Santema: Calling out Bigotry and Misogyny Too “PC” for Aberdeen

Libertarian blogger Ken Santema says the District 3 Senate race would have been closer if I just weren’t a social justice warrior:

Some will say the negative attack ads sent out by the SD GOP against Heidelberger tipped the balance towards Novstrup. Personally I don’t think the postcards did much, if anything. I believe what kept this from being a tight race is the same thing that caused Hillary Clinton to lose some support: social justice warriors. Heidelberger is a social justice warrior and is not afraid to use political correctness as a tool while blogging or speaking to groups. I believe this cost him a lot of votes. I’ve actually spoken with a handful of long-time Democrats in Aberdeen who were turned away from Heidelberger for often throwing out words such as bigoted, racists, misogynist, sexists, etc… Using those terms to label opponents does a great job of getting his base supporters excited, but it pushes people away who might have otherwise listened to his message. I think if the 2016 election proves anything it is that people on the whole are sick of political correctness being used to shut down discussions [Ken Santema, “Looking at the SD State Senate General Election Results,” SoDakLiberty, 2016.11.11].

Funny that this handful of purported long-time Democrats didn’t come talk to the Democrat on their ticket, express their Democratic concerns, and work toward our common goal of electing more Democrats. We do all live in the same district, you know, and it’s not hard to get a hold of me.

For the record, no Democrat came to me during this campaign and expressed concern that I was working too hard for social justice. Had they done so… well, then we might have had a frank discussion about how we need a different candidate. I have little confidence in my ability to witness bigotry, misogyny, and other forms of hurtful ignorance and aggression and not offer criticism. Saying Dearborn, Michigan, is ruled by Sharia law is ignorant bigotry. Kissing and grabbing women against their will is woman-hating aggression. Criticizing such bad behavior doesn’t take a PC (politically correct or Presentation College) warrior; it flows naturally from good upbringing (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and probably can’t be cured.

But hey! At least Santema, who has participated in negative attack ads before, agrees that this time around, the SDGOP mostly wasted their money on their negative attacks.

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  1. mike from iowa

    Aberdeen needs to change its name to “Truth Hurts”, South Dakota.

    Really, don’t fear the truth. It will set you free.

  2. Porter Lansing

    Mr. Santema … I take offense to your use of the term “political correctness” to cover your bigotry. Politically correct and political correctness are terms embraced by right wing zealots to shield themselves from valid criticism. Correct is correct, no matter what qualifier you choose to cloak it with.

  3. David Newquist

    Dismissing matters of bigotry, misogyny, and other forms of hurtful ignorance and aggression as matters of political correctness is a way of denying their their existence. It is a ploy, a strategy that allows people to deny that they are part of a morally corrupted society The reaction to having a black man as the chief executive and commander in chief and Trump’s overt expressions of the supremacist attitude has made it more acceptable to express openly personal hatreds and prejudices. Those expressions were muted following the civil rights era. Social injustice is a fact faced by many people,including here in Aberdeen. To some, inflicting social injustice is a personal right, not something they want government or any other entity to interfere with, and to them it is a matter of political correctness, not a matter of enforcing liberty, equality, and justice. The libertarian view largely accepts the primal organization of dog packs and the rule of the reptilian cortex over the the rule of social and political inventions that the human cerebellum has devised. Citing political correctness is a way of endorsing discrimination and oppression, the old rhetorical error of lumping human virtues under a label of denigration.

    As for those postcards and newspaper ads, there probably is no way to make an empirical measure of their effect. I do know they have become -part of a much larger study of how the deterioration of rhetorical discourse has affected the political climate of the U.S. and other democracies, of which our republic is one form. The very presence of those postcards and ads in our community, without recognition of their insidious strategies, is a very strong statement about the moral and intellectual state of our community.

  4. Ben Cerwinske

    A friend of mine loves Glen Beck. Sometimes he shares a story he heard on Beck’s show, or on the internet. It’s one of those fake articles (i.e. participation trophies were handed out to protesters). I pointed out the story was false and gave evidence for its falseness. That was it. No need to label him anti-millennial. No need to say he was an out-of-touch so-and-so. You can shed light on the truth without backing people into a corner.

  5. Donald Pay

    Good grief. I can’t think of anything more hateful than what Santema said: hateful to you and to his fellow South Dakotans.

    It was a badge of honor to wear for a lifetime if you were a “social justice warrior” opposing the Nazis in the 1930s. We look at the Santema excuse for those good Germans who said nothing and looked the other way as evil and cowardly. Anyone who stands up for others against bullies is a hero. People like Santema are cowards.

  6. David Newquist

    “City” should be “citing.” Autocorrectness is a real problem.

    [I edited David’s comment above, but his request for correction here is funny and to the point. —CAH]

  7. David Newquist

    Donald Pay stated something that came to mind. One of my correspondents, Anne, and I were in Germany over a 20-year time span when Germans began to confront how much aid and encouragement the people themselves to the regime that made the Holocaust. That kind of diminishment and denigration of protests akin to the label of “political correctness” was a part of it.

  8. How about the Racist Trump , Would santema be jumping up and down for this Man.

  9. Even when people use those false articles to back others into a corner, to support their scapegoating and excuse their bigotry? The false articles are weapons; we should point out the harm for which those weapons are used.

  10. Ben Cerwinske

    Point out and explain the harm. But if you label someone, do you think they will change? The man I’m talking about is the furthest right in our group of four that regularly talks about the issues, followed by myself. He’s probably further to the left than he otherwise would be. Why? Because the three of us have a good relationship with him. We don’t call him names or assign labels to him. Pointing out where he’s wrong creates cognitive dissonance. By all means do that.

    How many times on this blog have commentators bemoaned the anti-intellectualism of the right? What I’ve proposed seems to be basic psychology. To go against it is anti-intellectualism.

  11. It’s just like when Republicans continually say racist things then complain about others pulling the race card. Or pulling the race card themselves in a preemptive manner by bringing it into a conversation where nobody said anything even remotely about race.

  12. mike from iowa

    Ever notice how Drumpf never labeled “Crooked Hillary” or the “Dishonest Media”?

  13. I, for one, think it was mean for the media to call Mr. H any sort of names. The 20 points in the election were for fast talking and arm waving. Presentation over substance. Superficiality over what is deep in a mans heart.

    At least that’s what I believe, although I am pretty sure Mr. Novstrup has a good heart too.

  14. Donald Pay

    Ben makes some sense. Most people don’t want to be accused of being racist. At least we have come a little ways from the days when many folks were damn proud of hating blacks or, more likely in South Dakota, Indians. People now don’t profess hate, but you can’t live in South Dakota longer than a few months and not hear someone spouting the standard racial stereotypes about Indians as if they were “fact.”

    There are those on the racist right who are proud of their hate. Most just spout off, using stereotypes, because they have some sort of racial resentment, or because they want to fit in, or because they have heard it all their lifetime. No, Indians don’t receive a check from the federal government every month for being Indian, and most Indians are not drunks. And, no, Mexicans don’t have legs the size of cantaloupes from carrying marijuana across the desert. They aren’t rapists and murderers. They work hard, often at low-paying jobs, just like your ancestors, until they save up enough to start their own businesses. And most blacks have jobs and don’t buy expensive cars on the government dole. Why is it that I never hear liberals spouting off these stereotypes? What do you call someone who states these things over and over in a campaign? And what do you call those who support that person?

