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Democratic Field Boils Down to the Best Three

Senator Amy Klobuchar ended her Presidential campaign this afternoon; she and Sunday bailer Pete Buttigieg plan to endorse Joe Biden. South Carolina Democrats wisely rejected billionaire Tom Steyer’s ploy to buy the nomination; if that example doesn’t fry billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s ill-advised campaign, his palsy-walsiness with the opioid-peddling Sackler family should. Senator Elizabeth Warren just got Emily’s List’s endorsement, but barring a shift the polls don’t see coming, the Democratic nomination is now likely a contest between Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders.

But I won’t let Warren go just yet, because she is part of a triad of truly remarkable candidates, each worthy of the White House. Senator Warren offers the best policy chops in the field. She really does have a plan for that—Indians, health care, you name it. Elizabeth Warren would make a spectacular Teacher-in-Chief at a time when America desperately needs a President who can explain things and make the nation smarter, not dumber as the current occupant of White House does with his ever utterance.

Biden offers the most experience for the job. He worked in the White House for eight years, which is eight years longer than the current occupant of the White House, who hasn’t done one darn day of work since taking the oath. He has done foreign policy. He knows world leaders. Biden knows how to bring America back to the world stage as a respected, reliable ally.

And then there’s Bernie. A hundred years after working man Eugene V. Debs last ran for President (from prison!), an honest socialist has for the second election in a row an even shot at winning the Democratic Presidential nomination. Senator Bernie Sanders appeals to my unshakable love of the underdog and the unlikely. Senator Sanders offers a genuine challenge to the establishment—not the fake populism who tricked a few extra voters in just the right states in 2016 into thinking that a Manhattan billionaire would drain the swamp and fight for anyone other than himself and rich favor-doers, but a real political agenda, attested by a career of speaking up for workers’ rights and economic justice and big ideas that big business does not want you to think are polite conversation. A President Sanders would lead America in conversations about how to invest our common wealth that no Republican since Teddy Roosevelt has dared and that many Democrats (Biden… Clinton… Obama?) will say are too radical for Americans to handle. After four years of listening to a clueless blowhard shout at us under the noise of his helicopter, would could use a good conversation, a real conversation, about real principles and policies.

I don’t care one whit for trying to divine which of our last, best three Democratic candidates will perform better in a head-to-head contest with Donald Trump. Forget handicapping the interview process; Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders would all do the actual job better than at least five out of six of the last Republican Presidents (think about: Trump, Bush, Bush, Reagan, Ford, Nixon—that’s the best you Republicans have to offer?). We don’t have to sweat our primary choice; we can have vigorous debates (maybe even at the Corn Palace, and maybe even with Elizabeth Warren hanging on!), we can cast our votes in the 46 remaining Democratic state contests, and we can let the nomination process play out, knowing that at the end of the convention, we will have a well-qualified candidate who will beat Donald Trump and make America proud again.


  1. Debbo 2020-03-02

    I agree with your closing Cory, and most everything you said in between.

    I’ve said that I think Sen. Warren would make the best president, but I don’t think she’s got a chance now. I don’t trust Bloomberg in the job. That leaves Biden and Sanders. Neither one thrills me, but either would be a decent president and get my vote and support.

    VP? Kamala Harris or Stacy Abrams.

  2. Debbo 2020-03-02

    Chris Matthews quit MSNBC before getting booted. Either way, glad he’s gone. I haven’t watched that channel for a long time, but saw Mathews on various political stuff and he’s incredibly annoying, loud and obnoxious. Evidently he’s also a grabby, misogynist SOB.

  3. Richard Schriever 2020-03-02

    Happy to see Matthews hang it up. Cynical with a strong compliment of old school “moderate” accommodator. Hadn’t come to grips with the reality that today’s Repubs don’t possess any qualities that deserve to be accommodated.

  4. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-03-03

    If Warren has no path to the Presidency this year, Biden or Sanders should per next in line by making her Vice-President. She is ready to be President (I don’t think Harris or Abrams is), and she could the Vice-Presidency as a platform for her teaching. She could reteach Americans their values.

  5. Debbo 2020-03-03

    I disagree Cory. I think Harris is certainly ready to serve as VP and as president. Abrams is much readier than many VPs of the past 50 years.

  6. Donald Pay 2020-03-04

    Debbo is right, Cory. There are lots of folks who could serve as VP. I’d put Klobuchar in the mix if Bernie is the nominee. Uniting the ideological wings of the party will be a necessity. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, former Senator Russ Feingold, or Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin would be a great VP picks for Biden. Let’s not forget about Adam Schiff, Julian Castro, and Cory Booker.

  7. jerry 2020-03-04

    Wall Street bankers would never ever allow Warren to be vice president with Biden. The fix is in, who needs Russians when you have the DNC. Count on someone who has the blessings of Dimon and the wise men/S/ of Wall Street. There are billions to be made when they supervise the collapse of Social Security and Medicare while blaming it on the Democrats.

  8. Donald Pay 2020-03-04

    The problem with the left is they are just as susceptible to conspiracy theorizing as the extreme right. There is no “fix.” Sanders and Warren had a bad night down South, and some people are ready to scream “fix.” I don’t understand that, and it’s why I’m not supporting Sanders. They are always willing to call names. There is a lot of voting to do, yet. Jerry’s freak out is premature, if not rather infantile. Until the last delegate has voted at the convention there is no nominee. So, stop pouting, and stop screaming “fix.” Biden had a good night. Bernie’s message hasn’t resonated with black voters, nor with a lot of middle class folks. If you want to deal with “fix,” deal with fixing Bernie’s problems with those voters.

    As for VP, Biden or Sanders will select some folks. The nominee will meet with them. They will go through the usual vetting process, where objections and support of various interests will be part of the process. Ultimately the nominee will select the person and the delegates will vote.

  9. jerry 2020-03-04

    Wall Street jumped 600 points on the Biden news! It’s all about the benjamins as always. How shallow we are as we continue to watch the virus being mishandled with the incompetence we are getting used to living with until we die from it.

  10. mike from iowa 2020-03-04

    Bloomberg plans to exit the race as early as today.

  11. jerry 2020-03-04

    Perhaps you’r correct on that infantile thingy. Only an infant could remember the lesson that should have been learned in 2016. Kind of like potty training, we seem to keep soiling ourselves.

  12. jerry 2020-03-04

    Guess who Billionaire Bloomberg will give support to? Anyone??

  13. jerry 2020-03-04

    I personally will vote for any Democrat or Independent, like Sanders, over Chubby. That’s me though, I’m an old guy. What concerns me are the young voters and the down tickets like the House, the Senate and the state positions. I’ll wait to see what the enthusiasm is for Biden and how they’ll step up and vote or stay home and say screw it. Bernie does bring them out, that’s for sure.

    As we saw with Obama, even when you win big, if you don’t have the pull to bring in the House and the Senate, you are really just a lame duck president with problematic republicans pulling the strings to continue to muck things up.

  14. mike from iowa 2020-03-04

    Bloomberg is out and gave support to Biden. Warren is considering dropping out and drumpf is maddern hell that Sanders lost so bigly….. Former Vice President Joe Biden pulled off a series of huge Super Tuesday victories and President Donald Trump is clearly not happy about it. In a series of tweets sent Wednesday morning, Trump angrily railed against the “Democratic establishment,” and, more specifically, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for what he sees as a concerted effort to derail Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Trump wrote: “The Democrat establishment came together and crushed Bernie Sanders, AGAIN! Even the fact that Elizabeth Warren stayed in the race was devastating to Bernie and allowed Sleepy Joe to unthinkably win Massachusetts… So selfish for Elizabeth Warren to stay in the race. She has Zero chance of even coming close to winning, but hurts Bernie badly. So much for their wonderful liberal friendship. Will he ever speak to her again? She cost him Massachusetts (and came in third), he shouldn’t!

  15. o 2020-03-04

    Jerry, unfortunately Democrats showed that is the election of Obama, AND a super-majority of the Senate, AND the majority in the House that they cannot get on the same page for a legislative agenda. Democrats piddle around until majorities are lost and opportunities squandered. Ironic given the wonkishness of most Democrat primary debates.

    The GOP (albeit their puppeteers, ALEC, Citizens fo Liberty, The Federalist Society . . .) has a playbook ready to go day ONE when they get majorities/players on the field.

  16. o 2020-03-04

    MFI, I love that President Trump is offended by his perception that a party has put its thumb on the scale to promote one candidate given that the GOP went as far as to cancel primaries so that they could hand the nomination to him with no contest or discussion.

  17. jerry 2020-03-04

    Don’t you just wish that stock markets would rise on the news of higher wages for workers, stronger bargaining power for teachers instead of the same old rot.

    “The three major U.S. stock market indexes rose after a poor market reception to the Federal Reserve’s surprise rate cut was followed by a very strong Super Tuesday performance by former Vice President Joe Biden.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 537 points, or 2.1%. The S&P 500 was up 1.8%, and the Nasdaq Composite gained 1.6%.

    Midday Movers

    Health-insurance stocks were the big winners coming out of Super Tuesday as Biden’s stronger-than-expected showing tamped down investors’ worries about Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, Vt.) Medicare for All plan. Anthem (ticker: ANTM) jumped 13.6%, Humana (HUM) rose 12.6%, Centene (CNC) was up 12.3%, Cigna (CI) rallied 9.2%, and UnitedHealth Group (UNH) gained 8.9%.”

    The only thing that is rising on Wall Street is more pain for your healthcare premiums. Welcome to the reality of the dirty diapers. Be ready to cry like a baby while you search for job number 4 to make ends meet. Maybe a CAFO so you can fight with your grandkids over shoveling crap and high water.

  18. mike from iowa 2020-03-04

    Putin probably is not happy, either as it was reported Putin was hoping Bernie would win.

    Soon we will be inundated with a barrage of Biden gaffes with nary a mention of drumpf’s own, considerably greater collection of gaffes.

  19. Debbo 2020-03-04

    I “election judged” yesterday in my precinct in Northfield, which includes St. Olaf College. Lots of young people voted, lots. They showed up in gangs of pals, most all registered even though Minnesota allows same day registration.

    Yet, Biden won the precinct handily, which leads me to believe some of those young people voted for him. Interesting.

    40 people showed up to vote in the GOP primary, even though the state’s GOP chair didn’t allow any names other than Big Bonehead himself on the ballot. There were 2 write ins. One was Weld, the other was Donald Duck. Given a choice only between the Donalds, Mr. Duck gets my vote.

  20. Debbo 2020-03-04

    Purple, trending to bluer all the time state of Minnesota went for Biden. As I get a chance to look deeper into the details, it will be interesting to see how different areas of the state voted.

  21. Debbo 2020-03-04

    Sanders only won 4 counties. He didn’t even win the metro counties, the most liberal parts of Minnesota. I’m shocked. Really. Doesn’t look good for him at all.

    I wonder how much of the Biden vote is really “pro Biden” and how much is “We gotta beat trump, whatever it takes”?

