Bosworth Planning to Close Clinic, Begging Patients to Write Judge Brown

Annette Bosworth hears the jury say "Guilty" 12 times. Hughes County Courthouse, Pierre, SD, May 27, 2015. (screen cap from
Convicted felon Annette Bosworth, (screen cap from, 2015.05.27)

Convicted felon Annette Bosworth says she is planning to close her clinic in Sioux Falls. In an e-mail sent to patients, Bosworth says she is working on “a separate letter with specifics outlining the plan for closing my practice over the next several weeks….”

The day after a Hughes County jury convicted Bosworth of twelve counts of felony perjury, Bosworth told the press she’s “going to miss being a doctor.”

These statements come as Bosworth awaits sentencing, which by itself cannot include taking away Bosworth’s medical license. Bosworth jeopardized her medical license in the past with erratic behavior and ethical violations, but the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners allowed her to keep her license, contingent on her submission to mental health treatment. Bosworth’s campaign and perjury trial only led her into further violations of patient ethics and privacy that warrant review of her license, but her felony conviction does not automatically revoke her license.

Bosworth’s statement that she’s closing her Meaningful Medicine office on South Minnesota signals two possibilities. Bosworth may have heard from the SDBMOE that the board will take action on her license, and she’s surrendering. Or Bosworth may be admitting that her clinic, which has struggled to make payroll, simply isn’t financially viable.

Bosworth flies this surrender flag at an odd moment, while asking her patients and other associates to help her beg for leniency from the court. The main thrust of her message to her patients and others is to solicit courtroom company for the July sentencing hearing and letters to Judge John Brown:

Thank you for the outpouring of supportive comments from all of you. Many of you have prayed and showered our team with grace during this difficult time. Thank you. I do thank God for you every time I think of you.

As I generate a separate letter with specifics outlining the plan for closing my practice over the next several weeks, let me first respond to the shower of requests to help with my sentencing. Sentencing for the price I must pay for the 12 Felonies occurs on July 1st at 2:00 PM in Pierre, SD by Judge Brown. Many of you watched the trial on-line while others sacrificed time to be present with our team in the courtroom. Thank you. We invite you and welcome you to attend the sentencing in Pierre.

Over the next 3 weeks Honorable Judge Brown gathers information and stories to learn about who I am . . . as a person. Your stories of how you know me and how our work at Meaningful Medicine impacts the greater community of South Dakota matters greatly to Judge Brown.

If you want to help shape that image of me as Judge Brown settles on his sentence, write the following letter.

  • Letter to Judge Brown
  • These letters have special rules and must be written clearly or typed.
  • These letters need to be addressed to Honorable John Brown, Circuit Court Judge.
  • State who you are. Include a brief statement about your background (work, education, etc.)
  • State where you live, your address and your telephone number.
  • Tell the Judge how you know me. Include the relationship, length of time, and how that relationship has grown.
  • Tell about the good things we have done together and how my service with you impacted your life.
  • Tell the Judge what you think of me. These stories will help the judge shape his opinion of me. Your personal stories hold great value.
  • State any other things that you would want a judge to know if you were the one being sentenced. It is important to NOT share your thoughts on what the sentence should be. Those letters will not be allowed for the judge to see.
  • These letters need to in the hands of my lawyer by June 15th, 2015. Please send them directly to Meaningful Medicine as quickly as possible. Time is very short for this process.
  • Send letter to:
    Meaningful Medicine
    5000 South Minnesota Avenue, Suite 100
    Sioux Falls, SD, 57108

Thank you for all your efforts in these last few months. I thank God for you everytime I think of you.

Expect a more complete letter soon with details of what will happen over the next several weeks.

Be well,

Annette Bosworth, MD [e-mail, sent 2015.06.03]

Here Bosworth is falling back on the strategy that seems to define all of her and her husband Chad Haber’s schemes: telling the story, building the narrative of who Bosworth is as a person. She’s also showing her infacility with mass e-mails, since the recipients with whom I’ve spoken tell me they haven’t poured out any supportive comments or showered any grace on Chad and Annette during “this difficult time.”

Bosworth knows she’s lost her case on the facts. She committed felonies; she deserves punishment. Bosworth’s only resort is to beg her patients to say what good doctoring she’s done, even as she pre-emptively announces she’s going to quit doctoring.

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  1. Lora Hubbel

    So where is the executive equivalent (Article 4)to the legislative removal from office (Article 3: 4)? If we can get Daugaard disqualified for bribery and perjury I will quit my job and work 8-5 on that!
    So, is it bribery if the governor calls a legislator to his office who he KNOWS is going to vote “No” on HB 1234 (remember that one?) and promises her that she will become either the Chairwoman or co-chair woman for the Education Committee??? PLUS promise that he would donate to her campaign….IF she changes her vote to “yes”? …….just wondering….. (he reneged BTW)

  2. Lora, may we stay on topic?

  3. Roger Cornelius


    Do you think Bosworth will ever apologize for her crimes and admit responsibility?

    Does Bosworth plan to make financial restitution to the victims she defrauded with her raffle scams and non-payment of their labors and services they provided?

  4. Considering the verdict was in less than a week ago it is safe to assume this closure has nothing to do with official action from the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners, because we all know such boards aren’t known for being proactive nor are they known for being speedy.

    Bosworth made the statement about how she was going to miss being a doctor the very day of the verdict. One can only assume that was based in her disappointment and sadness over the situation rather than knowledge that the SDBMOE would be taking action.

    Fact is, even if the SDBMOE wanted to take her license they would hold a series of hearings and consult before doing so. They wouldn’t just call her up and tell her they are yanking her license without so much as the opportunity for an appeal. It isn’t as if this conviction was a violent crime nor was it even related to her practice, so I doubt there would be such immediately action.

    Most likely, this closure has more to do with the fact that the campaign is over and there is no way to use her political associations as a finanicial incentive to keep the doors open. There are no more fundraisers, no more campaign contributions, and no way to pay her team of lawyers, publicists, assistants, and advisors. Without the “celebrity” name recognition of having her name and face out there, her new client base has likely dried up, and existing patients are probably awaking to the reality of who their doctor really is, which is bound to push them to seek alternatives.

    We know Bosworth wasn’t doing well with the clinic which is why she was unable to pay some of her staff. We also know she cannot rely upon her husband’s income to help sustain her practice, and with her campaign coffer’s zeroed out, it is time to close the door on the past and move on.

    I really hate to see someone with potential fail. I hate to think of the thousands upon thousans of hours she spent studying to become a doctor and all of those years in residency just tossed aside. I do think she has skills and knowledge to contribute, but sadly she has let her husband and her narcissism interfere with her potential.

    Robert Downy Jr. was given many second chances before he finally broke the habit and turned his life around. I can only wonder if Dr. Bosworth will ever be strong enough to break her old habits, distance herself from those who prey upon her, and make a positive change. One can only hope.

