Attend Sioux Falls Pride Festival Saturday at Terrace Park

I haven’t sorted out the proper policy response to the Orlando massacre yet (though Donald Trump hasn’t, and never will). I can suggest a proper moral, public response: attend the Pride Festival at Terrace Park in Sioux Falls this weekend. The main stage offers the following speakers and performers:

South Dakotans at past Sioux Falls Pride
South Dakotans at past Sioux Falls Pride events

The Kids Zone will have crafts, games, and a fire truck (because we all like looking at fire trucks!) all day, plus a visit from the Great Plains Zoo’s ZooExpress from 14:00 to 16:00. The Terrace Tent will offer Drag Bingo at 15:00 and free Zumba classes afterward on the hour.

Come hang out with your neighbors, and affirm that love is stronger than hate.

14 Responses to Attend Sioux Falls Pride Festival Saturday at Terrace Park

  1. Steve Sibson

    “affirm that love is stronger than hate”

    Love based on the Bible does not include “pride”. So this event is pure propaganda designed to deceive. And sad that kids will also be there and become victimized.

  2. Good Sense

    Oh my goodness, I can hardly stand the thought of being labeled a hater since I won’t be attending this event.

    But I will get over it.

  3. mike from iowa

    No sadder than kids being indoctrinated by you fauxknee kristians in Sunday school and public schools if you had your way.

    For being a “kristian”,Sibby, you sure do be “covetous” of spreading the gospel according to Sibby on a website not your own.

  4. Perhaps, the love affirmed at this event is stronger than hate because it is not based on the Bible; because it does not need to judge or condemn in the name of someone’s religion Steve.
    It celebrates the LGBTQ community and pride in their contributions to our world. It celebrates acceptance of family and friends the way your God made them. It also recognizes that the world, especially the one we witnessed this week, still harbors evil intent towards them. So that love must be strong enough to defy this; public enough that it doesn’t drive anyone back to the deception of closets and the victimization of broad societal condemnation. Children, especially those who have family – aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings or parents – who are LGBTQ, will experience the opposite of victimization. They will experience the values of family and community in a celebration that actually includes -their- families.

  5. mike from iowa

    Good Sense/Sarah Failin/typical wingnut- I hate to tell you this, wait, that isn’t right- it gives me great pleasure to inform you you are not the victim here.

  6. Steve Sibson

    Barbara, yes I agree. The event’s definition of love is not based on the Bible. Therefore it is based on the deceptions promoted by Satan, and on which the whole world is based…not just the “community”. The only solution to that is Jesus Christ, but only if one repents.

  7. mike from iowa

    Defend this-your nutjob brethren-Sibby.

    Man that is some serious kristian love being thrown about by one of the best and brightest dimdots ever.

  8. Steve Sibson

    “your nutjob brethren”

    Robertson is part of the New Religious Right that preaches a false gospel and a false Jesus, and I don’t consider them brethren. Sad that you continue to pursue the social justice bully agenda.

    So now it is up to you to explain why liberals should still support Islam after all the killings.

  9. Oh, GS, now you’re just baiting us. I’m not attending, either. I’m not about to call the vast majority of South Dakotans who occupy themselves with other activities on Saturday “haters” (I don’t even use that juvenile term).

    At the same time, I’m happy to encourage those interested in showing their support for a persecuted group of our neighbors to join them for this fun afternoon event, enjoy the entertainment, engage in conversations, and recognize your neighbors’ common humanity.

  10. Roger Cornelius

    On the same day as the Orlando slaughter a man heading to a Pride Parade in L.A. was arrested near the parade for having a car load of weapons.
    To the attendees in the Sioux Falls festival, have a good a time and be aware of your surroundings.
    You never know when a Sibson type will be trolling your celebration.

  11. happy camper

    Many of Sibby’s posts are much more broadened and reasoned than in years past. Most likely from what he learned and believes and how he sees the world his posts are rational. I feel I’m the most rational one, but don’t we all? I’ll be there.

  12. happy camper

    You can’t accept Sibby, degrade his positions, but you are so ready to call Muslim refugees neighbors whose basic ideology is much more different. I call you stupid, ignorant, and hypocrites.

  13. Roger Cornelius

    Happy, between you and Sibson, maybe you are the more rational one.

  14. Hap, send pictures from Pride SF!

    And note that no Muslim refugees have come to this blog attempting to promote a racist, sexist, or xenophobic agenda. Pluralistic democracy requires neighborliness of people with differing ideologies.