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Mostly Election Deniers Seeking Speakership

South Dakota’s lone and grouchy Congressman Dusty Johnson is not, alas, running for Speaker of the House. These nine dudes are:

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), tweet, 2023.10.22.
Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), tweet, 2023.10.22.

Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia and Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota are the only two of these nine candidates who voted to accept the results of the 2020 Presidential election. The other seven, like failed Speaker nominee Jim Jordan, all endorsed election denialism and the attempted Trump coup by voting to object to the election results reported from Arizona and Pennsylvania (with one exception: Pennsylvania’s Dan Meuser voted to object to his home state’s election results but said Arizona’s were o.k.).

Republicans have shown no signs of being able to coalesce around any of their members, election deniers or not. Perhaps it is time for Dusty and five other brave, problem-solving Republicans to put partisan bickering behind them and vote for Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries to lead the House back to simple functionality.


  1. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 07:25

    Michael Reagan penned an opinion piece that pretty much sums up the Earth haters and their commitment to blowing up the republic, not to mention the planet.

    As of this writing, everything is still up in the air — or going down the GOP toilet, whichever you prefer. It’s no wonder so many Republicans I talk to say they aren’t going to vote for Republicans next year. As for RINOs — those much-hated Republicans- in-name-only you hear about in the media all the time — I reminded the kids that RINOs helped elect Ronald Reagan twice: With the size of the GOP, you can’t afford to kick people out and still hope to win.

  2. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 07:34

    Donalds’ wife, Erika is a Moms for Liberty terrorist.

  3. jim 2023-10-23 07:37

    In my opinion, any Republican voting for Hakeem Jeffries would lose their seat. At the very least, they would face a very ugly MAGA response. And they aren’t that brave.

    So what can Democrats do? They have a choice between voting “present” when a more reasonable Republican gains the most votes… or voting directly for a Republican that they can live with.

  4. Loren 2023-10-23 08:50

    It is almost comedic to see Main Street Johnson try to imitate a tough guy, Opie Taylor imitating Mike Tyson. Just can’t quite pull it off, especially when you call yourself “Main Street” and vote for/promote a Gym Jordan. Control yourself there, Tiger. ;-)

  5. leslie 2023-10-23 08:58

    Why has the conservative house speakership been such a debacle over the last few decades?

    Answer: Fox News.

    So, finally—

    [M]edia reform activists (William Kristol et al.) petitioned the FCC to revoke Fox News’ local broadcast license in Philadelphia over its rampant election fraud propaganda, which is a clear violation of the “character clause” embedded in the Communications Act that the FCC uses to determine if a network should earn and maintain its broadcasting license.

    Today, the FCC announced that it is moving forward with its investigation by opening up an “evidentiary hearing” in which citizens and advocacy groups can comment publicly and provide evidence of FOX News’ election lies.

    “[T]he lies about the 2020 election that aired on Fox News, authorized at the highest levels of FOX’s corporate structure to retain FOX’s viewer base and reverse failing ratings, represent egregious misconduct that shocks the conscience and severely violates the FCC policy on licensee character qualifications.” ….

  6. John 2023-10-23 10:02

    Let us not forget that republicans in the US Senate are also very undemocratic. Turberville is holding up military nominations.
    Rand Paul, and sometimes, Ted Cruz, hold up ambassador nominations.
    Modern republicans are out to break government, not to govern.
    They ought all be drown in a bathtub for their actions, or their going-along-to-get-along.

  7. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-10-23 10:40

    The First American Revolutionary Period was 1763 to 1783, and a time frame to creating the United States of America, and placing our new “government” went as such:

    1763, the First Peace Treaty of Paris allowed several land divisions to change hands between Great Britain, France, and Spain.