  5. The SDMBOE meets in June or July at that meeting they will discuss current business and upcoming business i.e. Bosworth. She will be put on the agenda for the September meeting I am sure.

  6. Retain her license conditionally, and “sentence” her to work as a health care provider at one of the state prisons for five years at 50% wages. That way, we are still getting a return our investment in her as a physician, she can still practice, and she can repay her “debt” to society. While she had practice issues in the past, she did not lose her license due to something that directly effects her ability to provide patient care necessarily.

    Who knows if something like that is legal, but hey, it looks good on paper.

  7. mike from iowa

    MD-she may be the sole provider for her family,cutting her pay in half would punish her kids more than they’ve already been punished.

    Personally,I think she is missing some marbles and needs to spend some time on a couch getting her head straightened out.

  8. Deb Geelsdottir

    This sad saga just doesn’t get any better. Narcissism is one of the most difficult mental illnesses to treat. I’m not optimistic. I’ve been closely involved with the treatment of two narcissists, and I have not seen any progress. Professional psychologists and psychiatrists I have consulted with have been unanimous in their opinion that narcissism is the most intractable.

    It is sad to see otherwise talented, smart and capable people needlessly squander their gifts. It’s a loss all the way around. I am most concerned for her children.

  9. Until she serves her time and gets mental health treatment, she should only be granted a fishing license.

  10. Deb,

    It doesn’t help that her husband and so called friends keep encouraging this behavior.

  11. Ms. Lynn, I was told by people who watched the trial on TV that Mr. Haber was grinning like a maniac at the cameras through the whole proceeding.

  12. lora hubbel

    Sorry…not used to your new website…I scrolled away from the article I was wanting to comment on and landed on this one. I will ask again in the more appropriate comment section

  13. Grudz,

    It wouldn’t surprise me. Was Mini-Me in the courtroom also?

  14. What or who is Mini-Me? The Filipina house maid they brought back from their mission trip?

  15. Sorry it was a character from Austin Powers who was the clone of Dr. Evil.

  16. I have not seen that TV show but now I understand the pictures of Mr. Haber with his finger in his mouth. This whole deal seems so much insaner than anything else that I would not even be shocked if they had a bald dwarf.

  17. I may write a letter. Where is I agree with most of the statements about her ability to practice medicine I have major concerns about the likelihood that she will do so. I have seen her work with patients that seem unreachable and I’ve seen her succeed in gaining their trust. These are people who were on their last chance in life and she was able to somehow help them foster some hope and belief in themselves to make good choices. That’s the good part. The bad part is that behind every action… was a counter action. I’ve said this before… Chad Haber is a sociopath who had a direct, and powerful negative influence on her. I used to defend her abilities, despite the claims against her character. Let’s face it, when things become clear, they are VERY clear. I agree that we should keep in mind the charges she was found guilty of. The bigger part of me wants a consequence so that so many others feel resolution. I think she had intent to commit every crime she has committed, including those she was never charged. She claims its for the greater good… But it’s always ‘their’ greater good. I feel for those who support her still. It must be very difficult to be in a one-sided relationship.

  18. Deb Geelsdottir

    Narcissists usually do hook up with someone who is skilled at manipulating them. It’s easy to manipulate a narcissist. I’ve no doubt Haber is a sleeze ball.

  19. Deb, I work in a prison… I’ve seen a few of each. :)

  20. Deb Geelsdottir

    CD, so did I! I was a case manager at Community Alternatives of the Black Hills. It was a minimum security prison on Hwy 79 near the highway patrol office. I think it’s a juvenile facility now.

    It was my first prison experience and my very experienced boss told me that the inmates don’t think like us. Being the good liberal I am, I harbored some doubts. But, with one exception, he was absolutely right. Wouldn’t you agree?

    And yes, I saw plenty of both mental illnesses in the inmates too. Narcissism was really rampant.

  21. Deb & CD,

    What are the chances of a Narcissists to recognize their behavior and especially break free plus look out for those that can manipulate?

  22. Roger Cornelius asked the pertinent questions. The Attorney General’s office wants to see some acceptance of responsibility. That’s made harder by the testimony she has already given at trial. One way she could accept some responsibility is to pay back the victims of the raffle scam. That would help to clear her conscience as well as buy her some goodwill with the court and prosecutor. At sentencing the prosecutor can bring up other uncharged wrongs such as the raffle scams – and you bet he will. So she can stay firmly in that alternate reality she’s trying to create, or she can get real and make amends. Her choice.

  23. Deb Geelsdottir

    Lynn, based on my limited experience and knowledge, odds of a narcissist learning to live a meaningful and positive life are not good. I wonder if recovery rates are even 1/3? It’s not that a narcissist dies from their mental illness like a heroin addict does. But a productive life is another matter.

    Narcissists often see themselves as victims of some type of unfairness. They don’t believe it’s fair to hold them to the same standards as the rest of humanity because narcissists are ‘special.’

    While Haber is a nasty manipulator, the narcissist is not only used by a manipulator, they are highly skilled at it too. Look at how Bos took advantage of so many people around her. Narcissists are good at finding vulnerable people to serve their purposes. People with minimal ego strength are prime targets.

  24. Such as addicts, unwell/sick patients, and those who are religious radicals. By that I mean people who ‘pray it away’ regardless of their ‘free will’ or behavior choices.
    I, with any clinical certainty, believe that she is a narcissist… married to an anti-social sociopath. As of now, she seems to believe that pleading ignorance of the law will excuse her because it doesn’t show that she had negative intent. All of her other wrongdoings were with complete intent on getting away with something. I hope they do come in the play at sentencing.

  25. Roger Cornelius


    In addition to making refunds for the raffle scams, she needs to pay those former employees back wages due them.

    The most important thing Bosworth should do right now is to quit encouraging right wing fringe groups and individuals to make her case, their irrational commentary is hurting her more than helping her.

    In other words, shut up Herman Cain, No Compromise Group, and Tara Volesky. If they continue with their nonsense they are going to land her in jail.

  26. Deb, I agree with you. There are some true victims that end up in prison but my experiences, and involvement in redirecting criminal thinking errors, tells me more are Victimstancing than anything. Dr. Bosworth ABSOLUTELY needs therapy.

  27. Convicted felon Annette Bosworth has a lovely ring to it.

    The people from the right who are coming to Annette’s cause are enabling her and only going to make this situation worse for her. Morally speaking, this is wrong. They are not helping her at all.

  28. tara volesky

    I do believe the Democrat Party is going to rise up and not discriminate against skin color, social economic class, religion, or party affiliation. They are going to do the right thing by filing a complaint against Steve Hickey who filed a complaint against Annette Bosworth for perjury and petition violation. The complaint he filed against Annette Bosworth is the same thing he did to himself. The Democrats are going to do this without any influence from the Cory Kool-Aid drinkers.

