Tiddly-Winks: Powers Knows Projection, Doesn’t Know Me

I try not to let Pat Powers drive my blogging. We all understand that he’s having a hard time watching Donald Trump make his party look like idiots. He hasn’t produced any truly informative blog posts since perhaps before he deleted his blog to begin his ill-fated stint in the sloppiest Secretary of State’s office in South Dakota history. His only function now is to regurgitate press releases for his Republican sponsors and flog his pal and bail-bonds employer Dan Lederman’s party propaganda.

Powers’s personal attacks on me and any responses I might offer are insignificant compared to the real news of the President inviting impeachment, threatening darn near everyone’s health insurancedragging his party toward defeat in the mid-terms. But every now and then, after letting most of Powers’s petty pokes slide, I’m entitled to take a moment to address the utter falsehood of some of the things Powers says about me.

So for the five of you readers who care about this tiff, let us turn to Powers’s Wednesday post (the only thing he wrote that day) responding to my analysis of the McGovern Day muddle and my recommendation that South Dakota Democrats focus on grassroots activism rather than further internal power struggles. What you’ll find, if you bother (and I really don’t recommend bothering, even though I’m about to), is that, much like what happens when Trump opens his mouth, Powers’s critiques of me are really exercises in Republican projection of their own insecurity and shame.

First, pictures. Powers keeps running a picture of me borrowed from KELO-TV in 2001. Powers seems to find this photo unflattering. He could more accurately portray my fall from youthful beauty by updating his photo box with any number of recent, publicly available photos:

CAH 2001 and 2017
What sixteen years does to a guy

Heck, even the fall 2016 photo he ran of me on my campaign bike to great chortlage and mockery more accurately depicts me in my current state than his old TV file photo:

Pat calls it letting my "freak flag fly." I call it getting around.
Pat calls it letting my “freak flag fly.” I call it getting around.

But old photos are par for the course for Pat and his GOP pals. How old is Senator Mike Rounds’s Twitter profile photo?

Mike Rounds pix
…and don’t tell me there’s no Just for Men in that pic on the right.

Now to the headline: “Democrat Mouthpiece Finally Breaks News Blackout on Failed Democrat Party Revolt.”

  1. The adjective is Democratic. Responsible writers do not write Democrat Party any more than they would Republic Party.
  2. I am no one’s mouthpiece, certainly not the Democratic Party’s. If I were the Democratic Party’s mouthpiece, I wouldn’t have been giving any press to the insurgents who were trying to unseat the Democratic Party’s chair Ann Tornberg. Mouthpiecery is Powers’s game.
  3. “News Blackout”? This from a Republican political blogger who, according to his own search engine, hasn’t mentioned the Republican President since March 20. When information about the snap election push became public, I discussed it a fair amount on these pages, because I wanted to offer analysis that people on all sides of the tussle could use to make their decisions. When that push failed, I took eleven days to talk to Democrats who attended McGovern Day, to read other responses, and to think about the next best course of action for the party. That’s not a news blackout; that’s thoughtful deliberation.

In his text, Powers calls me a “fomenter” of the party revolt. That characterization is false. The snap election push came to me fully formed by other actors. After Sheldon Osborn publicized his knowledge of the push, I published Rachelle Norberg’s justification for replacing the SDDP chair. Rather than encouraging revolt, I encouraged all Democrats to discuss what plan the party executes to win. I urged my fellow Democrats to concentrate more on the real threats to the Republic posed by Trump and his fellow Republicans. I questioned some critiques of of the snap election call, but I also suggested an alternative team-of-rivals plan that would have kept Tornberg as chair and installed challenger Paula Hawks as her exec. I wasn’t fomenting revolt; I was saying, let’s just get work done.

Then comes the ultimate in Powers projection:

Now that Heidelberger is likely facing being frozen out from Ann Tornberg’s inner circle, after having been one of her favored whom she featured at fundraisers, Cory seems unable to decide whether to continue the effort to dump Ann Tornberg, or to try to sweep the revolution under the rug, as he urges the dissenters to drop the recall [Pat Powers, “Democrat Mouthpiece Finally Breaks News Blackout on Failed Democrat Party Revolt,” Dakota War College, 2017.05.10].

