Video: Fellow South Dakotans Cheer Sutton Gubernatorial Bid

About 130 people attended Democratic Senator Billie Sutton’s gubernatorial campaign kickoff at the Sutton Ranch on the western bank of the Missouri River in Gregory County today. Six of them shared their reactions to Sutton’s announcement on video:

Mark Winegar, Vermillion:

Val Parsley, Madison:

Joe Kellen, Burke:

Quinten Burg, Wessington Springs:

Sharon Eddie (that’s /EE-dee/!), Winner:

Jenae Hansen, Aberdeen:

Readers, I invite your reactions as well. (You can even upload them to YouTube or Facebook if you feel ambitious and share your video in the comment section!)

12 Responses to Video: Fellow South Dakotans Cheer Sutton Gubernatorial Bid

  1. This is very good. I bet there will be 130 more people there when Mr. H is announced as his running mate if it happens in Aberdeen. 100 or so if in Huron.

  2. Somebody played the Mr. Sutton announcement on the computer from the KSFY and it was grainy but you could hear it. I was disappointed in Mr. Hunhoff’s puffiness but that should not have been a surprise.

    I did like Mr. Sutton’s whole think until he seemed to overgod on us. He overgodded a couple of times. That did not sound like a liberal, Democratic candidate. That sounded like a candidate who just might be a puppet for the Howites. I will be watching closely for the infiltration of the Howites before I can cast my vote or argue at breakfast speeches for others to vote for Mr. Sutton.

    Don’t overgod on us, Billy. People want you for your abilities, not your religion. Keep that crap out of my government.

  3. I’ll actually second Grudz’s comment on over-Godding. What’s an atheist got to do to find a religiously inclusive candidate in South Dakota? ;-)

  4. No kidding, Mr. H. Here is a very disturbing comment from Mr. Sutton’s own new website.

    Billie Sutton knows it’s more important to live by God’s plan for his life than it is to live by his own plan.

    Now, regardless of all his other claims and comments, and no matter what party a fellow belongs to, I want a man with his own plan, not just waiting for some imaginary being in the “heavens” and trusting in the random “whatever happens will happen”

    That is disturbing, people. We all need a man with a plan. I think Mr. Billie is getting too much advice from Mr. Howie and Mr. Nelson.

  5. BlackHills76

    I don’t know if Sutton is really over-Godding. I think he just wants to get a few things off the table that the GOP normally goes after a Democrat with in our State. The first thing a person must realize is that Sutton is a conservative Democrat. The main things the State GOP always uses to take down Democrats… anti-God, pro-abortion, anti-gun… etc. doesn’t stick with Billie. Now that’s not to say he hasn’t been very moderate in issues like LGBT equality or even liberal in places like education, but if your looking for a left wing progressive type he’s not that. Basically I see him as a candidate that can attract people from across the political spectrum and besides if a Democrat wins the Governorship in SD they have to be willing to work with Republicans. I don’t see the GOP stronghold on the Legislature going away anytime soon. Billie Sutton would be smart to get in touch with former WY Gov. Dave Freudenthal and use him as an advisor because he was very successful at running campaigns and governing in a very red State.

    I just noticed how many likes his announcement is getting on the Keloland Facebook page. Yes, winning this office after 40 years isn’t going to be easy, but he’s a darn good candidate with a darn good story to tell. When I consider the alternative of Jackley or worse yet Noem he has my support 100%. If he can fundraise enough money and really get his message out he has a shot.

  6. BlackHills76

    I should mention his introduction video posted today already has 49,000+ views on Facebook. Yep people are interested… very interested. All I know is after 40 years it’s time for a change.

    His Facebook site already has over 2,000 likes and it’s gaining by the minute. Go Billie!

  7. Sutton is the next governor of South Dakota.

  8. Sioux Falls, Rapid City and lots of swing voters. Go get ’em Billie!

  9. It’s time for a reset in South Dakota government. I think Daugaard is a decent guy, but the permanent and stagnant bureaucracy in state government needs to be churned in favor of some new people with new ideas. Billy Sutton can be the next Kneip.

  10. This is the beginning of a grass roots movement to fight corruption in Pierre. I cannot think of a better candidate to do this job. Go Billie!

  11. OMG! Mr. grudznick, they all overgod us on everything here in South Dakota. The tongue talker NOem is all in and so is Jackley, with a little jackboot to boot. It is all part of the way it is done.

  12. The God stuff doesn’t bother me and each to their own beliefs. Isn’t nothing wrong with a cowboy that prays. Looking out over that beautiful ranch view that Billie has I would be pretty thankful for that.
    Could grudzie be a swing voter? Is he sick of the one party establishment in SD?