Deplorable Trump Audience Member Threatens Journalists; Trump Attacks Somalis

Yes, the man wearing this shirt at a Trump rally in Minnesota Sunday is deplorable:

Breanna Deppisch tweet showing Reuters photo of "Rope Tree Journalist" t-shirt at Trump MSP rally 2016.11.06

Journalism is a vital First Amendment activity that has always protected us from domestic tyranny far more effectively than any Second Amendment activity. I will never suggest that practitioners of Second Amendment rights should be hanged; I deplore the suggestion that practitioners of the First Amendment should be lynched. But such are the anti-American sentiments inspired by the campaign of Donald J. Trump.

Also deplorable is Trump’s Branstnerist insult to Minnesota’s Somali residents:

“Here in Minnesota, you can see firsthand with problems with … refugees,” Trump said, noting the large number of Somalis in the state. “You see the recent terrorist knife attack in St. Cloud? Hillary supports totally open borders.”

…DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin strongly objected to Trump’s criticism of the state’s East African community.

“Minnesotans reject Donald Trump’s hateful and bigoted comments about our Somali friends and neighbors, and this kind of rhetoric has no place in our state,” he said [Allison Sherry, “Trump in Minnesota, Clinton in Ohio for Campaign’s Final Push,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2016.11.06].

Trump will lose, not just because he is deplorable, but because Hillary Clinton knows far better than he how to run a political campaign:

Flexing its organizational superiority in Minnesota, the DFL Coordinated Campaign said it knocked on 40,000 doors in the state on behalf of Clinton during Trump’s 40-minute speech [Sherry, 2016.11.06].

We won’t out-argue deplorables like Trump. We will out-organize, outnumber, and out-vote them.

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  1. CH,

    I know what you are saying. So many unsavories are making the body politic crude and crass. I must have missed your piece on Clinton’s campaign hiring people to disrupt Trump rallies.

  2. Very good picture of the red neck on this turd with the tee shirt. I think that one thing that really stands out though is the message, fear. It really is not about journalism, it is about the lack of msm journalism that put the likes of Donald Trump as a choice for president of the United States. The msm media, as a whole, is the medium that created this freak show as legitimate news. It is not, it is a farce to think that cable is a real source of journalism. Old and lazy people get their fake news from the tee vee, msm media feeds their fears of the dangers of the closed world in which they live, mostly alone with only the tee vee as company. They watch that stuff like an addicted gambler watches the dance and the sound of images on video lottery machines. Stop at a video lottery casino sometime, Fox is on the tee vee spreading lies while the screen in front of their touch does the same. There are few payouts on either one, only the false chance of winning something impossible.

    Meanwhile, most journalists in South Dakota have been neutered to the point that they move on to places where their words are not diluted to the point of nonsense, all to show that both sides do it. South Dakota lacks print journalism that investigates what is happening here. EB5 and the murder of Benda still ring cover up from the top down. The potential whistle blowing of this man was ignored and stands as the only reason he ended up very dead in a corn field with no release of the killing details. The Platte murders and where the hell is the safe, have gone cold. Yes, there is a problem with actual journalism, it is the lack of it because of who owns the journal.

  3. The trump campaign sure brings out the deplorable side of people. Certainly there have been protesters at trump rallies. We’ve seen photos of trump supporters beating protesters and trump encouraging the beatings. Fortunately it will all be over tomorrow. The opportunities for deplorables to get into the limelight for the price of a t-shirt will end, and this guy above will go back to being the neighbor with a couch on his porch and beer cans on his lawn.

  4. Real, investigative journalism is under attack everywhere. In my view, this is a direct result of the deregulation of the telecom industry by none other than President William Jefferson Clinton. If I remember correctly, there are now only 6 companies that control our national media. Thankfully, the independent media is surging because of people’s desire to know. While Trump and his supporters frequently attack the media and journalists, they are missing the mark, although some of their frustrations are not without merit. No one should be calling for the lynching of anyone.

    That said, media, journalism and investigative reporting has been under attack by President Obama’s administration as well. This is not a DEM/GOP problem alone – this is a corporate monopoly problem. Recently, in North Dakota, Amy Goodman was charged with inciting a riot for actually performing her duties as a journalist because she gave the world a glimpse into what was happening at the Standing Rock protest against Dakota Access Pipeline. Mainstream media still does not cover this with any authority or curiosity. After Amy Goodman returned to North Dakota to face her accusers, all the charges were dropped. Here is what she said after the court hearing:

  5. Leo, President Clinton signed that into law is correct, but our own Senator Larry Pressler wrote it

    Whistle blowers are the targets for sure but that does not and should not prevent the msm from giving the news as it is. NPR has had its troubles with corporate America as well in trying to stifle news reports.

  6. Jerry, thank you for that bit of research. From a comedic standpoint, here is the result:

    It is freaky, like the Stepford Wives!