  29. tara volesky

    These slanderous comments do nothing but help to further destroy the Democrat Party.

  30. Roger Cornelius


    Have it. File a complaint against Steve Hickey, you can file one as easy as Cory can, what are you afraid of?

    Or, have you already filed a complaint against him?

  31. tara volesky

    No, Roger, I will leave it up to the Democrat Party, and I believe they will do the right thing.

  32. Roger Cornelius

    It is not up to the Democratic Party, it is up to the republican party.
    The whole Hickey petition was brought up by the right wing fringe in retaliation for Hickey’s legal challenge to Bosworth.
    It is republicans fighting among themselves.

  33. Roger Cornelius

    Tara, take a minute and grab a dictionary and look up the definition of slander, don’t rely on what you think it means, find the real meaning.

  34. tara volesky

    Roger, the Democrat party is going to do the right thing and just a reminder, the DFP is not the Democrat Party, it’s a blog site.

  35. Tara, I didn’t leave it up to the party to file a petition challenge. I got the documents, found the evidence, and filed.

    The evidence presented so far on the Hickey case is not nearly as compelling. If you think otherwise, file the complaint. Make it happen. And stop trying to set up the false argument that the Democratic Party somehow has to file this complaint or it is a failure. The Democratic Party doesn’t come do your dishes, but that doesn’t mean the party is a failure.

  36. Craig and CD, thanks for the reminder of how the SDBMOE really works. The board as a whole can’t have taken any action that would prompt Bosworth’s closure declaration. As another observer said to me yesterday, Bosworth appears to be going into full martyr mode. It’s almost as if she’s trying to co-opt the authority of the judge and the SDBMOE to punish her: if they choose to throw the book at her, she can cry, “See? I told you they were out to get me!”

    But as Deb suggests with her observation on the intractability of narcissism, there’s no winning with these sort of pathological people. Bosworth will concoct bad things to say about the authorities in whatever narrative she’s trying to peddle for her bid at screenplay/reality-TV stardom. All parties need to disregard whatever madness will come out of Bosworth’s mouth next and just give her the punishment the facts say she deserves.

    As R and CD point out, Bosworth carries a long history of other unrighted wrongs. Her husband has been using her for his own purposes, like the fake raffle and the fake humanitarian trips overseas (I say fake here because Chad goes along to fleece donors and build the brand, not to really help the foreign people for whom he, as demonstrated by his comments in planning the Philippines trip, has such low regard). Busting Bosworth on perjury is like busting Al Capone on tax evasion: it’s the tip of her criminal iceberg, the one spot where we could get a legal foothold. The judge and the board need to use that foothold to render all the justice that they can.

  37. tara volesky

    I really do believe they are going to do it. In SD it is pick a target, well even though I would stand up for Pastor Hickey just as I do Dr. Bosworth, you need to look at other similar cases, those cases were settled just as Dr. Bosworth case should have been settled. Pastor Hickey can be charged with felonies just like Bosworth. He might even have to do some fundraising to pay his Lawyer. Can they take his Pastoral license away? believe there will be a complaint filed. The evidence is there.

  38. tara volesky

    Bosworth a narcissist? Cory are you accusing the former Dean of the USD medical school a liar?

  39. Show me the Talley letter, and we’ll talk. We have it on record from the SDBMOE that Bosworth has narcissism. I stand by every word I say, not the words you try to impute to me.

  40. mike from iowa

    Trying to explain anything to Tara is like trying to describe colors to a blind from birth person. And frankly ma damn,I don’t give a deer.

  41. What Deb & CD described was very interesting and it’s like keeping these people at arms length for self preservation. You may want to help but need to set boundaries and know what your getting into.

  42. lars aanning

    Congratulations to those who “got the evidence” and reported Dr. Bosworth to the authorities, knowing that a conviction would ensure the loss of her medical license, something her previous healthcare employer was unable to accomplish…Mission accomplished!!!…

  43. tara volesky

    Thanks Dr Aanning. Cory this is your interview. He stood up for Dr Bosworth. I don’t think the good Dr would lie.

  44. Curious, Lars: why do you put “got the evidence” in quote marks? And do any of us yet know that a felony conviction ensures the loss of her medical license when SDBMOE exec Margaret Hansen has said felony conviction “is not an automatic disqualifier?”

    Don’t let me be coy: I believe Bosworth should lose her medical license, for numerous breaches of medical ethics and patient confidentiality that should disqualify her independently of her felony conviction. I wish we had more guarantee from SDBMOE that she would lose it. But Bosworth and her inexplicable hangers-on are peddling a certainty that is not supported by law or public statements.

  45. Tara, quit making things up to drag us off topic and show me the text. I can’t call someone a liar if I haven’t seen the lie. And I can’t determine if a statement is a lie, a mistake, or a sincere statement based on incomplete knowledge until I’ve seen the text.

  46. tara volesky

    I will email you the letter, only if you post it.

  47. Daniel Buresh

    Can’t believe I am saying this, but I agree with Jerry….she should have nothing more than a fishing license until she receives mental treatment. She is closing her office to continue the pity party. She is acting like a 2 yr old.

  48. Dr. Aanning,

    Wouldn’t you agree that we make choices in life and some of those choices good or bad have consequences?

    If you break the law you break the law! It’s not like this is the first time that Annette and Chad have been in trouble or their actions have had a negative affect on others from what happened in Utah, raffles, unpaid employees and others owed money such as Steve Hildebrand. She has no one to blame but herself!

    Remember her touting personal responsibility in her Senate campaign yet it does not seem to apply to her?

  49. tara volesky

    You have to print it Cory. I good journalist shows all the evidence. Now I will sent it to you if you print the letter.

  50. Tara, quit posing and show us the letter. You tried derailing the conversation over at Ken Santema’s blog with the same noise last week and got nowhere. Ken says the letter is on Facebook; you should be able to show us the text that you say matters so much to this discussion.

  51. mike from iowa

    Whatever happened to physician,heal thyself? Bosworth is a freaking trainwreck of a person let alone a doctor. She needs help and she is going to have to be forced into treatment because she won’t acknowledge there is anything wrong with her. Intervene folks.

  52. Keep in mind Meaningful Medicine is a company under Preventative Health Strategies. She is not saying she is closing down the entire operation, just one small part of it. She has already looked into starting a practice in a small town.