    I don’t know what other words to use but “ignorant,” or “stupid,” or “racist.”

  15. I completely agree with my friend Mr. Pay. Except for the “legs the size of cantaloupes” part, which I am having a hard time imagining. I am thinking a cantaloupe is like 8 inches in diameter. Now back in my day I had legs with muscles like you wouldn’t believe, probably 20, 24 inches in diameter. But now, even in old age, I measure the diameter of my thigh as maybe 9, 10 inches.

  16. Most people now really don’t give a care what you may think about their racial beliefs. If you are in a room full of white folks, it doesn’t take too long for the conversation to go south. They used to look around before that, now they do not. If you cannot hear that in South Dakota right now, then you are in a different state out of earshot. Go to the coffee shops where the old farts gather, just sit there reading a paper or something, they will start to filter in and soon, there off to the races (pun intended). Yeah, we have come a long way Mr. Pay, but it has been backward.
    No one likes to be accused of anything like racism or farting and not claiming it, but it happens all the time. The stench now is getting worse.

  17. Donald Pay

    Here’s one for the PC police to enlighten the liberals. How should we handle this situation?

    On Wednesday after Trump won the election a middle school boy sauntered up to a girl at a school here. He exclaimed, “I’m gonna grab your pussy!”

    Needless to say it shook up this young girl, because she knew the source of that question, and she was worried that maybe now some boys would think that kind of behavior was allowed. The girl told her mother about it, and the girl and the mother approached the school’s principal.

    Is it PC to expect this boy to have some sort of punishment for this behavior that our President-elect bragged about?

  18. Roger Cornelius

    As a product of the 60’s and 70’s I have personally seen the accomplishments of ‘social justice warriors’. I’d like to think that I am one.
    Social justice has always been a part of the development of this nation. To those that object to political correctness, all they have to do is think slavery, Civil Rights, Jim Crow, Voting Rights, the 18 year old vote and so much more. As a group of social justice warriors we forced Nixon to end the war in Vietnam.
    There is no greater contribution that Americans can make than to be an advocate for equality and justice.
    Now, with Trump in the White House social justice warriors will have to retool our movement to aggressively attack the Trump administration.

  19. mike from iowa

    Read this Grudz. It should give you some comfort as you drift off to sleep tonight.

  20. Mr. C, I thank you for your service today.

  21. mike from iowa

    Seems some schools around the nation are having trouble with whitey wingnut’s kids shouting white power and leaving racist graffitti in school bathrooms and bullying kids of color. Wonder where they get these ideas?

  22. Roger Cornelius

    Donald Pay,
    As I mentioned above, I was an activists in the 60’s and 70’s and astoundingly the stereotypes about Indians were the same as they are now.
    For better than fifty years I have been hearing those lies and it is disappointing how they have become so much a part of the racist rhetoric of today.
    With so many refusing to educate themselves about minorities, religious groups, etc. it often seems that this country has not grown up since those times.
    After my Indian activism of the 60’s I had to educate myself about White America because I had so many friends and associates that were White and it was an obligation for me to learn more about the White people I would have to live with.

  23. mike from iowa

    From Charles Blow- Also, let me be clear: Businessman Donald Trump was a bigot. Candidate Donald Trump was a bigot. Republican nominee Donald Trump was a bigot. And I can only assume that President Donald Trump will be a bigot.

    It is absolutely possible that America didn’t elect him in spite of that, but because of it. Consider that for a second. Think about what that means. This is America right now: throwing its lot in with a man who named an alt-right sympathizer as his campaign chief.

    He seemed nice-not.

  24. I was willing to vote for a republican for the first time in my life after Bernie lost. The more Donald opened his mouth and the more I read into his life the more I disliked.
    Most presidents are narcissists but Trump is bordering on being insaner than most as Grudz says.

  25. He is indeed, Ms. Jenny. He is indeed. At least Ms. Clinton was not insane, but Mr. Johnson was the proper choice.

  26. This must seem to some of you libbies, and to many of us ordinary folk, like we went to bed with a bad movie playing and woke up with Mr. Sibby being elected President. Insaner than all get out. Mr. Howie would be better and he has better hair!

  27. Ben Cerwinske

    Donald Pay that boy should face consequences. I would be fine if he was suspended. I would not be okay with the principal calling the boy a pervert. Even if you don’t care about the boy’s feelings it would be a bad idea. He would likely internalize that he’s a pervert incapable of change. That girl would more likely continue to be in danger.

  28. Mr. Cerwinske, it is probably politically incorrect to call this individual “that boy.” I think the term is “young man” and actually only infers physical gender, not perceived or wannabe or any of that other stuff. It is a “young man” if he has the parts, and a “young lady” if she has not.

    Not “that boy.”

  29. Porter Lansing

    Old men thinking too much about young boys is bad. It is bad.

  30. It is very bad indeed. That is why I like to think about Ms. Noem and Ms. Bosworth. It is good.

  31. happy camper

    Granted I’m not in your district Cory, but how many times have I said the PC thing stinks, that liberals have become regressive, ridiculed you for saying “we are all the same” like a kindergartner while you gave a pass to those “social justice warriors” who went after Trace O’Connell before he had a fair trial. I like you but you have a lot of growing up to do, you don’t know when to pull back, listen and learn. You think you’re right almost always and at times lack judgement. I’ve already forgotten her name but that doctor you just had to destroy like personal vengeance. Get off your self-righteous high horse come on down and mingle with us stupid people your IQ does not make up for your lack of understanding people in fact it interferes. You write this post so everyone will tell you you’re great, you’re not, you’re flawed like the rest of us, look in the mirror and learn some humility.

    Love from happy camper. I’m even worse in person.

  32. mike from iowa

    Happy you are delusional. You are confusing Master with Dirtbag Donnie Drumpf. He is perfect. Just ask him.

  33. Dr. Bos is a fine person. Mr. H is a pretty fine person too. Let us not devolve into the riotous hordes that Ms. Clinton has roaming the streets. That kind of thing might happen in Des Moines but not in Rapid City.

  34. Darin Larson

    Happy, you are going to have to change your name. Having a bad day? I reread this story and I don’t see that it called for the tongue lashing you handed out to Cory. With friends like you, Cory doesn’t need enemies.

    If you can’t bear the thought of someone calling out racial injustice, discriminatory rhetoric or other social injustice than I think you are in the wrong forum. In my view Cory is the exact opposite of politically correct. If he was politically correct, he would do anything and say anything to get elected and pander to everyone and let injustice go unchallenged.

    Your personal attacks are beneath you.

  35. I think there are just some disgruntled people these days, and the gruntled ones who just voted are saying something else. We can all be kind about it.

  36. Roger Elgersma

    If you lose for being right, your time will come. It took 100 years to stop slavery but no matter how much money was in slavery it got beat.