  22. Clyde 2020-03-04

    I’m with Jerry and anyone that doesn’t see at least dirty tricks is blind. Coincidence that Pete, Amy, and Beto stepped up to endorse Biden right before S Tuesday? How about the closing of polling places right where Sanders was likely to dominate. If you can’t see the way that establishment press has been leading the conversation and distorting the facts you are blind.
    Why isn’t anyone in “establishment” press noticing that Biden is having a hard time putting together a coherent sentence. Alzheimer’s??? Trump will chew him up but the “establishment” money party doesn’t care. Either party is OK for them as long as they keep getting what they want.

  23. Debbo 2020-03-04

    Sad for Bloomie:

    “Never in American history has a presidential candidate spent more to get less than Mike Bloomberg, making his buy-a-nomination bid a big bust.
    Axios CEO Jim VandeHei.”

  24. o 2020-03-04

    Debbo, I would agree with VandeHei, but what if this Democratic primary looked more like the GOP’s 2016 primary; absent a well-known establishment quantity like Biden, would Bloomberg have then been able to buy his nomination the way Trump did?

  25. mike from iowa 2020-03-04

    Bloomie can afford to drop a half billion at a crack.

    Clyde, where were all these polls closed where Sanders was going to dominate? I’d like to see some actual evidence.

  26. o 2020-03-04

    Wasn’t the Bloomberg campaign financed by the Trump tax cuts?

  27. Donald Pay 2020-03-04

    Clyde and Jerry are spinning hard. Nothing is ever the fault of Dear Leader on the Left, according to the cult followers. Since elections are run on the county level, there’s an awful lot of folks who have to be in on the “fix.” Uh, no.

    But I’ll play their game. Here goes: Biden got screwed by the Socialist Democrats. Anyone who can’t see that the Socialist Democrats forced early voting to minimize the swing to Biden is blind to the dirty tricks these Socialist Democrats are up to. Blind. It was all an attempt for Bernie to steal Super Tuesday away from the rightful winner, Joe Biden. Ha, they made it work in California, and a few other states. But, it didn’t work in Texas and other places.

    You better keep on guard for that early voting as we go on. Those Socialist Democrats will try to get you to go to the polls early. Don’t do it. That’s just a dirty trick pulled by the Socialist Democrats.

  28. Clyde 2020-03-04

    Unfortunately, Mike, I don’t even think I opened it so can’t confirm. Texas, as I remember and since it was just par for the course I really didn’t pay much attention. Anyway, believe it or not….

    Anyway just watch how much media time Biden gets now compared to Sanders and note that the media can’t announce Sanders name without “socialist” in front of it. They have the public thinking that socialist and communist are one and the same so they will use it constantly. Could use “progressive” but no, they won’t. The list goes on as to the anti Sanders rhetoric that will be used.

  29. mike from iowa 2020-03-04

    Black gentleman waited patiently for 7 hours to exercise his right to vote, Clyde. I haven’t seen any evidence of early c losings. Did it not happen?

  30. jerry 2020-03-04

    Good points Donald Pay. I don’t know what links you got that information from, but the authors of that information must be just like you, on top of the situation.

  31. jerry 2020-03-04

    I personally, have had the privilege to going to the polls in Europe…on a Sunday.. for a national election. All of the votes were confirmed for their location and counted. There were no long lines because the election was done very efficiently in those polling places all over the country, from small villages to the capital…all on paper ballots and under the watchful eyes of the poll watchers.

    For at least the last 20 years, the United States elections have been plagued by voter suppression and outright thievery. Even Iran had an election that was legit and showed the anger of the people for their government. Why are we so afraid of what the voters want? If the voters want Biden, then by all means. But one thing is for sure, we’re gonna need one helluva lot more than 3 million votes in our favor, to beat Chubby. Clinton ran a sorry campaign (I voted for her) and beat Chubby by 3 million votes and still lost. The arithmetic says that there must be 3 times that many more votes to oust his stink arse.

  32. Debbo 2020-03-04

    If you read my comment at 13:07 you’ll see that I served as an election judge in a very, very blue precinct. The college in my precinct is a private, liberal arts, Lutheran college thought to have lots of Sanders strength. Yet Biden won.

    I was there. I counted and recounted ballots with others after we closed up shop. There were a total of 4 spoiled and unusable ballots, but Biden won by well over 200 of the 643 Democratic ballots.

    There was absolutely nothing “rigged,” no miscounting, nothing. Minnesota uses paper ballots and you can’t have a more ethical primary.

    538 says late deciding voters went for Biden in a really big way, hugely. 538 does not suspect anything hinky in the election. According to Mr. Silver, it was the late deciders.

  33. jerry 2020-03-04

    Good for you Ms. Debbo. I don’t think anything about the election, other than the normal peculiarities that seem to plague us.

    Tell me though, do you think it interesting that Wall Street was dropping bigly and then, today, it soared on the Biden news? Is that a conspiracy or do those reports from the financial markets make that stuff up? That is where the fix is, the money stream that shows that a half billion tossed around like confetti by Bloomberg, is healthy for the country. That just prior to the vote, Amy, Beto, and Pete showed up to toss support to Joe. Interesting that Amy also killed money to go to the ACA with her demanding no tax to medical devices. Interesting who Pete’s support came from..hint. Big Wall Street Bankers for one and insurance industry leaders for others. Beto..who knows…yet. So yeah, late deciders after the announcements and the delegate giveaway.

    So, if you’re okay with healthcare the way it now stands, good for you. Vote Biden. If you’re satisfied with the farm economy, good for you..If you’re satisfied with the ways of the lack of concern over climate change..good for you…keep the status quo. As for me, all of that stinks and I fear that I will be forced to once again vote for someone I do not think is up to the task.

  34. Debbo 2020-03-04

    Jerry, the thing about the medical device tax has a Minnesota particularity. There are several medical device creators and manufacturers in this state. The outcry against taxing them was very widespread because they pay employees well too. Our other senator and several representatives were opposed to it as well. That wasn’t an Amy thing. From my personal point of view, I supported the tax, but elected representatives of this state had a different perspective and I think that’s understandable.

    As with most elections, I’m sure there was plenty of deal making among Biden, Klobuchar, O’Rourke and Buttigieg. That wouldn’t be different from any other election, right? Biden’s people probably made promises to each of them. Don’t you think Sanders has done the same with others?

    Was it the Biden wins that caused the stocks to rise? Seems likely to me.

    “Let me be very clear,” I like Sanders’ policies, but my #1 focus is getting Liar-in-Chief out of the WH and into prison with Moscow Mitch right behind him.

    Last, Sen. Warren would make the best president.

  35. jerry 2020-03-04

    She has undermined the ACA/Obamacare that Biden himself said was a big deal Ms. Debbo. The issue with taxes is that someone has to pay them in order for progress to be made. The medical device tax, went directly to the ACA/Obamacare to help fund healthcare for all.

    Your argument is the same argument that is made about Medicare for All, there has to be a tax in order to save us and it must come from someplace. What better places for it to come than from those who profit from it.

    “As she makes this pitch, Klobuchar may well hope voters stay unaware of some of her past votes on Obamacare. Over the previous decade, Klobuchar has repeatedly joined forces with Republicans to repeal key Obamacare taxes specifically instituted to ensure the plan’s ongoing fiscal responsibility, sometimes against the wishes of former President Barack Obama. Some of these votes were viewed by both Republicans and the press as building momentum for the dismantling of Obamacare, typically due to pressure from business interests. And in an added irony, it was Sanders who typically voted against those same repeals.”

    So it’s kinda ironic that both Amy and Sanders voted in the same way, but she gave her support to Biden, whose signature plan was sabotaged… and then he accepted her endorsement. Politics do indeed create strange bedfellows.

  36. Debbo 2020-03-04

    Jerry, I think you didn’t really read and think about my previous comment. I know exactly what Amy did and exactly how it affected ACA. What I told you was the home state politics, which were not part of the national conversation about her votes.

    It is not surprising that a senator votes to support her home state businesses. That was my point and my only point. All the rest of your comment is what you read into my comment, not what I actually said. I made no argument at all.

    I know you’re passionate about this and that’s a good thing. Take a little more time, take a breath, ponder a little more before you comment. Okay?

  37. Debbo 2020-03-05

    This is from a new article in the Strib about Amy’s decision to withdraw:

    Klobuchar told NBC’s “Today” show that there “literally was no push from anyone” to leave the race. Local aides to the Biden campaign said the same. “Absolutely not,” said Corey Day, Biden’s Minnesota state director. “There was no pressure.”

    I don’t believe that. If you have any free articles left, you might want to read this one, keeping in mind that Amy is Minnesota’s home town girl.

  38. Donald Pay 2020-03-05

    Debbo, I think it depends on what the definition of “push” is.

  39. jerry 2020-03-05

    In the end, there is no platform other than defeating Chubby. That’s it, that’s all it is. Healthcare….we’ll see later. Climate change…change the White House. All and everything is focused on one thing, beating Chubby.

  40. bearcreekbat 2020-03-05

    Jerry, an avid Bernie supporter, is right about the ultimate factor. Perhaps folks that share Clyde’s enthusiasm for Bernie will consider Jerry’s comments and decide to refrain from
    attacking an demeaning whoever is chosen to challenge Trump if perchance Bernie doesn’t get the nod.

  41. o 2020-03-05

    Not for nothin’, but we MUST move to:
    1) an eight-week campaign season
    2) publicly (and ONLY public funds) funded campaigns
    3) national holiday on Election Day.

  42. jerry 2020-03-05

    o is spot on. When you actually can see a country that votes on a Sunday (a holiday) and only allows limited political advertising. Also, there is early voting at the local Post Office if you cannot make the vote time.

    More on what you say regarding how other countries handle elections successfully.

    Our system is prone to corruption and failure. We should be ashamed of ourselves for the continued allowance of such a flawed system.

  43. o 2020-03-05

    I would like to see both the Democrat and Republican parties busted up on anti-trust violations as well.

    Political parties are not government entities; they are businesses. They package, sell, and deliver candidates to the highest bidders. As for Sanders not being a “true” Democrat, I think that may be a strength. I have met the enemy . . .

    The GOP dominates the political discourse and direction of the US because they embrace the fact they are a business and have other BUSINESS (disguised as political) entities working 24-7 on doctrine/dogma/governance so that when they win an election, that candidate is on-scrip and ready to roll.

  44. Debbo 2020-03-05

    Yeah. I’m sad that Warren dropped out. I still believe she would make the best president of the bunch. Damn. 😢

    I’m also very disappointed that we’re down to 2 old white guys. 🙄 Again. 🙄

    Still, as much as ever,


    And no matter which race. We need a blue Senate as well as House because Moscow Mitch is traitor to the USA. He’s Pootie’s puppet as much as Liar-in-Chief is. We need all the blue state houses we can get to end gerrymandering as well. We must clean up the USA, top to bottom.

