  60. Happy Camper

    Cheney was the supportive older superior so all egos could remain intact. Donald won’t have that and Christie knows it.

  61. mike from iowa

    I haven’t stopped criticizing dumbass dubya and I never will-unless and until he is finally brought to justice. So Clinton voted for war. Big Deal. Any number of Dems were railroaded to support that cluster under the threat of being labeled anti-American and unpatriotic. Needless to say,they got labeled even though many did vote -not necessarily for the war,but to give dumbass dubya more options to protect America. Of course,he chose war because it was planned in advance of his being appointed Potus. I do not recall a formal declaration of war.

  62. mike from iowa

    Les-I don’t believe so. Remember they needed 60 votes. There were 56 Dems,2 independents that caucused with Dems,Kennedy was ill,Franken was not seated because his victory was contested.Kennedy only voted once after Obie was elected. Then Byrd was hospitalized.

  63. There was, possibly still is, not a more dangerous man in America than Dick Cheney. The Dickster amd Rummy appear to have been in the killing biz for 45 years compared to Hitler at less than a decade.

    If ya don’t want Trump get off your can and get to work. Anyone but Hildawg.

    Funny thing about this…your party will implode as well and bring in Bloomberg if Sanders wins…

    You Dems have all the bases covered!!

  64. Happy Camper

    Oh Mike you’re way too forgiving. Do you really think Hillary gave a damn about what was right or what was politically expedient. Don’t be a 6th grader.

  65. Yes there were only a few months of filibuster proof control, mifi.

  66. Lanny V Stricherz

    After last nights votes, the Repubs are threatening to take the nominee choice out of the hands of the voters the way they threatened to but didn’t in ’64 with Goldwater. They wished they had because then Johnson won handily.

    The Dems did the same thing after ’72 because they didn’t ever want another liberal like McGovern to get the nomination. That is part of what has helped this country to continue its drift rightward, to the point that a Dick Cheny or a Donald Trump can actually influence what is going on in American politics and people don’t realize how the USA looks more and more like Nazi Germany every day. Shoot the black, criminalize the undocumented workers, even though we need them to do our dirty work, threaten to take away the rights of anyone who is a little bit different than what we think mainstream America should look like and if that ain’t enough continue the denigration of the original people of this country, which we started to do almost from the day the first Europeans came to this country. Oh and for damn sure don’t dare to be poor in the USA, if you do we will try to get laws passed to drug test you before we can give you any help.

  67. larry kurtz

    grud, buy the Open Cut.

  68. It would be a swell place to put one of those zipper lines but that new visitor center is in the way.

  69. mike from iowa

    HC-the criticism stopped but it was all Clinton’s fault because ? What is your point and how did this become all about HRC?

  70. larry kurtz

    if you buy the open cut i’ll back off calling for israel to revert to 1946 borders.

  71. larry kurtz

    you have property to trade with barrick. just do it.

  72. mike from iowa

    The Constant Commoner blasted Rounds pretty good today.

  73. larry kurtz

    Mike Rounds dropped the ball on Homestake’s potential and let the mine fill with water. He’s a loser adapting poorly to the rigors of DC and you dopes put him there.

    Is the lane you’ve chosen really the right path?

  74. Mike, John’s comments are right on. So are Senator Harry Reid’s—he did a pretty good job today of rolling Rounds up with the rest of the GOP establishment for creating Trump:

    Today, the Republican establishment acts like it is surprised by Trump. They feign outrage that a demagogue spewing xenophobia is somehow winning in a party that has spent years telling Latinos and immigrants they are not welcome in America. They act surprised that Republican voters are flocking to a birther candidate, even as Republican Congressional leaders continue to support a man who refuses to distance himself from the KKK. They express shock and outrage that Republican voters cheer Trump’s schoolyard taunts, even as they trounce the most common courtesies extended to every President; even as they deny a fair hearing to a President’s Supreme Court nominee for the first time in history.

    Republicans shouldn’t be surprised. They spent eight years laying the groundwork for the rise of Trump [Senator Harry Reid, remarks, United States Senate, 2016.03.02].

    Donald Trump is no outside aberration: he’s the ultimate expression of Mike Rounds’s Obama-era Republican Party.

  75. Lanny V Stricherz

    larry kurtz, after your comment at 18:55, I thought that this little tidbit which probably escaped your attention, like it did most people here, would be or maybe not be of a surprise to you.

  76. mike from iowa

    So does this guy, Dr Bob Altemeyer: Donald Trump and Authoritarian Followers

    Bob Altemeyer*

    In 1998 I tried to explain why social scientists who are worried about our freedoms have focused on the crowd that would lift a dictator aloft rather than the autocrat himself.

    Wanna-be tyrants in a democracy are just comical figures on soapboxes when they have no following. So the realthreat lay coiled in parts of the population itself, it was thought, ready someday to catapult the next Hitler to power with their votes.

    That apprehension was well-founded, it turns out. Research suggests that 20-25% of the adults in North America are highly vulnerable to a demagogue who would incite hatred of various minorities to gain power. These people are waiting for a tough man on horseback who will supposedly solve all our problems through the ruthless application of force. When such a man gains prominence, you can expect the authoritarian followers to mate devotedly with the authoritarian leader, because each gives the other something they desperately want: the feeling of safety for the followers, and the tremendous power of the modern state for the leader.

