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Most Americans Reject Suggestion of Delaying November Election

Reuters/Ipsos polling finds that two thirds of Americans reject Donald Trump’s impeachably unconstitutional and illegal suggestion that we delay the 2020 general election:

Most Americans also rejected the suggestion. The poll showed 66% of registered voters oppose postponing the November vote, including 8 out of 10 Democrats and 5 in 10 Republicans.

Another 23% of registered voters – mostly Republicans – supported an election delay and 11% said they were not sure [Chris Kahn, “Majority of Registered Voters Oppose U.S. Election Delay: Reuters/Ipsos Poll,” Reuters via KELO Radio, 2020.08.05].

Only two thirds? Come on, one third: read your Constitution!

A smaller majority also recognize the occupant of the White House is proposing such criminal erosion of democracy to benefit himself:

…Asked why they thought Trump wanted to postpone the election, 54% of registered voters suggested they thought Trump was trying to help himself get re-elected. Some 42% said Trump “thinks he will have a better chance of winning if the election is postponed” and 12% said the president “wants to distract the country from the pandemic and the economy.”

Another 21% said they thought Trump was concerned about voter fraud, and 10% said Trump “wants to protect Americans from the spread of coronavirus at polling locations” [Kahn, 2020.08.05].

The last 10% are, of course, delusional: Donald Trump has encouraged far larger gatherings of Americans at his rallies and in school rooms; he’s not at all concerned about the spread of coronavirus at polling places… and if he were, he’d propose the far more constitutional and sensible solution of offering more alternatives to in-person voting, hiring more workers and increasing funding to the United States Postal Service to ensure secure and speedy delivery of absentee ballots, and opening more polling places to shorten lines and spread out voters who choose to vote in person on November 3.

Early voting in South Dakota begins September 18. Contact your auditor, get your ballot, and vote early!


  1. Eve Fisher 2020-08-05 09:22

    Meanwhile, Himself has just urged all Floridians to vote by mail, because everything’s hunky-dory there. But not Nevada. They can’t handle it.

  2. Donald Pay 2020-08-05 10:23

    We should move the election up. The sooner Trump goes the better for all of us.

  3. leslie 2020-08-06 10:14

    Trump’s new Postmaster General is implementing cuts and practices to prevent timely US Mail of national mail-in ballots.

    But think the GOP doesn’t have OTHER avenues of election subterfuge?

    “Roberts and the [Supreme] court must be made into an election-year issue this year.***[O]ne reliable campaign message has inevitably cropped up every presidential election in the past five decades: that the [Supreme] court teeters on the brink of liberal control. That’s why the conservative legal movement invents a new villain or turncoat at the Supreme Court seemingly every election cycle.***Joan Biskupic reported on details about the case conferences and dispositions of various opinions at the end of this recent term. It’s evident that at least one justice talked to Biskupic, who had three sources. Nobody on the outside knows who leaked or why, but the leaks (and the messaging around them) make it clear that repurposing arguments about John Roberts as a faithless conservative is central to the election project.***

    [But] he also managed to steer the court through partisan divisions this year in ways that both kept the court out of the news this summer and took serious conversations about court packing off the table before the 2020 election.***[T]he same conservative frustration with this term’s rulings is almost certainly what precipitated these leaks in the first place. And after the chief justice turned away a church’s request to block a Nevada COVID-related occupancy limit, Georgetown law professor Randy Barnett lamented it as proof of “what we’ve known since at least 2012: 5 is not enough.”

    The playbook hasn’t changed for decades. Fake a Supreme Court on the brink of being lost forever, gin up the dark money ads, and the evangelical vote is a lock. It’s a win-win tactic because you can stir up heaps of money and voters when you face the loss of a potential seat, and you can stir up money and voters when you fill a contested seat. You can even stir up money and voters after you’ve prevented a seat from being filled.

    Liberals seem…willing to embrace the moderate representatives on the court that they have had for years, while Republicans refuse to accept that they’ve already won.

  4. leslie 2020-08-06 11:57

    Zach Carter
    Important piece from
    Trump’s new Postmaster General is trying to nearly triple the postage rate on election ballots that states mail to voters. It’s a naked attempt to restrict voting by mail.

  5. Debbo 2020-08-06 21:58

    Eve, Florida is fine now because Election Fraudster has been told that a GOP must win Florida to win the office and the state has a GOP governor who has it rigged for him. Thus suddenly Florida is safe for vote by mail, but Democratic led states are not.

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