DOT Hosts Discussion Monday in Tyndall About Highway 50 Turning Lanes; Kloucek Boosting Yankton Bypass

Scotland mover and shaker Frank Kloucek is rallying his neighbors to attend a Department of Transportation meeting on Monday, August 3, in Tyndall. The main topic will be resurfacing on Highway 50 along the stretch including Avon, Tyndall, and Tabor, plus the reduction of five intersections from four lanes to two lanes plus a turning lane.

Kloucek also encourages interested area residents to bring their thoughts about building a Highway 50 bypass around Yankton to the Tyndall meeting. Kloucek says the DOT counts 18,500 vehicles a day coming through town on Broadway/81 and 10,000 moving east-west daily on the 4th Avenue stretch of 50, including a thousand trucks. Building a bypass around the northeast corner of Yankton would improve public safety, reduce delays for freight, smooth the traffic flow in town, and reduce long-term road repair costs. (Interesting last point: do two roads splitting traffic require less maintenance than one road carrying all the traffic?)

Kloucek says DOT’s Dave Voeltz is taking comments on the bypass proposal by e-mail through August 3.