  45. mike from iowa 2020-03-05

    Dems must get the senate and then immediately start investigating Moscum Mitch and his crooked wife, the suckretary of transporting yooge contracts to Kentuckians back home.

  46. jerry 2020-03-05

    Once again, Bingo!, o. Yes, the billions of dollars that are not taxed in these RICO organizations really is criminal. We need to have that discussion so we can move forward to fix our flat busted infrastructure and our broken economy. The chump slump continues with no end in sight…until a Democrat comes to the helm.

  47. Jason 2020-03-05

    The exit polls do not match the final results from New Hampshire, South Carolina and Massachusetts. It is not even close.

    Can we blame this on on the Russians? Or is it likely that the Democratic establishment is rigging the primary process again?

  48. jerry 2020-03-05

    Always remember this, when Jason questions something, it’s meaningless. Here is the definition of an exit poll ” poll of people leaving a polling place, asking how they voted.”
    Whenever I’m asked, I always say “nunya” and move on. Most people are like that or drift off into never never land. Here in South Dakota, there will be no exit poll in the republican primary for prez or results given, why is that Jason?

  49. Debbo 2020-03-05

    Gary Kasparov writes an excellent op ed on the Democratic race, socialism and Sanders. Please read.

  50. Debbo 2020-03-05

    Here’s a good one for all you conspiracy theorists who are convinced there is a nefarious plot by Democratic leadership.

    “First off, the DNC can’t plan a one man parade, much less a coup. They are as ineffectual as … come to think of it, Bernie Sanders.”

    That’s written by Miss Juanita Jean Herownself, who could be considered a peripheral part of that leadership. The entire very brief blog post is right here:

  51. bearcreekbat 2020-03-05

    Very interesting Kasparov piece Debbo, thanks for linking it!

  52. Clyde 2020-03-05

    Huff post did something on the voting in Texas. Some 500 polling places closed in recent history. Long lines with some still in the line when the polls closed.

    Democracy at work.

  53. jerry 2020-03-05

    If you don’t like polling places closed, blame Republicans for killing Democracy. Don’t blame Democrats. DUMP TRUMP/POUND ROUNDS

  54. Debbo 2020-03-05

    Another reason to get rid of the traitors in DC, including AG disBarr:

    “The speed by which Attorney General Barr released to the public the summary of Special Counsel Mueller’s principal conclusions, coupled with the fact that Attorney General Barr failed to provide a thorough representation of the findings set forth in the Mueller Report, causes the Court to question whether Attorney General Barr’s intent was to create a one-sided narrative about the Mueller Report—a narrative that is clearly in some respects substantively at odds with the redacted version of the Mueller Report.”

    From a report issued by Judge Reggie Walton, appointed by GWB, in a suit brought against disBarr for his heinous hiding of the Mueller Report. Wapo

  55. mike from iowa 2020-03-06

    Not Democracy at work, Clyde, it is all conniving wingnut attempts at voter suppression since the SPOTUS declared minority voters had no VRA protections.

    from the above link…..,. A Guardian analysis based on that report confirms what many activists have suspected: the places where the black and Latinx population is growing by the largest numbers have experienced the vast majority of the state’s poll site closures.

    The analysis finds that the 50 counties that gained the most Black and Latinx residents between 2012 and 2018 closed 542 polling sites, compared to just 34 closures in the 50 counties that have gained the fewest black and Latinx residents. This is despite the fact that the population in the former group of counties has risen by 2.5 million people, whereas in the latter category the total population has fallen by over 13,000.

    Which party of election cheaters runs Texas, for now?

  56. Clyde 2020-03-06

    Please, note, I did not blame the Dem’s for polls being closed. Other than allow this current administration in 2016.

    They were however closed where Sanders would have gotten a lot of support.

  57. Clyde 2020-03-07

    Mike I will go on record that Biden will lose to Trump….

  58. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-03-07

    Clyde, I won’t wait 12 minutes for the full impact of the video you link—and please, whenever you share a link, give some context so we know what we are clicking on and offer your own summary and analysis.

    But just looking at the title—”Joe Biden’s presidency would be a dire threat to workers”—I will say that the greatest threat to workers and everyone else is leaving an incompetent in the White House to continue destroying the Constitution and the rule of law. Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders in the White House will make America stronger economically, diplomatically, and morally.

  59. mike from iowa 2020-03-07

    Clyde, I will go on record saying if Biden is the nominee and he loses the election, it will be because of wingnuts cheating.

  60. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-03-07

    Mike, Democrats will not lose if they learn not to sweat the small stuff (i.e., internal differences over policy and personality) and focus on the biggest emergency facing the free world, the need to remove an incompetent tyrant from the White House.

  61. mike from iowa 2020-03-07

    I want a filibuster proof Senate majority and they can remove drumpf the way he should have already been removed.

  62. Jason 2020-03-07

    Biden supporters believe in the myth of American Exceptionalism. They think if we go back to Obama’s presidency that Trumpism will go away. It won’t. Trumpism is a symptom of a broken economic system. Trumpism is a far right authoritarian solution to our broken economic system. Bernie Sanders is an FDR New Deal solution to our broken system. In 1932 the American people chose the right person for the job of president at a critical time. In 2020 the American people must choose wisely or risk a further move to the right under Trump.

  63. mike from iowa 2020-03-07

    Obama and Dems fixed a broken wingnut economy, all the while fighting wingnuts determined to see him fail. drumpf is reaping millions from Obama’s economy that drumpf and wingnuts painted as a failure.

    Obama’s economy did not need taxcuts for the wealthy, which only added to debt, deficits and income equality. When drumpf’s orange derriere gets the boot, Dems can once again fix what is being broken.

  64. Debbo 2020-03-07

    Clyde, I won’t click on your links unless you tell who it is and what they’re talking about.

    Jason is right about this:
    “Trumpism is a symptom of a broken economic system.”

    Biden won’t make it worse as Economic Oaf has and would continue to do. The GOP has no interest at all in fixing it. After Biden’s one term, Democrats need to nominate a candidate who will bring fairness to our economy, expecting Everyone to Pay Their Fair Share.

    That was a winning economic slogan for former Gov. Mark Dayton in Minnesota in 2010 and I believe it would be a winner in the USA as a whole. It’s hard to argue with Fairness.

    Hopefully following the 2022 election voters will be developing trust in the Democratic Party and the entire federal government, plus most states will be Democratic dominated. That’s what will be required to create the equitable economic system the USA needs to thrive.

  65. Donald Pay 2020-03-07

    Jason, FDR had enough wealth that in today’s terms he would be one of the billionaires that Bernie would be railing against. FDR didn’t run in 1932 as a Democratic Socialist. He ran as a fiscal conservative. FDR was a wealthy, elite gentleman, but he had an ability to identify with and empathize with people of every sort. He also had a wife and extremely savvy advisors who were continually pushing him in the right direction. He also had the benefit of progressive states that were trying out new ideas, and some of these were brought to DC. He could do all the innovative New Deal programs because not only did he win the White House, but he brought scores of new Congressmen and Senators to give him comfortable majorities. And, it was a time of extreme economic hardship that made the general population willing to try a lot of new things. We have gotten that kind and amount of change only one other time, following the civil war. It takes a cataclysm in our civil society to make those kinds of changes. What FDR actually did was save capitalism from itself.

  66. Clyde 2020-03-07

    Sorry I didn’t preface that but it shows the side of Biden that the establishment has had in the past and want’s again. The Establishment “Money” party doesn’t seem really care if they have Biden or Trump. Both can give them what they want.

  67. Clyde 2020-03-08

    It’s my opinion that if the establishment candidate Joe Biden becomes the nominee that Trump is going to be a shoe in. The electorate that support Sanders can actually see what the problem is in this country and they are not likely to “vote blue no matter who”. They will boycott the election just as they did with Hillary and the vote blue for Biden will be a failure. Beside’s that the video I showed above with all of Biden’s faults will be front page for Trump’s re-election.

  68. jerry 2020-03-08

    Let me see..Clinton won by 3 million votes.

  69. jerry 2020-03-08

    Senator Harris endorses Bye Don, “Sen. Kamala Harris endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden Sunday for the seat she once hoped she could fill as the nation’s commander-in-chief, and I don’t know what to do with that information. “I just wanted you guys to know I have decided that I am with great enthusiasm going to endorse Joe Biden for president of the United States,” Harris said in a Twitter video. “I believe in Joe. I really believe in him, and I have known him for a long time.”

    Vote Blue, that’s who.

  70. bearcreekbat 2020-03-08

    Clyde makes a reasonable point that there will constant attacks on Biden by Trumpists if he is ultimately the democratic nominee. It is hard suggest, however, that there might not be even more vicious and constant attacks on Bernie if he ends up the nominee.

    . . . Trump Jr. telegraphed new attacks the campaign will launch against Sanders, . . .

    Sanders, Trump Jr. said, talks a big game on those issues but backs down from fights when the going gets tough.

    “Bernie’s been in [Congress] for 30 years. What has he done? There’s a difference between talking about fighting and actually fighting,” . . . .

    “You saw what happened with him and Hillary. You saw what happened to him in Iowa. Is Bernie really a fighter? It’s one thing to give a stump speech and say something but he got steamrolled by the party last time and then he goes and endorses Hillary. … I don’t see it being real competition,” Trump Jr. said. . . .

    Many pundits agree that the reason Trump and his sycophants publicly support Bernie’s nomination is because Republicans have determined that Bernie is the easiest potential nominee to attack.

    Trump and his close associates believe Sanders, a democratic socialist who has pushed for massive increases in federal spending on everything from the environment to health care, is the easiest of the Democrats for the incumbent to beat. . . .

    Again, the warnings about Biden’s candidacy are valid considerations so long as genuine Trump opponents don’t cut off their noses to spite their face by selecting a nominee with even greater vulnerabilities.

  71. jerry 2020-03-08

    Of course they will go after Biden. That’s the entire republican game plan. Vote Blue, that’s who.

  72. jerry 2020-03-08

    One thing for sure, Democrats, all of them, know how to govern and to place the well being of Americans first and foremost. EB5 Rounds and the rest of the republican trumpers, only know the corruption part of governing. For that, they are damn good at it. America has 3500 exposed fellow Americans trying to get on shore, just like the rest of the immigrants, and the government doesn’t have a clue on what to do. Build a wall I guess.

    “The Grand Princess cruise ship, which is housing about 3,500 people, some of them infected with the coronavirus, is due to dock in Oakland sometime Monday, and White House officials have made it abundantly clear they have no plan for what to do with those passengers.”

    So there ya go. Vote Blue, that’s who.

  73. mike from iowa 2020-03-08

    Wingnuts should be arrested for assault every election year, because they assault the opponents, they assault the norms, they assault protocol and they annihilate decency, just to stay in power. Then they accuse Dems of having done all the dirty deeds.