    Yes, she does need mental health help however, at what point do those chances end and she gets an actual punishment? She has been given “opportunities” for help. I refer you to and remind you of the fine articles on Madville times that have already shown she has been given these chances. She was forced by Sanford to attend a live-in facility in Kansas, she was there for 5 or 6 months, her husband even had to attend. She was forced by the SD medical board to get help. Who knows what other “opportunities” she has had, since she has been in so many

    It is time to teach her about consequences. Somehow she has gotten away with unpaid Utah taxes, unpaid Minnehaha Co. property tax, unpaid staff, raffle scams, 100X mortgage scam out of Utah, wiggling out of repaying $200,000 to a person they had a contract with, scamming others out of their hard earned money for their personal gain, owing the maximum fine for unfiled campaign forms, etc. They keep doing these things because they know they can get away with it. Stop letting her off the hook and going easy on her. They know what they are doing.

    Remember this fishing trip? They were living in an RV just months later because it was good publicity.

    When do the second chances stop? A person robs a gas station and they have a consequence. Why does a person that steals from people in a more strategic way get more and more chances?

    The argument about her being the sole breadwinner and a 50% pay deduction would hurt their family… Would you have the same argument if she was a man?

    I only copied a couple posts from Madville, however, a simple search of Bosworth will remind you, very quickly, this really is the tip of the iceberg. Some of the items I listed, Chad was the frontrunner in the scenario. Don’t get confused though, they are in everything together. She was involved in those items as much as Chad is involved in this.

  53. Thanks for those reminders! We are well past second chances. It’s time for consequences.

    The small town you mention—is that Hoven, where Bosworth and Haber were pitching some kind of veterans care last summer?

  54. Yes, it is. I am sure they are already looking at places where they will not be known so they can start a practice. ‘Big city care with a small town feel. I do house calls.’ ‘My Grandpa ran moonshine just like yours, call me for some modern medicine. My husband can get you marijuana from his party.’ Small towns, be on the lookout.

  55. Bradley: Meaningful Medicine and Preventative Health Strategies are two separate companies. Believe me. On paper anyway. If they were attached she would be in a lot more trouble as one is for profit and the other not for profit. If that were the case, she would’ve been more problematic during her campaign as both companies share space in that suite. It was often discussed about using staff members on her campaign and sharing space. THANK GOD I got out before the campaign craziness, with my ethics intact.

    RE: Chad’s views on the people his martyr wife helps:
    When asked about refunding money to addicted patients-who paid up front (required) but didn’t utilize all services (some due to a bad experience with service and others due to things out of their control)- the response from Haber was “We don’t refund addicts.” Not only illegal, but most definitely unethical.

  56. White collar Bonnie & Clyde is what they are. Let’s not forget the oldsters she fleeced nationwide for campaign contributions – some long after the campaign ended. Wasn’t that the source of her legal fees? It goes on and on, and will continue going on and on. Utah, West Virginia, South Dakota, next??

  57. mike from iowa

    Bradley,the sole breadwinner point was more about her children,not necessarily letting her off the hook. I have always been in favor of forcing her into therapy and keep getting reminded it is probably not legal. Howerver,if she is court ordered to seek help her psychiatrist can have her incarcerated for her own good. :)

  58. CD,

    I hope those sought treatment for addiction and were unable to get a refund reported this to the AG’s office. Wouldn’t addicts face an additional vulnerability with a strong desire for confidentiality that could prevent them from contesting a refund withheld by Chad? Another betrayal of trust?

  59. If you access the Meaningful Medicine home page it lists Preventative Health Strategies at the bottom as if it is a parent company. My mistake if I was wrong. However, they are both created by Bosworth/Haber.

  60. PlanningStudent

    It is too early to call her a convicted felon. If the judge gives her a Suspended Imposition of Sentence she will not have ever been convicted. Might seem like semantics but its not, it is the very reason for the Suspend Imposition.

  61. Roger Cornelius

    Planning Student.

    Bosworth was convicted by a jury, as of right now she stands as a convicted felon, until a suspended imposition is applied and conditions met, she remains a convicted felon.

    There are no semantics.

  62. Douglas Wiken

    There has been election fraud in South Dakota much worse than anything Bosworth did related to elections. This was a few elections ago. Those GOP workers got slapped on the wrist if my memory is correct. It makes no sense to remove her ability to an income and then expect her to repay her debts. It does make sense to put her and her husband under supervision of accountants and perhaps a psychiatrist. I know nothing about societal problems resulting from narcissism. Megalomania is another thing entirely.

  63. tara volesky

    Doug they have been audited so many times. They have been trying for years to take her license. She hasn’t done anything wrong except for her petition violations. You have to get caught stealing millions like these big hospitals….Medicare fraud, then you just pay a fine. Do you know why she left Sanford???? The Republican/Sanford party is calling you home Cory. You could make a big salary being the hit man for your former party.

  64. In the eyes of the law Dr. Bosworth is not now a convicted felon. Until she has been sentenced and either her time to appeal expires or her appeal, if taken, is concluded unfavorably she is not a convicted felon. It’s not over till it’s over.

    And as Planning Student says, if she gets a suspended imposition of sentence then she’s not a convicted felon either. She’s probably eligible for a suspended imposition (no prior felony convictions or previous suspended imposition). Maybe she’ll get one, but she seems to be doing everything wrong. She better start following the advice of her lawyer.

  65. Planning, Rohr, I’m with Roger. The situation seems akin to Janklow’s. He was a convicted felon the day the jury handed down the verdict. He was a convicted felon during his hundred days in jail. We was a convicted felon until he completed the terms of his probation. Annette Bosworth may be able to remove that status from her record in the future, if the judge grants her that opportunity and she meets whatever conditions might apply, but that opportunity hasn’t been offered yet.

    And Tara, as I said on KSOO last Thursday to Todd Epp, if the entrenched powers are bankrolling this effort, they’d better start sending the checks to the right address, because they haven’t sent me my cut. Get serious: Rounds, Jackley, and Sanford are never going to make me a part of their machine.

  66. bearcreekbat

    Here is a simple test to determine whether Dr. Bosworth is a convicted felon at this point: Could she pass the screening to purchase a gun? If not, then she is considered a felon, but if she can legally purchase and possess a gun she is not considered a felon.

  67. happy camper

    Herman Cain still believes in her: Now look, Bosworth clearly messed this up. She admits that. But it’s just as clear that she didn’t intend to do anything wrong, and she certainly didn’t do anything serious enough for anyone to treat it as a felony. This is a classic case of election officials and prosecutors taking their own inside games just a little too seriously.

  68. I agree, Cory. She was CONVICTED of her crimes. She is GUILTY of those crimes. Sentencing is merely the doling out of her consequence. A suspended imposition of SENTENCE doesn’t make the guilty verdict have not ever happened, it’s just hidden. With stipulations. If she commits another like crime or is found guilty of any other felony, it will likely resurface. I work with people who have been granted suspended impositions on alcohol or drug related offenses. The behavior still happened.
    And Tara: I’ve bit my tongue many times with you. You repeatedly say she hasn’t done anything wrong, ever. I’m saying she has done plenty. I would like to flip this back on you. I’m saying she has committed other crimes and unethical behaviors. YOU need to prove she didn’t. Because I have proof she did. Failing to believe it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  69. Bill Dithmer

    After all the reading I’ve done I cant seem to separate narcasisum from a type A personality only by degrees. I’m not saying that the Boz isnt guilty, but it sure looks like a lot, not all, of her behavior has been driven by Chad.