    I would not say that all of the people trying to carry Donald Trump to the presidency are authoritarian followers. But they likely compose his hard core base. Furthermore, many authoritarian followers presently support Senator Ted Cruz for religious reasons. You can expect most of them to slide into the Trump ranks once Cruz drops out of the race. By summer, the vast majority of authoritarian followers in the United States will likely be for Trump. And so will many others for various reasons

  77. larry kurtz

    Good eye, Lanny. Exactly.

  78. larry kurtz

    buy the pit, grud.

  79. Lanny V Stricherz

    Here is the email that I sent to the three who voted against it, two Native Americans and a Lutheran minister (who I am proud to say is my rep)

    Dear Representative ____,

    I am not sure of your reasoning for voting against HCR1017, but I notice that there were two Native Americans and one Lutheran minister who voted against it, so I would presume that you are all three aware of the apartheid way that Israel treats its native Palestinians, much of whose land the Israelis have usurped since the UN recognizing of Israel as a nation in 1948.

    The likeness to the way that the Native American land has been taken over the last three hundred or more years is astounding to say nothing of the similarity between the genocide committed against the Native Americans, the genocide of the Jews by Hitler, and now the genocide by the zionist Jews against the Palestinians.

    I thank you for your vote on this issue and for the courage that it took to make that vote.

    Lanny Stricherz Sioux Falls

  80. Roger Cornelius

    You gotta love irony!

    When you hear republicans hear Sanders name they panic and repeat that Sanders is a socialist, which equals a dictator like Hitler.

    Now we have Trump and his little boy Rounds behaving exactly like a Hitler or his fascist counterpart Musolini.

  81. Don Coyote

    I always thought Ol’ Snowball sounded more like Stalin and Marx than Hitler.

    “We need to provide assistance to workers who want to purchase their own businesses by establishing worker-owned cooperatives.” – Bernie Sanders

  82. Stalin a coop man, DC? Sanders has issues but Stalin he aint. Get your history book out. You minimize my ancestors pain.

  83. Don Coyote, don’t go too hard on Bernie, he is just for helping people…the same as the GOP is for helping business. Right?

    What Bernie is describing sounds like HyVee or many other brands you might be familiar with.

    Of course there are also a number of Co-ops in the Ag industry if I’m not mistaken. Heck, most of our family farmers probably belong to one. Who knew they were such socialists. They even have an office in Pierre.

  84. To be fair Don Coyote, I’ll raise you a Donald Trump quote…you know him as the favorite son of the GOP.

    “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” Donald Trump 2-28-2016.

    Oops…he stole that from Benito Mussolini.

    Here’s a fun quiz for you.

  85. Don Coyote

    @Jana: You are confusing Employee Share Ownership Programs (ESOP) with Worker-Owned Cooperatives. Big difference in stock ownership. Hy-Vee is an ESOP not a co-op. And nothing against co-ops per se but Ol’ Snowball is advocating government assistance in setting up co-ops.

  86. Don Coyote

    @Jana: “Better to live a day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep”

    OK, let’s play the quote game. This is but a variation attributed to Mussolini (and many others) …like

    Alexander the Great – “An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep.”

    “To live like a lion for a day is far better than to live like a jackal for a hundred years.” – Tipu Sultan

    “I should prefer an army of stags led by a lion, to an army of lions led by a stag.” – Chabrius

    “I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees” – Emiliano Zapata

    So whom is stealing from whom?

  87. Happy, I understand the anti-war sentiment and the hypocrisy we can find on both sides. But shouldn’t concerns about reckless warmaking inspire even greater determination to ensure Trump is not handed the nuclear button?

    Jana, I regret and retract all statements I made about Trump’s not being a viable candidate. Hindsight is 20-20, but, building on Senator Reid’s statement, none of us should be surprised that Trump can succeed amidst an electorate whipped into obstructionist, xenophobic rage by the Obama-era Republican Party.

  88. Lanny V Stricherz

    And of course Don Coyote, in your comment at 00:28 you acknowledge that government assistance in helping to set up a privately owned business is against all of the principles of a capitalistic system like we have in the United States.

    For instance the government assistance to the railroads in the 19th century, the annual subsidies that our federal government give the oil and natural gas companies, all of the economic development programs foisted by our own state government for the past twenty plus years to say nothing of the bailout of the banks and the auto companies less than ten years ago, were and are all okay. Right?

  89. Lanny V Stricherz

    The United States form of capitalism, capitalize the profits and socialize the losses.

  90. mike from iowa

    “Don’t have a cow, man.”- Bart Simpson

  91. jimmy james

    Donald Trump – Dog Whistler.

    Trump was accused by one of his Republican opponents, way back in September, of sending signals to the Klan. Since then, he has done so over and over. Asking protesters “Are you Mexicans?” Questioning a judge’s fitness because he is “Hispanic”. Not denouncing the KKK and David Duke and then lying about it. If he had a faulty earpiece, how is it that he could repeat back the words?