  7. bearcreekbat

    Troy’s question about the video asserting it caught members of “Clinton’s campaign hiring people to disrupt Trump rallies” overlooks that the famous right wing producer of the video, James O’Keefe of Project Veratis, gained his reputation by repeatedly getting caught manipulating political videos to create false impressions and mislead viewers. Here is a snippet from a long exposure of O’Keefe by Snopes

    The videos are, as is typical of O’Keefe’s, work somewhat of a gish gallop, comprising a constellation of allegations and assertions that is virtually impossible to fact check without complete clips of the involved conversations. Nearly all the videos used stitched-together, out-of-context remarks with no indication of what occurred or what was discussed just before and after the included portions.

    What is more interesting is the idea that Trump supporters with a tendency to commit violent acts can so easily decide to attack people for merely showing up to protest by wearing anti-Trump tee shirts. This seems similar to Hillary baiting Trump into irrational 3:00 a.m. tweet attacks on women. If the video were credible (which seems highly unlikely) I cannot see how bringing attention to the craziness and violent tendencies of Trump’s supporters by baiting them through protest tee shirts is somehow worse than the actual commission of crazy and violent acts by Trump supporters in response to the protest tee shirts.

  8. mike from iowa

    Amy Goodman’s charges were basically laughed out of court before she even appeared.

    I guess that will also happen to the guy charged with conspiracy for buying kayaks and canoes and then people used them to cross the lake and protest in North Dakota.

    O’Keefe’s videos are a disgrace to true journalists and throw shade on true journalists.

  9. Daniel Buresh

    BCB, more trump supporters have been attacked at rallies by anti-trump protesters than Hillary supporters have been attacked. Why is that?

    Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now videos are completely edited to portray a false narrative. She makes it a point to remove any aggression that is instigated by protesters while making the security personnel’s re-actions to such aggression as being portrayed as the instigators. Her videos are a disgrace to true journalists.

  10. @ Daniel, if you do not like Amy Goodman’s videos, then you should watch the MSM coverage of the events. Oh wait, they weren’t there! Corporate collusion.

  11. bearcreekbat

    Daniel, I have checked online but found no credible evidence to confirm your statement about who has the most frequently violent supporters. To the extent any purported Hillary supporters commit violent acts against Trump supporters, they too belong in the “basket of deplorables.”

    And I note that while Trump himself has frequently encouraged violence against protesters and has even offered to pay legal defense costs for people supporting him who commit violent acts, neither Hillary nor anyone in her campaign have provided any open encouragement of violence nor publicly offered to pay legal fees of people arrested for violent acts.

  12. mike from iowa

    Daniel- when did you start comparing Goodman’s so called edited videos with the originals?

  13. Troy, yes, you did miss my post, because Clinton supporters aren’t advocating killing people for exercising their vital Constitutional rights. Dirty tricks are one thing. Complete disregard for the Constitution and human life is another. Down with the false equivalency.

  14. Porter Lansing

    @T. Jones … Clinton’s campaign didn’t have to hire people to disrupt Trump rallies. There’s plenty of us that did it for free. Fighting bullies is a national priority and our troops rallied.

  15. Roger Cornelius

    Saturday IRS agents, er Secret Service agents had to rush Trump off the stage in Reno because of a disturbance in the audience.
    Sunday morning news shows were flooded with Trump surrogates claiming that the disturbance was actually an attempted assassination.
    Trump and associates lie more than my Aunt Bertha.

  16. mike from iowa

    More dirty tricks- Stuart Varney and Fake Noize edited a tape to make it sound like Obama was letting immigrants vote.

  17. Good one Leo, and on point about how the main stream media has let citizens down the hole. This is a brilliant use of 1984 with a sense that what was fiction is not. This is real and it is fake. Next month, crap sandwiches will be to the topic of what to eat to loose weight and if all the stations say it, it must be true.

  18. Yes Roger – that “disturbance” was a man holding a “Republicans against Trump” shirt. He was assaulted by numerous people before someone in the crowd started yelling about a gun and thus Trump had to run backstage. The protester ended up being beaten and had his sign taken away before being taken/escorted out of the rally by law enforcement. He wasn’t a Hillary supporter, he wasn’t yelling at Trump or making threats – he was just a Republican who isn’t willing to stand by while his party becomes forever associated with the meltdown that is Donald Trump.

    Contrast this to how Obama recently dealt with a protestor at a rally for Clinton. He calmed the crowd, he expressed his belief in the freedom of speech. There were no threats of violence. He didn’t ask for the man to be kicked out or carried out on a stretcher. He didn’t suggest any physical harm against the man nor did he suggest he was anything more than a simple protester.

    The response to protests cannot be more clear.

  19. My point is to highlight the few to give an impression it reflects the whole is dishonest. 99% of both sides are people properly supporting their candidate. The fact you all want to impute the few on the whole and dismiss your few does not serve the body politic.

  20. bearcreekbat

    Now there are reports that Trump supporters kicked at the wheelchair of a 12 year old cerebral palsy victim after Trump ordered him and his family removed from a rally.