  74. Clyde 2020-03-08

    BCB, I’ve been wondering at Trumps sticking up for Sanders when the DNC and Establishment press attack him and I think he is trying to get the Sanders voters to vote for him when the DNC make the candidate Biden. Might be a pretty good strategy at that. He knows he can wipe the floor with Biden and maybe get a bunch of p****d off Sanders voters in his camp at the same time.

    That is the latest smear….he’s accomplished nothing. He’s known as the “amendment king” and has co authored over 200 bills that have passed according to wikipedia. Take a look at Biden’s record…..Iraq war….rotten trade deals….plenty more.

  75. Clyde 2020-03-08

    On that subject….what have recent senators from South Dakota accomplished. What should a senator accomplish?

  76. Clyde 2020-03-08

    I haave to agree with the jr Trump on the last election. i do suppose he wanted to stay in good stead with DNC rather than run the possibility that he would be shunned by all for the rest of his life if he didn’t win. Supposedly Jill Stein was on the ballot in most if not all 50 states and she offered to step aside for Sanders to take the helm. I thought he should do it after the “super” delegates pushed him out. Or at least threaten it before the “super’s” put their vote in.

  77. Debbo 2020-03-08

    I see 3 choices-

    Orange Idiot, who’s well on his way to destroying the democratic republic of the United States of America.

    Sanders, who’s ability to defeat OI is very questionable.

    Or Biden, with whom I have substantial differences in policy but is likely to win and preserve the USA.

    I choose Biden.

    Of course there’s the wild card — Russian/GOP cheating. That means voter suppression, rigging paperless machines, campaign crimes, etc.

    It’s not a difficult decision for me.

  78. bearcreekbat 2020-03-08

    There is this about the diehard Bernie supporters – they apparently stayed home in sufficient numbers to give Biden supporters the edge on super-Tuesday. The NY Times recently reported that as of March 6 Biden had 610 delegates so far while Bernie trails with 541. Bernie apparently is polling quite a bit ahead of Biden nationally – 29% to 17%.

    The question remains, however, whether these Bernie supporters will show up to vote for Bernie in the remaining primaries. And if they don’t care enough to show up and vote for Bernie over Biden why would anyone think they would even show up in the general election if Bernie is chosen as the Democratic nominee?

  79. mike from iowa 2020-03-08

    Clyde, are you trying to be a comedian? If so, it ain’t working.

  80. jerry 2020-03-08

    “While part-time workers officially have jobs, and are officially included in the “employed” category when the official unemployment rate is calculated, their labor resources are really only partially unemployed.” Now they’re furloughed on many of these part time jobs. So if they guy has 3 jobs, then he is counted as three employees. Our labor statistics seem to be kind of flawed. So which one of the three jobs is figured in on the stats?

    We need a stimulus package pronto to provide good jobs that are real ones. The only one that can deliver that is a Democrat. Vote Blue, that’s who.

  81. Clyde 2020-03-09

    Well here in So Dak we will have no say in how any of this plays out anyway as we always have. The deaf dumb and blind electorate that we now have will check the R box as usual so arguing here makes no sense. Hard to believe we were once progressive. Hard to believe we were once a state of healthy small towns with a population that were almost all farmers or businesses related to agriculture.

    Polls that I see show Sanders with as much chance as that snowball in Hades. The states where he is least likely to win are ahead of him. The “Establishment” controlled press has done its job along with the DNC.

    Biden will be a disaster but he won’t put the insurance company’s out of the health care business. He won’t drive down prescription drug prices. He won’t tax the people in this country that should be taxed. In short the only thing he will offer to America is someone to run against Trump and likely be beaten by him. That is all the true leaders of America want. If Trump wins again that’s OK with them as well.

    Democracy in this country no longer exists. Its been taken away and the electorate doesn’t have a clue.

  82. Clyde 2020-03-09

    Super Tuesday did the job with mostly last minute voters supporting Biden after an endorsement barrage by the bought off candidates and a media blitz against Sanders.

  83. Clyde 2020-03-09

    I’m thinking that the youth and many other Sanders supporters have been so demoralized by what has been going on that they gave up on Super Tuesday and will in following contests. The youth in this country are really screwed while us senile old people keep voting for the establishment. One good thing about the Corona virus is that it is going to get rid of a bunch of us old Fox informed voters. Won’t do Fox any good but I imagine Rupert has enough already. He’s old as well but I imagine he has enough wealth to avoid getting it.

  84. bearcreekbat 2020-03-09

    The idea that just because voters are influenced by everything from campaign ads by rich folks, corporations, political commitees, etc, along with the opinions of their friends, neighbors and editorials, seems consistent, rather than inconsistent, with a democracy. Regardless of who or what controls the majority of voters’ minds and choices these voters still decide the outcome of any election in the long run.

    If Bernie supporters are influenced any any outside group to stay home rather than vote for Bernie in the primary that is really on them. And if rational people are convinced by disgruntled Bernie supporters to either stay home or, horror of horrors, actually vote for Trump, that too is on the voters precisely because that is exactly how democracies function. In a democracy voters will always be influenced by something and will always vote accordingly.

    The real threat to democracy itself seems closer to the past and present promulgation of rules and laws that are designed to suppress or interfere with potential voters, as suppressing votes undermines the choice of all voters, which is the earmark of any democracy. And I guess we all know which party wants to suppress voters of a particular race or ethnic background and thereby prevent whole groups of voters that otherwise might vote contrary to that particular party’s desire. All current objective evidence I have seen and read supports the notion that It is certainly not the party backing Biden.

  85. o 2020-03-09

    bearcreekbat, although I 100% agree that voter suppression is a real threat to democracy, I think you accept the influence of other voices without fully weighing the immense manipulation from big money in our elections. Few voices have been given immense power because money is voice – that is absolutely destructive to a functioning democracy as well. I would not dismiss that threat so quickly.

  86. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-03-09

    Voter suppression is a real threat. We need to vigilantly protect our voting rights, make sure we are registered early and get to the polls on time, and elect better legislators to protect those rights and take down barriers to registration and voting.

    But beyond those suppression tactics, Clyde and Bear both touch on a really important point: the Establishment can’t win an election all by itself. The voters still have to do what the Establishment tells them. If we go along with the Establishment, that’s on us. If we get sad and sit out from the election because our ideal candidate didn’t run or win the nomination, that’s on us.

    We have a moral obligation to shake up a corrupt establishment. If we don’t turn out in great enough numbers to elect the most anti-establishment candidate, that’s on us. But instead of sitting home and pouting, we still have a moral obligation to throw the current corrupt monster out of the White House.

    After the convention, the machinations or desires of the establishment become secondary to our primary urgent need to remove the most incompetent and corrupt White House occupant ever.

  87. jerry 2020-03-09

    Out of the park bcb “The real threat to democracy itself seems closer to the past and present promulgation of rules and laws that are designed to suppress or interfere with potential voters, as suppressing votes undermines the choice of all voters, which is the earmark of any democracy.”

    That is the gist of it all. The most obvious play in the book that republicans are masters of, denying democracy by cheating democracy. That’s the only way they can possibly win is by lying and cheating.

  88. bearcreekbat 2020-03-09

    o, the difference I see is that with rules and laws potential voters lose their choice and any votes they unlawfully make are not to be counted. Non-legal voter influence, however, still leaves voters with a choice and if they still choose to vote their votes are to be counted.

  89. mike from iowa 2020-03-09

    I am motivated to vote for the Dem nominee, whoever that will be, by two major issues:
    the sheer incompetence and blatant criminality of the dumbest SOB ever allowed into the WH, and the shameless, unpatriotic wingnuts who have done nothing to stop him and everything to shield him.

    I do not watch debates. I do not answer phone calls. I do not read political mail. I do not do surveys. I also will not vote for a wingnut at any level above township.

  90. Clyde 2020-03-09

    All good discussion from you folks.
    I’m not recommending any direction but it is my opinion that Sanders followers will sit out this election as they did the last. To me it is obvious how the forces are stacked up against Sander’s as I think it is obvious to most Sanders supporters. All that is really necessary is to mislead the electorate and the press has been doing that at every opportunity. Throw in such as this screw up in California that lets the press chortle over Biden being the winner of super Tuesday when he very likely didn’t win and it is just another nail in the coffin of Sanders.

    From the NY Times.

  91. Clyde 2020-03-09

    Whoops, that article is from the Wall Street Journal

  92. jerry 2020-03-09

    I’m a Sanders supporter and I voted for Hillary Clinton. I’m a Sanders supporter and I will vote for him in South Dakota and if he is not the nominee, I will vote for Biden with joy in my heart that I voted blue as you should too.

  93. jerry 2020-03-09

    Wow, we are now gonna get more loans from the bankers. Boy that’ll make that old virus go away. Nothing says cure more than another loan. If we knew that was gonna be such a good deal, we should have been offering that to cancer patients. Take a loan and be cured. Dumb and dumber, our two senators, will no doubt roll over and talk this up like a good deal. ain’t.

    Vote Blue and say screw you to this bunch of crooks and liars. Bring on a stimulus and put people to meaningful one person one job status. Forgive student loans and allow farmers and ranchers to market their products fairly.

  94. Clyde 2020-03-09

    I imagine I will vote blue as well. It will not be with joy in my heart. The only reason I have seen to vote for some time is for the initiated and referred measures. Only politics in So Dak that is truly honest and above board. Of course the ruling party has done everything to kill it and the way things are going in this state and country will likely eventually do so.

  95. jerry 2020-03-09

    Just remember if the name has a “D” for thee. Also, check this site for Cory’s great description of initiatives and other items as you get yourself ready for action.

  96. jerry 2020-03-10

    Don’t be so daft as to think that voting for president is the only game in town. There is so much more to it. Pay attention Clyde and those who have similar view.

    “To Democratic Party voters who “will never vote” for so-and-so: You’re not voting for President. You’re voting for who replaces RBG. You’re voting for the next Secretary of Education. You’re voting for federal judges. You’re voting for the rule of law. You’re voting for saving national parks. You’re voting for letting kids out of cages. You’re voting for clean air and clean water. You’re voting for scientists to be allowed to speak about climate change. You’re voting for what the President says on Twitter. You’re voting for housing rights. You’re voting for LGBTQ people to be treated with dignity. You’re voting for non-Christians to be able to adopt and to feel like full citizens. You’re voting for Dreamers. You’re voting so that there will be Social Security and Medicare when you retire. You’re voting for veterans to get the care they deserve. You’re voting for rural hospitals. You’re voting so that someone else can have health insurance. You’re voting for PBS. You’re voting to have a President who doesn’t embarrass this country every time she or he attends an international meeting. And you’re voting against allowing the USA to become yet another authoritarian regime. No Democrat is perfect. Your first AND second choices may have dropped out. Your third might. But here’s the thing–and I need you to understand it–the nominee, no matter who she or he is, will not be perfect. They won’t pass your purity test. And yet every single one of them will be better than four more years of Trump. Please copy and paste this. Share it far and wide.”