  37. Roger Cornelius

    That was an extremely insulting comment delivered by Coyote about Cory.
    Coyote needs to grow up and realize that he can’t change people just because he thinks they need some kind of grooming to please him.
    Since the election was over I have read comment after comment about how Cory needs to change his thinking.
    I’d suggest that Coyote and others that are giving Cory really bad and unsolicited advice look in the mirror and come around to Cory’s thinking.
    A number of years ago Cory did make a political change by changing from republican to Democrat. He didn’t need anybody’s advice to make that change and he doesn’t need it today.
    For the most part, Coyote’s criticism is falling on deaf ears, as it should, and if he doesn’t like Cory’s politics he should sign on to the Powers Dump Site.
    I do know this, if Cory makes changes that Coyote and others keep suggesting I probably wouldn’t be a regular of Dakota Free Press.

  38. I feel for my friend Mr. C, but I am certainly not saying Mr. H should change his thinking. The bloggings I have read or written were about why Mr. H lost (haircuts, armwaving, rapid style of speech, etc). Not that Mr. H should change. Goodness no, who among you wants Mr. H to change? Please speak up. I think Mr. H is Mr. H and the judgement is not about changing. I love Mr. H just as he is today. And was last week. And probably will be next week.

  39. To be more clear, Mr. H should not change his way of thinking to get elected, for it is his way of thinking that he wants to be elected for. My observations of the superficial presentation are just the practical manifestation of why some libbies can’t get or stay elected.

  40. Ben Cerwinske

    I’m not sure what Coyote said, was it deleted? But Cory did ask for suggestions. I would have voted for him. I did vote for the other Democrats on the ballot minus Clinton. Williams didn’t connect with me. Hawks on the other hand did. I had the pleasure of attending her two gatherings here in Spearfish. I thought she could have gone after Noem harder though. Between her and Cory is the right note for me.

  41. Mr. Cerwinske, Mr. Coyote said stuff that had to be deleted. I think you are righter than right that somewhere between Mr. H and Ms. Hawks lies the sweet spot for the Democrat party. The problem seems to be the vitriolic hate that any reasonable candidate goes with, versus totally insaner than most candidates with arm waving insanity.

    The Democrat party should fold. Start over. Goodness sakes.

  42. Ben, while I respect the idea that we must remain inclusive and not alienate people, the urge against labeling sounds like the urge against “judging.” “Not judging” has become a mantra of modern discourse, but how can we not judge? We need to evaluate and name things, especially public statements and behavior that affect public policy.

  43. I actually had this discussion with a new legislator yesterday. The new legislator complained about my name-calling. I agree that “name-calling” by itself is bad, anti-intellectual, and unproductive. But the complacent/arrogant Republicans in this state (complacent because they are surrounded by cronies who don’t criticize them, arrogant because they act with impunity without an opposition party strong enough to hold them accountable) think they can get by with labeling any critique, any real identification and explanation of harm (which Ben still encourages me to do), as mere name-calling and thus marginalize any critics. But I’m not just throwing empty labels: I’m explaining offering real, thoughtful, fact-based critiques.

    Again, don’t like being called a bigot? Don’t write bigotry into state law.

  44. Don Pay, do you have a link to substantiate that middle school story?

    If it’s true, it shows that role models matter. I prefer to be a role model of fighting racism and misogyny.

  45. BIll DIthmer

    Happy is right!

    The Blindman

  46. Porter Lansing

    ABANDON SHIP – EVERYONE FOR THEMSELVES!! (buy guns … your neighbors are crazy!!)

  47. Porter Lansing

    It’s going to be an inverse “ATLAS SHRUGGED”. Take your compassion, your common sense and dignity and get the hell out of here. We’ll rendezvous later.

  48. happy camper

    The blog has a bit of persecution complex: righteous indignation mixed with a little bit of bloodlust – always finding fault – voters do not like these qualities unless they share the same view, then they’ll be your biggest fans sure all griping together, but there comes a time to move beyond this way of thinking.

  49. mike from iowa

    Happy- here is a nickel, go buy a new tune will ya?

    Question, comrades. Since the lying bastard wingnuts that effectively stole Obama’s Scotus pick said they would let the people decide who gets to choose the next nominee, will they allow HRC her rightful pick since she won the popular vote-hence the people’s vote?

  50. mike from iowa

    Drumpf offended our neighbors to the North, now they are paying us back.×440.jpg

  51. mike from iowa

    Drumpf is making money of his inaugural. To stay in his dump close to the WH you need a five night stay at $1200 bucks per day.

  52. Donald Pay


    I do not have a link. This story is from a friend of Liz’s whose daughter was verbally harassed. It turned out this boy also harassed a couple of other girls at the school in the same way, and they reported it, too. The principal took it very seriously, and the girl has reported the boy has some consequences to deal with as the result of modeling his comportment after our President-elect. All this, of course, is third hand. I doubt this will ever come to a linkable story, as these issues are dealt with confidentially in a school environment.

  53. Happy camper wrote: “Love from happy camper. I’m even worse in person.”

    Oh my, that’s quite the intimidating comment. As if you’re the only one in the world who can deliver a sharp tongue lashing. I’m not going to suggest you “get over yourself” because you far too entertaining.

  54. Donald Pay


    You are so right about educating oneself about cultures or races other than your own. Just knowing someone from another race or culture as a friend is important. I went to Patrick Henry Junior High (as it was called then) in Sioux Falls. It was nearly all white, but we had a black classmate who was great at sprints. He was also going blind, but he had one or two years of very bad sight left. I also was in track, and competed in the sprint races. I was pretty slow at top speed, but was quick out of the blocks, just the opposite of Harris. So, I served as the rabbit. He could see me for about two-thirds of the 100-yard dash before he passed me like I was standing still. I was kind of a typical white boy in a white Republican family in a mostly white Midwestern town until then. I started thinking about how people sometimes harassed him. It wasn’t all the time, but it was enough that I could tell how much it hurt him. I wanted to pound those kids, but I didn’t. It would take a few years of moral development for me to really start taking stands for other kids. Sometimes kids would say something to me about Harris, and I would stick up for him. Just knowing Harris changed me forever. I don’t have a similar story about Indian friends. I don’t recall any Indian students at Patrick Henry.

  55. David Newquist

    It is revealing how a blog that, in David Brooks’ words, demonstrates “the normal respect for facts and truth that makes conversation possible” is so petulantly labeled as “politically correct.” Dakota Free Press is one of the few sources of information, including the state’s legacy press, that consistently states the facts and provides the sources of information, and has the courage to expose aberrant behavior that shreds all the norms of decency.

    I wish it would require some commenters to use their actual names so that we know exactly to avoid should we encounter them.