    I am a Republican but I believe that there is no excuse for these actions by Donald Trump. He knows exactly what he is doing. I would never support ANY candidate for President who winks at racists.

    There is no excuse for Drudge, Breitbart, Rush, Sean Hannity or any others in conservative media to pretend it aint so. And no excuse for Republican politicians either.

  92. Don Coyote, thanks for pointing out that The Donald stole from more than one.

    As far as ESOPs or employee owned co-ops, are you suggesting that the government should only give money to corporations and those that can afford to be shareholders as opposed to the people who join together to actually do the labor?

  93. Bill Dithmer

    Without the coops astablished by the Rural Electric Associations, South Dakota would still be an open air outhouse on the prairie.

    The Blindman

  94. There are few of the true conservative media supporting Trump, Jimmy. They are the pillars of the GOP money pit and Trump is hardly part of their game. Brokered convention, Bloomberg, rigging the game or concrete boots will be their agenda with Trump.

  95. mike from iowa

    Hope they go with the concrete boots,as much as I’d hate to see all that pollution in one space.

  96. When over 90% of black voters vote for a black candidate, is that racist? Blacks can have a disdain for whites and that is okay, but if a white person dislikes a black then it is racist? The ultimate goal it the White House. Hillary cozies up to “illegals” (for liberals that means not legal or breaking the law), to get votes from Mexican immigrants. Hillary cozies up to Muslims to get that vote (that is the religion that breeds all the terrorists). But if there is a segment of the population that is fed up with the Obama class warfare, they should not be allowed to vote or should not be courted??

  97. larry kurtz

    South Dakota hates American Indians, Stu that’s why they are no Native judges in state courts. Pick a lane, earth hater.

  98. Maybe there are no qualified natives? Maybe there were no great black actors this year? The NBA hates white players, 3 white MVP’s in 30 years? Pick a lane hater of everything not liberal!

  99. larry kurtz

    American sport is slavery.

  100. That’s your answer??? Are there qualified natives or are you just looking for affirmative action?

  101. larry kurtz

    Mato Standing High is just one attorney qualified to be a judge and there are many more. Affirmative action is when white people control brown people.

  102. larry kurtz

    Fact is: no native wants to capitulate to colonizers.

  103. larry kurtz

    Mike Rounds is an idiot, a con man and a fraud who supports keeping white people in control.

  104. larry kurtz

    Cory, i was happy not leaving comments here but when you can’t police your own blog somebody has to.

  105. Paul Seamans

    I have often wondered why people who comment on this blog don’t use their real name. After reading some of the recent comments I now understand why.

  106. mike from iowa

    Stumpy-to be as ignorant as you are must take up a lot of your spare time in mom’s basement,donit? Stick your head outside,get a clue and then come back when you have a supportable comment to make. Enough of the right wing racist talking points.

  107. larry kurtz

    JR LaPlante could be a federal judge in South Dakota before President Obama leaves office but seeing him stoop to a state bench is unthinkable.

  108. mike from iowa

    Stumpy-the place for you is Missouri. Recently a wingnut entered a bill that would allow legislators to automatically become lawyers after serving 2 years. No law school,no bar exams,no…..hell,you are too late. Wiser heads shot that bill down. If you hurry,you might still find a wingnut to legitimately rape you and then you can let us all know if you got preggers,not that we would care that you’d be forced to carry your rapists little legitimate rape fetus to term. That should keep you occupied for a while.

  109. Don Coyote

    @Jana: But Trump never claimed the quote as his own, only retweeting it. Chuck Todd was trying to sandbag Trump using guilt by association with Mussolini and fascism. I was only pointing out that the quote has a questionable attribution to Mussolini with numerous variations used by many others. The intellectually lazy Todd fails to do his research and in what has become an all too often occurrence with Trump in this campaign, hands him another 48 hours of free media attention.

  110. Wow, Stu really does tee up the full barrage of white privilege whining. The cries of a falling oppressor are pathetic… not to mention a great distraction from the issue at hand. Not one word of what Stu says relates directly to the topic or directly refutes what I have said about Donald Trump as pandering to the white supremacist vote or Mike Rounds cowering in fear before Trump’s fascism.

  111. larry kurtz

    Trump is under withering fire from the party of Bush. Now this:

  112. Roger Cornelius

    Pat Powers is too cowardly to post anything about Mike Rounds role in this whole mess and Stump doesn’t seem to care.
    Without even thinking that hard or doing any research, I can think of two Natives that would make excellent judges, Mario Gonzalez (Native American/Latino), and my niece that serves on the federal bench. We also have Chase Iron Eyes that would be a splendid choice for either a state or federal court bench.
    Stump doesn’t bother with research, he continually spouts republican talking points that have no meaning or substance.
    In typical teapublican fashion, Stump wants to talk about anything other than topic at hand which happens to be Mike Rounds being supportive of a racist presidential candidate.

  113. Your party is not going to give Pubs a choice. Anyone but Clinton.

  114. Today’s racist GOP were yesterday’s democrats. The dems dumped their racists on the GOP and became a more humane party.