    Heres my question. Is it possible that someone could feed a type A person enough mental hype that they would slip into narcasisum so they wouldnt have to acknowledge failure?

    I’m no expert, but this is sure no way to end a screenplay. Unless there are fireworks at the sentencing, Docs 15 minutes are up.

    Just for you Doc.

    The Blindman

  70. Roger Cornelius

    In some respects we have come full circle from Cory’s thread asking “Do Oaths Matter”.

    When I read comments like her crimes weren’t serious enough or that Bosworth is prosecuted/persecuted over nothing alarming, I have to ask that question again:

    Do oaths matter, Happy?

    Do our election/petition laws matter?
    If they don’t matter why do we have them. Why is breaking those laws have such serious consequences?

    Yes, others have committed the same crimes as Bosworth, in our most recent election cycle and going back years.

    The difference with Bosworth is that she got caught, she got caught not specifically at the time for her petition fraud, but because her lack of credibility and past behavior.

    Her bad reputation preceded her senate candidacy and an alert citizen sounded the alarm, thank you Cory.

    Should other candidates be prosecuted for their petition fraud, yes. I would like to think that they would apologize for their mistakes, admit their wrong doing and accept the consequences without turning the justice system into fiasco like Bosworth has done.

  71. Douglas Wiken

    Election petitions need to be redesigned and every auditor should be able to provide a handbook that explains EVERYTHING about petitions including penalties, etc.

    I still think candidates should be allowed to either pay a registration fee or provide petitions with signatures.

  72. larry kurtz

    Curious whether the contract with Joel Arends prevents Boz from suing him for ethics violations since he represented Mike Rounds and recruited Jason Ravnsborg to siphon resources from Stace Nelson: anyone know?

  73. mike from iowa

    Can’t believe there has to be an argument over when a convicted felon is considered a convicted felon. According to Wiki-the moment the jury says the defendent is guilty,that person is a convicted felon.

  74. a suspended imp is interesting. it is a citizen’s one chance to avoid the devastating consequences of felony stigma. how many have the courts in SD handed out to addicts who by definition can’t choose to stop their mental illness, the addiction, so the suspended imp is lost, predictably. stigma is rank thru out this thread. robert downey just decided to get straight? habit?? no, that is not how it works.

    npr reported yesterday 33,000,000 ADULTS in the US suffer from alcohol problems, addiction or abuse. the semantics can be tricky. what is not is that most are untreated. most of the rest of us unblinkingly reason those mentally ill people must pay for their sin. hogwash. if you want hundreds of millions of kids growing up with this stigma, avoid change.

    oh, and for chissakes cory and roger, benda was not murdered.

  75. CD,

    When you get a chance would you be able to answer a question I asked above from your time working at the Bosworth clinic? Treatment for addiction must have been very expensive and if patients were required to pay up front and it was not refunded for services not performed that would be a disheartening and large financial blow.

  76. Lynn: it was a tricky circumstance due to some ethics and codes of conduct involved on behalf of therapists. I think that it is unhealthy for anybody who is providing any type of mental health service to a client to recommend that they should do anything. Information was given out to them on who they could contact to get a refund if/when they asked. I do know of two patients that received information from outside sources on potential attorneys they could call to assist them. But I am unsure whatever happened to them.

  77. CD,

    That is sickening to know they were taken advantage of at one of the times there were most vulnerable. Many probably don’t have the resources or are in the position to know how to recover what was owed to them.

  78. Roger Cornelius

    With 12 felony convictions on her record would she even be eligible for a suspended imposition of sentence.

  79. Roger: good point! I thought it could only be used once, for a single felony… Not 12!

  80. Suspended imposition of sentence: see SDCL 23A-27-13:

    Upon receiving a verdict or plea of guilty for a misdemeanor or felony not punishable by death or life imprisonment by a person never before convicted of a crime which at the time of conviction thereof would constitute a felony in this state, a court having jurisdiction of the defendant, if satisfied that the ends of justice and the best interest of the public as well as the defendant will be served thereby, may, without entering a judgment of guilt, and with the consent of the defendant, suspend the imposition of sentence and place the defendant on probation for such period and upon such terms and conditions as the court may deem best. No person who has previously been granted, whether in this state or any other, a suspended imposition of sentence is eligible to be granted a second suspended imposition of sentence. A court may revoke such suspension at any time during the probationary period and impose and execute sentence without diminishment or credit for any of the probationary period.

    Bosworth appears to be eligible, as she has no previous conviction. This statute does not appear to bar first-time offenders convicted on multiple charges.

    I notice that if I were convicted of certain crimes and got SIOS, my conviction would not completely disappear: under SDCL 23A-27-14.1 could refuse to let me teach again.

    SDCL 23A-27-15 says convictions don’t completely disappear under SIOS. If an SIOS beneficiary comes back to court, that SIOS can still be counted as a conviction for purposes of determining “habitual offender” punishments.

    And BCB, let’s not ask Annette to try the gun-purchase test for us, o.k.? I just don’t think firearms and that family are a healthy mix.

  81. Roger Cornelius

    What are the court considerations before allowing a suspended imp?

    Would it make a difference if the defendant pled guilty or not guilty?

    If at sentencing would the court consider any negative or behavioral issues of the defendant?

    It seems to me that there would be a set of other qualifiers for a suspended imp.

    Where are you bear?

  82. Roger Cornelius

    One more thing about a suspended imp, wouldn’t the attorney general’s office have to either recommend or support a suspended imp?

  83. She is not eligible for a suspended imposition. She had medicaid fraud in her history.

  84. Clarity, she committed Medicaid fraud, but she settled with the AG and was not convicted. Technically, wouldn’t that means she’s still eligible under SDCL 23A-27-13?

    I would think that fraud would make the AG less inclined to recommend SIOS, although it seems the judge makes the final call.

    Roger, I don’t know the answers to your questions… but recall Bill Janklow: he didn’t plead guilty, and he got SIOS.

  85. mike from iowa

    Regardless, even with a n SIOP,she would still be a convicted felon.

  86. I wasn’t thinking of her multiple convictions in this case. She’s not eligible for a suspended imposition.

  87. And no, she’s not a convicted felon yet. Although the presumption of innocence is gone after the jury verdict, the conviction is not final. Until the time to appeal has expired or the appeal, if taken, is concluded the convictions are not final. Debate all you want, but that’s just how it is folks.

