Lunch and Questions with Mike Rounds June 1 in Sioux Falls, Just $50

Wow! Senator Mike Rounds is actually giving us three week’s notice of a public appearance, and it’s not at a police station!

Selfies with the Senator, no extra charge. Probably. (From @SenatorRounds, 2017.04.18)
Selfies with the Senator, no extra charge. Probably. (From @SenatorRounds, 2017.04.18)

The Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce is hosting “Inside Washington with U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds” on Thursday, June 1, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Sioux Falls Holiday Inn City Centre Falls Room. You can get lunch, a speech from South Dakota’s junior Senator, and a chance to ask questions, all for the low-low price of $50. Chamber members get a 50% discount on the price of admission to this great show by a man whose paycheck and gas for getting to the Holiday Inn are already covered by your tax dollars.

So put in some extra hours (meeting your Senator will cost less than six hours of labor at minimum wage) and register today to attend this fabulous event on June 1!

16 Responses to Lunch and Questions with Mike Rounds June 1 in Sioux Falls, Just $50

  1. Amazing!

  2. What a chicken. Maybe we could get Al Franken to host a town hall meeting

  3. Unbelievable, Rounds should just tell it what it is, a fundraiser. You shouldn’t have to pay your Senator just to get a chance to talk to them and ask question.
    Whatever happened to good old townhall meetings?
    US Rep Eric Paulsen (GOP) of MN has not had a town hall meeting in seven years and the DFL is targeting his district big. They have held townhall meetings for him to attend (with invite) and he doesn’t show up but the people do. The media shows up and asks where’s Eric?
    The SDDP needs to do this if they ever want to start getting taken seriously again.

  4. Does Mr. Rounds get the entry money or is the Sioux Falls chamber fleecing the public on their own dime by charging them to listen to a publicly paid politician?

  5. I”m betting you don’t even get a nice hot lunch, just a dry sandwich and a bag of chips and pop with weak coffee . :)
    Either that or yesterday’s leftover.

  6. Chicken? That’s $50. Steak is $100.

  7. Hundreds of people showed up at a townhall meeting in Plymouth hoping to see their US Rep Erik Paulsen but where’s Erik?
    Cory, here’s a teacher that spoke at that townhall that says the ACA saved her life when she got cancer.

  8. Why pay 50 bucks to see this putz when you can have your own town hall? Here is how to do it. For goodness sake SDDP, get on the stick and make some moves. Get a speaker that can talk to people, and move on. How about some of these young folks that have much to say, put them in to fire up the troops. Time is wasting SDDP, you all have been on the listening tour, now how about getting someone out that can talk the talk. Oh, and do a free will with 50 bucks as a donation to an actual candidate and not the party itself. Hold the money in an account for the person or persons that steps up to run. Which one of the Silent Bob’s are up for reappointment in the legislature?

  9. The millionaire Rounds wants 50 bucks for a reward for doing selling out to the russians, what a guy.

  10. Roger Cornelius

    Shouldn’t this have been bill as:

    Rounds Charge $50 for Town Hall

  11. If you want a slight chance to see one of South Dakota’s snake-weasel Senators to ask ine a question, that’ll be $50.

    I am still colossally shocked that Mike Rounds is on the Committee for Cyber Security. The guy continues to know zilch on the topic – no matter how many briefings he’s had – all he does is claim Democrats are wrong about everything – he’s just a smooth talking phony.

  12. mike from iowa

    Your South Dakota worthless wingnuts in Washington should pay people to come and see them. Maybe you should charge them an entrance fee to get back home-they don’t do anything useful in Washington, why would you want them in state?

    Goes the same for worthless iowa wingnuts, because at least one is in a position to really screw things up.

  13. How about doing it like Trump? You pay ME $50 to come and make your function look like it’s well attended. I know for a fact, you will have nothing to say that I can’t find in a Republican talking points memo.

  14. Mike, I think we should call them Bread Basket Wingnuts as they are clones of each other no matter which Ag state/district we could point to.

    You and I, we ain’t so differnt from each other – we got the same wingnuts, in many ways.

  15. mike from iowa

    ‘Cept, Adam I have a few more of them. :)

  16. He obviously doesn’t want to meet the average South Dakotan. Why would he charge us to meet with him when we are already paying the freight for his “do nothing” service in DC? WOW-this is the height of living in a bubble inside the beltway. Double insulation. This is tragic on so many levels I don’t know where to find the positives in it. Hope there is a bigger crowd outside protesting than inside paying to hear his prepared speech UGH!!!