  115. Did anyone read my comment? Why is it okay to hate whites and pander to the non white vote?? Why is that okay???? I am curious if Larry works or lives off of the rest of us that do? Give me a break. There is no more earning anything to you liberals. If a white person has someone, he must have gotten illegally or on the backs of some minority. But no matter what if someone has something then everyone deserves it. If someone wins an Oscar, everyone gets and Oscar, if someone is a judge then everyone should be a judge, if someone is successful then dang it everyone should get a piece of it, if someone has a bathroom to pee in, then anyone should be able to pee in that bathroom. It never ends with you people! Not everyone gets a medal! Not all judges are appointed. Elect a native. Or is it sour grapes that you guys are in a minority in SD and you can’t get your whining, politically correct way, so it is easier to make personal attacks.

  116. Don’t even respond to Stump’s blather, Roger. He’s your typical angry (probably middle-aged) white guy.

  117. Stu, you are going off on a tangent, turning the debate into something other than it is. Let’s get clear:

    1. Do you agree that Donald Trump is pandering to white supremacists?
    2. Do you agree that Mike Rounds’s statement is cowardly?

    Your distraction point about Indians doesn’t answer those main questions about Trump’s racism and Rounds’s cowardice. Your shouting of particular dog-whistle words, like “politically correct,” don’t win any argument. You don’t get to win an argument by screaming and crying that we don’t answer questions that don’t refute the main point.

  118. larry kurtz

    More recently, Sullaway and Dunbar used a prejudice rating scale to assess and describe levels of prejudice.3 They found associations between highly prejudiced people and other indicators of psychopathology. The subtype at the extreme end of their scale is a paranoid/delusional prejudice disorder.

  119. Mike Rounds should do the right thing and apologize but he won’t. He’s your typical arrogant politician and thinks he has nothing to lose. Never mind the large native American population that just might win an election for the Dems like back in 2002. Sioux Falls is growing larger by the day with minorities coming in. Don’t become too smug, GOP.

  120. Trump may be pandering to white supremacists. They vote and have the right to do that. Read my above posts about who the liberals are pandering to, equally as offensive! What was cowardly about Rounds’s statement. Is something cowardly because he didn’t say what you wanted. Jenny, why would I be an angry white guy? According to liberals, we have the world by the tail, got everything for nothing and are privileged. Didn’t South Dakota have a Native state representative for over 10 years and he was a Republican?? What???????

  121. Here you go, Stu. I’m going for a walk and get rid of some of that old white guy anger Jenny can’t get enuff of.. ;)

  122. Paul Seamans

    Francis Case was a native US Congressman from the 2nd congressional district. Yes he was a Republican. But that was back in the Eisenhower era and I don’t think you can equate an Eisenhower Republican to a Trump Republican.

  123. Lanny V Stricherz

    Mr Seamans I had to google it to make sure, but even then I am not positive that I am right. I don’t think that Francis Case was the guy that Stumcfar was talking about. I am pretty sure that he meant Ben Reifel. Pretty sure though that Case did not have Native American ancestry of any kind.

  124. Don Coyote

    @Paul S: That would have been Ben Reifel and he was 1st District. Case was a Senator during the Eisenhower Era.

  125. So Stu, you see nothing wrong with pandering to white supremacists, to affirming their immoral, racist worldview in order to gain votes?

  126. Reifel is correct. There sure is a lot of hate on this board. I didn’t realize liberals were so intolerant and full of hate. I guess I was wrong.

  127. larry kurtz

    Walk in here with a chip on your shoulder and you can expect one of us to point it out to you.

  128. larry kurtz

    want to read some hate? go here.

  129. Paul Seamans

    Thanks folks. I was wrong by naming Ben Reifel as Francis Case. It’s all coming back to me now. E.Y. Berry was in the other district. But what I said about an Eisenhower Republican being different than a Trump Republican still holds. Hell, a George H. W. Bush Republican is a whole lot different than a Trump Republican.

  130. Roger Cornelius

    Note that Stu said “state representative” and not congressman in his comment.
    Ben Reifel was the last Native American congressman we had. When I was growing up in Pine Ridge in the 50’s he was the BIA superintendent

  131. So much for any “moderate” words or thoughts coming out of Mike Rounds’ mouth. No fan here of our two Republican U.S. Senators, but I was especially amazed and appalled at what Rounds said. SDan all my life.

  132. Roger Cornelius

    What stu calls hate, I call intolerant of ignorance, which stu is really good at.

    By his comments here he has demonstrated that he doesn’t have an original thought and is only parroting teapublican talking points of 2007. Haven’t we all heard his rhetoric before?

  133. Larry, if I have a chip on my shoulder, you are bearing the weight of the whole freaking pallet!! Reifel was from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe (can I use the word Sioux without getting in trouble) and was a State Representative from 1st District I believe.

  134. Paul Seamans

    Roger C., I may have been in error again. Stum did say state representative but I can’t think of any state representative of native descent who was a Republican representative who was in there for over 10 years. Go ahead somebody, prove me wrong again. I can take it. If this keeps happening I am going to sign off this blog and re-enter under some alias.

