SDGOP Spin Blog Still Distracting from Substance of Conservative Scorecard, Claims Moral Superiority Amidst Trumpism

Still sore from and unable to respond to the substance of the conservative scorecard issued last week that accuses numerous Republicans of voting against conservative planks of the South Dakota Republican Party platform, the SDGOP spin blog offers distraction, this morning conflating this in-party criticism with unprofessional, disrespectful, and immoral behavior. Blogger Pat Powers quotes from the party platform

We ask candidates to conduct themselves in a professional, moral, and respectful manner.

—then offers this snide superciliata:

Do some candidates need reminders to conduct themselves as such? It is in the platform, after all [Pat Powers, “Just a Reminder of the ‘Profession, Moral, and Respectful Manner’ Part of the GOP Platform,” Dakota War College, 2017.10.16].

This is the same Pat Powers who has been stunningly silent about the performance and character of his party’s most recent Presidential candidate, now occupying the White House, whose published statements and daily behavior are less professional, less moral, and less respectful than things Harvey Weinstein has done on mic.

I contend that anyone still standing by Donald Trump has forfeited any authority to advise political candidates on proper behavior.

8 Responses to SDGOP Spin Blog Still Distracting from Substance of Conservative Scorecard, Claims Moral Superiority Amidst Trumpism

  1. Chuck Standen

    The hypocrisy of the far right knows no bounds. They lecture others on matters of right and wrong, behavior, and patriotism and yet their standards in these areas are malleable. Perhaps they need to take some of lessons from the Bible they profess to follow to heart.

  2. Stace Nelson

    Pat Powers lecturing anybody about ethics or morality is enough to make a maggot gag. Troy Jones vile comments about rock-ribbed conservatives in Citizens for Liberty, while defending every indefensible establishment scandal? The ugly hypocrisy of the establishment RINO wing, that has infected the GOP, is what turns voters off from the GOP not conservatives in CFL.

    Lederman being outed as a lifelong political opportunist who fraudulently ran for office? Gosch’s cowardly misconduct being covered up and making headline news? EB5? GEAR UP? Wollmann? Etc, etc., All establishment corruption defended
    Or obfuscated by SD’s #1 political prostitution blog.

  3. owen reitzel

    Looks like it’s time to drain the swamp and vote in Democrats. Republican party is in chaos

  4. mike from iowa

    Chuck Standen- we mustn’t forget how pious the right claims to be while they don’t actually live up to anything like that in personal lives. The NRA would call that Blast – phemy..

  5. Illegally robocall much, ethical taker-of-walks?

  6. GOP / moral superiority? Is that the definition of an OXYMORON… or just MORON!

  7. His ‘drug czar’ is a supplier and enabler.
    What’s not to love, profits and dividends for all!

  8. Contrary to Mr. Nelson’s superficial explanation, this condition is the honest, and real face of the contemporary GOP. Regardless of the establishment miscues and faux paux’s, the self righteous right has little moral or ethical ground to stand on; particularly when most of us are continually assailed with the elocutions of pioused zealots holding themselves out to be constitutional authorities without qualification or honest cause. There is nothing ethical or moral about soap box condemnation of people without the slightest bit of understanding or compassion.