Oh yeah, the 2015 Buffalo Round-Up! Funny: Joe Lowe invited me, not Ann Tornberg. But you know, I don’t need anyone to invite me to a fundraiser to give me an excuse to visit the Black Hills and get some great photos of Sylvan Lake.

Cory Allen Heidelberger and Ann Tornberg at Brown County Democrats' Front Porch Forum, Aberdeen, SD, 2015.11.05. Screen cap from video by Ken Santema.
Ann Tornberg puts up with more of my arm-waving at Brown County Democrats’ Front Porch Forum, Aberdeen, SD, 2015.11.05. Screen cap from video by Ken Santema.

For someone who pretends to understand me, Pat Powers really doesn’t know me at all. Ann Tornberg has known me for 30 years. If she has an “inner circle”, she has yet to place me in it. But Ann can tell you, as can anyone else who knows me, that I have never really given a hoot about getting into anyone’s “inner circle”. Unlike Pat Powers, whose entire blogging career reads like one long fawning to atone for his past political gaffes and get back into the good graces of the Republican rich and powerful, I am my own man. I appreciate my friends, I respect their trust, but I do not chase favor. I report facts, I analyze and opine, and I let others throw whichever chips, poker or buffalo, they see fit.

Besides, if I were just in it for favor and fortune, would I really be making kissy-face to the great leviathan that is the South Dakota Democratic Party? Heck no! I’d take Pat’s route, or Annette Bosworth’s, or Joel Arends’s, or Donald Trump‘s, and pretend to be a Republican again. There’s more money in that.

See? Most of what Powers tries to lay at my feet really festers in his own soul and in the heart of his failing Republican Party.

Now, with that out of the way, we Democrats have elections to win, and a dangerous, incompetent President to stop. Back to work.

49 Responses to Tiddly-Winks: Powers Knows Projection, Doesn’t Know Me

  1. Porter Lansing

    More South Dakota Republican voters read The Dakota Free Press than Republican voters read Power’s blog. And, way more Dems read Cory than Pat. FreePress rules the blogosphere in SoDak, hands down. There’s just no there there on the DWC. Not to be insulting but it’s written by a guy who got a Political Science degree and then realized he could never get elected with such a sour personality. If he didn’t get a paycheck from lying for the Koch Brothers and from selling cardboard yard signs and insulting, half-truth postcards, his whole blog might dry up and blow away. Hi, Pat. ✌ (I write to him personally and he loves it.)

  2. Roger Cornelius

    Powers really does have an unhealthy obsession with you and the internal struggle the Democrats went through.
    I can’t even count the number of blog posts he wrote, most of which were poorly written, about Tornberg and the possibility of a snap election and all to no avail, everything has stayed the same.
    Powers by his own admission runs a rumor mill over there and often comments about his spies. If you have to have spies for security reasons that is probably a good reason, if you have to have spies for political reasons that a sign of paranoia.
    Like his mentor Donald Trump, Powers exhibits sure signs of mental instability.

  3. I like to flatter myself by knowing I am one of the 5 that Mr. H wrote this blogging to. And it was a dandy blogging. I like it a lot. It seems that Mr. PP really got Mr. H’s goat with those old pictures. And I really, really like the Winter 2017 look that Mr. H sported, but all know I am more partial to the close cropped tightly coiffed look of today. Mr. H is a handsome man, and I say that with much manly affection.

    Mr. C makes good points, except that he should have said “is going through” instead of “went through.” Kind of like the Democrat vs. Republic Party thing. Just sayin…

    Mr. Lansing lives in Colorado. So I guess we all know what that means. He doesn’t live in South Dakota.

  4. Roger Cornelius

    What have I told you about attempting to put words in my mouth, I meant exactly what I said

  5. Porter Lansing

    Mr. Lansing controls more of South Dakota than Grudznick does. More goats, too. 🐐🐐🐐

  6. I doubt Mr. Trump is Mr. PP’s mentor. I have a hard time even imagining that Mr. Trump knows who Mr. Powers is, let alone takes time out of his busy day to provide mentoring advice. That’s just a false statement against them both. May the Shame Nun march through your neighborhood tonight.