  135. caheildelberger, no more than pandering to illegals (meaning they are doing something that is against the law) as the Democrats do. Or pandering to cop hating, cop killing Black Lives Matter members to gain black vote. That is all okay though, because they usually vote Democrat.. I get it now.

  136. Lanny V Stricherz

    In googeling Francis Case, I came across an interesting book “American Carnage: Wounded Knee 1890” by Jerome A Greene. If he has read it, perhaps Roger Cornelius or someone else on this blog could shed some light on it.

    The part that was highlighted in my search for Francis Case, said that the Democratic Congressman from the 2nd district that preceded him, Theodore B Werner, brought a bill before the US Congrtess in 1934, trying to mitigate the claims of the survivors of Wounded Knee some 44 years earlier. Because of the depression it did not get much notice and died.

    When Case succeeded him, he brought a bill in 1937 that gave each survivor $1,000 as well as family members of each person killed $1,000. In spite of opposition from the Army, saying that it was not a massacre, Case was able to get support from Interior Secretary Collier. The next three pages of the book on line are missing so I don’t know if the bill passed or not.

    I remember as a kid and a young man, that even though they were dedicated Democrats, my Father and Grandfather held Francis Case in high esteem. I remember one incident in particular, which I too thought showed his integrity. There was a bill before the US Senate to divide the profits from offshore oil, that was outside the 7 mile limits of the states to which they were contiguous, for education in all of the 48 United States. Case had voted for it and Mundt had voted against it. It became an issue in the 1960 Senate Race between Mundt and McGovern. I was at the debate at the former Washington High School and heard Mundt say, “Well your vice-presidential candidate, Johnson voted against it too,” when McGovern challenged him on the vote. McGovern replied, “well he should have, he represented Texas, one of the states which the contiguous offshore oil touched.”

    It showed that Mundt was in the back pocket of the oil lobby. I won’t make any connections to today. I will let readers draw their own conclusions.

  137. I believe Reifel was in for 11 or 12 years. Am I wrong?

  138. My bad, “Lone Feather” did not run for another term and was in office 10 years.

  139. Paul Seamans

    All this talk about Ben Reifel, Francis Case, George McGovern, and even E.Y. Berry and Karl Mundt, brings to mind what we have for our congressional delegation now. These early men were giants by comparison..

  140. larry kurtz

    Amen, Paul.

  141. Lanny V Stricherz

    Whoops Stumcfar, you brought up the wrong subject when you brought up the illegals. The Republican party of South Dakota is standing on pretty shaky ground on that subject. They want to do nothing about the “undocumented workers” that we have in this country to help them to a path of legality, but they love the fact that they work in our hotels, the EB-5 dairy farms, the turkey processing plants and anything else that is too dirty or hard for us white folk to do.

    I keep petitioning our folks in DC to do something to bring resolution to this issue. But like everything else, they would rather let it simmer as a political issue, than to do anything to help solve it and to bring some peace and unity to these families. Guess what, they are not illegals, they are human beings.

    “The so-called “illegals” are so not because they wish to defy the law; but, because the law does not provide them with any channels to regularize their status in our country – which needs their labor: they are not breaking the law, the law is breaking them.”

    Most Reverend Thomas Wenski, Bishop of Orlando

  142. Lanny V Stricherz

    Well said, Paul.

  143. That work is not too dirty or too hard for white folk, but unfortunately there is this little thing called welfare that has made those jobs to dirty or hard for white folk, black folk or most any kind of folk. Unfortunately Reverend Wenski is wrong, they are breaking the law.

  144. As a Catholic, I would tell the most reverend to try that in Italy, Lanny.

  145. Paul Seamans

    Stum at 15:00, most generally the indigenous people of South Dakota prefer the term “Oceti Sakowin” instead of “the Great Sioux Nation” which is made up of people from the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota bands. The Rosebud Tribe is referred to as the “Sicangu Oyate”.

  146. larry kurtz

    Is Extreme Racism a Mental Illness? Yes. It can be a delusional symptom of psychotic disorders.

    Extreme racist delusions can also occur as a major symptom in other psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Persons suffering delusions usually have serious social dysfunction that impairs their ability to work with others and maintain employment.

  147. Lanny V Stricherz

    So Stumcfar, which is more costly to the US treasury and that of state governments in 2016, welfare or the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 and the cut in capital gains taxes in the decade before that?

    Rail against welfare for the poor all you want, but don’t forget the welfare for the rich as well.

  148. Stu, you keep evading the question and changing the subject to your tired litany of white grievances and false equivalencies.

    When I scold my child for doing something wrong, she doesn’t get to say, “What I did isn’t any worse than what other kids do!” She is expected to say, “I’m sorry. You’re right. I won’t misbehave like that again.”

    It’s the same with Trump and Rounds. Trump’s words show him to be racist and fascist. Rounds’s words show him to be at best a coward, at worst an amoral opportunist who puts partisan victory above moral principle. You don’t have to look to any other grievance or social issue to recognize these sins as sins and condemn them. To keep changing the subject demonstrates either a cowardice on a par with Rounds’s or a lack of good faith participation in the discussion.