    Between 1764 to 1774, the British and the Americans began discussions trying to find a balance approach to governing over the Northeastern Territory aka the 13 British Colonies…

    Beginning in 1775, it was learned that the two sides could not find a peaceful, or agreed upon means of governing the Territory…
    In 1776, the Northeast Territory (13 Colonies) agreed to sign resolutions, to agree to adopt a Formal Declaration to Become Sovereign People, with the ability to govern themselves, tax themselves, making themselves EQUAL to the “Monarch”…

    Then in 1777, they adopt the Articles of Confederation, thus Organizing the Northeastern Territory as the United States of America, thus putting in place their Temporary Government, of which each Colony would Choose a Delegate to a Continential Congress to set policy, that Congress would appoint Congressional President to serve 1 year each, and together, would adopt Ordinances, Codes, and Rules to Govern the Territory…

    Between 1778 to 1782 became the “Transition Period” from the Old British Government, to the newly created American Government, under what now has been determined to be a Temporary Govt. and during the year 1783, the two sides finally decided to call a peace, and Sign the Second Peace Treaty of Paris which would ultimately decide the terms agreed to.
    They would agree to the following terms:

    Pay Restitutions to All British Loyalists, Citizens for all Lands within the territory which would now by conveyed to the United States, they would agree to pay back British Loans to the Bank of London, and they would agree to Establish a Central Bank.
    In 1785, they adopt the Northwest Ordinance (amended in 1788), which was a plan to give to convey to the United States the Northwest Territory as well, of which would set planning and zoning codes which would lead to the creation of 5 New States in the future – Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana.

    It would then be the Period between 1786 to 1792 of which would become the period of which the Americans would establish their Permanent, and Fulltime Central Government of which they would create in their Image…
    By 1789, they Adopted the United States Constitution, which put in place that Government, of which the Old Congress transitioned into the New Congress, of which was done in 3 steps…

    The Continential Congress (1787-1788 and 1789-90) would proceed over this transition, as the following New Congress Came into Power:

    1st Class of Senators were Installed for the Term of 1791-92; along with the first class in the U.S House (each a two year term);

    2nd Class of Senators were Installed for the Term of 1793-94, along with the second class in the U.S House;

    3rd Class of Senators were Installed for the Term of 1795-96; along with the third class in the U.S House…

    The SENATORS could serve 6 years, so long as the State Legislators reaffirmed them, while the U.S HOUSE members had to run for re-electon every two years, allowing the People to change their minds..

    Remember the PEOPLE of the States elected their Legislators every two years, so the Legislators could then change the U.S Senator(s) every two years if they so choose as well..

    From 1789 to 1913 – over a period of 6 years, the Legislators and the People could replace their “representatives” every two years, meaning, under these rules, SOUTH DAKOTA could easily have chosen 9 new Congressman over a 6 year period…while choosing a NEW President every 4 years.

    Today, with No Speaker of the House – the Congressmen in the HOUSE are saying, “WE” expect to pass no new laws for a period of two years, or until a new President is chosen, meaning, this may be a fight between the Neocon-Republicans and Democrats vs the American First Republicans…

    What we could be seeing, is that “Transition” from the Corporate Deep State Government, back to the “REPUBLIC” that existed prior 1871.
    With NO SPEAKER, the HOUSE cannot pass any legislation, and with no SPEAKER, the Senate and House battle it out over what to do with the Finances, and how to manage the Federal Government in the mean time while the Trial of Donald Trump, and the Investigation of Joe Biden is being settled…

    This essentially brings all “Business of the Government” to a hault, until they work out their differences and the States decide their New President…

    Think About It – They Have Stalled the Congressional Term of 2023-24, which allows for a brief “recess” to take place until the next Congressional Term of 2025-26 may begin.

  8. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 10:49

    The last decent Republican was Dwight Eisenhower.

  9. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 10:53

    The Government Accountability Office documented more than 350 incidents of threats and assaults against federal land management employees during the Obama years but goaded by Donald Trump there have since been many more culminating in an attack on the US Capitol.

    While many agencies have improved under President Joe Biden the National Park Service took hits ranking 371st out of 432 sub-agencies in 2022. The BLM ranked 348th, the Bureau of Indian Affairs ranked 379th, the Forest Service ranked 406th and the Mountains and Plains region of the Environmental Protection Agency ranked 52nd but lost ground since 2021. The Fish and Wildlife Service sits at 204th also retreating as one of the best places to work in the federal government.