    If you don’t vote, that’s a vote for agent orange aka traitor trump.”

  97. Clyde 2020-03-10

    Yes, Jerry, but a vote for Biden will do little for this country. The country will loose, the establishment wins.

  98. bearcreekbat 2020-03-10

    No Clyde, Jerry is right. His list of over twenty important reasons to vote for the Democratic nominee is only the tip of the iceberg, but an incredibly perceptive and important tip for sure!

  99. jerry 2020-03-10

    The country will gain with a Democrat, It’s been proven at least twice when we have faced immediate peril. I think the problem is more a lack of American history that makes people so closed minded. I blame my American History teacher for being so damn thorough. Curses to you sir/madam for the public education that I received.

  100. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-03-10

    The November vote for President will not be about Establishment vs. non-Establishment. That battle will be fought elsewhere. The November vote for President is about replacing an incompetent tyrant with a capable manager who will assemble a capable management team than do things like respond to a pandemic with something other than half-baked tax cuts.

    As Jerry and Bear note, there are plenty of other candidates and ballot questions on local ballots that will allow voters to challenge the powers that be. We can disrupt the establishment in South Dakota by voting a straight Democratic ticket. I’m not sure South Dakota’s ballot measures will have much effect on the Establishment: legalize hemp and pot, and the Establishment will take over that market to run the stores and reap the profits. Legalize sports betting, and the Deadwood casino establishment will just get richer.

  101. o 2020-03-11

    Last night I heard Veep Biden speaking of the dedication and hard work of Sen. Sanders and his supporters. I thought that was the sign that the presumptive nominee was beginning the healing/unification of the party.

    I am left feeling that I have gone to my favorite restaurant and having studied the menu, decided to have my favorite dish, only to be told they are out of that. Still I get a great meal that makes me happy.

    Maybe next time I’ll get my revolution.

  102. mike from iowa 2020-03-11

    Biden is not a wannabe Putin, like drumpf. Biden will have knowledgeable, competent people in all positions around him and he will get their input before selling any policy. Remember what happened to the little guy who kept holleriing “wolf?”

  103. mike from iowa 2020-03-11

    I believe HRC had more experience and knowledge of how the government works than the stable genius and everyone he has hired/fired in his 3 plus years as Czarina of Putin’s kremlin annex.

  104. Debbo 2020-03-11

    I agree with both your comments Mike.

    O, I get what you’re saying. I liked Sanders’ policy plans, and Warren was my first choice, but I’ll take Biden because he’ll begin the reassembling of our nation.

    We need to remember to focus on our state races too, because redistricting is coming up and gerrymandering has got to end for the sake of our democratic republic.

    With such an engaged electorate, next year might be the time to cue up an amendment or 3. One would take redistricting out of the state legislatures and put it into an independent commission’s hands as well as strictly outlawing anything resembling partisan gerrymandering.

    Another would be SCOTUS terms of 10 years total.

    Third, ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

  105. Clyde 2020-03-12

    I’ve seen all that Jerry and Uyger has been a Progressive champion who has admitted to his younger mistaken ways. Everyone is allowed to change their mind….only time exposes whether they are sincere. The press was as hostile towards him as towards Sander’s.

    Here’s another take that is too late for this election but one that really needs to be taken:

  106. Debbo 2020-03-12

    After Biden in 2020, here’s our next superb choice!

    Listen to Democratic Rep. Katie Porter. She’s perfectly prepared, incredibly sharp, incisive, 3 jumps ahead. Wow. Imagine a President Porter negotiating with MBS, B Johnson, Pootie, Kim, the Iranians, Xi. She already shreds the GOP regularly. Porter would reduce Demented Donny to a pile of blubbering tears.

  107. Clyde 2020-03-13

    Lots of folks agreeing with me that Biden can’t beat Trump without the youth vote that came out for Sanders but that won’t come out for Biden. Establishment press and DNC doesn’t care whether he or Trump win the election. We will see how the debate goes but I’m thinking it’s all over for Sanders and Biden.

  108. jerry 2020-03-13

    Thankfully it’s your thinking Clyde. The rest of us know that it’s all over for trump and especially after he screwed this virus thingy up. That hoax stuff was a little too far over the edge, for sure will cause deaths because of his inaction and an even bigger recession than we were already in. Just keep thinking there Clyde, but leave the action to the rest of us.

  109. bearcreekbat 2020-03-14

    Just out of curiousity I googled the phrase “the youth vote that came out for Sanders.” On page all but 1 hit asserted that Bernie’s effort to get out the youth vote essentially failed. The first hits were videos from PBS and the New York Times. The next nine hits were links to stories from USA today, PBS, the New York Times, Esquire, Business Insider, Washingtontimes and Washingtonpost. The leads consisted of the following:

    -Super Tuesday: Bernie Sanders’ youth votes fell short …

    -Bernie Sanders’ Call For Young Voters Isn’t Working Out

    -Bernie Sanders and the Case of the Missing Youth Vote

    -Sanders banked on young voters. Here’s how the numbers …

    -Super Tuesday: Bernie Sanders Youth Vote Revolution Fails …

    -How Bernie Sanders reliance on youth vote could doom

    -So much for Bernie Sanders’ secret weapon: Young people …

    -Power Up: Young voters are turning out in lower numbers than …

    Even the most positive lead from Business Insider immediately followed with this: ” Young voters turned out in low numbers across the board, and it limited Sen. Bernie Sanders’ results on Super Tuesday.”

    This ought to be a reality check and encourage anyone opposing Trump that Bernie just might not have a better shot than Biden.

  110. Clyde 2020-03-14

    Something like 80% of the youth vote in Michigan went to Sanders. Agree that the youth didn’t come out like Sanders was expecting but those that did will likely not bother with voting for Biden this fall or even bothering to vote.

    Now the DNC is changing the rules for the debate to favor Biden. Tulsi Gabard would have qualified up till this rule change and she chewed up Biden in past debates. She is now out.

    The actual ‘debate’ format is now being changed to a question and answer game with very misleading questions designed to favor Biden virtually guaranteed.

    I’m back to leaving that ballot box empty.

  111. jerry 2020-03-14

    I’m an old guy that is gonna go with the youth vote. I think they are smart and can see how damn tired they are from working 3 jobs while barely being able to afford rent. I want to see this Boris Johnson clone idiot voted out of office. Vote Blue, that’s who.

  112. bearcreekbat 2020-03-14

    The corona virus seems to be a possible factor that could help Bernie’s chances in the coming Tuesday primaries. Many at risk older voters supporting Biden could decide to stay home to avoid the danger of infection and death. If this happens in Florida, for example, and if the youth vote really does go for Bernie his campaign could be reinvigorated.

    Unfortunately, regardless of this outcome, anyone who decides not to vote in the general election claiming the Democrat nominee, whether Biden, Bernie, or a non-sentient lump of clay, doesn’t meet their perfection test, or claiming the process of picking the Democratic nominee was somehow biased or unfair, can count themselves among Trump’s cult of supporters.

  113. Debbo 2020-03-14

    BCB, your final paragraph is exactly right.

  114. Clyde 2020-03-14

    BCB and Debbo, If there had been ANYTHING fair about this race I would not take the position I’m taking. If the electorate doesn’t stand up for fair election principles instead of ‘vote blue no matter who’ we will continue to be ignored, walked on and to have the establishment candidate as the only choice.

  115. Debbo 2020-03-14

    I’m sure you believe what you’re writing, Clyde. You’re a small minority, but you have a right to believe as you wish.

  116. bearcreekbat 2020-03-15

    I agree with Debbo, we each have a right to decide which remaining candidate we believe best suits our values. For me Trump ranks substantially below any of the three options mentioned in my earlier comment. Trump has presented himself through his public words and actions to be pretty much the antithesis of almost everything I personally value.

  117. Clyde 2020-03-15

    That is a tough one. Accept only a minor improvement or no improvement. Sure never going to get the change this country really needs that way.

  118. mike from iowa 2020-03-15

    Georgia has postponed Tuesday’s Dem primary over disease concerns.

    Immoral Minority says Drumpf’s entire presidency is like being tied to a chair and watching a toddler play with a loaded handgun.

    I concur.

  119. jerry 2020-03-15

    So then, what is your point Clyde?

  120. bearcreekbat 2020-03-15

    Even assuming for the sake of argument that Biden has an “obvious cognitive decline,” at least his cognative ability has merely declined while Trump’s appears to have entirely dissipated. In whatever way one decides to analyze Biden or the process of choosing Biden, it is a dangerous mistake to conduct this analysis in a vacuum.

  121. mike from iowa 2020-03-15

    Biden is up on Bern by 44% points in florida. Maybe they will cancel the primary and give the delegates to Joe.

    Biden, like smart Dems everywhere, will surround himself with actual the “Best” advisers, people he can trust and people extremely knowledgeable about how gubmint and foreign policy is run.

    You aren’t likely apt to see any purges due to insufficient ass kissing in a Biden administration.

  122. jerry 2020-03-15

    One of the very first advisers should and will be Bernie Sanders. The first order of business is for both Biden and Bernie to work together and bring along Warren, the sooner the better. There is no winning without all of that. The vote tally must be at least a 10 million vote victory and you only get that with Bernie and Warren supporters. If the numbers are not that high, trump and the rooskies will steal the election once more.

  123. Clyde 2020-03-15

    I’m just trying to convince you folks to not be an advocate for Biden and in fact be an advocate against him and for Sanders. To fight against the ‘vote blue no matter who’ narrative that is being pushed. Here in So Dak it will probably make little difference but who knows….the contest is only half over.

  124. mike from iowa 2020-03-15

    You’re failing miserably, Clyde. If by some off chance Sanders wins the nomination, I will vote for him, but i will never support him if he runs as a third party candidate and gets drumpf re-elected.

  125. jerry 2020-03-15

    Spot on mfi, Bless his heart, Clyde is just being a super troll, nothing to hear from that peanut gallery.

  126. bearcreekbat 2020-03-15

    I too will gladly support and advocate for Bernie if he ends up being the Democratic nominee. I will not support Trump in any way, whether by voting for him, voting for a 3rd party candidate and splitting the anti-Trump vote, or simply refusing to vote for any reason. In my view whomever is picked by the Democrats has the only real chance of defeating Trump and as I indicated in earlier comments, a failure to fully support that candidate puts someone on the Trump train whether or not they claim not to want to take that destructive ride.

  127. Debbo 2020-03-15

    What BCB said in his last comment. Well, what BCB says in pretty much every comment. 😁

  128. Debbo 2020-03-15

    Who’s watching the Democratic Debate tonight on CNN? Begins at 7:00 CDT, I believe. I intend to watch 2 old white guys argue over who can better represent the diverse USA and tromp on a certifiably crazy and undeniably cruel old white guy.

  129. bearcreekbat 2020-03-15

    Debbo, I’m gonna watch it.

  130. jerry 2020-03-15

    Good debate, glad there was not an audience there so it was the two of them dealing without pandering. What did you all think?

