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Burke vs. Pierre: Sutton Scores with Anti-Corruption Ad

Billie Sutton shoots and scores! His new video ad goes after corruption in Pierre and shows something his Republican opponent Kristi Noem: a voting record of actually doing something about the problem:

The law Sutton authored is his amendment to 2017 SB 54, which does exactly what he said: prevents candidates from converting campaign contributions to personal use. (Hey, Dennis Daugaard: have you spent that million dollars yet?) Kristi Noem has nothing like that in her quiver. Go ahead and try, Kristi-lovers: tell us one law she’s passed in response to corruption to reform campaign finance in South Dakota.

And watch that imagery: EB-5! GEAR UP! (Both scandals blew up with deaths by firearms in his district.) And smiling, friendly, honest South Dakotans “all working together” in good old Burke versus all those self-interested lobbyists haunting the grey, faceless Capitol. “This town”—Pierre—”needs to work like yours and mine.” Dang: that’s good writing!


  1. Kelly 2018-09-18 13:54

    Isn’t that why Ravnsborg was nominated for AG in Pierre? Ravnsborg will make sure no investigations, and no prosecutions happen, especially against political insiders. If Fitz or Russell as AG you can bet the investigations would have happened. So ask yourself why was a man that has never done a criminal jury trial nominated AG? Time to end corruption at all levels in Pierre.

  2. jimmy james 2018-09-18 14:22

    Billie attacking corruption while Kristi attacks…. Billie.

  3. jimmy james 2018-09-18 14:35

    In her attack ad, Noem is trying to morph Billie Sutton into Hillary Clinton. But last I looked, he preferred cowboy hats to pantsuits. Maybe Kristi should start talking about real issues.

  4. jerry 2018-09-18 14:51

    What has always surprised me is that NOem beat Jackley and beat him badly. NOem has no clue about real issues in South Dakota because she has been immune to them for several years now by only having to make sure her hubby’s business needs were addressed. Given that, how did she beat Jackley? Was he that bad of a candidate?

  5. jimmy james 2018-09-18 15:28

    Thank goodness she ran out of money by the end of the primary or she’d have been throwing mud non-stop for eight months now.

  6. Dana P 2018-09-18 18:02

    Another great Billie Sutton commercial. Excellent.

    The new NOem ad, talking about how Billie Sutton and Hillary Clinton are twins separated at birth (ok, that’s my words – but it tries to show how Billie is Hillary is ridiculous) , is laughable. South Dakotans, if all Ms NOem has is that kind of “trash” talking? Come on. She proves everyday she isn’t a serious politician.

    Will Billie ever step over the “South Dakota nice” line? He doesn’t need to “trash talk”, but man, has he got some ammo on her. (didn’t protect farmers Trump’s tariff wars, voting to hike the deficit into oblivion, only helps the rich – invitation only fundraisers w/Trump that costs mega bucks, lied about her father’s death and taxes, etc) This is valid ammo that Ms NOem has no defense.

    It’s ok, Billie. You can GO THERE.

  7. Sam@ 2018-09-18 20:00

    This Republican has s voting for Sutton. I hope the rest of my fellow Republicans will see he is more conservative than Noem

  8. Debbo 2018-09-18 22:56

    That is a very good ad. Everything about Sutton and the ad is warm and inviting. The ad goes after 2 things– corruption and those people in the capitol. But not our nice little home towns. Not us. We’re all in this together, the good guys.

    Really, really well done. I think it’s smarter than attacking. It maintains Sutton’s positive and likeable persona. Only Noem is dark and ugly.

  9. BlackHills76 2018-09-18 23:30

    Talk to your family, friends, any one you know about this wonderful guy and show up to vote! If you have some spare change… donate it. Billie can win this thing.

    I’ll ask everyone here one question… when was the last time you saw a SD GOP Governor candidate run a negative ad against the Dem candidate? I’m 42 and I’ve never seen it. That tells me one thing… she’s scared. There’s something going on in her internal polling that she doesn’t like. How bad does everyone here want to end that 40 year streak of winning the Governor’s office by the GOP? Get active. Donate a few dollars. Put up some signs. Help Billie out. He’s extremely capable and likable. Let’s win this thing!

  10. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr., 2018-09-18 23:36

    This is a great ad! One can only wonder, however, how much longer the GOP are going to continue to run negative ads, which involve Hillary and ObamaCare, like Noem’s? Noem’s negative ad lacks any originality or creativity and does not live up to her consultants’ work against Jackley earlier this year. I know Democrats still talk about Herbert Hoover, but Hillary and ObamaCare, really? Perhaps, ‘Back to the Future IV’ needs to be produced with it taking place in 2068 and in the background of one of the movies scenes it shows a GOP candidate still talking about H and OC…. ;-)

  11. Debbo 2018-09-19 00:17

    Here is an awesome ad for MN Dist 3 Representative. It’s about incumbent Eric Paulsen, Pootiepublican who avoids his constituents. This is hilarious and I’ll bet garners votes in a very close race. His opponent is Dean Phillips, Democrat.

  12. T 2018-09-19 09:16

    “I passed a law…” Pretty sure one guy can’t pass laws.

  13. Robert Rademacher 2018-09-19 09:42

    Do South Dakotans want a part time Govenor like they would get if Noem wins? The number of votes she missed in Washington would tell you she would be a part time Governor like she was a part time representive of South Dakota. Supposely she said that the votes she missed weren’t that important. I am sorry every vote effects somebody and is important to them. She may compare Billy to Hillary but I compare her to Sarah Palin. A real loser.

  14. Jenny 2018-09-19 09:42

    Black Hills76, I’m not in SD, how often are the Noem commercials airing on TV this time? Every three minutes? In MN, all the years I’ve been here, campaign commercials were never aired as frequently as SDs GOP. The SD GOP really takes the trophy for nonstop annoying campaign commercials 24/7.
    Debbo, the bigfoot commercial is hilarious. Sure hope Paulsen gets beaten.

  15. jerry 2018-09-19 09:46

    T, trump did when he screwed South Dakota farmers with the tariffs and then the Bribe.

  16. Jenny 2018-09-19 10:01

    Hope Kristi doesn’t kill someone speeding to Pierre if she happens to win. And hope she puts the cell phone down while driving. We already had a governor that killed an innocent victim while speeding.
    As the farmer she proclaims to be, you would think she would want to slow down and look at the SD fields and appreciate the wildlife scenery.

    How many speeding tickets did she have again? My goodness, SD has enough of a road problem with speeders already.

  17. T 2018-09-20 16:06

    Jerry, if those tariffs truly did screw the farmers, then they better vote for Billie since it appears Trump has grabbed Kristi by the pu***.

  18. mike from iowa 2018-09-20 16:18

    Can hardly wait for the Noem ad accusing Sutton of being a cut and run Democrat.

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