  56. Porter Lansing

    A victory speech from the group that chose beer and pain pills over night school and now need someone, besides themselves, to blame for their unfulfilled lives …
    Dear Democrats and Liberals,
    I’m noticing that a lot of you aren’t graciously accepting the fact that your candidate lost. In fact you seem to be posting even more hateful things about those of us who voted for Trump.
    Some of you are apparently “triggered”. Because you are posting how “sick” you feel about the results.
    How did this happen you ask?
    You created “us” when you attacked our freedom of speech.
    You created “us” when you attacked our right to bear arms.
    You created “us” when you attacked our Christian beliefs.
    You created “us” when you constantly referred to us as racists.
    You created “us” when you constantly called us xenophobic.
    You created “us” when you told us to get on board or get out of the way.
    You created “us” when you forced us to buy health care and then financially penalized us for not participating.
    You created “us” when you allowed our jobs to continue to leave our country.
    You created “us” when you attacked our flag.
    You created “us” when you confused women’s rights with feminism.
    You created “us” when you began to immasculate men.
    You created “us” when you decided to make our children soft.
    You created “us” when you decided to vote for progressive ideals.
    You created “us” when you attacked our way of life.
    You created “us” when you decided to let our government get out of control.
    “You” created “us” the silent majority.
    And we became fed up and we pushed back and spoke up.
    And we did it with ballots, not bullets.
    (yes, he did spell emasculate with an “i” and two “m’s”.)

  57. mike from iowa

    Poor widdle butthurt Us, YOU LIE! If you had a kristian upbringing you wouldn’t need to be misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, pathological liars. You are all those things because that is what you sincerely believe and anyone not on board with you and yours are the enemy. Enjoy your stay in the sewer. :)

  58. mike from iowa

    A drumpf protester was shot in Portland, Oregon. He was protesting on a bridge when someone drove up, confronted and then shot him. The victim did not sustain life threatening injuries.

  59. Porter Lansing

    And this from the group that preaches self-reliance, boot strap self-improvement and autonomy. They seem to be a bit less than responsible for their own situation.

  60. There were some huge wins in the Untied States “Eight states now have legal recreational marijuana: Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada, as well as Washington, D.C.” Man, that is great news. Of course, that will not happen here, the beer industry just makes to much money for anyone else to think they could even bring more revenue into the state. But I predict that tourism will certainly rise in these places, Good on them!

  61. Sounds like the dude may have shot himself. That is usually how it goes when it is non life threatened. Guns, lets all get them so we can be reminded about sexual stuff and so on. The bigger the pistol, well you know.

  62. Interesting that Ben is able to posit a “right note” somewhere between Hawks and me. I would suggest that I will never be able to field and entire slate of candidates who will all hit exactly that right note for Ben… and even if I could, I’d have a slate of candidates who would hit the wrong note for almost every other voter (assuming, of course, that almost any “note” can find a subgroup for which it will sound “right”). My candidate recruitment plan is thus to offer Ben a slate of candidates where we have a Hawks and a Heidelberger and Ben hears the average between us (or the harmony?) and votes for both of us.

    Is that how it would work, Ben? Do Paula and I run as a gubernatorial ticket in 2018 and get your vote by balancing each other out?

  63. Donald Pay, thank you for the clarification. The story is appalling, and it’s what teacher now will have to deal with. Every time they deal with a bully, with a child treating girls or Mexican students or Muslim students cruelly, they will face the possibility that the child will mouth back, “But the President did it! Why can’t I?” And then when the teacher explains why that behavior is inappropriate, the parents can go on a witch hunt, claiming the teacher is peddling liberal social justice warrior politics in school. “You won’t be making our kids politically correct!” those parents can cry, undoing every school mission statement and every good teacher’s moral commitment to protecting children from racism, sexism, and fascism.

  64. (Happy—persecution complex? Did you see the postcards? I think I’m allowed some leeway here.)

  65. Porter, you’re fighting a straw man, only this time is *you* that doesn’t have a brain…

  66. Cory, happy wants you to dumb down. Simple as that. The last thing we need in the world are smart people. If you are able to formulate (put together) a sentence on paper, you are dangerous in the minds of many. Some yearn for the days when only the priests were educated with the knowledge that the world was flat and revolved around the sun. Ah yes, the good old days of burning the heretics at the stake. Hey, what happened with ISIS and bombing the crap out of them?

  67. Ben Cerwinske

    Actually Cory I was thinking the same thing. I definitely see Hawks as the leader of the loyal opposition. I would love to see her run for governor. I personally would love to see you as lt. governor. Would the rest of the electorate go for it? I don’t know. I see you as Grant to her Lincoln. You might be better off in the field :-).

  68. I think that Democrats need to be careful not wear their PC on their sleeve. There’s a fine line between being supportive of others and being the PC police, and Democrats don’t have the political capital to spend right now. I’m not saying to abandon your roots, but sometimes you need to ask yourself if you want to be right, or to win.

  69. If lovin you is wrong
    I don’t want to right….

    Just running is the main thing. Democrats should come up with a platform that does not have a trapdoor on it. Get some doers in place. There are already a lot of thinkers. Then go to the national folks and demand money so an operation can be in place. Start putting it in place. Hire a staff that are workers that are not anal.

  70. I took advantage of Cory’s phone # last night and talked with him for a few minutes. I was not aware of all that he had done in his campaign. I concluded he pretty much did everything right (or at least what I would think would win elections). SD is an uphill fight for anybody to the left of Attila the Hun. This is partly true because there is no voice between elections that gets good points about progressive policies and programs into the regular media in South Dakota. Democrats can not win elections here without favorable name recognition and a coordinated statewide never-ending push on good ideas and resistance against GOP humbug mythology.

    Then of course, there are SD voters like one who had a letter in the Mitchell DR a day or so ago but after the election rejoicing because Trump was on God’s side and would protect him and others who share his mythology from the devil’s spawn. Not his terms, but a pretty good summary of his “logic” and command of “facts”. I don’t think there is any campaign or approach which will influence these people who fell hook, line, and sinker for Nixon’s Northern Strategy.

  71. Ah, Ben, bonus to being Lt. Gov.: I’d get to preside over the Senate, where I could use my parly pro skills!

    Doug, thanks for calling! Sorry I had to run—speech tournaments run on strict time schedules and agenda. So should party meetings. ;-)

  72. Roger Cornelius

    Would someone please explain to me, like I was a four year old, exactly what is wrong with being politically correct? Shouldn’t political correctness be an attribute?
    During one of President Obama’s final campaign speeches he cautioned against American’s accepting Trump’s ‘normalcy’ and his hateful and vulgar language.
    As was mentioned above, the word pussy on this blog was only used to refer to a cat, now it is a part of the Trump ‘normal’.
    Political correctness indicates respect to our fellow human beings.
    The 1st Amendment guarantees your freedom of speech whether it is political correct or political incorrect, if you choose to be political incorrect and treat people in demeaning ways make sure you are aware of the consequences.

  73. Chip, if it’s an absolute binary choice, I’ll take right, probably every time.

    That doesn’t mean I’m going to go knock on every door in town and demand that every resident have a ten-minute conversation with me about inclusiveness. But it does mean that if lay blatant racism, sexism, fascism, or falsehood in front of me and ask for a public response, I’ll give you the truth.

  74. Roger, you’re right. There’s no way to make “don’t be politically correct” into usable parenting language. Our message works much better with the new voters of 2030: “Be good to each other. Don’t bully anyone.”