    The real deep state assassinated JFK, drafted the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, elected Nixon, sank Jimmy Carter, sold weapons to the Contras, elected the Bushes, dropped the World Trade Center into its footprint, packed the Supreme Court of the United States, controls the global heroin trade and owns Donald Trump.

    Dick Cheney still has Secret Service protection and is a living relic of the deep state.

  10. Richard Schriever 2023-10-23 12:36

    Zit – “planning and zoning codes” did not exist ANYWHERE in the US or its territories prior to 1904 (nowhere near to 1788). The rest of your screed- is chock full of equally inaccurate statements.

  11. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-10-23 12:59

    Interesting that Richard Schriever never debates, nor discusses any of my points, he simply bashes, and turns it into a negative. He knows I am correct, cause he never refutes any of what I say above. HE knows as much as I do, that the Northwest Ordinance was the PLANNING AND ZONING set of rules of which were adhered to between 1789 to 1909 to developing territories, all of which was intended for the creation of new States in the years ahead. IF, if Richard would have done his history search further, he would know that many aspects of the 1788 Northwest Ordinance found their way into the 1841 Preemption Act and the 1862 Homestead Acts which set a core, basis in rules as to how to develop homesteads, farm-steads, townships, and estates, all to which lasted long into the 1900’s.

    I have spoken on how the Northwestern Ordinance played huge role not only in the development of new states, but set the ground work to how to properly plan out a homestead, farm-stead, and estate, to how to organize those estates into territories, to which organized into Statehood, in the years thereafter. The ordinance itself set up how the territories would be formed, organized, governed, and platted.

    A historic look at the establishment of the City of Sioux Falls, confirms everything I just said to be true, as to how early Americans came from the east, from other states, to form new colonies of people, to which developed town sites, estates, and eventually the States of South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana.

    Richard Shriever is correct, the first actual Planning and Zoning Ordinances, at least in the sense of Sioux Falls is concerned were adopted by ourselves as early as the 1920’s, leading to the redevelopment, replanning, and zoning in the years leading into Urban Development of the 1930’s, 1940’s, and thereafter. But the crux of these rules and codes all derived from the PEOPLE who first came to the area itself.

    Nothing I previously stated in the previous post, was wrong, nor inaccurate, I provided a timeline of how America transitioned from the OLD government, to creating their own central government over a period of years between 1763 to 1791.

    I predict, and I will stand behind my own words, that we are in the midst of a Second Revolutionary Period, which I claim began in 2007, and will most likely last until the year 2040 when we put back in place a new government, but most importantly, the government ‘we’ had prior to 1871.

    We do NOT know how all this will play out, none of us do, and it would be lieing to each other to claim we absolutely know how it will end.
    However, it is amazing to me, that the same process that took place between 1763-1791, is also seemingly taking place today,,,,,

  12. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 13:05

    Republicans facing their own circular firing squad makes me want to go buy the Zittiots more bullets.

  13. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 13:06

    I’m praying for your rapture, Zitterich.

  14. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 13:12

    Today, instead of muskets the Zittiots in Congress can fire AR-15s at each other for maximum killing efficiency.

  15. jerry 2023-10-23 13:43

    None of these guys want to govern, they just want the office furniture.

  16. O 2023-10-23 13:51

    What is the difference between the House of Representatives and a kindergarten classroom?
    Adult supervision!

  17. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 13:57

    I can’t speak for Mr. Schriever but $20 says most readers here believe Mike Zitterich’s conclusions from American history are not only foolish but inconsequential except for their lugubriousness.

  18. P. Aitch 2023-10-23 14:05

    Mike Zitterich: Without reference to where you get your information you have no validity. Most who espouse your viewpoints get information from invalid sources. Do you? Let’s see your sources because it seems you’re just “cutting and pasting” from somewhere.

  19. jerry 2023-10-23 14:11

    Mr. Kurtz, “lugubriousness” is a $20.00 word. I think you are more than correct in your insight on this poor sad soul.

  20. Dicta 2023-10-23 14:39

    1. Ellipses use periods, not commas.
    2. People who use ellipses at the end of sentences are pretentious douchecanoes.
    3. Mike, your posts are lengthening and capitalization becoming more random. Talk to someone, preferably a professional.

