Noem Uses Cop Week to Pitch Trump Wall and Bigger Government

Predictably, Rep. Kristi Noem is finding a way to turn this week’s “National Police Week” into a political ploy. In her latest e-mail to constituents, Noem says her ride-along with Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Department justifies spending more federal money (with no indication of how she would avoid increasing the deficit) and building that boondoggle Trump wall:

Needless to say, local law enforcement does a tremendous job. We, in turn, have a responsibility to give them the support and resources necessary to be safe and successful.

It was clear during my visit that drug trafficking and use has contributed greatly to the spike in violent crimes. While South Dakota sits more than a thousand miles from Mexico, Sheriff Mike Milstead estimated that around 90 percent of the state’s meth and heroin comes from south of the border. Simply put, we need to build robust physical and technological barriers at the U.S.-Mexico border. In addition to a border wall, I’ve cosponsored legislation that would deploy up to 10,000 more National Guard personnel to the border and allow law enforcement to go after the so-called “spotters” that drug traffickers use to avert officers at the border.

But a stronger border isn’t the only thing that must be done.  This week, as we mark National Police Week, the House will be voting on a series of bills that support our men and women in blue – from helping departments staff up to supporting them in acquiring new technologies [Rep. Kristi Noem, e-mail, 2017.05.16].

There you go: count on Trump Republicans to bust the budget and make government bigger.

Noem also takes the requisite shot at Marty Jackley, repeating the FBI stat showing our violent crime rate doubling over the past decade. At the moment, Jackley doesn’t sound too worried: he is promoting the fall Aging Gracefully Expo. Then again, neither does Noem, as she closes her email by stating, “The truth is there’s no other place I’d dream of raising my family than here….”

It’s kind of tough to fly the fear flag and the rose-colored glasses in the same campaign message, but no tougher for Kristi Noem than playing a conservative Republican while proposing bigger, more expensive government.

9 Responses to Noem Uses Cop Week to Pitch Trump Wall and Bigger Government

  1. She needs to keep the topic off the huge Medicaid cuts she voted for. The racist party is realizing that it was an extremely unpopular vote.

  2. Americans are the ones that keep buying the drugs but yet people like Kristi to blame the Mexicans. Supply and demand, doofus.

  3. Roger Elgersma

    Noem points out that violent crime is up in South Dakota the last ten years. Violent crime is down in the nation for thirty years. Where are your South Dakota values. Just positive attitude about South Dakota values gets us no where. Find the problem if you are a leader.

  4. NOem should be practicing what she is preaching to get law enforcement involved with the russian takeover of the country. Come on NOem, get on the bandwagon and get to the bottom of this coup. Here is a hint, look in the mirror.

  5. Go to Sturgis, there you will find where the meth comes from. Geesh, blaming it on the Mexicans? Please, everyone knows the motorcycle gangs control the meth trade in the United States. One more hint, those drugs do come here by many means that have nothing to do with Mexico, like Afghanistan for example. Jackboot Jackley knows all about where the meth comes from, he just does not want to touch an important part of his base, neither want that. Sturgis Bike meet and Greet, the golden goose, also has the pox.

  6. bearcreekbat

    Jerry makes a great point. In addition, from what I have read it appears to be getting much easier to make homemade meth these days.

    Blaming Mexico misses the mark.

  7. I’m hoping there will be a Democrat,an Independent or maybe even another Republican running for governor..Noem and Jackley are unacceptable choices.

  8. The quickest way to decrease drug use and drug-related crime is to decriminalize drug use. Look to the decades-long records established in Portugal, the Netherlands, and other places. But the flat-earthers will have nothing to do with the facts and their scientific interpretation because it conflicts with their narrow-minded narrative and pre-decisional judgment.

  9. Unfortunately, ‘the other’ Johnson may be the best we are able to get from the House race. Would help his own cause if he were, to, like figure out a way to stand for values in opposition to those practiced by the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Johnson (r) doesn’t have to go all in for impeachment – but his silence indicates consent of the behavior. (Take a note Senators Thune, Rounds, and others. – just what are your SD values as opposed to those practiced for the past 110-days?! Inquiring minds want to know.)

    Krebs, lost it – drank too deeply from the nut’s punch bowl – went to the racist’s ACT for America ‘to greet friends who were there’. If the racists and bigots are Kreb’s “friends” – then SD does not need Kreb’s. She’s not the first soulless beauty queen. And SD has one who delivered nearly nothing in the House now. Pretty folks are over-rated. As the saying goes: ‘beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone’.