  75. Porter Lansing

    Hi, Roger … Great question. Politically correct is construed by bigots as a way to speak so as not to piss off we whining pussies. If they say the “n” word and we object, we’re being politically correct because they believe they have freedom of speech to say what they choose.

  76. Porter Lansing

    Bigots of course do have freedom of speech to say what they choose. But that doesn’t shield them from valid criticism, which accentuates their bigotry and causes them inner guilt … sometimes.

  77. Roger Cornelius

    Along the same line of your thinking, you can’t imagine the number of times I’ve been called a racist because I called someone out on their racism. Apparently that is some form of protectionism for their racism.

    Always forgotten in their arguments is that racism is applied to minorities.

  78. mike from iowa

    Dems don’t have the political capital to spend?

  79. Roger Cornelius

    I worry about the damage that Trump has done and will do to those 2030 voters.

  80. Roger Cornelius

    Wow Mike
    That is quite a list of accomplishments for the ‘worst president in history’ as he was called even before taking office.

  81. Porter Lansing

    That’s “projection”, Roger. Trying to salve what you’ve done by accusing your criticizer of doing the same thing. Bigots have invented the term “political correctness” in an attempt to salve and shield themselves from criticism for saying and doing things they know are wrong but don’t want to be demeaned for. They justify their bigotry by accusing the critic of being something worse … politically correct.

  82. bearcreekbat

    I wonder how Trump’s bad boy wrestler persona might work in SD. We have to recognize that it brought him incredible media attention and perhaps he is right, it matters not what you do because if the public learns your name they will remember it much longer than whatever negative statement or act that got the attention of the press and media. And it seems the more frequent and weird attention getting devices you use, the easier it is for the public to forget or discount the last weird thing as “old news,” all the while remembering your name as someone important. And you even get to create your own fact deprived reality, just make sure that “reality” affects our reptilian brain anxiety sector so it gets our immediate attention.

    SD voters sure seem to think that Trump’s name is worth putting in the White House regardless of his prior antics. Perhaps individual Democrats in SD need to gain a whole bunch of negative or crazy publicity before the next election. Make noise and get lots of TV and news coverage based on outrageous statements. Get that free TV time – Trump’s campaign was apparently inadvertently funded by media to the tune of 2-3 billion dollars just because of his outrageous public statements.

    Given the state of the current political situation in SD Democrats now face, I parrot Trump’s appeal to African Americans – “What have you got to lose?” SD Democrats need to get in and stay in the news by whatever means it takes.

    Blame “establishment” politicians for all our state’s corruption and ills in such a way as to generate story after story. To start with, how about calling loudly for Rounds impeachment (can a Senator be impeached – who cares as long as the press covers it). Innuendo seems to work quite well – Are Rounds or members of his staff shotgun carrying hunters? Were any seen with Benda on that fateful day? You don’t necessarily know the answers, but you can ask the questions, just as Trump did – “somethings going on here folks, somethings going on, I don’t know.”

    Remind voters over and over again about the crimes of Republican establishment members Ted Klaudt and Bill Janklow and wonder out loud whether other Republican share criminal propensities. You get the picture, crap sells and by selling crap you might just get an opportunity to actually grab the attention (and votes) of disinterested SD voters and incite our more primal anxiety tendencies.

    Right now, there is literally no excitement in SD, just a general complacency with how things are under long term Republican control. But be warned, if you gain the power to accomplish goals, make sure those goals will benefit most SD residents or this plan will be found out and eventually catch up with and bite you, just as it will likely bite Trump in the end.

    While such political maneuvering disgusts me, it does seem to be the 21st century’s path to change. And maybe, just maybe, there are times when the ends justify the means? That has to be what Republican voters in our state believe considering the 2-1 support they gave to Trump and his team.

  83. bcb, Senator Larry Pressler, a republican, publicly declared that Richard Benda was murdered. There, that is a public statement by a public official. I believe it to be true. I think that Richard Benda was a whistle blower and needed to be silenced. Senator Pressler did not say whistle blower, but it makes perfect sense. There should be an autopsy on the events as well as first hand reports from US Marshals who were on scene. Something went on here folks, somethings going on, I don’t know, but Marty Jackley does and so do a handful of others. Maybe in this new suit against Joop, something else may slip, because something has gone on here folks, and is still going on, we don’t know.

  84. Roger Cornelius

    If you think Trump’s crazy conspiracies were outrageous during the campaign just wait until he appoints Steve Bannon, yeah that Bannon of Breibart , as his new chief of staff.

    The difficulty with your idea of throwing any BS that you can think of out there for the media and the public to pick up on is that it requires a special skill that only Trump has.
    Apparently it the Trump ‘normal’ that requires real skill to be a liar, racist and fascist and get away with it.

  85. A side note bcb, maybe of interest is this Jewish writer. His personal history is incredible, but here is his powerful words.

  86. bearcreekbat

    It is truly amazing isn’t it Roger.

  87. Porter Lansing

    @Jerry It’s a common inside joke among we SoDak ex-pats that the state has “two” major sets of hills. The Black Hills and the hills made from all the things that have been swept under the collective rug of deception. It’s a toss up which hills are higher.

  88. Mr. Lansing, my father used to say that if the crooks worked half as hard doing honest work, they would be more successful than thieving. I loved my father and respected his words, but in South Dakota’s political landscape, he was clearly mistaken.

    I have read many posts about what to tell children about this new direction of our country and I would say to them what have you been telling them about the direction of our state. Here, lying and stealing are a prerequisite to right wing politics. The only republican who bitch and moan about their fellows, are the ones that want to take their jobs and really make a profit for themselves.

  89. Porter Lansing

    Jerry – I think the Republicans get away with it because hiding things is ingrained within the culture. When I moved to CO 40 years ago I was appalled and embarassed by stories people told about themselves and their families. After living in several states I realized being open and not secretive about your dirty laundry was normal and the closed lip culture of South Dakota was the odd duck. People up there expect deception. I think it starts with all the Catholics and their centuries of sinful secrets.

  90. Hey Cory, I just think that sometimes people need to learn a little humility. This may be kind of a goofy example, but do you remember the rift Matt Damon had a year or so ago over some comments about keeping your sexually a private matter, gay or straight? He got jacked around a bit by the gay community over his comments, and I’m just thinking that Matt Damon is a very prominent, vocal liberal actor, who has never had anything bad to say about the gay community, and they’re treating him like he’s been toting around a flippin ‘God hates fags’ sign.

    #1 Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    #2 Learn a little humility.

    #3 Nobody wants to hear that crap, so until you learn #1 & #2 keep your comments to yourself, so us adults can work to keep people like Trump out of office.

  91. Mr. Lansing, I do not know where you have lived in South Dakota, but for me, those I know do not know how to shut the hell up. So wherever it is that it is a closed environment, that is where this kind of secrecy is sown. Catholics are always suspicious as that is part of the history, I think it was called the Inquisition. Lutherans, man those guys will spill the beans as soon as the can is open. Presbyterians are kind of mysterious, so you have to watch them doubly for a poker tell. But the money god, that overrules all religion. To cover for it, all involved will most certainly be in the amen corner tomorrow with one eye towards a prospect that they can take advantage of, while the other eye is even more calculating, say Hallelujah boys.