  88. Debate we will, Rohr. An appeal reverses something that has happened. Harking back to Roger’s question, does her filing an appeal allow her to buy a gun or vote?

    Interestingly, SDCL 12-4-18 says that “Any voter identified as deceased or who is serving a sentence for a felony conviction shall be removed from the voter registration records.” That language says to me that “having a felony conviction” and “serving a sentence” are separate concepts and that it is thus possible to be a convicted felon separately from (i.e., before and after) serving a sentence. Convicted felon Annette Bosworth thus would have been able to vote in a municipal election on June 2… had there been one in Sioux Falls… and were she registered, which the Voter Information Portal indicates she is not.

  89. Happy Camper, that is exactly what they want you to think and that is how they have gotten away with everything else they have done wrong. They are very good t playing innocent victims and that they didn’t know better. Everything they do in their life is very calculated, many times things are planned months and years in advance. Knowing they are twisting and setting something or someone up to be used later to their benefit in one of their schemes. They always have a fall person or circumstance they will use to shift the blame. Trust me Happy, they always know what they are doing. Don’t get sucked in farther than you already are.

  90. Douglas Wiken

    Charging her with 12 felonies is like charging an embezzler a felony for every single dollar stolen.

  91. bearcreekbat

    Roger, I think your questions can be answered as follows:

    “What are the court considerations before allowing a suspended imp?”

    Typically the sentencing judge obtains a pre-sentence report and recommendations for a sentence from a court services officer. The judge also reviews and considers any and all matters presented by both the defendant and the prosecution. The judge also can talk directly with any crime victims as well as the defendant. In other words, before granting a request for a suspended sentence the Judge can consider any and all information that is available or presented to the court.

    “Would it make a difference if the defendant pled guilty or not guilty?”

    There is no statutory requirement for a guilty plea for a suspended sentence, but a judge will typically consider whether the defendant pled guilty as evidence of whether the defendant accepted responsibility for the crimes. It is typically more difficult to convince a judge to suspend a sentence where the defendant pled not guilty and went to trial.

    “If at sentencing would the court consider any negative or behavioral issues of the defendant?”

    Most definitely.

    “It seems to me that there would be a set of other qualifiers for a suspended imp.”

    The only qualifiers are those set forth in the statute Cory cited. Otherwise a sentencing judge has almost unfettered discretion in whether to suspend the sentence.

  92. bearcreekbat

    On the question of whether Bosworth can possess or purchase a gun at this time, the ATF form at page 4 identifies the circumstances in which someone with a felony conviction can still purchase a gun. Notably missing from the exceptions is a conviction that is under appeal.

    But if a conviction is reversed or set aside on appeal, then the defendant is no longer considered a prohibited person according to the ATF.

    “3. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, “Felons whose convictions have been set-aside or expunged, or for which the person has been pardoned or has had civil rights restored” are not considered “convicted” and thus they would not be prohibited from owning a gun.”

    Lest there be any further doubt, federal law also provides: Anyone who is “under indictment for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year” is not allowed “to ship or transport . . . any firearm or ammunition or receive any such firearm or ammunition.” 18 U.S.C. § 922(n).

    Since this last section confirms that someone who is not yet even convicted can’t have a gun, it seems pretty clear that someone with a conviction that is on appeal is consider a felon and a prohibited person until the conviction is reversed.

  93. Roger Cornelius

    Thanks bear, that is really good information and brings some clarity to the discussion.

    There has been some discussion here that Bosworth was overcharged on her petition fraud and that she should have been convicted of some many felony charges.

    I’m wondering where the line is drawn when a defendant is charged with multiple felonies. For instance, if someone is accused of murdering four people, should they only charged and convicted of murdering only one?

    Bear, is Bosworth considered a convicted felon or not?

  94. Thanks for those answers, Bearcreekbat. Do you have perspective on the propriety of individuals writing letters to the judge to influence his sentencing decision? As we see above, Dr. Bosworth is asking her patients to write letters attesting to her character and good works. Can the judge read and weigh such letters in sentencing?

    SDCL 23A-27-1.3 says victims of crimes may request to address the court in writing about the impact of the crime and comment upon the sentence to be imposed. This statute defines “victim” as “anyone adversely impacted emotionally, physically, or monetarily by the defendant’s crime.”

    Hmmm… who here has been adversely impacted emotionally by Bosworth’s perjury? Physically? Monetarily?

  95. bearcreekbat

    Roger, in my opinion she would be considered a convicted felon at this time, although it seems somewhat ambiguous prior to sentencing since her judge has the discretion under the statute not to impose a judgment of conviction if he decides on a suspended imposition of sentence.

    Cory, I recall a criminal case from several years ago that upset the religious community in Rapid City. Then Circuit Judge Konencamp received and considered literally hundreds of letters from members of various local churches, all asking the judge to impose the maximum sentence. Most letter writers had nothing to do with the case, but were outraged by the public stories describing the offense. If I recall correctly, the vast majority of these letters did not come from the prosecutor, rather, they were mailed directly to the Judge.

    Meanwhile, defendants typically do ask friends, relatives, employers, etc and etc to write the Judge about the defendant’s character. Most defense lawyers ask that such letters be sent to them rather than to the judge so the defense lawyer can review them and ask the judge to consider the most sympathetic letters.

  96. Bosworth went to trial, and was convicted by a jury.

    Was she offered a plea, and refused, choosing to take her chances at trial?

    All things aside, Bosworth has always been slimy. Haber only made her worse.

  97. tara volesky

    Bosworth was never offed a plea. Just found out a judge is allowing a jury trial for a FEMALE Dr. for Defamation among other things. It’s hard pushing female Drs. around especially when they put their patients before paper pushers.

  98. At the end of the day, the fact remains that she was found guilty. Whether we like the number of felony counts is fodder for the masses. There is guilt and it is fact.
    What many do not acknowledge is the long history of back story that exists at almost every turn in the campaign -election-trial saga.
    And the fact that the campaign and election became a saga is a slap in the face of how a democracy is supposed to run. This has turned into a convoluted mess that has side tracked everyone from discerning the real reason she chose to run in the first place. Comments on why she chose to run notwithstanding.
    Watch carefully in the next few weeks and listen to some of the back story that reveals itself.
    Go back and revisit some of the turns that took place early on in the campaign when schedule sheets were ” stolen “, when employees were thrown under the bus and new, young, interns saw what they assumed an innocent post wreak havoc on the internet.
    Ask how a blogger would be confronted with a masked concern about his childhood from a woman he had never met or talked to outside of this campaign fiasco. Ask how she would be motivated to splay such compassion and imply some sinister upbringing. How would she even think to make that statement if she had not received information to that effect in some manner? Then analyze the implications of that moment in a public place, unmotivated by anything other than ego and a fight or flight mentality. Then, top it off with the threat to stay the F away from a son.
    Go back, re read, and study through what may have been forgotten, then listen in the next weeks.
    At the end of the day the verdict will be the same. Guilty.