    No one here said killing cops is o.k. Now you’re just manufacturing the talk-radio strawmen you wish you could debate rather than the real neighbors who are here to discuss real issues.

    But just for fun, for just a moment, I’ll play your game, Stu, and address Black Lives Matter, illegal immigration, welfare, and every other white-privilege grievance you think you can play and sound tough with. I play for just a moment, because that’s all it will take:

    Trump and Rounds are privileged members of the power elite, using their power to oppress minorities. You cannot equate their oppression of minorities with the responses of those minorities to oppression. Oppression is always, inherently unjust. Responding to oppression is a moral duty; it can be carried out effectively and ineffectively, morally and immorally.

    You, Stu, are not oppressed. Wrong, and getting far too much attention for bad behavior (much like Trump), but not oppressed.

  149. I don’t post Twitter memes often, but when I do, it’s because they hit the bullseye.

    I vote Republican to keep foreigners, minorities, women, socialist, gays, an Liberals from ruining my life.... I vote Republican to keep this moron from realizing I'm the only one ruining his life.

    That image dead-on captures what Trump, Rounds, and Stu are saying.

    Dang, maybe Stu is oppressed with the rest of the 99%; he just doesn’t realize who his oppressors really are!

    I’m not your oppressor, Stu. I’m your liberator.

  150. Why can’t you answer my question. What is different from liberals catering to the voters I mentioned or Trump? By the way, when did Trump applaud David Duke? Larry, you must not be all that bright as you miss the point. The point was that there are plenty of people to do the jobs that illegals work, but you liberals have made it too easy not to. If people want to eat bad enough they will work, but many don’t choose to and you know that is true. Not everyone on welfare needs to be there. It has nothing to do with cost, it has to do with mindset and the want to do better, which the liberal party is zapping from this great country. I am not going to feel guilty because my dad was a disabled Korean war veteran and my mom worked a factory job and part time at a café and I was still able to find a way to go to college and land a decent job, support my family, volunteer on nearly every board and organization that my community has over the years. I think if you asked in my community, most people would say I am a pretty nice guy that is loyal to my community, school and church. Unfortunately the country is getting to be more like you, bitter, envious and jealous. There is a whole big happy world out there Larry, you should take off your poor me glasses and enjoy it!

  151. larry kurtz

    Psychologists have categorized defense mechanisms based upon how primitive they are. The more primitive a defense mechanism, the less effective it works for a person over the long-term. However, more primitive defense mechanisms are usually very effective short-term, and hence are favored by many people and children especially (when such primitive defense mechanisms are first learned). Adults who don’t learn better ways of coping with stress or traumatic events in their lives will often resort to such primitive defense mechanisms as well.

  152. mike from iowa

    Trump and other billionaires abuse workers,Stumpy. They abuse American workers by moving jobs away from skilled Americans and they abuse the poor of other nations by making them work in unsafe conditions,employ children,don’t pay much at all and work excessive hours. They don’t give a shit about foreign workers because there are no regulations to force them to give a shit. You and your wingnut buddies are complicit in worker abuses. You own it- wear it proudly,tool.

  153. bearcreekbat

    I thought Stu and I made it pretty clear – get those children, elderly, mothers and so-called disabled folks (imagine whining just cause you hurt all the time – what babies) to go to work at a McDonalds or Walmart job (even though they don’t pay enough to quite afford to eat). What a bunch of lazy never-do-wells – thinking that even though they work they ought to be paid enough to pay their housing and food costs – what a bunch of takers.

    You go Stu – make these bleeding heart “liberals” regret that they ever stood up for those lazy kids and grandmas on welfare with your articulate and carefully thought out independent analysis of fake social needs and problems. Stu for Trump’s VP – what a pair they would make!!

  154. David Newquist


    I think it might be more pertinent to consult a proctology journal.

  155. I did answer your question, Stu. Read again:

    Trump and Rounds are privileged members of the power elite, using their power to oppress minorities. You cannot equate their oppression of minorities with the responses of those minorities to oppression. Oppression is always, inherently unjust. Responding to oppression is a moral duty; it can be carried out effectively and ineffectively, morally and immorally.

  156. barry freed

    Sorry, but you and this Blog are only “liberal” and “progressive” in light of the reddest of red States backdrop. Maybe to the DWC audience, DFP represents those things, but your official positions on Marijuana and guns are more like Trump and Mussolini than they are like Washington and Jefferson.
    Condescendingly calling people names such as: Hippie, is not liberal or progressive. Ignoring research to allow children to die of seizures and aiding the second largest cause of blindness in America because you don’t personally imbibe and wish to tell people how they should live is not liberal or progressive. Calling Washington and Jefferson paranoid, delusional, and ammosexuals because they recognized the danger of a Trump Government and the need for citizens to be armed against such a Government is not liberal or progressive. Mussolini would ring your Tip Jar for the gun writings posted here, as would Mao for the continued subjugation of the people by DFP’s endorsement of current marijuana laws.
    The lack of empathy and respect for select others and choosing to not acknowledge some of their natural freedoms is no better or worse than the Far Right, just different priorities and prejudices… sometimes.