  92. Porter Lansing

    Jerry … Read what Chip just said about being humble and keeping things to yourself and your mouth shut. It’s a culture that naturally accepts secrecy in Pierre. Colorado state gov’t is a hundred times more open and honest, with ten times the budget to spend.
    I grew up in a town with 3 Catholic Middle schools and one public one. A Catholic majority for sure. Most of the Catholic kids are still there and the Protestant kids moved to Mpls. and CO.

  93. Yep, I just read what Chip had to write and I wonder if he gets the irony of what he wrote about opinions. Colorado is a very fine place for sure that has always been ahead of the game. The place where you lived here must have been very depressing. Happiness was that hell hole in your rear view mirror. Me, instead of worrying about hell, I was raising it. Damn, I had a lot of fun, but knew when to slow it down too.

  94. Roger Cornelius

    That seems to be a pretty disjointed comment by Chip, I’m not quite sure what he is saying.
    Maybe people should exercise more caution when discussing things such as sex and religion.
    However, should we practice humility when discussing politics and government?
    When we see graft and corruption at the highest levels of state government, do we go against our values and shut the hell up just to get along?

  95. Porter Lansing

    I grew up in the late 60’s (Days of McGovern) and politics was pretty balanced. I’d come back for pheasants and holidays. Stopped going for about five years and the next trip the place was all gun huggers and right wing extremists. What happened was Fox News and Rush Limbagh. Sad for Watertown, Brookings and Aberdeen.

  96. No Roger, you quit bitching, you stick to your strong points, like job creation, and when you win, you laugh in their corrupt little face.

  97. Jerry~ I’m not saying that people shouldn’t express their opinions, but express them and get back to what’s on voters minds. Jobs. To sit and and dwell on whether someone is buying a cheeseburger for a member of Congress is fruitless, and it won’t buy you votes. Nobody cares.

  98. Plus to take the wind out of the sails of a lobbyist is far more effective than trying to legislate their power away. And it makes you look like a rock star instead of a whiney little bitch.

  99. Roger Cornelius

    Put your little choo-choo train back on the rails and say what you need to say.
    So far you haven’t been doing it very well.

  100. Roger Cornelius

    President Obama won the jobs argument with our current unemployment rates at historic levels.
    There is obviously more to do with job creation, but there is an equal amount of work to do on other issues like corruption, education, etc.

  101. Mr. Lansing, I have a theory that when the draft ended, we Americans lost all focus on what Democracy means. We even got an actor for a president that read from a script and told us we were great. He dusted off a couple old battleships and put them to sea. Threatened world peace and we got our asses handed to us in Beirut. We loaded up, blew the horn of retreat and got the hell out of there to leave those folks on their own.

    After the draft, we did not have to think that serving the country in any way was honorable, the pay was not good and you had to actually work. People started looking at the country like a piggy bank of what it owed them, and boy did the government come through. When you get something for nothing, you can become cynical and suspicious and very protective while being leery of strangers that come into towns as if they were there to invade them to steal these subsidies. Then people lacked the feeling that the government would protect them from themselves. They ridiculed public servants as freeloaders while condemning the very government that helped them in so many ways. In order to justify their fears, they started looking for the same kindred spirits and here we are today. Armed to the teeth while crapping our pants in deadly fear of the immigrant family that moved in the next county or just the fear of knowing that others know our little secret that we have come to distance ourselves from democracy as if it is a stranger to open the door for someone who is as far away from democracy as you can be.

  102. Roger, I don’t know how to make it any clearer. Sorry

  103. People don’t care about corruption right now. If they did. You’d maybe be winning elections.

  104. Roger Cornelius

    Work on Chip, we on DFP are not the enemy.

  105. I go all around the state Chip and I see help wanted all over. What jobs are you talking about? If you are talking about jobs in Ohio, then say so. Companies move out of the country because they are traded publicly. When they are traded that way, there has to be a profit or the CEO is DOA. Wall Street rules baby. Jobs are what you can find as always. If you are talking about jobs in Kentucky and the coal fields, I can tell you they ain’t coming back, ever.

  106. If do not care about corruption, then what does winning an election matter?

  107. All I’m saying is that jobs are #1 on people’s minds right now, and Democrats have a lot to offer in that arena, but nobody hears about it because all anyone in the Democratic party seems to be able to talk about is why we shouldn’t turn our backs on the BLM moment, or the big win for the LGBT community in gay marriage this past summer, or how voters here or voters there are being purged from the voter rolls. Don’t get me wrong, all of these things deserve attention, but the American people have more pressing things on their minds right now. And I’m sure when they’re interested in funding out how much the Koch’s spent on TV ads they’ll look you up, but for now, they’re with *him*. The guy who has been promising for the last year to bring their jobs back. Because it wasn’t Trump’s minions that cost you this election. It was working class Americans who felt that they were being lost in the shuffle.

  108. Jobs over human rights and human dignity deserve more than our attention, they are the foundation of democracy. When democracy fails you see a false sense of success for a few months and then the reality of inflation and an end to services. Where will all these “jobs” be and how long will they last? How will corporate America tolerate tearing down a factory in some other country to bring it back here, what will the stockholders say? Show me a stockholder that will forgo their dividend checks for anything. That is the purpose of their investment, to make money on moving jobs to low paying countries. Come on Chip, your being played just like the rest of those that bought into the ponzi scheme. What this is all about is to have you looking in one direction so they can pass tax breaks to steal what little you have and stick it in their pockets. They ain’t bringing those jobs back, check out Carrier in Ohio, right now at present time. Then look at their new factory in Mexico. Then check their stock prices and growth. The jobs ain’t coming back Chip, sorry.


    Yeah, they are pissed off. Who should they be angry with? They should ask the reason for the move and why corporations shuffle stock options to make everything keep looking like growth. After paying false dividends for some quarters, they have to actually do something to make up, that has to be done with labor and that cannot be done here, so they move. Greed is a powerful thing, but at Wall Street, “Greed is good”

  110. To comment directly on the original post, I never heard Cory speak, so it’s tough for me to say, but I would say Trump deserved special attention as he was a special type of bigot. But that wouldn’t excuse anyone from not spending the vast majority of their time bragging up their own positives.

  111. I said Ohio and it should be Indiana. At 3 bucks an hour, are you gonna work for that?

    This is what is going on. The jobs will come back here if you are willing to work for 3 bucks and hour, 24 bucks a day without taking taxes. Workers are just going to be let down again with the false hope of a better tomorrow while the owners will be getting huge tax breaks with more coming. And, they keep getting voted in because of support for our fellow citizens, pretty weak tea to put the blame on defending the Constitution instead of giving more tax breaks to the wealthy.

  112. Trump got special attention 24/7 on the echo chamber. He said the stuff he said and made no excuses for it. He did not just suddenly appear like a thief in the night, he was invited into folks living rooms to listen to the impossible.

