Photos: March for Healthcare in Aberdeen!

  1. “Insurance for Everybody”
  2. “No Cuts to Medicaid”
  3. “No One Will Lose Coverage”
  4. “Nobody Worse off Financially”
  5. Everybody’s Going to Be Taken Care Of”

The President of the United States has called for any health care legislation to do all of those things. But since the President of the United States doesn’t mean a word he says, we regular folks have to take to the streets.

Our March for Healthcare drew a dozen-plus citizens to Aberdeen’s Main Street to march and demonstrate our support for sensible (i.e., not Noem/Trump) health care policy. We had a great time waving to the rush-hour traffic at South 6th and Main, reminding them that our Congress and White House are assaulting one of our basic rights.

Heading down Main Street
At 6th and South Main
Funny Kristi Noem can’t grasp this simple concept
Kristi Noem has given her answer; how about you, John Thune and Mike Rounds?
We passed the Affordable Care Act so getting sick wouldn’t also mean going broke.
Keep the faith, and keep Medicaid!

Thanks for joining us, neighbors… and keep those signs handy: we’ll probably need to march again when the Senate takes up the CBO-scored House plan!

4 Responses to Photos: March for Healthcare in Aberdeen!

  1. Insurance is not healthcare. You should instead just cut the middle man out and run a petition to force hospitals and medical personnel to provide their services for free! Then, if they don’t do it, you can imprison them for not helping the masses. We can also establish reeducation sites on our university campuses to teach these selfish medical people they owe it to you and if they can’t be re educated you should inact a final solution to remove them from your world of free stuff or they would become a burden for the rest of you and we don’t want that!

  2. Good job Aberdeen, and thanks Cory for always being involved for the Common Good!

  3. Porter Lansing

    My, my … the social conservatives do have their panties in a twist this morning. What’ve we done to torque you off this time, BayBeeeee?

  4. “World of free stuff”—wrong. I recognize that health care costs a lot of money. I want to spend our money as efficiently and effectively as possible on health care so that we have more money to spend on other things and live longer to spend it. A single-payer system like Medicare spends money more efficiently… as someone using the name OldSarg either does appreciate or will appreciate very soon.