  157. larry kurtz

    Agreed, David.

  158. Lanny V Stricherz

    Not to pile on, Barry Freed, but I have to agree with you to an extent. To call himself liberal or progressive, when he agrees with a sales tax to improve the plight of the underpaid teachers of South Dakota is ludicrous. What he and others including all but one democrat in the legislature are forgetting, is that the majority of the rest of South Dakota is also underpaid in their field of endeavor. To saddle them with helping to right the wrongs committed by the powers that be in this state, is not progressive, liberal or anything but unconscionable.

    In other words, don’t take the quick fix but hold out for the correct fix.

  159. mike from iowa

    bcb-surely you’ve forgotten that WalMart and Micky Ds both have officers that inform employees of food stamp benefits and other welfare available to them. Those chosen workers can has a job and get the milk free,too still yet. With the overly generous pay and ginormous welfare benefits they should be hobnobbing with the Trumps of the world.

  160. bearcreekbat

    mfi – no way did Stu and I forget about Walmart and McDonalds being subsidized by our tax dollar payments to their employees in lieu of subsistence wages. Once I thought that was a bad policy, but Stu has convinced me to join his tribe through his very eloquent and carefully reasoned posts calling people who he disagrees with various names intended to insult and humiliate. Stu believes that the kids and Grandmas need to get off their lazy butts and get to work and that our tax policies have to help the very rich accumulate more wealth that can be pulled out of the economy and sent overseas just to irritate the “liberals” among us. How can any irrational person argue with that philosophy?

    Oh, and just to be clear – as we learned last night from the debate among Stu’s tribe, Stu’s people can easily agree that someone like Trump is absolutely unqualified to be President and would be a disaster for the nation, and agree that if he becomes the Republican nominee they would still vote for him to be our President. What loyalty! But to who – a political party or their country? Stu has me so worked up that I can see how he thinks his tribe walks on water – especially with God-anointed candidates like Cruz.

  161. mike from iowa

    Here,apparently,is another gac (god annointed candidate) usurping Sibby’s favorite word.

  162. damn, I missed a “debate”?

    stumbbyfcar is more of a cave bear clan type, 3% neander brain content. and there is nothing wrong w/that. its the missing 97% that might be of concern:)

  163. coyote- am sure “intellectually lazy” as a critique of a savy journalist concerning trump missed the mark.

    paul, u r funy but it can be dangerous to use your name on the net, since the hipsters didn’t understand till now that privacy is important, unlike the 2d amend.

    les- wasup? you used to criticize such informality, yet now, there u go again. foundations cracked and crumbling it appears. this place’ll do it to yah. pretty critical too of “your party” blaming dems for the “lack” of choice between Hillary and Bernie. didn’t u used to castigate us dems for not accepting your logic of becoming “republican-lite” to win in SD?? as our plow says, pick a lane lil’ buddy.

    btw, the fat cat pictured next to the dumb republican plumber (no reference to recent blog post about wiken’s “call yer plumber”) appears to indeed be indicted/arrested nev/or armed republican militant/husband of nh representative that larry linked above.

  164. Oh I see. People here illegally are oppressed. Then leave and get oppressed from their own country. Inner city black people are oppressed. The evil white man makes them have numerous children out of wedlock and forces them to drop out of school and sell crack. Then when they pull guns on police and force their own demise it is again the white man’s fault and that makes it okay for Black Lives Matter groups to call for the killing and frying of cops. You can call me racist, even though you know what I just stated goes on statistically higher in those areas than anywhere else. Facts are not racist. Have any of you actually done anything to help your communities other than gather in your little groups and scream about how the GOP is bad. I believe I just saw economic/labor statistics that show SD is doing pretty well. Have a nice bitter weekend. I am going to actual go out and enjoy some ice fishing after I finish being oppressed by having to work half a day tomorrow.

  165. stu-broaden your horizons. priggish self satisfaction leads nowhere

  166. mike from iowa

    Hope the ice is biting,tool. Be sure to thank a polar bear for any ice you catch. Most of the blacks shot by white cops recently have been unarmed,but don’t let them racist facts throw you off your talking points,bubba.

  167. bearcreekbat

    Stu, are you okay man? Your comments are getting a bit testy and more hostile than usual – good idea to go ice fishing to cool off a bit.

    Anywho, here is some info that you might find helpful to prove your argument that “facts are not racist”:

    “Police killed at least 102 unarmed black people in 2015, nearly twice each week.

    Nearly 1 in 3 black people killed by police in 2015 were identified as unarmed, though the actual number is likely higher due to underreporting

    37% of unarmed people killed by police were black in 2015 despite black people being only 13% of the U.S. population

    Unarmed black people were killed at 5x the rate of unarmed whites in 2015

    Only 9 of the 102 cases resulted in officer(s) being charged with a crime”

    I am not sure where 12 year old Tamir Rice fits in as he was shot dead while armed with a toy gun and playing in a public park where open carry was lawful. I know, I know, you would argue that young Tamir should have been at work at some job (but for them dang child labor laws) so perhaps you feel he deserved to be summarily executed by a white police officer, to prevent him from growing up and committing all those crimes that you believe black children like him are destined to commit (and wrongfully blame white oppressors).