  99. C refers to this not-safe-for-work comment, the only words Bosworth has ever spoken to my face. “Mild-mannered physician,” Gordon Howie calls her? Not that night.

    Howie also alleges that Bosworth offered multiple plea deals but that the AG rejected them. Howie offers no evidence that such pleas were offered. Can anyone provide firsthand testimony to the existence of a plea offer?

  100. Deb Geelsdottir

    We cannot diminish the real and urgent need for a successful women’s/human’s movement by using gender as an excuse for a woman’s criminal acts. I have no doubt Bos has been victimized by the patriarchal culture of the US, but that did not cause her to commit election fraud. As an autonomous adult, she chose her actions and should be held accountable for them.

    It would not surprise me to learn that some people in positions of power are pleased by her fall. In this country, anyone who is not white male is well acquainted with the higher standard required of them. Of course that’s unfair, and America needs to change that. That’s not a license to commit criminal acts. It is a sign for us to work even harder, keep our noses even cleaner, and get involved in a positive way. Blaming and complaining is a detriment.

    Mental illness could be a mitigating factor in her sentence. People more knowledgeable than I about criminal law, sentencing and similar matters, can address that.

  101. tara volesky

    The Cory cult people do no research, all gossip. Where’s the letter from the Dean of the medical school I sent you? The DWC and DFR is colluded to take out Bosworth. Powers has been paid big money by the Republican establishment. I am sure they are doing the same for you too Cory.

  102. If you think that the far right (a.k.a Tea Party) gives a rats ass about Bosworth or education then you really don’t have a clue Tara.

  103. tara volesky

    Deb, what mental illness are you talking about. Cory could put it to rest but he thinks he knows more than the Dean of the medical school. Post the letter Cory, so people know what you are all about.

  104. Cory,

    If Bosworth admitted she made false statements to solicit donations using USPS, wouldn’t she possibly be looking at federal charges also?

  105. tara volesky

    Owen, I don’t give a rat’s ass about party, this is about Marty Jackley and the Republican establishment taking the Dr. out because she wouldn’t be obedient to corporate medicine, while the Democrat Party of the people sit in silence. Shame on the Democrat leadership.

  106. Roger Cornelius

    Ah! The parrot is back making the same claims that she does on every blog about Bosworth.
    One more time Tara, if anybody wants to read the Tally letter it is easy to find. I read it and could find no relevancy the Bosworth trial and convictions. If the Tally was so important to Bosworth’s case, why wasn’t it submitted at trial? Her trial attorney knew better, that’s why.

    Along with the usual parrot talk, Tara insist that Bosworth wanted to plea this thing out, but Jackley wouldn’t do it. As Cory and others here have asked, where’s the evidence or documentation of any plea request by either side. If Jackley turned down the plea request, where is the letter?

  107. Roger Cornelius

    Why should the Democratic leadership support a republican felon?

    Marty Jackley wasn’t on trial, as much as the tea baggers wanted him to be, Annette committed 12 felonious act and got caught.

  108. lorahubbel

    When Dr Bosworth paid for the care of young Native American women, because Medicaid would NOT, she was threatened to have her license removed. Since I am a nurse and my husband is a Chiropractor, we have been to the conferences that warn us NOT to give away care…even if we pay for it. For example, Ultrasound is a great pain relief and healing modality for strain/sprain of the back. BUT if a Chiropractor ultrasounds any closer than 2 vertebrae from the ACTUAL injury…he can be fined….and 3 fines can put you in jail. That is what Annette did. Many doctors till do skirt these rules because they think they are absurd …but they don’t get in trouble….YET.
    Her penance for her giving-away-care crime that was meted out from the lawyer-dominated “medical” board, Annette had to prove she was mentally sound. But when she was in therapy “groups” she told one of the heavily tattooed diagnosing doctors that she was not impressed with his talk about his genital piercings…BOOM…he labeled her “Narcissistic”. Call ne narcissistic then as I don’t care to hear about anyone’s genital piercings either. Wake up SD…you are next!

  109. Tara, check your e-mail.

    Lynn, do you have examples of those false statements?

    Roger, see AG Jackley’s comments quoted in DWC today. AG Jackley sent those comments to me as well in response to a query I sent this morning (note that our AG is working on a Saturday):

    Mrs Bosworth’s public statement (ap) that she would have been required to plead to every felony count is absolutely false and inaccurate and her lawyers have been advised of that in writing….

    [A]ll plea negotiation attempts by the Attorney General would have put Mrs Bosworth in a better place then she currently is in relation to any potential sentence or permanent record [Attorney General Marty Jackley, e-mail to Dakota Free Press, 2015.06.06].

    According to the AG, the state offered plea deals that would have left Bosworth in a better situation than she is today. She rejected those offers. The Attorney General of the State of South Dakota is attesting by name to that statement.

    No one associated with the trial—not Bosworth, not attorney Robert Van Norman, not attorney Dana Hanna, not anyone in the courtroom—is attesting to the existence of any plea offer made by the defense team.

    As the evidence stands right now, the most defensible position, the fact we must accept until presented with new evidence, is that the state offered Bosworth a better deal, but she refused. The trial, the expense to the taxpayers, the guilty verdict, and her status as a convicted felon are all Bosworth’s fault.

    But heck, Tara, if we’re going to keep going down your nutty war-on-women road, how about I just blame Chad? A woman would never commit such a crime. But dang, that would be sexist, too, because then I would be saying that the man must be doing all the work and that the woman is just the faithful wife heeding his headship. Shoot, blaming Bosworth makes me a bigger feminist than you!

  110. Cory,

    Wasn’t it admitted during Bosworth’s testimony during the trial? Where can I find a transcript or the court records? Is Kelo’s daily web coverage archived somewhere?

  111. tara volesky

    The Democrat Party had many chances to not affiliate themselves with the 2 Republican establishment blogs that are on a mission to take out the missionary Dr. Annette Bosworth. Democrat Party……..grow some balls and quit doing easy stuff like initiatives. Represent people who take care of people.

  112. Tara the Democrats aren’t going to back somebody who says they are destroying the country.
    It’s time you wake up and quit looking to put the blame on somebody else.
    It’s Bosworth’s fault-period

  113. lora, are those fake therapy “groups”, and is the story about tattooed pierced doctors true?

  114. tara volesky

    The Democrat and Republican leadership are 100% behind throwing Dr Bosworth in prison. D&R rule. They are both backing the Republican establishment. Nice, that’s why we have a one party D and R rule in SD. They are both in bed with the SDWC and DFR…….