  7. Mr. Lansing: zero votes
    grudznick: one vote

    grudznick has infinitely more goats and votes, and will sleep soundly dreaming of breakfast (except when they wake me for medicine) at Talleys tomorrow.

  8. Porter Lansing

    There are three elderly family members who let me fill out their ballots, by advice. Me – 3 Grudz – 1. Welcome to LOSERVILLE, Grudzie. Population … YOU heh HEH ho

  9. Joe Nelson

    Don’t feed the trolls, and don’t let people get your goat. Treat it like a game of chess; if your opponent makes a series of blunders, don’t point out the blunders, just carry on and win the game.
    As for Democrats winning in SD? I don’t think the majority of South Dakotans want to vote Democrat, and I am not sure how the Democratic Party can change this mindset. What they have been doing in the past does not seem to be working. One would think with the President we have now, that there are Republicans out there that are looking for a new party. Or Independents that are looking. How is the Democratic Party going to attract and recruit and convince these people? For some, like me, it is a non-starter, especially since the Democratic Party has made abortion rights a major part of their platform and seems to have no room in it for pro-life voters. I wonder if that is also the mindset of other South Dakotans. Who has this data?

  10. Powers could use a bike like that for some exercise.

  11. Mr. Nelson, you make a sound question. For a fellow like me, conservative but with common sense who did not vote for Mr. Trump and cannot abide those who are insaner than most, where do I go if the crazy overgodders take over my party? Do I go with the name-calling libbies or do I go with the more polite libertarians and independents?

  12. Let’s have the first Heidelberger Powers debate! Porter, you could be the moderator.

  13. Porter Lansing

    Joe Nelson … Next time you’re pregnant you can have a valid opinion on women’s rights. Until then, it’s none of your business.

  14. Joe Nelson

    Porter Lansing,
    I also do not gamble, own a gun, go to a public school, hunt, fish, own cattle, farm, drill for oil, operate a business, et cetera. Does this mean that you think it is “none of my business” to hold an opinion on these issues? How deep does your thought police mentality go?

  15. Joe Nelson

    Porter Lansing,
    Additionally, I am against the death penalty/capital punishment, which rules out the Republican party as well. Or do you think, since I am not a warden of a prison or in law enforcement, I am not allowed to hold an opinion on this?

    Hold on, I am not black either! Can I hold a valid opinion on the rights of black people?

    Wait, are you pregnant? If not, does that invalidate you opinion on women’s rights as well?

  16. Porter Lansing

    You call me the thought police for not allowing you to have an opinion when you won’t allow women to make their own choice? Which is it, Joe? You want the freedom to choose but you won’t allow women to have it? That’s a desire to dominate women and that’s a bit deviant. You have the choice to opine on all the things you listed. Why won’t you give that choice to women? Huh?

  17. Joe Nelson

    Porter Lansing,
    I think that abortion is murder. I do not think anyone should have the free choice to legally murder anyone (excepting for in the defense of one’s own life). Thought police? You are the one telling me I cannot hold an opinion. I am fine if someone wants to hold the opinion “I think it would be really beneficially for me to kill my unborn child.” I will disagree with them, but they are free to think that all they want.

    Just as the State has given itself the “right” to murder inmates via the death penalty, they have given women the “right” to murder their unborn children. I disagree with the State on both counts. I have no desire to dominate any woman or person, nor is me holding this opinion an indication there of. Additionally, of “a desire to dominate women” is deviant (I will agree), how is “a desire to murder an unborn child” not deviant?

  18. Roger Cornelius

    Please don’t let this thread turn into another endless abortion debate.

  19. Joe Nelson


  20. Porter Lansing

    You’re wrong. There’s no such thing as an “unborn child”. It’s not a child until it’s born, period. Cells reproduce before there’s a life and cells reproduce after there’s a corpse. It’s not a life until it’s born and God blesses the baby with a soul. The Bible says it several places. One is Exodus 21:22. More are listed here. https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/263-religion/66598647
    ~ Saying you don’t desire to dominate women is a dead give away that you want to dominate women. By trying to take away their choice is a desire to dominate women, period.

