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Republicans Catching Up: Vast Majority of Americans Wearing Masks to Fight Coronavirus

In an encouraging sign that Kristi Noem’s irresponsible anti-science baloney is not getting traction among regular America. The Pew Research Center reports that from June to August, the percentage of Americans who say they cover their faces in stores and other businesses most or all of the time has risen from 65% to 85%. Even Kristi’s national Republican fan base is getting the message:

The partisan divide has narrowed during this period, and solid majorities in both party coalitions now report regularly wearing masks. In the new survey, 92% of Democrats and those who lean toward the Democratic Party say they usually wear masks in stores and other businesses, as do 76% of Republicans and GOP leaners. In June, 76% of Democrats said they had usually worn masks in stores and other businesses over the past month, compared with a little over half of Republicans and GOP leaners (53%). The partisan gap is now 16 percentage points, down from 23 points this spring [Stephanie Kramer, “More Americans Say They Are Regularly Wearing Masks in Stores and Other Businesses,” Pew Research Center, 2020.08.27].

Republicans are the only group identified in Pew’s survey among which regular mask-wearing doesn’t reach 80%:

Pew Research Center, "Mask Use Increased in Summer Months," 2020.08.27.
Pew Research Center, “Mask Use Increased in Summer Months,” 2020.08.27.

See? Republicans aren’t hopeless. They’re just a little slow.

Related Ratings: The prevalence of mask-wearing in America may reflect Americans’ relatively stable confidence in scientists… a confidence that far exceeds their confidence in elected officials like Kristi Noem:

Pew Resaerch Center, "Americans’ trust in medical scientists, scientists, military relatively high; fewer trust journalists, business leaders, elected officials," 2020.08.26.
Pew Resaerch Center, “Americans’ trust in medical scientists, scientists, military relatively high; fewer trust journalists, business leaders, elected officials,” 2020.08.26.


  1. Jake 2020-08-28 09:46

    Oh where was Clint Eastwood last night to mutter “Get off my lawn” to the 1000 or so people slobbering over Trump on our South Lawn of the White House! No masks, no distancing, sweating like pigs feeding from the trough of Trump’s B.S.! To hold a campaign rally at the White House is the blatant disregard of the Hatch Act – not to mention common decency. I could care less if the Trump campaign ‘pays back’ all costs,,, what price do I put on this episode? His defeat.

  2. Jake 2020-08-28 10:18

    Trump’s America is really shown at the closing of the GOP convention last night-everything he is warning the country about happening if Biden is elected is already happening under HIS presidency.
    Such only appeals to those who are afraid of “What will people think if I wear a mask?” They might be sitting next to someone coughing spittle and still not wear a mask because of “What will they think?” Such people are like rats following the Pied Piper.

  3. james 2020-08-28 12:42

    Kristi’s claim to fame has been that she ignored the experts and still South Dakota’s cases were under control. She encouraged large gatherings without masks and our state remained just fine. Even she had to know that this wouldn’t work.

    She must have had short-term goals like getting on Fox News and speaking at the Republican Convention.

    But how long can this go on?

  4. leslie 2020-08-28 12:46

    I think its the “John Wayne-Charlton Heston cold dead fingers myth” Clint Eastwood portrays that requires AR15s without the mask.

    Liberal Arts College education really does help :)

  5. cibvet 2020-08-28 12:53

    Evidently west river has not gotten the message. Most only wear masks where required.

  6. james 2020-08-28 12:57

    I believe that the Black Hills area has seen a doubling in their cases over the last two days.

  7. o 2020-08-28 19:51

    Is this pointing to a belief that white privilege extends to Covid immunity?

  8. John 2020-08-28 20:41

    Thank you, Kristi!
    What a gift. Surge of COVID in the Black Hills. Monument Health prepares for surge after 60 providers test positive in August. Anecdotally heard from an acquaintance with an elderly parent diagnosed COVID positive and having acute symptoms to ‘take a med’ and go home since the Rapid City hospital had no beds available. Meanwhile the snow queen has a rodeo parade. What a waste. Hundreds of SD college students flocked to school, parties, etc., now have COVID. Who could have predicted this . . . does SD have any public health officials in the universities?! Or university presidents or regents with a brain?!

    Iowa has highest rate in the nation. Yeah! Another lassie faire do-nothing republican governor.

    What will it take for folks to stop electing these POS. Oh, just kill off the old people with, like a pandemic.

    Mask up. Social distance. Wash your hands. Do not go out.
    Meanwhile (not-so) kool (unmasked) Deadwood nights go on. As will the unmasked Deadwood Jam, etc.

  9. T 2020-08-28 21:12

    In ND NW area, around reservation. On reservation no road checks but public places as in gas stations close public restrooms, at least to us white out of towners. Many ND are wearing masks even in rural areas. Now the kicker, bless these small town businesses and their way of thinking….no hostility, no arguing, no right infringement, just good ole fashion discounts to those that wear a mask in their stores, business and eating places. The eating places are situated 6-8 feet apart, and the help wears masks to protect themselves.
    No tantrums just a lot of volunteer mask wearing. Billboards around say buckle up and/or mask up.

  10. grudznick 2020-08-28 21:55

    This morning when I popped my mask up on my brow to eat my gravy taters, a fellow picking up a to-go box scowled at me. Let grudznick assure you he will not scowl like that again, and I finished my taters unfettered by disapproving libbies. Then grudznick pulled his stylish mask down, and with my breakfasting companions we went out to the sidewalks of Rapid City and enjoyed the beautiful day. Do not let the covid bugs gnaw at your mind, my libbie friends. Live whatever sort of sad life you have, and strive to be happier.

  11. jerry 2020-08-29 08:18

    Getting the trump virus again in the US now..The gift that keeps on giving and taking, stronger the 2nd go around.

    “Earlier this week, the world was dealing head-on with what was believed to be the world’s first documented case of coronavirus reinfection in Hong Kong.

    Now, less than a week later, researchers in the United States are reporting their first documented case of a patient who got COVID, recovered and then got it again.”

    When you have no respect for an enemy, that enemy will kill you.

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