  21. Darin Larson

    Troy, we don’t have to argue about the deplorables in each party. You just need to listen to what Trump has said when he has threatened and supported threats and violence against protesters, his political opponents and the media. He is deplorable.

  22. Darin,

    I agree we don’t have to argue about those who don’t do us proud. Tomorrow we will be choosing for President between two candidates who have unfavorable ratings (HRC 54% negative and DJT -58%), something never before seen in at least modern America.

    If we want to address national issues, highlighting the dunderheads serves no purpose but will only further entrench division.

    After tomorrow, Hillary Clinton is either my President or a person of history. Similarly, Donald Trump is either your President or a person of history. I’m prepared to accept Hillary as my President and give her the respect the Office deserves. Are you prepared to accept Donald as your President and give him the respect the Office deserves?

  23. Porter Lansing

    CLINTON – 332 ~ TRUMP – 206 (this will be the third Dem landslide in a row)

  24. House to do nothings, while the senate will be tied thanks to a deplorable FBI

  25. Porter,

    To get there, you must be predicting HRC pulls off Ohio or Georgia or several small state surprises and wins all the MOE states of NC, FL, NH, & NV)? Its possible as there is probably 10% of the electorate who could go either way (or stay home).

    I’m thinking HRC’s top number is roughly 322 (winning the MOE states above) and a low number of roughly 250 (losing the above and Pennsylvania). She is definitely the favorite going into the final two minutes.

  26. Darin Larson

    Troy, yes I will accept whoever is elected as my President, which is more than you can say for Trump. Trump has worked to undermine our democratic system just like he worked to undermine the legitimacy of President Obama.

  27. Boy, there’s a lot of pointing fingers elsewhere but not much dispute about the two people I pointed at: both the t-shirt guy calling for reporter lynchings and Trump the Somali refugee-hater made deplorable statements. Both statements make it hard for me to view Trump with any respect. Hillary Clinton’s husband may have signed Senator Pressler’s telecom bill, triggering media consolidation and undermining good journalism (but opening the door to the strange to world of blog journalism that I practice), but President Clinton, who’s been beaten up in the press far longer and far worse than Donald Trump, will still respect the autonomy and rights of the Fourth Estate, not try to sue and lynch them.

  28. Cory, of course, Hillary Clinton will not try to sue and lynch the media because she and her campaign have already co-opted much of the national media. Criticism of Hillary Clinton is not endorsement of Donald Trump. You have obviously been working hard on your campaign and writing informative posts and have not had the time to concern yourself with Wikileaks revelations about the media, nor the revelations about SuperPAC coordination on behalf of both the Clinton and Trump campaign. If we are to rout out corruption in our leaders, we have to be equal opportunity prosecutors, and we have to have an incredibly strong and vigilant Fourth Estate.

  29. Roger Cornelius

    As I watched Hillary close out her campaign in Philadelphia tonight accompanied by Bill, Chelsea and President and Mrs. Obama, I marveled at the class they have maintained throughout this campaign.
    Hillary had the opportunity time and again to make some deplorable comments, but she did not and would not. She did tell the truth about Trump’s incompetence and inability to lead.
    Hillary and her team didn’t insult any audience members or the press the way Trump has done in the past few days.
    During an earlier campaign speech for Hillary today, President Obama reminded us that year after year Hillary was the most admired woman in the world (remember those days?) and all of sudden as if being struck by lightening, she became this crook and most untrustworthy person in the world. Just think about how that tide was turned.
    If anybody has a legitimate bone to pick with the press, it is Hillary.
    Trump closed out his campaign the way he started it, with hate and divisiveness, I actually listened to him ramble for 45 minutes and do nothing but alienate voters one last time
    This is Troy’s candidate.
    I cannot and will not accept Trump as my president or anybody else’s. Trump has devalued humanity and turned American values into an acceptable ‘normal behavior’, that no one should have to accept.

  30. Wikileaks, Schmikileaks. What earth-shattering things have the KGB and Wikileaks revealed via their theft of documents from the DNC? That Clinton and her people talk privately like hard campaigners everywhere?

    Sure, with Clinton, there are plenty of risks of corruption. But Trump and Trumpism pose a much greater, more direct existential threat to the Constitution and democracy.

  31. Roger shows another way in which Clinton and Trump are very different. I will challenge President Clinton to live up to Democratic ideals. I know that I would have to fight a President Trump in very different ways… assuming he didn’t just order his Secret Service to arrest me or his goons to lynch me for using my First Amendment rights to criticize him.

  32. Okay and yes.

  33. Roger Cornelius

    Donald Trump had harsh criticism of the 4th Estate in his closing campaign speech tonight. No journalist, blogger, cable news channel, etc. will be safe from his vendetta.
    Trump fails to see that he is his own worst enemy, Trump created his evil persona and the media helped to reveal it.
    I’ll keep my optimism for Hillary on high for tomorrow and anxiously await the opportunity to call him the word he hates most, “loser”.
    Even loser isn’t the best part, the best part will be that he was beaten by a woman, an extraordinary intelligent and qualified leader.

  34. Go Johnson!