  115. lorahubbel

    Why Roger? Why should the Democrats help Annette? Because she DOES everything that the Democrats bloviate about from their armchairs but don’t do a damn thing about…..Like helping the Indian kids….like helping the poor….like getting her hands dirty with work instead of soiling her hands eating Cheetos! (Check your hands Roger…any calluses or just cheesy grime from chips…?)

  116. Roger Cornelius


    Darn! You know I don’t like to travel over to the Dump Site, but this worthwhile trip.

    There we have it straight from Jackley and there is apparently the documentation to prove the status of any plea deal.

    If you read Jackley’s press release you will that he has nothing to do with her medical license, why can’t you understand that?
    Also Lora, you never did answer my question if “oaths matter” and do “petition laws matter”. And Tara, can you answer those questions as well?

  117. Roger Cornelius


    What is so difficult to comprehend about Bosworth’s medical practice and her politics? Do we now issue passes to the legal, medical, and human services professions that because they commit a felony they should get a pass from prosecution.

    One of the things you earn after a lifetime of work is the right to do whatever you please with your time and have the choice of what and when to eat. And no, I don’t eat chips or chetoo’s and the calluses on my hands are from long hours of work.
    Lora, get that crease out of your tinfoil hat, you’ll give yourself a headache!

  118. lorahubbel

    YOU IDIOT!!! I SHOWED YOU THE LAW AND IT SAYS NOTHING ABOUT WITNESSING THE SIGNATURES. Tin hat…rather have a tin hat than a dunce cap!

  119. Roger Cornelius

    Dang! The (ding) bats are busy tonight!!

    Lora, it is a simple yes or no answer.
    Do oaths matter?
    Do petition laws matter?

    I do not ask these questions just in reference to Bosworth, they are pretty generic questions.

    If you fail to answer these two basic questions, I’ll assume your answer is NO.

  120. lorahubbel

    absolutely they matter…..but there is NO OATH taken when you sign a petition….besides notaries cannot administer oaths! Why cant you understand that?…Find the oath if you think she violated it. Find anywhere in the aw where it says she has to WITNESS the signatures…the petition says that but SDCL does NOT. Annette disregarded a petition that was contrary to SDCL….Did you read the LAW??? or cant you handle anything greater that 3rd grade reading? Check it out and then offer an apology

  121. I guess the 12 people who said Bosworth was guilty are morons.

  122. Roger Cornelius

    Hey wingnut, yeah I mean you.

    I understand the petition process, at least better than a convicted senate candidate. That’s not the point.

    Like owen just mentioned, where is the respect for the 12 honest South Dakota citizens that served on this jury? They obviously understood the case better than the tinfoil hat brigade.

  123. Roger Cornelius


    Sometime ago I told you that the petition case against Bosworth of opening a can of worms. It seems to be coming true.

    Bosworth supporters have retaliated against Hickey and are pushing hard for a conviction.

    Now, with my ear to the ground I hear that others that ran for public office maybe facing the same petition scrutiny.

    As soon as I can find the quotes from Tara regarding her reckless comments about petitions, I’ll post them. It just could be that Tara maybe the next one to have her petitions questioned.

    An Lora Hubbel, didn’t she run and lose some office, maybe the petition squad can head her way as well.

    Is Lora and Tara’s rigorous defense starting to show, are they guilty too?

  124. Mr. C, we don’t know who the jurors were but they all probably worked for the Governor and followed his marches. That is why Ms. Hubbel is so unhinged.

  125. Owen,

    It could be that those 12 jurors and the rest of us just live in a different reality from what the Bosworth groupies are in.

    Roger had it right. It’s like a Parrot repeating the same statements over and over.

    What’s next? Threats of slander and libel when the person throwing those threats think it just sounds good and doesn’t know what the legal requirements are? Tirade on a lack of last names used and threatens they will “out” them?

    They want our identities so they can stalk us? Been there done that already but I can always call law enforcement again and go thru the routine. The crazies and stalkers learn eventually by legal means when they are incarcerated, costs them money and/or end up with a felony.

  126. As someone who has worked most of her adult life in judicial settings, I hate to see clearly stated laws misrepresented. If Dr. Bosworth’s defense did not use the argument that there is no basis in law for considering that she committed perjury by violating an oath, it is because they read this portion of the law: “22-29-8. Oath defined–Irregular oath. The term, oath, as used in this chapter, includes any affirmation, and every other mode of attesting the truth of that which is stated, which is authorized by law. It is no defense that the oath was administered or taken in an irregular manner.”

    I was further disconcerted by allegations that the SDBMOE was weighted with lawyers, when the law is v ery precise about the makeup of the board: “36-4-2. Composition of board–Qualifications of members. The Board of Examiners shall include six doctors of medicine holding a degree of M.D., and one doctor of osteopathy holding the degree of D.O. The members of the board shall be licensed in the State of South Dakota, and shall be skilled and capable physicians in good standing.”

    I was also puzzled by the reference to laws or rules that prescribe the use of ultra sound in the relief of pain and treatment of injuries. What authorities would monitor such use and what rules are enforceable by fines and potential jailing?

  127. I really respect Mr. C’s idea about a petition squad. One with far reaching powers. No media should be involved but it could be headed by people like Messrs. C, H, and Fleming. Maybe put somebody like a judge on it too.

  128. Roger Cornelius


    About your comment regarding Daugaard giving marching orders to the jury to convict Bosworth, the wingnuts might just adopt that as a fact or another excuse for Bosworth.

  129. mike from iowa

    Witness and Affidavit Requirements
    A majority of the 24 initiative states require circulators to witness petition signatures and sign an oath or affidavit to that effect. The following 18 states have such requirements:
    North Dakota
    South Dakota

    From National Conference of States Legislatures

  130. tara volesky

    Hey Lora, I hope you announce early that you are going to run for Governor so we can take on the bullies that are out to destroy people that want to expose corruption in SD……..Hey, Roger, got a good job for you……….start checking out my petitions………that should keep you busy for the next few months. Your bully buddies Cory, Pat, Owen Lynn and the handful of other cyber bullies can help you…….GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! People will soon find out that we are on the side of the people, not the AG and the blog sites that are probably getting something out of this.

  131. Ms. Hubbel, I am sure that Mr. H makes a pretty nickel by blogging but I bet the content you contribute only helps to attract a certain element and that element doesn’t pay very much I’d think.

  132. Anne makes the legal point we need. Bosworth’s lawyers tried to say not just that oaths don’t matter but that oaths don’t exist. The jury disagreed.

    “I, under oath, state that I circulated the above petition, that each signer personally signed this petition in my presence, and that either the signer or I added the printed name, the residence address of the signer, the date of signing, and the county of voter registration.”

    No letter Bosworth’s exploited patients send to Judge Brown will change the existence and validity of that oath, as spelled out in SDAR 05:02:08:00.03.

    The only bullying here comes from Team Bosworth, which screams its lies and smears at those of us who point out the simple truth.