    Ya lost me on bragging up their own positives, explain please.

  113. Jobs aren’t coming back? I’m sorry you feel that way. I guess you’re right then about the whole human dignity deal. It’s kind of like hospice. As long as we’re dying, we may as well be comfortable. What a rosy pucture.

  114. I was referring to Cory in his speaking. Was he spending more time bragging up his positives or harping on their negatives, which would be twisted into being PC in the political arena.

  115. We die a little each day so that is not a big deal. For far to long we all have been complacent about what difficulty we have to make ends meet. The echo chambers say that it is because of the immigrants and taking our jobs, clearly this is not correct. But when you are pissed off, you have to blame someone. As long as all know that what is being said are just words that take you from thinking about jobs to blaming those you see as obstacles to get rid of, then you understand the game being played. This is not a democrat nor a republican blame game, it is who is pulling the strings. These legislators could care less about what party they belong to, it is how they got there and what they have to do to keep up the theft. They work for the corporations, the money boys. They sure as hell don’t give a care about the working class.Take a look at the big donors here in the state and then do a check on what they do. They are all tied in place to make sure that any money for projects comes their way. They get the money and they dole it out. All the while telling the folks that they are protecting them from those tax and spend liberals. So for the last 40 some years, it has worked like a clock. How have your wages been in the last years? Do they compare with what these owners are getting? Why should we allow that? If we want jobs, we need to be paid and in order to do that, these rich dudes must fork it over. They should not get a free pass as they put their shoes on the same as you do.

  116. Cory goes into detail about what he is talking about. Some think that he is full of himself for doing so, but he tried to get his message out. He did do that in so many ways though, those initiates and other pieces of legislation had a lot of success. A big lot of that came from his ability to explain the pro’s and con’s of each of them honestly. I don’t see him as a bragger, I see him as a story teller that does not embellish himself any more than necessary. Look, when you are selling something, you sell the hell out of it or your paycheck is kind of skinny. He did a pretty good job for a rookie.

  117. Roger Cornelius

    Let’s talk about jobs in South Dakota, we have an unemployment rate of about 4.9% so it isn’t a big political issue.
    Democrats in South Dakota weren’t seduced by Trump’s bring our jobs back since he was one of those that sent those jobs overseas.
    What Democrats did do in the last two election cycles was to get the minimum wage increased, only to have a republican legislature strip away the minimum wage for youth workers.
    When republicans said kids weren’t worth being paid a minimum wage, Democrat Cory took it upon himself to let the public vote on the youth minimum wage and won by a wide margin on Tuesday.
    We can talk job creation until we are blue in the face but the real problem lies with the lack of good paying jobs.
    Most of the small businesses in South Dakota pay minimum wage, a minimum wage that is not enough to support a family of four.

  118. Good points Roger. Yes, lets talk jobs. There are plenty here that are minimum wage jobs that in order to survive at them, you must have help. The government helps Walmart, as an example, by paying Medicaid and subsidies for their workers because of low wages. Obamacare subsidies help to keep these small businesses doors open. The family of 4 that is on minimum wage is about to get a huge haircut if NOem, Thune and Rounds have their way. Taking care of those little ones could now become impossible, especially if they get sick or hurt. This means that wages will have to rise that will put more pressure on businesses to send even more jobs out of the country, while sending profits to Ireland or the Cayman’s. The working men and women will not be helped in this mess whatsoever in the long run. To further add to the misery of the working poor, look for the Earned Income Tax Credits to be attacked. The only thing that might save that are the banks and the tax industry who get paid huge sums to administer those funds.

    Speaking of taxes, I wonder when the tax codes will be so simple that you can do it on a sheet of paper. Republicans call for a post card form I am sure that the tax boys are looking forward to that haircut as well, so there will be closures there as well.

    So then, where will these jobs be? Putting in pipelines for oil? Maybe, that won’t take to long. Then what? What are we gonna build and who will we market to sell to when there are trade wars? Maybe we can sell Encyclopedias to one another, oh crap, that won’t work either

    I think the model will be Warren G. Harding redux complete with the Tea Pot Dome, how appropriate.

  119. Douglas Wiken

    I view political correctness as labeling some kind of speech so evil it should not be discussed. It is moral cover on moral issues. But, stressing politically correct discussion will not win elections. If you want to be a moralist philosopher, discuss politically correct issues. If you want to win elections, realize that most of the political correctness benefits a small part of the population that often does not vote anyway. The same political correctness and using that term to attack perspectives irritates and turns off a few dozen or hundred for every vote it gains. You must chose where you fight. In the general public miasma or in the legislature of on a county commission. You have to decide for yourself which will do the most good. Most of us do not have Trump’s aura to make doing both or the exact opposite possible.

  120. As I’ve said before, jobs are a strong suit for Dems. They just need to get their message out. Trump has been pushing for infrastructure spending to create jobs, which has been a long time staple of Dems. People need to know that. Trump has been pushing for import tariffs to level the playing field on cost of production. Another idea snatched directly from the Democratic play book. You want a current, real world example of how a no holds barred free market system works? Look at the disaster in Kansas. These are all things that need to be brought up and driven home to the American people. Not who’s hand is in who’s back pocket, or possibly reaching around the front. Not who’s vote didn’t get counted. That will all work itself out once you punch this F’er in the face. Social media is free, and as long as you’re not too self indulgent, it’s very effective. Politics is huge for national news outlets and would jump at the chance to keep this national debate going after the election. To say that your voice can’t be heard is just an excuse. But by all means, ignore my bit of constructive criticism. Things seem to have been working out well for you. It’s not like you just got your ass handed to you or anything…

  121. Douglas Wiken

    The impact of social media is grossly exaggerated as far as I can tell. Candidates sitting on their dead asses posting on Twitter and Facebook and thinking they have done everything possible to win an election may not actually influence anybody to vote or change their mind.

  122. Bill Dithmer

    Here’s my deal. Ive adopted a way of thinking to keep me from beung mad about Trump.

    Its not so much the president and the porn queen that should be your focus now, its you. This might be tough for some of you but try a little self examination for a few minutes.

    What have you done for your communities that has had a direct impact on that community? I dont mean running for office, that would be under the heading of aquiring power. No what have you done without getting paid to help those that live where you do?
    And what have you been doing to improve yourself and your country? Are you actively involved in promoting change, or are you a whiner and bitcher that sets behind a keyboard? And if you are making a difference, are you bragging about it?

    My point is, do you feel the need to have someone pat you on the back, or is your anonymous act ok with you?

    If you complain without action, its the same as a fart in the wind. If your actions are silent but produce somethimg great, thats what im talking about. And by the way that is what the bible tells a true Christian to do.

    It shouldnt make any difference to you if anyone else knows what you have done, if you feel good about it that should be enough.

    And this. What have you done for your country? If you served, thank you. But if all you do is bitch, I just dont have time to listen to you.

    How many posters today can answer these questions and still feel good about themselves? You dont have to say it here, just think about it.

    I’m ok with what ive done, if you are to that is as good as it will get for ya.

