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  • Family Heritage Alliance Decides Dale Bartscher Works Too Hard

    Dale Bartscher
    FHA knocks Dale off the mountain….

    For once, I actually find some interesting comments at Dakota War College. In his ongoing effort to avoid discussing the disaster in the White House caused by his Republican President, Pat Powers has been giving ink to the turmoil at the head of South Dakota’s Talibanification squad. Family Heritage Alliance has apparently driven its exec Dale Bartscher to resign and seek “new career opportunities.” FHA apparently sought to reshuffle its leadership positions and offered Bartscher a demotion to “Director of Community Relations” while increasing the duties of FHA deputies Ed Randazzo, John Dennis, and Norman Woods. Powers brands an FHA e-mail to members explaining the leadership change as “damage control.”

    Among the anonymi in the comment section, Troy Jones offers these observations about FHA’s strange abandonment of what outwardly seemed to be Bartscher’s effective management of the organization:

    1). Any reader of the email can see they proposed a demotion. Not taking a demotion isn’t an expression of egoism.

    2). Most people I know worth a whit do not take demotions but move on. If they are truly surprised, they are naive. If they are just saying they are surprised, they are not being honest which is not a good first move, especially for a faith based group.

    3). The whole “inefficiency and inequity” discussion is bizarre. And when read in context of #1 and #2 above, it really can take one to making an unflattering conclusion of what has occurred.

    Whether one agreed or not with FHA, FHA pricked everyone’s conscience by forcing us to ask one three-part questions: am I doing the right thing, for the right reason and in the right way so it glorifies my Lord.

    Reading this doesn’t give me much confidence FHA will cause me to ask or think too much about anything [Troy Jones, comment, under Pat Powers, “Family Heritage Alliance Feels They Have Some ‘Splainin to Do After Dale Bartscher Departure,” Dakota War College, 2017.05.18].

    FHA’s newly promoted Ed Randazzo responds after midnight:

    Call it damage control, if you wish, Pat. Director of Communications John Dennis and I penned the e-mail of earlier today to provide more detail regarding the reorganization of Family Heritage Alliance/FHA Action.

    We celebrate the faithful loyal service of Dale Bartscher. We are grateful for the time, energy, effort and skills of the man the Boards of Directors chose to lead in the infancy of this ministry. The sheer enormity of time given, time away from family, the hours, the miles, the e-mails, the phone calls, the study, the planning, the execution, the relationships cultivated and more forged the foundation for this remarkable ministry.

    It is incredible but also unsustainable.

    Do you think the Boards of Directors so naive and out of touch that they don’t realize that public face that Dale provided was a great part of what moved our agenda forward in Pierre? Do you think that might have been a factor in making several attempts to retain him?

    The decision to leave was Dale’s. We can all speculate about his motives. But we are not engaging in damage control, we are simply offering the truth.

    We now move forward not with fear or doubt but with excitement and trust. Soon we will have a Director of Community Relations and the team will move forward to advance our King’s agenda [Ed Randazzo, comment, DWC, 2017.05.19].

    FHA gets enormous, incredible effort from its exec and asks him to do less? Hmm… if Bartscher was willing to keep making that effort, I don’t see how that effort was “unsustainable.”

    But hey, FHA, don’t let me stand in the way of your management decisions. We all know how having many cooks makes better broth.