  131. Debbo 2020-03-15

    Jerry, I appreciated the absence of an audience too. I wrote a FB post about it, as I’ve done for each Democratic Debate. Here it is:

    Democratic Debate, 3/15/2020

    Well that was mildly interesting, 2 hours of 2 old white guys arguing. They were light years ahead of Liar-in-Chief in terms of coherence, honesty, sensibility and kindness. In other words, either one is a vastly superior choice to the insane old white guy sullying the White House since 2017.

    The only difference between Biden and Sanders was really in degree. Their goals are essentially the same. Biden’s approach is to work for what you want, take the best you can get and push for more again tomorrow. It seems like a policy of relentlessness. In my experience, that’s usually how things get done.

    Sanders is more of an all-or-nothing type in approach. I thought that was pretty clear when he was attacking Biden for his vote on an issue that escapes me right now. Biden said he pressed the GOP to make the bill better, or perhaps less bad. When he got that much he felt like he had accomplished what he could and voted for it. Sanders voted against it and indicted that he wouldn’t have compromised. That may have let Sanders feel more noble, but in the end he would have come out of it with a worse bill.

    I feel like that’s Sanders’ big drawback, his unwillingness to compromise, to make deals. He may be doctrinally “pure,” but that doesn’t mean much to people who need whatever they can get. He takes great pride in having been “right” first and brings that up frequently, but I noticed that several of those things he was so nobly right about still haven’t happened. So perhaps being right and uncompromising is not successful politics.

    Sanders did a good job of dinging Biden on some bills he once voted for that do not match today’s Democratic Party. That was good research. I found myself wondering how many of those were compromises that had been improved from the original. How many were the kind of “set up” bill the GOP likes that are written expressly to make the Democrats look bad, regardless of how they voted? How many were policies where Biden had actually changed his mind? Since when did changing one’s mind become a bad thing in the Democratic Party?

    I don’t think Sanders would make a good president. He’s much too stridently rigid. He’d be an excellent cabinet member. He could push as hard as he wanted for the policies he favored, shoving a Democratic administration farther Left. That might even be the best use of Bernie Sanders’ talents.

  132. jerry 2020-03-15

    Bravo Ms. Debbo Bravo! Very well written of a very good informative debate. Thanks for your post

  133. Debbo 2020-03-16

    Gracias, mi amigo.

    I’ve read some news fact checkers and they were harder on Sanders than me. Apparently he was quite selective in what and how he tried to hit Biden with various past votes and statements. As I suspected.

  134. Clyde 2020-03-16

    Well I’m done and it doesn’t matter what I do or say. Debbo I have seen facts that show just the opposite. Out and out lies by Biden. With Biden I’m betting Trump will be reelected. Unless R idiocy on the this virus does Trump in.

    No money for healthcare but 1.5 trillion has been dumped into the stock market and banking system in the last 2 weeks.

  135. Debbo 2020-03-16

    I know Clyde. There are places that say lots of stuff.

  136. mike from iowa 2020-03-17

    Clyde, Biden was announced winner of Washington state primary. I guess not everyone is enamored of Sanders as you, huh?

  137. Debbo 2020-03-17

    Per 538, Biden is the overwhelming favorite to win Illinois, Arizona and Florida today, each by large margins. In the Democratic Party’s proportional delegate award system, that means Biden gets a lot of delegates. I wonder if Sanders will drop out tonight or tomorrow? He should.

  138. Clyde 2020-03-17

    Debbo, I’m sure the propaganda machine is calling for Sanders to drop out but why should he? Did Hillary drop out when she was being beaten by Obama? IMO the only reason he is doing so badly is because of the media and DNC overwhelming bias against him. What he should do is start to prove Biden’s lies during the debate with video clips.

    Anyway, change of subject. This is cool:

  139. Debbo 2020-03-17

    Who cares what Hillary did? I care that Medical Moron is whupped in an enormous landslide. Then he goes to court on multiple charges and directly to prison for the rest of his miserable life.

  140. bearcreekbat 2020-03-18

    For what it is worth, it appears that the reason Hillary did not withdraw in the 2008 primary against Obama prior to the convention is

    due to a close race between Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, the contest remained competitive for longer than expected, and neither candidate received enough pledged delegates from state primaries and caucuses to achieve a majority, without endorsements from unpledged delegates.

    The current situation for Bernie seems quite a bit different. And the Republican candidate running in 2008, John McCain, presented a substantially less of a threat to the nation than does the existential threat presented by another 4 years of Donald Trump. One might reasonably conclude that this threat alone would motivate Bernie to withdraw and began campaigning for Biden since Bernie’s support hasn’t come to his desired fruition.

  141. mike from iowa 2020-03-18


  142. bearcreekbat 2020-03-18

    Clyde’s reaction (“makes sense to me”) to another pro-Bernie video is to be expected given the totality of his comments showing his exceeding strong advocacy for Bernie. When humans develop strong bias it becomes quite pleasurable to listen to videos that confirm these pre-existing views. Similar to the release of dopamine in human brains from of listening to enjoyable music, such videos that humans empathize with apparently cause the release of oxycontin in brains.

    In our first study of narratives, we took blood before and after participants watched one of the two versions of the video.11 We found that the narrative with the dramatic arc caused an increase in cortisol and oxytocin. Tellingly, the change in oxytocin had a positive correlation with participants’ feeling of empathy . . . .

    And to be fair, the same reaction can be expected from videos confirming other bias, such as a bias against the Democratic National Committee, Joe Biden, or a bias in favor of Donald Trump. The challenge is to be aware of our tricky brain activities and attempt to think clearly about the possible consequences of succumbing to pleaseure receptors that can harm us or others down the road.

  143. Clyde 2020-03-18

    Interesting analysis,BCB, and I don’t disagree with it. I’m sure the you tube algorithm gives me the choice of subject vid’s that re-enforce my bias. But I think that such an analysis pretty much fits with far more people than just me. Such as the sheep that are the current electorate that have gobbled up the propaganda from establishment news and establishment DNC. Exit polls show that Sanders ‘med for all’ is overwhelmingly supported by the majority of voters yet they have bought into having to vote for Biden. Think about that. They vote against their self interests. The media has convinced them that if they want to feel good they had better step into line behind the only one that could beat Trump.

    We will see, won’t we.

    Lefty friends of mine were pessimistic before this electoral season began. They, the establishment I presume, would never let a progressive like Sanders win. Looks like they were right and I was wrong. Propaganda works. It kept the Soviet Union in power for most of the century before something had to give.

  144. bearcreekbat 2020-03-19

    Clyde echos a claimed I have seen before – that primary voters that support Sanders’ proposals only vote against him because of anti-Sanders “propaganda from establishment news.” This assertion seems to confuse opinion pieces by some individual writers with factual news reports of the “establishment news.” From what I have read and seen from a credible media generally are simply news stories that do not seem to favor anyone. While a typical news story might describe the results of various polls that favor one candidate or another, this seems to be reporting factual events rather than propaganda.

    For example, Vox reported the results of a Kaiser poll that indicated a majority of responders did not favor the Sanders’ proposal of Medicare for all with no public option.

    . . . last month’s Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll, 62 percent of Democratic voters said they favored both single-payer Medicare-for-all and a public option. For the rest, 20 percent said they support only the public option, and just 12 percent said they back only Medicare-for-all.

    Was it somehow anti-Sanders “propaganda” to report the results of this poll?

    And if the media reports the fact that various polls consistently find responders giving Biden a greater chance of beating Trump than Sanders is that news or anti-Sanders propaganda?

    I have a hard time understanding this belief in establishment anti-Sanders propaganda, as it is not consistent with my own experience in reading news stories and reports, as opposed to editorials, which are by definition designed to favor or oppose a particular candidate or issue.

    Perhaps Clyde or another DFP reader could provide an actual example or two of what they perceive to be anti-Sanders “establishment” propaganda in the media or news?

    And as for the “establishment DNC,” whatever that is, I haven’t seen or read any anti-Sanders or pro-Biden “propaganda published by the DNC (maybe I missed it?). Perhaps well known members of the DNC personally have taken a position or advocated for a candidate, but isn’t that exactly what we would expect? And is there any factual basis to claim such personal opinions amount to “establishment DNC propaganda?”

    Absent reference to some solid factual evidence supporting these claims, which I fully acknowledge could exist, I ain’t buyin’ it.

  145. mike from iowa 2020-03-19

    Very informative Vox article, bcb. If you read only the first part, you might tend to believe Clyde about exit polls. But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding, a little deeper into the article.

    BTW drumpf body count from corona virus is pushing 150.

  146. mike from iowa 2020-03-19

    Maybe it is Sander’s people spreading propaganda…. from Fact Check…

    Quick Take
    A misleading tweet uses a faulty interpretation of exit polling in Massachusetts and incomplete reporting on two other races to claim there were irregularities in Super Tuesday elections.

    Full Story
    A misleading tweet casting doubt on the integrity of the primary elections on Super Tuesday got more than 34,000 likes and has migrated to Facebook as a meme.

    But its main claim is bogus.

    It says, “In Massachusetts, Biden’s vote exceeded exit polling by 15%. That’s statistically a huge red flag that fraud occurred.”

    Actually, the exit polling numbers in Massachusetts showed 34% support for former Vice President Joe Biden. That’s the same percentage of the final vote that he ended up winning.

    The tweet originated on an account that frequently posts in support of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is currently in second place in the delegate count behind Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination. Asked what the claim was based on, Lisa Pease, who runs the account, sent us a link to a website called TDMS Research.

    That site had posted a story on the outcome of the Massachusetts primary that included a table comparing exit poll numbers with the reported vote count for each candidate. Importantly, it used exit poll numbers from 8 p.m. on the day of the primary, according to the table. Those numbers were updated two hours later, though, according to CNN, the outlet cited in the table.

    Here is the link

  147. Dicta 2020-03-19

    I’m not a huge believer in horseshoe theory, but Sanders’ most fervent supporters lend it some credence. No amount of reality can convince them that Sanders is not the chosen one. First, it was; well Biden is only winning in states where he can’t beat the republican. Then, Biden trounces Sanders in Michigan and Florida, both battleground states Clinton lost. Next, the story becomes “DNC and Media bad! Sanders would be winning!” Stop moving the goalposts and accept your guy’s platforms are probably not as popular as you thought they were, you sycophants.

  148. mike from iowa 2020-03-19

    Tulsi Gabbard quits race. Endorses Biden. Then there were two.

    Happy first day of Spring, boys and girls.

  149. Clyde 2020-03-19

    First of all….a little history. Kaiser used to make cars. When that didn’t work for them they invented the heath care insurance business. Wonder how they might come up with data showing that no one wants med for all? Hmmmm.
    BCB, are your sources more credible than those that I follow???

    I never saw a single news source describing the reason Sanders was pushing med for all and why an “option” wasn’t workable. Can any of you tell me why he took that position???