  168. mike from iowa

    and the Cleveland police set a new land speed record-approximately four seconds after stopping they had the kid on his way to where ever innocent cop-shot victims go after the cops shoot them.

  169. Roger Cornelius

    When stu goes fishing, it would be nice for him to find some damn thin ice.

  170. Or some dam thin ice near the Dam Bar. Best dam bar by a dam site, Rog. Easy on Stu.

  171. larry kurtz

    Oh, Les, you big party pooper. Let’s blast this thing to 200 comments.

  172. yeah, cfar, knowing those you tangle with, they have most all served their communities and state with long, deep selfless careers walking the walk. they don’t need to tell you about it.

  173. Roger Cornelius

    Wish I had thought of that. Years ago I used camp by the Dam Store near Estes Park, Co.

    As far as taking it easy on Stu, it is difficult not to when he makes himself such easy mark.

  174. Steve Sibson

    You Madvillites are so interesting. Those funding the transgender are normal agenda are white supremacists. Sad you folks lack discernment.

  175. The people coming into our country “illegally” and making lives for themselves in OUR country are no different than the pilgrims who came from England and their followers in the 16th and 17th century–except I don’t think the new people are trying to force their religion on the rest of us.

  176. Lanny V Stricherz

    Absolutely Caz, and one of the things that is not taught in our history books is that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California were part of Mexico, and was already settled by Mexicans, but through land grabs just like the ones that the whites, defended by the US Army, took from the Indians in a lot of the rest of the country and those Mexicans were then driven out. The ones who stayed were treated just like the Indians and the Chinese, who we got to come here to build the railroads and do other dirty jobs, that the whites didn’t want to do. Just like our wars in the Middle East, history keeps repeating itself in the United States of America.

  177. “lack discernment” again! big criticism. is that like social engineering? we do miss coveting.

    dam site should be damn sight but who cares? intentional, you’ll say, eh les!

    sorry for the snark, but as Roger said….

  178. water near the dam is deeper (and current thru the outlet thins ice above, and stu McFarland hasn’t checked back, so…should we (as dems) check on…naw!


    anti – trump editorial pretty powerful. funny. harry is so hated by republicans. this may be fun beating republicans.

  180. Only Stu and Sibby would think this indictment of Mike Rounds’s moral courage can be refuted by changing the topic to illegal immigration and transgenderism.

    Donald Trump declines to call out the racists fueling his primary wins. Mike Rounds puts partisanship above decency. Those points are pretty simple and obvious. That’s why the right wing’s only options are to avoid the topic, either by ignoring it, as Pat Powers has done all week, or changing it.

  181. mike from iowa

    Caz, if memory serves,I believe the Puritans were trying to force their religion on us back when. As for the new “illegals” it would behoove wingnuts to accept Mexican religion of working hard and keeping their mouths shut as they go about their daily activities.

  182. Where shall we site the new dam, lessy? Over there is our new dam site? We have to move all those old farmers from the dam site. That’s our new bar on the dam site. Doin my best by a damn site, Lar!

    I think your only choice to win is BS, that is if Trump is truly not Hillary’s shill. Donald has dirt on himself but he will expose every crack in her makeup for exactly what she is and has been and if that is what is meant to be, I can’t wait to see it. I’ve already had enough of that hoarse old crow.

  183. barry freed


    You might find a paycheck stub I once got in a box of junk at an estate sale. The guy worked for Walmrt. He was paid $2,000 per hour ($4 million per year without overtime). The stub was from July and he had already banked $25,000 in his yearly vacation account.
    He worked at the head office in Arkansas, so they must count his “wages” like a checker when they talk about average pay.

  184. barry, here’s a hitler one-liner, below:

    Jackie Robinson wrote just after Goldwater claimed his party’s nomination, “It is a new breed which is seeking to sell to Americans a doctrine which is as old as mankind—the doctrine of racial division, the doctrine of racial prejudice, the doctrine of white supremacy.”

    He said, “If I could couch in one single sentence the way I felt, watching this controlled steam-roller operation roll into high gear, I would put it this way, I would say that I now believe I know how it felt to be a Jew in Hitler’s Germany.”

    The greatest disaster the Republican Party has ever known—Nominee Barry Goldwater.” Robinson, a loyal Republican who campaigned for Richard Nixon in 1960, was shocked and saddened by the racism and lack of civility he witnessed at the 1964 convention….black delegates were verbally assaulted and threatened with violence by Goldwater supporters….a Pennsylvania delegate had his suit set on fire and was told to “keep in your own place” by his assailant. “They call you ‘ni**ger,’ push you and step on your feet,” the New Jersey delegate said “I had to leave to keep my self-respect.”

    The 1964 campaign was pivotal for Republicans because, despite Goldwater’s loss, the GOP came away with a dedicated network of people willing to work between election cycles to build the party. The GOP has won more presidential elections than it has lost since Goldwater. Donald Trump’s campaign plays on fears and resentments similar to those that fueled Goldwater’s presidential bid five decades ago.