  21. jerry 2023-10-23 14:49

    Guess there are no farmers and ranchers left in South Dakota as their Farm Bill crumbles and fails thanks to republicans. I guess they are happy because they don’t seem to be gathering in fron of Squishy Johnson’s offices to complain. Wonder whatever became of them? Yep, we don’t need government until we need government.

  22. ska sunka 2023-10-23 14:54

    Another slow day in the used car biz.

  23. Blüfro Gináre Dpõt 2023-10-23 14:55

    More partisan b.s. from the prince of condescension, Dusty Johnson, who probably fancies himself as the “great negotiator” or the “amazing bi-partisan uniter” (if he could just get those eight Republicans to obey him).

    Dusty has blamed those eight (“It’s never enough with these guys!”) Republicans and all the House Democrats, and to top it off, even the voters, for the failings of the GQP controlled (?) House!

    As much as small Johnson likes to lecture everybody about “bipartisanship” he has proven he prefers a fascist to lead the house by voting for that insurrectionist instead of voting for a sane voice from across the aisle (e.g. Jeffries).

  24. John 2023-10-23 15:34

    In a wasteful attempt to revisit a serial whining, nincompoop in these comments, above – the current US Fourth Turning is essentially the US’s fifth, or perhaps fourth civil war. Fourth Turnings emerge about every 88 years, or the length of one long human life. Fourth Turnings emerge similar to, and are essential as fires and floods to wash away the old, dying, and dead structures in order to create fertile life for the new ones.
    The Glorious Revolution of 1688, while largely an English and Dutch affair, spilled into the colonies as battles between religious extremist Catholics vs Protestants. (Remember that once upon a happy place, New Netherlands, New Amsterdam?) The American Revolution was a civil war. More Americans died, by far, than did British. Fortunately, the patriots prevailed and most of the Tory authoritarians left, or changed their tunes. The US Civil War was obviously a civil war. The failure of the North to not expel Confederates, or alternatively, to not kill enough white southern / confederate men was directly responsible for nearly a century of Jim Crow. The US authoritarians rose again via the business class in trying to overthrow “socialist” “communist” FDR. If not for the timely distractions of the Axis Powers, which served to unite the split republic – the US was a another path leading to civil war via the haves vs have nots. The end of WWII leveled wages and education in the US. Yet again, though the business class and had soon depressed wages, inflated their taking, and, again, gave the US its largest gap between rich and poor. Supported by a couple populist demagogues and their compliant propaganda, the US is on the throes of its 5th Fourth Turning, a political civil war.
    If, if the US is “lucky” a gullible foreign power will goad the US into a foreign war which would serve to unite the masses. In the absence of an external unifying power or event, then the long tide of history shows the US will work to tear itself apart. This is in part evidenced by how the republican party is tearing itself apart. The only Speaker of the House the republicans hadn’t fired in 30 years was Douglas Hassert (who’s serving his own prison time). History’s long toll shows that democracies destroy themselves from within. The modern republicans provide living models for how to destroy a democracy. Democracy destruction requires a few demagogues, compliant media resplendent with propaganda and lies, and hoards of get-alongs-to-go-alongs from both sides of the fence.
    Romney’s discussion this morning is insightful.
    Arnold’s 12 minute warning from this spring, is bone chilling.

    Yet the republicans, their sycophants, and the “can’t be bothereds” will ignore history for creating their own rhythms of it.

  25. Mike Zitterich 2023-10-23 15:45

    It is not my job provide you proof that my narrative is wrong. It is your claim that my narrative and timeline is not correct. In a court of law, you claims against me have to be presented with facts and evidence. So you can prove my time line incorrect. I gained my knowlede of the facts, and the time based on countless years of research, and study, and reading. I owe you nothing but a respective dialogue in return. I provided the facts, the narratiuve, and the timeline, go out and prove me wrong. I bet you cannot. cause history seemingly is agreeing with my time line.