    The Blindman

  123. mike from iowa

    What you say is true enough, Blindman, but for every anonymous do-gooder there are dozens of rwnj evil pols out there destroying all the good works to keep themselves and their slime buddies in power.

    Wingnut kristians love the sinner and the sins he commits because it helped them get control of the United States. Drumpf is the furthest thing from a kristian I have ever seen and more wingnuts are becoming just like him.

  124. Bill Dithmer

    MFI, unless someone adopts this attitude they wont move on. Remember, its not someone else your looking at here, its you.

    The Blindman

  125. As I read through my comments, I just want to say for the record Cory, that I’ve never heard you speak, nor have I heard anything from anyone else about your speaking. So none my comments are directed at you in any way.

  126. Chip, to sample my audio, try these media appearances from this election season:

    BCB and Chip offer opposite alternatives: campaign as Trump, or campaign as anti-Trump. BCB, I would suggest that I’m about as close to Trump as a South Dakota Democrat gets without lying and advocating moral outrages. My District 3 neighbors embraced Trump while rejecting me. Chip, I would suggest the Matt Damon example is not terribly instructive, since it is an example of Damon being rejected by a noisy subset of our base in the Twittierverse, not by the general electorate on the ballot. I’m also not sure the Damon example is a lesson in humility so much as a lesson in crafting a message more artfully or choosing not to step on thin ice.

  127. I don’t think Trump-style bombast works as well in South Dakota as it did on the national scene, because our media do not view wall-to-wall political coverage as the key to their ratings. I gave them all sorts of brilliant, ratings-driving audio and video in my debate with Al Novstrup on KSDN on the Friday before the election, including telling Al to pipe down when he tried to interrupt my response to his question and saying he was lying about the discriminatory nature of 2016 HB 1108, Rep. Craig’s religion-as-cloak-for-discrimination bill. KSDN posted the video online, but not one media outlet followed up with news coverage on the content of that debate.

    I do agree that winning more free media coverage is one key part of winning a South Dakota election. It’s not enough for us candidates to put our names in everyone’s face with signs, ads, and door-knocking. We need others (media, volunteers) to do so as well.

  128. Bill Dithmer, I feel good about the answers I can give to your questions about what I have done to make my community better. I feel awful about the fact that Trump has no good answers to those questions and still has won the Presidency.

  129. Porter Lansing

    Lessons On Working the Media
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Megyn Kelly says Donald Trump tried unsuccessfully to give her gifts, including a free stay at one of his hotels, as part of what she called his pattern of trying to influence news coverage of his presidential campaign.
    “This is actually one of the untold stories of the 2016 campaign: I was not the only journalist to whom Trump offered gifts clearly meant to shape coverage,” Kelly said. He also attempted to woo them with praise, she said, adding, “This is smart, because the media is full of people whose egos need stroking.”
    “Trump tried to work the refs, and some of the refs responded,” she said.
    When it became obvious that some reporters were “in the tank” for Trump, she alleges in one chapter, “certain TV hosts” would work with the candidate in advance on occasional Trump criticism so they would appear unbiased. She didn’t identify them by name or media outlet.
    Resisting Trump’s attempts to buy her goodwill with an offer to comp her “girls’ weekend” stay at his downtown New York City hotel or fly her and her husband to visit his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida was an easy ethical decision, Kelly wrote.

  130. Porter Lansing

    On issues like this, President Obama usually takes two weeks to consult and consider before he turns it over to Justice Dept. for an investigation. (One of Obama’s best traits is that he didn’t make “knee jerk” reactionary decisions.)

  131. mike from iowa

    Nate Silver ✔ @NateSilver538
    Clinton will finish with widest popular vote margin among Electoral College losers, excluding years (1824, 1876) where not all states voted.
    10:13 AM – 13 Nov 2016

    Drumpf has some people working on telling him how many nights a weekhe has to sleep in the WH. He wants to go back to Drumpf Towers and sleep. Apparently he only wants to be a figurehead Potus-like the Q of E. What did nut jobs get us into?

  132. Porter Lansing

    Don Trump could actually be more famous than Dick Nixon by being the first President to be forced to resign BEFORE he even takes office. GO DON … YOU CAN DO IT, BUDDY

  133. Darin Larson

    Trump’s lawyers are trying to get his Trump University fraud trial delayed until after inauguration based on the fact that Trump is too busy right now with the transition. Ummm, isn’t he going to be busier after he is sworn in as President?

  134. mike from iowa

    Kellyanne Conway warned Harry Reid on Fake Noize today he may face legal action if he continues to be mean to the mangled apricot Potus elect.

    Thus starts the 4th Reich.

  135. (Any chance we could keep the Trump specifics on the Trump-specific posts and focus here on how we win in Aberdeen without bowing to bigotry, misogyny, and ignorance?)

  136. mike from iowa

    Yes, Master. My apologies again.

  137. There is a way Cory, educating the public on what is real. They are scared to death and when you are scared to death, you follow bigotry, misogyny and ignorance for protection. Why do they swoon over a leader they think has power? They really admire Putin, Saddam and that short fellow with a bad haircut in North Korea. Spend the efforts to calm them the hell down.

  138. Ben Cerwinske

    “There is a way Cory, educating the public on what is real…Spend the efforts to calm them the hell down.” While Jerry and I might disagree with exactly what this looks like, I do agree at face value with what he wrote.

  139. happy camper

    Well, quite a bit of chatter around here. I dislike myself when I lose my temper but I couldn’t take it back because I do believe what I said, that liberals insist they have the answers to things, theoretically they are so certain because it’s their way to cope. They must believe their untested ideas often denying reality half the country is not entirely wrong, twenty five percent are not deplorable. Try to stop thinking black or white. Dithmer has long been the wise man here you’re projecting we all do I suppose. Blue Oyster Cult Reaper has gotten me through the last 3 or 4 days:;_ylt=AwrB8p.xRypYdEYAcjKJzbkF?p=blue%20reaper&fr=vmn&fr2=p%3As%2Cv%3Ai%2Cm%3Apivot#id=13&vid=739db5863574960212a9f0cf6b2cf5e9&action=view

  140. Douglas Wiken

    What untested ideas? Liberals tend to see a lot of gray mixed in with the black and white. My experience suggests that conservatives and reactionaries see everything in black and white and also claim God is on their side of their holy wars. And then, when their rock hard, locked in concrete beliefs don’t fit the latest Republican candidate from hell, they all of a sudden abandon those heartfelt beliefs.

  141. Porter Lansing

    It’s good when you think liberally, Mr. Wiken. It is good. :)

  142. mike from iowa

    Happy- hard to auger with results. Compare Obama’s 8 glorious years of steady accomplishments with dumbass dubya’s cluster#### of a term and regale at the differences.

    Every body under Obama has equal rights and are constitutionally protected. The economy is light years ahead of dumabass 43’s and could have been much better if wingnuts would have crossed the aisle and helped out. No major terror attacks on the USA under Obama. Healthcare for millions more. The accomplishments go on and on and still you wingnuts want to piss and moan because Obama wouldn’t keep letting you guys bite his hand every time he extended it.