    The “propaganda machine” as I like to call it constantly leads the discussion to where the so called establishment needs it to go. To anyone who follows their narrative it seems obvious as it does to many on alternative media.

    If you have some time on your hands I urge you to watch this vid:

  150. jerry 2020-03-19

    Dicta, calling Bernie supporters sycophants is not helpful to us. Most of us don’t even know what the word means. Here might be a better choice, blind followers. There, fixed it.

    Now VOTE BLUE, THAT’S WHO. Bernie needs to sober the hell up and throw his support behind Biden (from a true blue Bernie supporter), me. We have to rid ourselves of the stench of republicanism.

  151. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-03-19

    As Dicta and BCB note, and as I think I mentioned earlier, it isn’t about some “establishment” cabal imposing its will. Winning the primary is about organizing, campaigning, and winning a majority of votes and delegates. I love Sanders. I’d love to see him as President. He aligns with my views better than Biden does (although the difference on is only five points: 92% with Sanders, 87% with Biden). But a majority of participating Democratic voters don’t feel the way I do.

    Nobody forced that majority to vote for Biden. Nobody forced that majority to accept any critical news coverage of Sanders or alleged propaganda or anyone else’s arguments as determinative of their vote. We pick our candidates, we make our arguments, and sometimes (for Kucinich Democrats like me, it seems, every time in the Democratic primary) we lose. We accept that loss, we shake hands (or bump elbows instead of throwing them), and move on to the next great choice, which is do we want to save the country by electing a caring and competent public servant, or do we want to harbor petty grievances and let a malevolent ignoramus do irrevocable harm to the economy, the Constitution, and America’s global standing?

  152. Jason 2020-03-19

    Dicta says he does not believe in the horseshoe theory, then he suggests it might be true in the case of Sanders and his followers. Then he throws out a loaded term (sycophant) to describe Bernie’s supporters. That is dangerous language … comparing a Jewish-American and his followers to fascists. I wonder where Dicta got that kind of hair-brained idea?

    These types of smears against Sanders added up over time and propelled Biden into the lead.

  153. Clyde 2020-03-19

    Cory, I disagree with you on one point. The majority were, in a way, forced to vote the way they voted. There consent for Biden was manufactured as Chomsky mentions.

    Nice to see you were a Kucinich democrat. The establishment eliminated him as they have done with Alan Grayson and anyone else that doesn’t fall in line.

  154. Dicta 2020-03-19

    Or, wait for it Jason, maybe the majority of dem voters just think Biden would be a better President. Much like many Trump supporters, some Bernie fans (notice how I said some on both my posts!) just cannot accept the fact that maybe they don’t have all the answers.

    Staggering, I know.

  155. bearcreekbat 2020-03-19

    So Chuck Todd reports a statement from an opinion piece, apparently without any endorsement of the opinion, but apparently raising it for discussion among panel members. Jason calls this opinion a smear and says it helped Biden. Well, even if opinions are “smears,” voters still have the ability to accept or reject those opinions, just as Cory points out. It still doesn’t seem to justify a claim that the mainstream media is spreading anti-Sanders propaganda.

    mfi points out how actual smears might be coming from purported Sanders supporters. This raises the question whether Trumpists or Russians that prefer Bernie as the Democrat because they have concluded he is a more vulnerable Democrat than Biden are a key source for actual misinformation. I do note that such garbage speems to be spread on social media rather than by any mainstream news sources that I have seen.

    As for Clyde’s questions about the reliability of news sources, I leave that general question to the judgment of others. If there is a question on a conflicting factual news story from two sources, however, I could certainly give Clyde my opinion and reasons for which source I thought most credible.

    And as for the video Clyde posted I am not inclined to spend 2 hours and 47 minutes watching a video to try to ascertain the point of that Clyde thinks it makes or supports. As noted in an earlier comment, if Clyde wants to quote from the video with links to the section he relies and explain its significance I would be interested, but otherwise I consider the unexplained and unanalyzed lengthy videos he posts nothing more than rabbit holes.

  156. Clyde 2020-03-19

    Dicta, Jason and I appear to be in agreement. Alternate media showed Biden’s true history. That was out there for the establishment media but I don’t believe there was one word on it… fact the opposite.

    Manufactured consent.

    What is the percentage of the population that don’t vote? That are registered independents?

    The old adage…..You can fool some of the people…….

  157. Clyde 2020-03-19

    BCB, Chuck Todd was adept at leading all discussion against Sanders. He’s a master and its easy to see why he gets the big bucks.

    If you can’t stand to watch just the very beginning of the video I’m sure you are not going to read the book or perhaps discover what Mr Chomsky’s credentials are.

  158. Dicta 2020-03-19

    Sanders should win because people who dont vote would vote for Sanders. Even though they didnt vote for Sanders.

    Through. The. Looking. Glass.

  159. bearcreekbat 2020-03-19

    Clyde, can you provide some example” of Chuck Todd “leading all discussion against Sanders” that might back this claim?

    I have read about Mr. Chomsky’s credentials and his theories. And I am aware of how public opinion can be manipulated with false claims and stories. A great book covering the history of such manipulation is “Fantasyland,” by Kurt Andersen.

    Andersen describes reasons for his argument in an article from the Atlantic.

    In this thread we are addressing whether there is support for the proposition that our mainstream media is publishing anti-Sanders propaganda. From what I have seen and read, the idea that this is happening seems to be an example of the very type of fantasy thinking explored by Andersen, especially considering some of the sources for the thesis and that lack of any meaning factual evidence supporting the the thesis.

    As for Chomsky, I am not inclined to search his lengthy writings or videos to discover whether he cites any factual evidence that the mainstream media has conducted a propaganda campaign against Sanders. If Clyde or anyone else can direct me to such evidence based findings by Chomsky I will take a gander.

  160. Clyde 2020-03-19


    Jason just gave an excellent example though I can’t get his link to work. Chuck Todd comparing Sanders supporters to the Nazi brown shirts!! I think it is obvious with statements like that that swaying the electorate was the only purpose.


    The looking glass that I am looking through is the one that says that a huge majority of Americans no longer support the two party system or feel it is worthwhile to waste their time voting. Not the one that you wish to allude to that they didn’t come out for Sanders.

    Hows that old adage go again… can fool some of the people all the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

    Something like that.

    People are waking up but I’m afraid there is little that can be done and I don’t see another Sanders on the horizon.

    I’m old and loosing my eyesight so I won’t be around or a force come next presidential election but I really feel sorry for the youth of this country.

  161. bearcreekbat 2020-03-19

    For Pete’s sake Clyde, try to get your facts straight. The video posted did not claim “Chuck Todd [was]comparing Sanders supporters to the Nazi brown shirts,” rather Todd reported on what another person said.

    And even if Chuck Todd had made the claim himself, isn’t that a mere opinion rather that an alleged fact. Propaganda is based on lies and misleading representations, not actual facts. And I will be the first to admit that election opinion pieces and editorials have the sole purpose of “swaying the electorate.” But I would think you would likely agree that writing an opinion is not “propaganda.”

    Last, if by reporting this statement by another person, Todd was spreading propaganda, then wouldn’t you be equally guilty of spreading the same anti-Sanders propaganda since you wrote it here on DFP?

  162. Dicta 2020-03-19

    If people were so sick of the same old stuff and Sanders is the antidote, then people would vote for Sanders. Every single time you deny your own premise and don’t seem to realize it.

  163. Clyde 2020-03-19

    BCB, how about the fact that anytime Sanders was in front of the media or even in discussion by the media the inevitable “how are you going to pay for that” would come up yet we just seemed to pluck 1.5 trillion out of the air to shore up the Dow and big bank’s. The establishment media is completely controlled and anything they put up should be taken with a grain of salt.

  164. Dicta 2020-03-19

    The bailout is being funded by debt and, after tax cuts, the nation’s deficit is growing a result. The right is being excoriated for it on a regular basis. What are you on about?

  165. jerry 2020-03-19

    Dicta, the republican could care less if they’re excoriated or not. Blame only puts more money in their pockets that is stolen from the working stiffs of this country. One day they, the working stiffs, will realize they’ve been slaughtered by the republican…what am I saying?, like wrestling with a pig, you get muddy and the pig likes it.


  166. Clyde 2020-03-19

    Dicta, all of everything is funded by debt. Sanders plan actually saved the citizens money but not much of that was mentioned to the electorate. When its at the top no one questions it.

    Have you ever wondered about that deficit? Not another argument to get into.

  167. bearcreekbat 2020-03-19

    Clyde, asking a factual question based on the reality that new programs have to be paid for doesn’t seem to qualify as media propaganda under normal definitions. Don’t you agree that propaganda consistents of public statements based on factual lies and misleading representations? And are you contending the question is somehow improper?

  168. Clyde 2020-03-19

    Dicta, I didn’t make it clear that what I was talking about was the narrative. The subject of Sanders couldn’t come up without the phrase “how are you going to pay for it” but 1.5 Trillion can be funneled to the banking and stock market and most people are not even made aware of it.

  169. jerry 2020-03-19

    Clyde is a trump supporter, so that is the way it is. It is always good to sometimes hear from the other side. Carry on Clyde, but at least quote Hannity in the mix.

  170. Clyde 2020-03-19

    BCB, I didn’t here Chuck Todd mentioning that Micheal Moore for one was questioning Biden’s mental decline in the last four years or the opinion of many that a good many things concerning Biden were out and out lies.

    The example that Jason put up was clearly done to lead the electorate.

    It clearly is too late to argue about it farther. Wonder how they even convinced Tulsi Gabbard to cave or did she just think there was no hope.

  171. bearcreekbat 2020-03-19

    Now the failure to repeat Michael Moore’s opinion constitutes “propaganda?” I don’t think so. Since there seems to be no factual basis for the assertion that “that primary voters that support Sanders’ proposals only vote against him because of anti-Sanders ‘propaganda from establishment news’” it makes little sense to discuss this claim further.

    And if Clyde is a Trump supporter as Jerry reasonably concludes from Clyde’s attacks on Biden and unfounded claims of media propaganda, I still appreciate the opportunity to address and debunk some of the false claims and narratives designed to weaken the Democratic candidate and assist Trump. So in that sense I thank Clyde for his respectful comments and his willingness to engage in this discussion.

  172. Jason 2020-03-20
  173. Jason 2020-03-20
  174. jerry 2020-03-20

    Remember when trump said “hoax” to the virus? Me too. 15,000 so far and we don’t even have test kits available. Tulsi did the right thing, hope Sanders does as well. Biden Warren would be on helluva ticket.

  175. mike from iowa 2020-03-20

    Jason, inthesetimes is far left, Democratic Socialist. They apparently are biased in Sander’s favor.

    According to Media Bias Fact Check….LEFT BIAS
    These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy. See all Left Bias sources.

    Overall, we rate In These Times far Left Biased based on editorial positions that align with Democratic Socialism. We also rate them Mostly Factual in reporting, rather than High, due to a significant imbalance in story selection, as well as the use of frequent emotional language which can be misleading.