  26. Mike Zitterich 2023-10-23 15:57

    Ask yourself, whiy does Congress align their seats based on Democrat or Republicans, thus creating this left vs right drama fest…

    In the Senate, the alignment should be divided along bi-partisan, with the 1st Class on the right, the 2nd class in the middle, and the 3rd class onthe right side. This presents the Senate in sections of 1/3rd as they were appointed or elected by the States.

    The U.S House should be aligned in the same alignment, the Senior Class, the Junior Class, and the Freshman Class.

    but no, we are divided on party lines….

  27. bearcreekbat 2023-10-23 16:08

    As an off topic aside for what it is worth, Dicta, technical writers often are taught to use ellipses in quoted material to tell the reader there is more there that has been omitted from the quote. This way the curious reader can look to see if the writer has omitted some important detail that adds to, or detracts from, the point made by the language quoted. Three dots indicates there is unquoted written material in the document in between whatever parts are quoted. Four dots means there is unquoted written material in the document after a quote until the very end of the document. This is how I use ellipses and I am trying to communicate accurately rather than impress anyone by providing this information. I can’t speak to the motives of others that use this writing convention – you may well judge them (and me of course) to be a “douche canoe” if that squirts your pickle.

  28. P. Aitch 2023-10-23 16:38

    Mr. Zitterich: Providing sources on a political blog ensures transparency, credibility, accountability, and promotes knowledge sharing and informed discussions. In short, your credibility depends on providing credible sources for your assertions. It’s how political blogs work, friend.

  29. P. Aitch 2023-10-23 16:49

    An ellipsis (not to be confused with an ellipse, which is a geometric shape) is typically used at the end of a sentence to indicate that there is more to be said or that something is missing. Here are some common situations where an ellipsis is used at the end of a sentence:

    1. To indicate a trailing off or unfinished thought: “I think we should meet tomorrow… unless something comes up.”
    2. To create suspense or anticipation: “He opened the door and saw… nothing.”
    3. To represent an omission of words from a quotation: “The famous quote reads, ‘I came… I saw… I conquered.'”

    It’s important to use ellipses sparingly and with discretion, as excessive use can make your writing unclear or give the impression of rambling.

  30. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 16:58

    Mr. Zitterich’s repeated attempts to reinvent American politics explains exactly why the Trump wing of the Republican Party isn’t taken seriously by conservatives like Michael Reagan quoted in the first comment on this thread.

  31. grudznick 2023-10-23 17:00

    Mr. Zitterich…ramble? No!

  32. P. Aitch 2023-10-23 17:04

    Mike Z – Assertions in a court of law need to be proven to be considered as valid evidence. In legal proceedings, the burden of proof lies with the party making the assertion. The level of proof required will vary depending on the type of case and the jurisdiction, but generally, it must be proven by a preponderance of the evidence in civil cases and beyond a reasonable doubt in criminal cases.
    AI Generated
    Prompter = P. AItch

  33. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-10-23 17:27

    Look at all of you trying to prove me wrong, but do nothing but prove me right. YOU have no answer to what I said above, and you have no sense of American History at all. ALL you guys want to do is intimidate and slander people who disagree with you. YOU know nothing of our history.

  34. jerry 2023-10-23 17:35

    Poor mikey z, bless his heart, he needs his meds…badly.

  35. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 17:35

    Mr. Zitterich has already proven himself wrong and we’re just helping him to understand that.

  36. P. Aitch 2023-10-23 17:35

    Mike z. – It’s not possible to prove a negative thus it’s impossible to prove your assertions wrong. It’s your obligation to prove what you say is true.
    It’s common knowledge that if you say something it’s not true unless you can prove it.
    Is this why you changed schools every two years or so for your entire elementary, middle, and high school tenure? You should know you need to prove what you say or people will call you a liar and they won’t be far off.

  37. P. Aitch 2023-10-23 17:40

    Mr. Zitterich: The burden of proof falls on the party making a positive claim. It means that in the absence of sufficient evidence or reasoning supporting a positive claim, the negative stance may be considered the default position.