  21. Porter Lansing

    @Roger … I’ll not debate. There’s no choice but to allow women to choose.

  22. 1. The recumbent bike rocks. Such calves!
    2. I like the 2017 Grizzly Adams Cory look. Very John Brown-like, as in the Kansas album cover.
    3. Cory can’t be in Ann Tornberg’s inner circle. He’s not a member of the SDFU. (The FU part always makes me giggle.)
    4. Why can’t we all just get along?
    5. Sibby is the one with the big Cory man-crush, not Pat.

  23. Mr. C is righter than right again. This needs to be about Mr. H leveraging his old debating skills against Mr. Powers’ perceived attacks on the insubstantialness of some of Mr. H’s bloggings.

    Mr. Lansing, from Colorado, and that other fellow, Mike, from Iowa will score the non-South Dakota decisions.
    Mr. Jones, a master debater indeed, will score the South Dakota scores.

    Haircuts will be judged by grudznick and there will be no appeals. Mr. H wins the haircut, circa 1971, 2017, or 2007. Beard too. That’s 2 of 3 to Mr. H, Powers can only win the substantive debate on policy.

  24. Mock me all you want, but I barbered a bit way back in the day, I have even cut my friend Bill’s hair on a drunken dare, and I think Mr. H’s skull and follicles are perfect media for today’s artist hirsute.

  25. Mr. H, I read your blue link to the “great chortlage and mockery” and found my ownself having chortled, apparently, but I think I actually was defending your bizarre contraption. In fact it seems upon re-reading that most people smote down Mr. PP for mocking your device.

    Do you still have it and will you ride it again, beard or no beard?

  26. One thing is clear to me about Mr. Powers, he has little to write about regarding anything successful the party of putin has done for the State of South Dakota. The putineers have been in power for decades and the only thing Mr. Powers has to show for it are pictures of a Democrat, a healthy looking one at that. Mr. Powers appears to have done a google search for flattering pictures of putineers, but alas, there are few good pictures that really frame what total horse’s arse really are supposed to look like. Probably the closet he offers, are pictures of NOem astride Old Midnight (not real name, but an alias I suppose). He is correct, it was hard for me to distinguish which one was the biggest that he was trying to project.

  27. mike from iowa

    Master chooses to enlighten and inform. Powers chooses to be a repugnant prick.

    Master accomodates most every opinion. Powers chooses to be an authoritarian repugnant prick with thin skin- something in wingnut DNA perhaps.

  28. Pat has a poli-sci degree? That’s funny: I have degrees in math, history, and computers, yet I produce the better political blogging.

  29. Don’t feed the trolls—indeed, Joe, it is a no-win situation. Say nothing, and the trolls feel they go unrefuted. Say something, and they feel validated. I let much slide off my back, but I felt the above was worth refuting, not for Pat’s reform or enlightenment, but just for the record… and for my own enjoyment.

  30. Thanks, Todd! We’ll see how the Grizzly Adams look (and clever references!) work for Tom Black in the Aberdeen City Council race

  31. Grudz, yes, I do still have that bike and continue to ride it around town, in rotation with my other two high-quality two-wheeled contraptions. Come take it for a ride—the seat adjusts for your frame!

  32. Porter Lansing

    Mr. Black could also be observed to have that Sebastian Cabot appearance, dignity and demeanor. And he’s a film guy, like me. 🎥

  33. mike from iowa

    Since I don’t want to go off topic, I won’t ask if Grudz’s frame is a gutter ball or spare.

  34. Porter Lansing

    Political Science is kind of “soft science”. You know, for underachievers that can’t wait for Hobo Day. heh heh ho

  35. Have you ever met PP, Mr. H? I wonder if the two of you sat down over some pancakes and hashbrows with sausage gravy you wouldn’t find out you are very common in most ways and could become good friends.

