Brown County to Consider CAFO Ordinance Changes at Tuesday Meeting

Keep an eye on the Brown County Commission meeting tomorrow: following the fuss over the Planning Commission’s rejection of a small CAFO permit for Wolff Family Genetics‘ proposed expansion of its show-hog operation, the county commission opens its Tuesday meeting with a discussion of a CAFO ordinance proposal from Rod Tobin.

My county commission doesn’t post an agenda packet so we could review Tobin’s proposal beforehand. But remember: the Planning Commission didn’t act arbitrarily or unilaterally. It denied Wolff’s variance request because not all of Wolff’s neighbors approved of the expansion.

Meanwhile, down in Yankton County, rural residents are suing their county commission over approvals issued last month for three much larger hog barns near Mission Hill. The same meeting that addressed those CAFO permits also brought a threat from rural residents to secede from Yankton County and form their own county to get more voice in their affairs. Jeff Wolff, maybe you should talk to your Bath neighbors about county secession!