If Only We Were Kidding—Lowe Sees Trump as Ongoing Disaster

Joe Lowe, vice chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party, is as disgusted as Senator Chuck Schumer with the incredible and dangerous incompetence demonstrated by the current occupant of the White House. Here’s Lowe’s latest column on the sorry state of the White House and our Congressional delegation (with some links added for your additional edification):

You Have To Be Kidding

By Joe Lowe

Vice Chairman, South Dakota Democratic Party

Joe Lowe, SDDP Vice-Chair
Joe Lowe, SDDP Vice-Chair

Every day I am astounded by the decisions and comments this President makes. Let’s face it: Donald Trump is a narcissist and serial liar. He runs this country like he is running a reality TV show. Let’s look at some of the things he has done.

He says it is disrespectful and unpatriotic for NFL Players to kneel during the National Anthem. The President acts like he is the ultimate patriot. Being a patriot means serving your country when you are called upon. He was able to participate in football when he was in college, yet when the big troop push came in Vietnam he received a deferment for a bone spur in his foot. I lost my father and favorite uncle in acts of war, so I question his patriotism.

He refuses to recognize that the player protest is about racial equality. For him this is more theatrics that plays to his base.

October 4th four Army Green Berets were ambushed and killed in Niger. After 12 days he finally comments on their death. He has not even had the decency to call the families of the troops that were lost.* Then he changes the subject and says President Obama did not call the families of the fallen. This is totally untrue- President Obama wrote and called the families of those killed in action.

President Trump has been sued in federal court 134 times** since inauguration day.

Trump said “We cannot keep FEMA in Puerto Rico forever.” Yet 80% of the island has no electricity, 40% of these people have no cell service, and 1/3 of these fellow Americans have no water. In Dorado, people have to drink water out of a hazardous waste site. According to the President things are going great. You have to be kidding.

He complains that the former President used too many Executive Orders, yet Trump has used 50*** and has no major policy initiatives have been passed.

He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord. We lost face as a world leader.

The President decertified the Iranian deal and created a crisis of his own making. In addition, we just lost face with those allies who backed the agreement.

The Trump Campaign is subpoenaed over sexual assault allegations. The President says the allegations against him are fake news. Yet at least 17 women have accused him of assaulting or violating them.

So you have to be kidding that our federal delegation still supports this deeply flawed President. It is like our Senators and Congresswoman are on the RMS Titanic and are in the Grand Ballroom eating a first class meal and listing to music and ignoring the fact that they are going to hit an iceberg and sink with Captain Trump on the Bridge.

So, my fellow Democrats, we need to “Take America Back Again” and work hard to get Tim Bjorkman, our Congressional candidate. If we do not, America will lose its soul. America is worth fighting for.

A majority of Americans oppose the Trump tax plan. A majority of Americans oppose Trump’s health insurance cuts. A majority of Americans oppose Trump’s outbursts over the anthem protests. A majority of Americans disapprove of Trump’s overall performance of his job. (a larger majority right now than ever told Gallup they disapproved of Barack Obama’s performance as President). When will Senator Thune, Senator Rounds, and Representative Noem see the White House wreck that is so clear to a majority of Americans and to our man Joe Lowe?

*After Lowe drafted this column, Trump did call the widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson… and apparently winged it instead of preparing duly respectful and Presidential words of condolence.

**…and counting.

***The American Presidency Project cites 45; they update their list on the 20th of each month. Just at 45, APP figures Trump is on pace to sign 67 for the year. Barack Obama’s yearly average was 35; Presidents haven’t broken 60 per year since Jimmy Carter.

4 Responses to If Only We Were Kidding—Lowe Sees Trump as Ongoing Disaster

  1. Roger Cornelius

    With each passing day of the Trump presidency it has been difficult to for me to find the words to describe him and his dastardly lies and actions.
    It is easy to call him a liar, incompetent, a crook or S.O.B or worse. Somehow those descriptions don’t seems adequate.
    Trump has repeatedly crossed the lines of decency that even the devil wouldn’t cross. His lack of empathy and sympathy is symbolic of his mental health problems that jeopardize America and its citizens.
    Tomorrow will be another day of his lies and changing his mind on an issue that is critical to Americans. What will tomorrow bring?

  2. We need Iran and trump has proven it. From the New York Times “BAGHDAD — When the Iraqi military battled Kurdish forces this week to reclaim the contested city of Kirkuk, the spectacle of one American-backed ally fighting another with American-supplied weapons was not the only incongruous sight.

    Another was the United States turning its back on a crucial ally in the fight against the Islamic State, the Kurds, as Washington’s goals aligned with those of a regional nemesis, Iran.

    While the military action in Kirkuk on Monday and Tuesday was carried out under the banner of the Iraqi military, the ground forces included Iranian-backed Shiite militias.”

    trump is so full of crap, no one knows who is backing who, except for Iran. They are battle tested and ready for whatever action they are called upon to do. trump and company, keep the agreement that you signed or bring back the United States draft for young men and women to go to the fight. Start by quadrupling the size of the current Veterans Administration and start to train thousands of doctors in triage as well as trauma.

  3. Joe Lowe the fireman. They could use Joe Lowe in the White House. Staff is constantly putting out fires that Trump sets and fuels. And folks there are not very good at it.

  4. Ror, we could use the fireman in a statewide campaign. Let’s hope Bjorkman can turn “Send in the Judge!” as effectively as a campaign slogan as Joe could turn, “Call the fireman!”