Prayer Causes Black Hills Flooding

Yesterday I had to knock down the rumor that Ted Cruz was blaming Indian rain dances for flooding in Texas. But now the press tells me that a white woman’s prayer has put Pactola Reservoir over the top:

Throughout April, Ty Gerbracht, manager for forest recreation at the Pactola Reservoir, had been hoping to avoid a drought at Pactola Reservoir, so she prayed for rain.

She had no idea how effective those prayers would be.

“This is my payback,” she said. “I prayed so hard for rain because I didn’t want to start the camping season under a fire ban. I just didn’t mean for it to rain this much.”

…The reservoir is considered full at 4,580.2 feet above sea level, according to the Bureau of Reclamation. The reservoir is now 4,587.2 feet above sea level, which breaks the record of 4,585.87 that had been set in 1965 [Scott Feldman, “Pactola Reservoir Flooding, But Remains Open,” Rapid City Journal, 2015.06.08].

Gerbracht works for Forest Recreation Management, a private concessionaire for the USDA Forest Service. Now you see? If the government ran its own parks and maintained a strict separation of church and state, none of this flooding would have happened.

7 Responses to Prayer Causes Black Hills Flooding

  1. larry kurtz

    South Dakota: Land of Infinite Voodoo.

  2. Barry Smith

    It was probably just the weather that caused the flooding. I am sure though it makes her feel special that her god answered a prayer for happy camping.

  3. So you are telling me that a Supreme Being that hears your prayers for rain doesn’t have enuf common sense NOT to flood you out???? ;-)

  4. Get that woman praying for peace in the Middle East!!

  5. mike from iowa

    Should have thought about peace when that dumbass Texan screwed the pooch and blew up the entire Middle East to stroke his “cowboy” ego.

  6. larry kurtz

    Get the woman praying for Israel to revert to 1947 borders.

  7. This Forest Recreation Manager group probably has some sweet good-old-boy deal with the Forest Service. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people conduct weekly services in the public areas they charge citizens to access. Maybe the floods have come to scour the earth of the government leasing out our public lands to enrichen the fat cats and envirocrats.