Macron to America: “France Believes in You… Make Our Planet Great Again”

The President of the United States surrenders America’s role as world leader on climate change, and the President of France tries to rally the fighting spirit of Americans to save the world:

France believes in you. The world believes in you. I know that you are a great nation. I know your history, our common history. To all scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, responsible citizens who were disappointed by the deicision of the President of the United States, I want to say that they will find in France a second homeland. I call on them, come and work here with us, to work together on concrete solutions for our climate, our environment.

I can assure you, France will not give up the fight.

I reaffirm clearly that the Paris agreement remains irreversible and will be implemented not just by France but by all the other nations. Over the coming hours, I will have the opportunity to speak with our main partners to define a common strategy and to launch new initiatives. I already know that I can count on them.

I call on you to remain confident. We will succeed because we are fully committed. Because wherever we live, whoever we are, we all share the same responsibility: Make our planet great again [Emmanuel Macron, President of France, statement in English on the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreements, 2017.06.01].

I didn’t even have to translate that—for the first time, a French President addressed his country and the world from the French presidential palace, the Elysée, in English. The French version of his address included another key sentence right after his offer of a second homeland to responsible Ameircan climate-change fighters:

Ce soir, les États-Unis ont tourné le dos au monde, mais la France ne tournera pas le dos aux Americains.

This evening, the United States turned its back on the world, but France will not turn its back on Americans [President Macron, statement in French, reported by Reuters via France 24, 2017.06.01].

The American President sounds like a peevish, selfish, ignorant child… and the French President offers Americans sanctuary.

The Scotland Herald was right back in January: Trump has taken America into the Twilight Zone. Vive Macron! Vive la France! Vive la Terre!

24 Responses to Macron to America: “France Believes in You… Make Our Planet Great Again”

  1. It is just mind-boggling how much damage this ignorant buffoon has done is just over four months.

  2. Let us hope that many emigrate to France.

  3. Indeed Mr. grudznick, indeed. The work must go on and it just as well be Americans who make the most headway in ways to curb our use of fossil fuels. Already there, it is clear with the way in which automobiles are used they are keen on ways to get the very most of the fuel they have as one example. Yes, a world wide effort to save our planet is indeed worth the satisfaction to emigrate to France. If I wore a younger person’s clothes and could cipher without taking my shoes off, I would do exactly that.

  4. And, it starts! “No one should be left behind, but the EU and China have decided to move forward,” he said. “Our successful co-operation on issues like emissions trading and clean technologies are bearing fruit. Now is the time to further strengthen these ties to keep the wheels turning for ambitious global climate action.”

    Things are moving along very quickly. Meanwhile, cult tribal republicans remain looking at their belly buttons and wondering what would happen if they suddenly became untied.

  5. Republicans don’t care about the environment, so no one should be surprised here. You’d think they would care about what kind of earth they leave to their grandchildren in the future.

  6. Republicans don’t care about the environment, so no one should be surprised here. It’s all about money and business with DC Republicans. You’d think they would care a little bit about what kind of earth they leave to their grandchildren in the future.

  7. Talk about showing leadership. Macron hits the right tone. Yet our petulant little child of a so-called President has to make a snarky comment about France.

    “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” (Pittsburgh was heavily Clinton, by the way) good grief this guy.

    Canadian PM Justin Trudeau also knows what is going on…hits the right tone:

    “We are deeply disappointed that the United States federal government has decided to withdraw from the Paris agreement”.

    See what he did there? US Federal Gov’t, NOT the American people.

  8. mike from iowa

    France lecturing American Surrender Monkeys-priceless. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

  9. It’s okay, God will take care of the environment.

  10. Actually, Republicans do care. The only ones who do not get it are the cult republicans, the base (NOem and Jackley for two). As the Pope says more or less, they are stuck with the flat earth…still. Hard to convince them otherwise as the sun suddenly just either drops from the sky or the moon eats it, they cannot get a census on that for sure, but something happens. They only really know that their white supremacist leader got miffed by the world when he called them out and they kicked his arse for being the spoiled brat he and the rest of the cult are. Even his bro putin is in the climate change corner. We have Syria who is in the middle of a climate change caused civil war who did not vote and Nicaragua so we have that going for us.

  11. South Dakota has the energy equivalent of all the oil in Saudi Arabia! You would never know it though by the actions of our medieval governor and the do nothing legislature. They are way to busy figuring ways of corruption while beating the hell out of women and children to cover for it. We need climate change here badly. Starting with the climate change of our one trick pony politics.