    Sounds like a bit of Sander’s propaganda emanates from this site.

  176. mike from iowa 2020-03-20

    It appears Gabbard logically endorsed Biden since Bernie appears to have no shot at getting the nominee. There is no mystery why people choose Biden’s visions over Sander’s. And i seriously doubt it had to do with bias or propaganda fro the left.

  177. Clyde 2020-03-20

    For those that wish to call me a Trump supporter I’d like you to know that I am a mostly life long liberal Democrat. I admit to voting for Nixon because he was going to get us out of Vietnam. He did. I also admit to buying into Reagan against Carter as well and that was a huge mistake. Those were the only times I have ever voted for a Republican president. I would not and have not voted for Trump.

    Do not forget though that much of what won him the presidency was the fact that he was pushing PROGRESSIVE ideas. Get rid of the rotten trade deals, bring the jobs back, drain the swamp.

    Trump is blowing about the DNC doing in Sanders and I would have to say he is mostly right.

  178. mike from iowa 2020-03-20

    I admit to voting for Nixon because he was going to get us out of Vietnam. He did.

    One of the scariest rabbit holes I’ve ever encountered. Clyde, what year did the last B-52 leave Saigon?

  179. jerry 2020-03-20

    Nixon kept us in Vietnam as a traitor. Johnson had the war ended, but Nixon betrayed this country with his treason with a back door deal that killed about 25,000 Americans and wounded a couple hundred thousand more, me included.

    We still suffer the expense of blood and treasure in the Middle East because of team Reagan that could have gotten the hostages out. He saw something else though, trading cocaine for gun running to destroy Mexico.

    I would never soil my name by putting a mark beside a republican, ever. They clearly know only corruption and a lack of empathy for those they deem untouchable. No wonder India greeted trump like a Viceroy, they both have a long standing caste system.

  180. bearcreekbat 2020-03-20

    I appreciate Jason’s link to the story alleging CNN bias against Sanders. Upon reading the story, however, I found no allegation of false or misleading CNN stories nor allegations of “mainstream media propaganda.” Instead the article seemed to focus on CNN reports of opinion pieces and editorial advocacy. I have no quarrel with the reporting of opinion pieces because voters with access to facts can judge for themselves whether the opinion is valid or based on mis-statements. That said, the article did not apear to allege that any of the opinions referenced contained false or misleading statements. Sanders himself says he is a “socialist” so any opinion piece or story that labels him a “socialist” seems consistent with exactly what Sanders wants people to believe. And various polls apparently have determined those people responding think Biden has a greater chance against Trump than Sanders and unless there is some evidence that these results have been falsified, which I haven’t seen, reporting the results of those polls is simply factual information.

    And as for Clyde, there are at least two catagories of Trump supporters: (1) knowing and intentional supporters; and (2) people who say they oppose Trump but take action that helps Trump, such as publicly attacking Trump’s Democratic opponent or refusing to vote for Trump’s Democratic opponent because he fails to pass their purity test.

  181. Clyde 2020-03-20

    OK, Mike, I never said that Nixon was any good. I said I voted for him because he SAID that he would get up out of Vietnam. He did after a fashion.

    As far as B52’s IN Vietnam, I didn’t think there were any. They flew in from other bases outside of the country. I was there. Saw lots of bombs being hauled off of my carrier by A4’s.

  182. jerry 2020-03-20

    Nixon did not get us out of Vietnam, the Vietnamese got us out of Vietnam with our tail between our legs, completely whooped. There was no formal leaving, just helicopters on roofs and then helicopters being pushed overboard on that blue navy you were on.

  183. Clyde 2020-03-20

    Yes, Jerry, I was fooled. Not the first time that the electorate has been fooled. No one knew about the rotten Nixon or Reagan deals at the time. Lets not forget the whole Tonkin gulf incident deception. There has been no reason for war at least since WW2 and there is plenty about that that smells. It’s main blame was the banksters that brought about the world wide depression of the thirties.

  184. Clyde 2020-03-20

    Further on the subject, Mike and Jerry. I remember sitting it high school study hall and reading everything I could come up with about Vietnam. Things were just really beginning to ramp up over there and I thought I should get a handle on it. In that high school study hall I came away from my reading wondering how in h**l we could ever win a war there. Turns out we couldn’t but our government couldn’t see that. Our military industrial complex made out pretty well over that war and every one since. Meanwhile the people of this country have been made poor for their wars.

  185. jerry 2020-03-20

    Kennedy knew we were not gonna win and tried to get out before he got killed. Everyone knew that this was not winnable as the French had found out very clearly. The Vietnamese whopped up on them just exactly like they whopped up on us. We fought them the same same way as the French, and, low and behold, we had the same results.
    Nixon sold us out completely and got away with it.

    Our standard of living went down the tubes after that war and never recovered. Now we want to give bailouts to the same crooks and liars that drove us in the ditch all those years ago. No Bailouts for the airlines, for big oil and for the crooked bankers.


  186. Clyde 2020-03-20

    Well, Jerry, I hope the blue can do what you suggest. I think it would have been more likely with Sanders.

  187. jerry 2020-03-20

    Indeed the blue can do, much better than being red and dead.

  188. jerry 2020-03-20

    Clyde gives more reason to ring the tip jar for Cory’s real news blog.

  189. jerry 2020-03-20

    What the media should do is stop airing the dumbarse in the white house and start airing Democrats along with healthcare providers and manufacturing firms that could start making ventilators and masks and gowns for free.

  190. Robin Friday 2020-03-20

    Trump should get out of the picture, off the screen, he’s just using the pandemic report as a substitute for his rallies he can’t do. After the Peter Alexander thing, I’ve not said this before, because I am a realist in my head, if not my heart, but Trump should now apologize to the press, and then resign–not for attacking journalists, but for failing to lead us capably through a life and death crisis.

  191. Robin Friday 2020-03-20

    Don’t make those people who are real medical experts stand behind you all day while you rattle on, Mr. Prez. Let them do their jobs, and their job is NOT to shore up Donald Trump. We don’t need you to go on talking all day just to use up air time.

  192. Jason 2020-03-20

    Where is Biden? We are in the middle of a crisis and Biden is no where to be seen. Biden is a huge mistake.

  193. jerry 2020-03-20

    Biden his time…. When he is the prez, you can go back to sucking your thumb and wrapping in your blankey, all will be well. I know you’re scared, and like Clyde, and fear makes you do irrational things like getting angry. Pull up your big boy pants and know that when Biden and the Democrats get back in, we will finally see some progress.

  194. bearcreekbat 2020-03-20

    Biden did present suggestions and ideas for dealing with this crisis during his debate with Sanders, but Jason must have mssed that. Otherwise since Biden holds neither an elected nor appointed position of power I am not sure what Jason’s point is – what does he expect Biden to do beyond offering his wisdom for consideration?

    Sanders, however, as a sitting Senator has the authority to submit or support legislation to address the crisis.

  195. mike from iowa 2020-03-20

    Biden didn’t want to confuse wingnuts by telling them the truth about the pandemic. They are so used to being lied to.

  196. Jason 2020-03-20

    Imagine a Democratic voter, during a pandemic, supporting a candidate who does not favor universal health care. That is a mind washed by corporate media.
    Biden is a huge mistake. Biden is worse than Hillary. Congrats corporate Democrats. You just jumped the shark.

  197. mike from iowa 2020-03-20

    Bernie is not losing on universal healthcare issue alone. Most Dems see Biden as more electable. Get over it.

  198. Jason 2020-03-20

    Biden is more electable? Biden? The guy who has disappeared this week during the greatest crisis in recent history? Where did you hear that Biden was more electable? You have been fooled by the corporate media. Biden is a weak candidate. Wake up. Biden is in cognitive decline and the establishment is protecting him. Those who support Biden now will be responsible for Trump’s reelection. This $hit makes me sick. The Democratic Party is over. Realignment is in process right now.

  199. Clyde 2020-03-21

    Pelosi is fighting the R’s latest suggestion of a UBI. I think to try and get any political traction the dems can get after the offer. As one wag noted, a R party UBI right now means Trump is automatically re-elected.

  200. mike from iowa 2020-03-21

    Chicken little and his other brother Chicken little.

  201. Debbo 2020-03-21

    The GOP’s plan gives you more $ the more you make. People whose income is below $40,000 get $0.

  202. Jason 2020-03-21

    Pelosi and Schumer better wake up in a hurry before Trump and Romney outflank them to the Left. How pathetic is that? Romney has a more progressive plan than Pelosi.

  203. jerry 2020-03-21

    Riding the Pale Horse

  204. jerry 2020-03-21

    Romney invented Obamacare in Massachusetts when the ACA was just a dream.

  205. jerry 2020-03-21

    Then he acted like he didn’t know anything about it. Spur that Pale Horse sir… yippee tie one on.

  206. jerry 2020-03-22

    Nationalize healthcare. Not medicare for all, healthcare for all.

  207. Clyde 2020-03-25

    Meanwhile, Sanders is working his arse off on this pandemic while our next Democratic nominee Biden is fund raising and keeping his head down so that no one can see what an incompetent leader he would be. Of course the propaganda machine will not cover Sanders so that the electorate can see what a true leader looks like.

  208. jerry 2020-03-25

    Sanders is working his arse off??? doing what? He better be keeping his arse at home and practicing social distancing.

  209. Clyde 2020-03-25

    Jerry, unless you are willing to get some news from alternate media you wouldn’t know what Sanders has been doing because the propaganda machine that is giving us Biden won’t cover it. For one thing he has raised 2 M for indigenous community’s that are under served by our health care system. Also real news from him about the pork in emergency funding. Haven’t heard from the chosen one.

  210. Clyde 2020-03-25

    The latest is that Kamala Harris will be Biden’s VP pick. She was gone in the first round of the primary’s but she sure is a friend to big business. Vote blue no matter who!

  211. Debbo 2020-03-26

    Sheila Kennedy knows smart people and likes to share their knowledge. Wil Wilkinson is one of those people. He said,

    “Warrenism grasps what many other Democrats (like Mr. Biden) don’t: Liberalism is on the ropes because it became complacent about power. We liberals got ahead of ourselves and began to take the institutions of inclusive, liberal-democratic capitalism for granted — despite the fact that our first serious strides toward full democratic equality were taken well within living memory. The collapse of Communism made us think we’d won for good, and we became fixated on tweaks to liberal institutions to enhance economic efficiency or make them better conform to academic ideals of distributive justice rather than tackling their deep-seated structural and procedural flaws.”

  212. jerry 2020-03-28

    Like Krystal Balls is some kind of legitimate news source. That dingbat is as loony as those who think she’s not.


  213. Clyde 2020-03-29

    Times have changed since this interview to the point that this virus alone will likely defeat Trump regardless of who runs against him. Biden will not be good for the country.

    Here’s some more from another source that maybe you will give a little more credibility to.

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