Heidelberger on Don Briscoe Show Today at 4 p.m.—Maybe Novstrup, Too!

More media—Don Briscoe has invited both of us District 3 Senate candidates to his program for an hour-long discussion of our policies ahead of Tuesday’s big election. I’ll be there; will Al? Tune it at 4 p.m. on KSDN AM 930 or online at HubCityRadio.com to find out!

Here’s the clip from my latest campaign newsletter about today’s show:november-1-clip-ksdn

If it’s just me, today’s Don Briscoe Show will be good radio. If Al joins us, it’ll be even better. Tune in at 4!

15 Responses to Heidelberger on Don Briscoe Show Today at 4 p.m.—Maybe Novstrup, Too!

  1. mike from iowa

    Just a word of caution, Master. Your shirt logo looks pretty much like the one Hornady uses. They make custom ammo for cussed ’em ammosexuals. Had me confused for a short snort.


  2. Roger L. Elgersma

    South Dakota War College was against you because you were not so much for Blue lives matter as black lives matter as they are. I wrote them that cops were always protected by the law and blacks were not so that is why the difference.
    I also wrote that the reduction in police killings since Reagan may be contributed to by the fact that cops have been taking non-prejudiced training for about that long and if they are fairer then people shoot them less They did not publish it. Typical conservative wants us all to believe that the world is good already.

  3. You hit on the crucial point in that debate, Roger. Police have the protection of the law—they are the law.

  4. Not even close, Mike! Mine is far cooler, more friendly and fun… and it’s South Dakota!

  5. Porter Lansing

    Break a leg. (You too, Al)

  6. I thought the logo looked like the H on those Hupmobile cars that are so popular with people of grudznck’s era


    Great response to the GOP Party’s campaign against you.

  7. I predict Mr. Novstrup, the elder, will carry his message high and positive, and not roll in the political mud.

    The Skylark was a swell automobile, Mr. Rorschack. A fine automobile indeed. But I agree it looks like a Hornady Ballistics H. Like on a box of bullets.

  8. Bill Fleming

    The logo has kind of a Heineken vibe:

    Go Heidelberger!

  9. Mr. Fleming is right, Mr. H. You should do a Heineken beer sort of logo. And put it on hats. People like free hats.

  10. Did Mr. Novstrup, either of them, decide to come and refute your claims, or did they take the high road?

  11. For readers just joining us, Al did show up at the last minute! Score another one for public blog pressure! Read my summary of the debate here: http://dakotafreepress.com/2016/11/05/video-heidelberger-and-novstrup-debate-on-ksdn/

  12. Husqvarna? What is that, a bear claw?

  13. mike from iowa

    It means ties to dubious wingnuts in America. One site sez Husqvarna built muskets- you know for wingnuts who want to get theirs after HRC gets elected.

    Another site sez it translates to millhouse as in Tricky Dick. No wonder it is going broke.

  14. mike from iowa

    Supposed to be a head in a crown.