  12. God is going to take care of it, jerry, just like God told W to go to war with Iraq.

  13. Greg "Comrade" Deplorable

    Until this nut of “how to store wind energy” is cracked wind/solar energy will never supplant large portions of our energy portfolio because it cannot be scheduled, and power generation that cannot be scheduled is useless (or even worse than useless) for load based service.

  14. So far that has not happened. As God always notes, he can’t do it all alone, kind of busy these days keeping the doors open to toss the russians out of our government. God says that “we need to take it back” and to “make the planet great again”.

  15. Figuring better ways of utilization of power is what Macron seems to be speaking of. Now with China involved to take the United States place, things should be start to hum. Musk has resigned from the trump advisers, so I look to see him involved more heavily in the European and state dream teams. These are exciting times for renewable energy for sure and it will now only get better for the states and cities that are now forming as well as the entire world! Who would have thunk it, the EU and China leading the world, while we pout! A bonus is the fact that China is now more or less a partner in the EU, that should make putin very happy. Life is funny like that.

  16. Don Coyote

    @jerry: ” Musk has resigned from the trump advisers, so I look to see him involved more heavily in the European and state dream teams.”

    I doubt he’ll be missed at the economic advisory committee’s meetings. “Golden Boy” Musk has only two quarters of turning profits at a company that is now 14yo and that was from selling California’s ZEV (zero emission vehicle) credits and sleight of hand accounting. Also the sales of Tesla cars is driven by Federal tax credits for electric cars ($7,500@) which without his cars would just be overpriced aluminum scrap heaps.

  17. Yep, that is why he was wanted on the trump adviser team. Same with this Disney CEO The implications of that may be huuuuge.

    Et tu Exxon Mobil, Yup, Exxon Mobil just gave old Rex and his boss the finger. Looks like it is just the cult tribal republican like you Coyote that think climate change is a hoax.

  18. Greg "Comrade" Deplorable

    I’d say the planet is the winner with Musk and Iger off the council. Just think of the carbon emission savings from those two keeping their private jets parked. So much win. What about Russia? Very tricky of Putin to stay with the treaty but instruct the Don to leave. Somehow part of me knows this was all really hatched out of Macedonian content farms. They tricked Hillary by cloaking Wisconsin off the map and now they want the entire planet to burn!

    Could it be that Musk was there only to insure his pockets stay lined from Climate related regs? As Canis Latrans pointed out he might not even be in business without big gov. subsidies.

  19. Roger Elgersma

    Our economic growth the first quarter was lower than first quarter last year under Obama. My guess is that Trump is desperate to get the economy going again no matter how much damage he has to do to get there. He has never been afraid to do damage to get his way or to make himself look good. Not a lot of smarts involved in his decisions, just selfishness. But then he is Donald Trump, what would you expect. He deregulated the banks and wall street to get the stock market to go up and that did not boost the economy. He now needs something more real to get the economy going since attitude has not done the job.

  20. the oil, gas and coal industries,…are some of the most influential donors to Republican candidates.
    The big-money supporters got a return on their investment last week, when 22 Republican senators whose campaigns have collected more than $10m in oil, gas and coal money since 2012 sent a letter to the president urging him to withdraw from the Paris deal.

  21. rounds is one of the 22.

    Cruz got 2.5 mil ut it only took 1.1 mil to buy mcconnell

  22. Yep, all tricksters. Musk was just a billionaire with much to do with storage batteries along with space launches, like those are not so important. Of course, you are correct. So what about Disney? trump and you are right and so is Nicaragua and Syria, which makes the rest of the world wrong. Does not really matter as the deal is done with no more negotiations. Now it is up to China and the EU to get it done, looking forward to that. China certainly has the money and if they run short, they can put a call in on the bonds they hold here in the US. I am thinking that China’s One Belt One Road, is not gonna be a good thing for the US. Meanwhile, Macron has job offers for those who wish to take them in a place with fantastic public transportation, universal healthcare, great outdoor vacation opportunities (one month paid vacation each year), maternity leave and on and on. France loves the women as you can see with how they are treated. Not a bad place to go for a little sabbatical while working to save our world.

  23. Correct leslie, but now, Exxon Mobil’s shareholders have pulled the rug out from under the scheme. They will no longer be complacent and quiet. Good for them. Now our golddigging cult republicans will have to go to the Kochs for their millions.

  24. Check this out, Macron knows full well that there is a future in renewable energy that will cut carbon emissions to save the place. He and the 195 other nations know they will see vast improvements along with stronger economies with the Paris agreement. The roadblocks are off now and it is full speed ahead, except in trumpville. There it is like Cuba or any cult republican led state, time warped in the 50’s.