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Cool Cash: Democrat Outspending Election Denier in Secretary of State Campaign, Relying Heavily on His Own Cash

We all know Kristi Noem has outraised Jamie Smith with millions of dollars from her mostly out-of-state donors pushing her 2024 bid for the presidency. But how are the down-ticket candidates doing in financing their campaigns?

In the Secretary of State race, Democrat Tom Cool has outraised and outspent Trumpist election denier Monae Johnson. However, Cool has put $50,000 of his own cash into the campaign to save free and fair elections in South Dakota. Johnson has raised more cash from more donors willing to support her deceit and destruction of democracy.

Cool Johnson
on hand $ 403.77
unitemized $ 5,927.09 $ 6,326.21
itemized indiv $ 7,390.47 $ 38,822.93
entity $ 3,000.00 $ 850.00
party $ 950.00 $ 9,383.35
PAC $ 2,200.00 $ 5,600.00
candidate cmte $ 300.00
self $ 50,000.00
total in $ 69,467.56 $ 61,282.49
total out $ 67,496.43 $ 54,832.26
balance $ 1,971.13 $ 6,854.00
supplementals since Oct 24 $ 4,000.00
SD $ 61,350.00 $ 57,860.32
non-SD $ 2,190.47 $ 1,096.06
%SD 97% 98%

Worth noting: Johnson had to submit an amended pre-general report, because she made mistakes on her original submission, including reporting three business that donated to her campaign as individual donors rather than as “entities”. The Secretary of State is in charge of campaign finance; the Secretary of State should know that distinction. Johnson apparently did not.


  1. leslie 2022-11-07 07:14

    Candidate Johnson said: “in South Dakota, President Trump won the election.”

    She continues one of the big Trump/GOP lies is that Trump beat Biden in 2020. The other is that interference or “Russian collusion” allowing Trump to beat Clinton, was a “hoax” and a “witch hunt” (Trumps words).

    But we here are very familiar with the extensive trolling of disinformation Republican posters brought to this blog to try and beat Biden.

    James Clapper, the former director of National Intelligence, said, on: … how this foreign meddling had affected American voters. Speaking for himself … “it stretches credulity to think the Russians didn’t turn the [2016] election.”

    After all the extraordinary expense and distraction the Republicans have thrown up to obfuscate their political/campaign lies for the last 5 years, especially so since their naked attempt at a violent coup on January 6, 2021, it is left to the voter’s to decide whether to extend the Democratic Parties slim majority to continue to right the sinking ship of democracy Republicans have savaged.

    Republican candidates do not deserve the honor of your vote.

  2. leslie 2022-11-07 07:19

    beat Biden, and previously, Clinton.


  3. Jake 2022-11-07 08:51

    Personally, I’ve probably (no, for sure) gone way too long without a good shower/bath and carried the aroma around to discomfort others. But not even the time I got sprayed dead on by a skunk was as bad as the aroma that the Republican GOP party has been carrying and sustaining since trump became their standard bearer. The real dismay for me has been that they have accepted him without openly confronting and “cancelling’ him for so long.

    This election tomorrow may just be the “badly needed bath” the GOP needs to wake them up.

  4. John 2022-11-07 12:29

    The Russians finally admitted the obvious, they interfered in the US election and will continue interfering in US elections.

    The Russian’s admission taints Moscow-visiting Thune, Rounds, Johnson, Noem – all election denying politicians, and most republicans. The few republicans not tainted by the Russian interference in US elections includes Romney, Cheney, and Kinzinger.

    I loathe straight line voting; but now there is no reasonable choice to not vote straight line. We must throw the bums out.

  5. leslie 2022-11-07 13:22

    Ha! In all my wanderings, day and night, i’ve yet to get that spray!! Even big money won’t wash it away too quickly!

    …and Yes! Thanks, John. I just saw the link above.

    It is frustrating we can’t convict the billionaires, too! YET!!!

    NOT GUILITY does not necessarily mean innocent.

    The American justice system, like our constitutional norms etc, are showing their age and fragility! If voters turn out today, this big ship will come around and we ALL will be the better for it.

    Republicans, billionaires and their enablers, in Russian leadership, Saudi Arabia and North Korea will prove less capable of undermining a dynamic and strong democratic way of life on this planet!

    We have a LONG way to go toward cultural acceptance, justice and liberty for all. The deep sadness brought from of our society’s social welfare neglect was on full display on a cold 4:30 AM morning in Denver’s International Airport and Union Center this weekend. Every politician should spend a few hours observing there and then, the mass insanity that poverty, disability and despair bring to our entire system, including law enforcement.

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