  38. P. Aitch 2023-10-23 17:41

    Mr. Zitterich: The burden of proof falls on the party making the claim. It means that in the absence of sufficient evidence or reasoning supporting a positive claim, the negative stance is considered the default position.

  39. jkl 2023-10-23 17:48

    A lot of anti M. Zitterich

  40. P. Aitch 2023-10-23 17:48

    Mr. Zitterich: I claim this is a false assertion. Prove it to be correct. – “We are in the midst of a Second Revolutionary Period, which I claim began in 2007, and will most likely last until the year 2040 when we put back in place a new government, but most importantly, the government ‘we’ had prior to 1871.”

  41. P. Aitch 2023-10-23 17:49

    Mikey Z – LWIY (last word is yours)

  42. e platypus onion 2023-10-23 17:59

    If you had something before, how can it be new?

  43. Arlo Blundt 2023-10-23 18:40

    Mr. Z–I, or any of the other correspondents, cannot prove to you, that your assertions are “wrong” or ‘right” for that matter, because your assertions are the rantings of a person whose thinking is basically disturbed. Please, leave us alone!! Your positions are ridiculous.

  44. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 19:21

    Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz all fled the House because they knew Trump would poison the republic.

  45. e platypus onion 2023-10-23 19:27

    Chafedbuttz is making noise like he wants a return to gubmint trough.

  46. grudznick 2023-10-23 19:59

    Mr. Zitterich, grudznick agrees with you.
    You are damned by association with a like-minded fellow like me.
    I just prefer tighter bloggings for you to make your point. Tighten up your bloggings, Mr. Zitterich.

  47. larry kurtz 2023-10-23 20:32

    Mr. Zitterich doesn’t like Jews, grud.

  48. P. Aitch 2023-10-23 20:38

    Mr. Zitterich’s demeanor is just fine. Not nearly as contrary as Troy Jones when he was still using his real name here.

  49. grudznick 2023-10-23 20:56

    Shabbat, Lar.

  50. Mike Zitterich 2023-10-23 21:32

    It is one thing to talk crap to me, or about me, it is another to actually have a conversation. Half of you claim I am wrong, others call me insane, and another calls me a jew hater which is not true. However, I am still waiting for someone to disprove my timeline wrong, or my facts wrong. YOU are all making excuses as to why you will not. tells me you have no knowledge of our history.

  51. grudznick 2023-10-23 21:42

    Mr. Zitterich, grudznick just wants to egg you on more, for my own entertainment as you make all the out-of-state name-callers foam at the mouth.
    Plus, I do like the movie-video about Zitteriches on fire at a race track

  52. P. Aitch 2023-10-24 05:03

    Truthfully, Mr. Zitterich liberals are quite discerning about what we absorb as truth. We’re trying here to increase your audience, your awareness, and your understanding of history as it pertains to your credibility.
    Proving you wrong isn’t necessarily on our menu.
    You friend aren’t teaching material. You desire to be but like comedy teaching is better left to those with formal training of which many are present here on any given day.
    If you believe you’re aware who benefits from removing your shovel?
    As French say, “Allez.”

  53. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2023-10-24 07:27

    Ignore all of Mike Z’s wild historicizing and focus on his point: he is endorsing the Gaetz/MTG chaos of shutting down the government. If they can’t do it by stopping stopgap spending, they’ll do it with the procedural chaos of vacating the Speaker’s chair and leaving it empty.

    Mike Z is engaged in fantasy. We cannot leave the federal government idle for 15 months. State legislatures can’t promote generals and admirals and fill key vacancies in the military. States cannot provide the emergency funding necessary to turn back Putin’s tyranny and Hamas/Iran’s terrorism. Mike Z is advocating that the United States abandon the global stage, which will lead to global chaos.

    Elect a bipartisan speaker. Get the House back to doing the work of the people.

  54. P. Aitch 2023-10-24 08:09

    But they can and just might. We’ll be fine because we always are. They’ll suffer. We’ll endure. *(response to Cory’s assertion: “We cannot leave the federal government idle for 15 months.”

  55. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-10-24 09:06

    Contrary to what you Democrats believe, we are not a Democracy. Democracies tend to fall in themselves, a victim of themselves.