  36. Porter Lansing

    I’ll cook for that one, Grudzie. We’ll have it in the Governor’s mansion when Mr. H is being sworn in. I’ll make you my famous groat cakes and goat gravy and a special crow pie for Mr. Pat. Can’t hardly wait and I don’t think I’ll have to. Did you eat at Talley’s Terrific Tourist Trough today? I’ll bet you rubbed Ronnie’s crotch, out front, huh? heh heh

  37. I’m usually only able to go to Talleys on Sundays, Mr. Lansing. Tomorrow it seems the meeting is at Campbell Street Cafe, of course, since it is the second Sunday of the month. I understand you are somewhat of an accomplished cook, so I look forward to your cakes and gravy someday. I can appreciate a man with those skills who wishes to show them off. Be safe, and kiss your loved ones tonight.

  38. Porter Lansing

    That’s good. Campbell’s is closer to you. Let me know how it went. I don’t get out much.

  39. Don Coyote

    Really? A short wheel base, crank forward recumbent? By Burley no less. Phew. Should have bought a Bike E or Rans or EZ Racer. A real recumbent if that’s what you want to ride. Have fun slogging up those long hills with that overweight frameset. Of course in pancakeville Aberdeen that’s probably not much of a problem.

  40. Mr. Coyote, I have been told that Mr. H rides the laying-down bicycle for shock value and not for practicality. It is a vanity thing. Nobody rides, I am told, those kind of wheeled vehicles anymore, except for parades and politicizing in people’s yards. I, for one, believe that machine is fine and dandy and I actually like it and hope Mr. H does keep riding it. If he could pull a big trailer thing I could sit in, I would like that a whole lot. I do also wonder what sort of drive train he has, what components are on that contraption. Are they low-end Shimano stuff, or high-end SRAM products? Would one of you fellows in Aberdeen town please get a close-up of the drive train of Mr. H’s lay-down bicycle and blog them here? Do we know if Mr. H straps his feet to his pedals when he rides that device?

  41. More gratuitous contrariness from Coyote, now reduced to cheap brand feuding. How pointless. Drive what you want. Debates over personal purchases are silly.

    Grudz, Pat and I have never spoken face to face. Such a meeting seems unlikely, unpleasant, and unnecessary.

  42. Cory, I think you and Pat met at Lake Herman about 10 years ago at our blogger meetup.

  43. mike from iowa

    I can appreciate a man with those skills who wishes to show them off. Be safe, and kiss your loved ones tonight.

    Be vewy afwaid, Porter. Mongo was straight. I’m not sure about this live wire.

    You can see any number of recumbent bikes out of the 10000 riders for RAGBRAII every year. Must be something about them.

  44. Porter Lansing

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  45. I stand corrected Cory. But I was right about that new fangled Twitter thing.

  46. Indeed, righter than I thought!

  47. Don Coyote

    @grudz: Recumbents have a lot of practical value although I found their pros (back support, aerodynamics) were outweighed by their cons (heavier, poor performance on hills, poor visibility in traffic, maneuverability, starting-stopping). ‘Bent owners do tend to revel in the quirkiness and idiosyncrasies of the bicycle.

    It appears from the picture that cah does use toeclips and straps. Hope he doesn’t carry stuff in his pockets as everything tends to fall out of the front pockets riding a recumbent. As to what equipment it is equipped with it’s hard to tell. From the color of the paint job it appears we are looking at a 2004 Burley Hepcat but that year/model would have had disc brakes and cah’s does not. No matter it’s either a Django with mid level Shimano equipment (approx $1200-$1400) or a Hepcat with upper level Shimano equipment (approx $1900-$2200). You can look at all the specs of the various model years here:


  48. Were Pat and I to meet, I doubt he would take the opportunity to really get to know me. He would just look for more superficial material to throw out as gratuitous insults later, all in attempt to marginalize useful analysis and commentary that he can’t refute.

    Not that I have much interest in his getting to me or in getting to know him. I would prefer he simply admit he doesn’t know me and stop making stuff up about my character and motives to distract people from the real issues at hand.