    We are a Republic of Free States, free people of whom manage the Country as Independent, Sovereign, and Free States, of whom have the ability to appoint two Senators to represent the States in a U.S Senate, and where the the People have the right to elect 1 Representative as per a minimum of 30,000 U.S Citizens of the Republic, to hold chairs in the U.S House of Representatives.

    In the U.S HOUSE, the people have the ability to nominate and choose whomever they so wish to “Lead…” their Agenda on National Topics, by voting for, and electing a House Speaker, of whom they wish to promote their ideals, setting order of events, and to speak for them..

    In a Republic, the People collectively rule over the government based on individualism, and as a collective group of people, by means of working through their Representatives, whereas the “State Legislators..:” get to protect the interests of the Free States by upholding and enduring that mob rule mentality within the U.S House, as it relates to the Constitutional provisions to upholding the State Constitutions.

    Because the overall Sovereignty always rests, and is held by and of the States, of whom are controlled by the People themselves based in fact, and evidence of those who own a Monotized, Stake in the State aka the Landowners, Property Holders, and Estate Holders.

    You see, when the the People from within the States organize as one, they control the “states”, and when the States then organize into factions, into coalitions, they begin to Safeguard Liberties, the Rights of the People by ultimately controlling the Federal Government itself.

    This is how a Republic works, States like New York and California cannot dictate themselves over States like South Dakota and North Dakota. Each “State” is equal to each other, whereas the People are equal to each other in terms of acting through their Apportionments.

    The Democrats and their brothers, the Neocon Republicans wish to enlarge the Federal Government, giving to it more power over the States, whereas the America First Republicans wish to Restore the Original Intent of the Constitution in allowing the States to hold power over the Federal Government, to ensure that the checks and balance approach remains our strongest suit in preserving liberty.

    Since 2007, the America First Representatives elected by the people, into the U.S House have gained enough control and power of that chamber, to enforce, and demand to the others, to restrict, and hold accountable the Federal Government itself. And by doing so, they are enforcing the checks on that power, which will forever now be held by the people themselves, by restricting the power of the federal govt.

    You owe your liberty today, to the Tea Party Movement that rose up against an out of control Congress which bailed out the Bankers in 2008, a Congress that under Obama moved to adopt the Affordable Care Act that allowed the government to over tax the people, and that movement led to the Patriot Movement once the tea party candidates gained enough power in the U.S House, allowing them to adopt America First Policies, of limiting the Federal Government, cut spending, and returning America back to an America First Country.

    The first term of President Trump was clearly a TRUMPET, a call out to the rest of the world, announcing to global leaders, that America was finally changing from within, and calling to remove itself from the Global Spectrum. Focusing more n the People of America, than abroad.

    Remember Democrats – that anytime the “Government” no longer works for the people, or to defend the peoples wishes, “WE” can bring down that government, and replace it with a new government, and that right was upheld in the Constitution itself. Where the Democrats have seemingly chose to push us ever closer to a Communistic one, the America First Movement is choosing to fight and defend to maintain our power hold on the govenrment, by keeping it within its restricted restraints held under Article 1, Section 8.

    The America First Americans have utilized the Precinct Strategy to effectively take back some controls within America, by focusing more on producing more America First Initiatives, Resolutions, and Candidates all across the Country, and this is what is playing out in the U.S House.

  56. O 2023-10-25 08:02

    After yesterday’s rise and fall of Tom Emmer, although he can get the majority of his party’s support, his election certification vote was the reason he could not unify the House GOP to support him for speaker. Election denying is now clearly a litmus test for GOP leadership.

  57. larry kurtz 2023-10-25 09:06

    The Earth haters are simply unserious about governing now that their savior is destined to be in court or in prison for the rest of his life so they can rot from the head first.

  58. O 2023-10-26 17:12

    it is now settled: certification of the fair 2020 election is out of the realm for GOP leadership (hence the fall of Emmer); decertification of the 2020 election is the only true litmus test for leadership (hence the rise of Johnson). It truly is as simple as that: not all election deniers will ascent to GOP leadership, but ONLY an election denier can ascend.

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