Krebs Exaggerates Public Support for ACA Repeal

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs
Dang—I thought Krebs would be better at math. than Noem.

U.S. House candidate Shantel Krebs says, “In general, the public wants to see the Affordable Care Act repealed.”

Wrong, Shantel. Right after Trump’s first failure to get a vote on ACA repeal, Gallup polled 1,028 adults nationwide and found 55% approval of the Affordable Care Act. Gallup found that 30% of respondents want to repeal and replace the ACA, 26% want to “keep the ACA in place largely as it is,” and 40% want to keep it in place “but make significant changes.”

So given three choices where one includes the word “repeal,” only 30% of Americans want to can the ACA. I challenge Shantel to show me the thesaurus that deems “30%” and “in general” synonymous.

And don’t forget, while the polling isn’t clear-cut, some portion of ACA repealers and replacers are liberals like Bernie Sanders, Rick Weiland, and me who believe we’d save more money and more lives by opening Medicare to every American.

10 Responses to Krebs Exaggerates Public Support for ACA Repeal

  1. mike from iowa

    Don’t forget the billions in tax cuts for the wealthy if the ACA is repealed.

    Senate Dems will have to stand firm against wingnut chicanery and budget gimmicks to prevent this abomination from passing.

  2. Porter Lansing

    She must mean the “alternative public”. You know. The public that was too stupid to know what they were voting for last November.

  3. She’s a republican. She has to say it.

  4. krebs is a trumper that will not have her healthcare changed at all. republicans take care of their own in high office just like the rest of the elitists. Build a wall krebs, build it high so you have to climb your ivory tower to look down upon the wretched masses you and yours have decimated. I hope krebs has someone dear to her that has the misfortune to get sick and loose their jobs and then have to go to a nursing home only to find out there is no place for a bed.

  5. It’s been roughly 50/50 all along since Obamacare was passed – half against and half support.

  6. krebs is just like any other little republican piggy at the public teat. As Pelosi says ” Nancy Pelosi


    #Trumpcare has never been about health care. It serves only as an excuse for a massive tax cut for the rich

    krebs is wanting her piece of the pie man. These guys take their money from the special interest groups and rubber stamp anything the party tells them to do. They do it for the money and to avoid the tax.

  7. owen reitzel

    looks like Krebs is nothing more then Noem lite.

    It also looks like she learning from Trump to say a lie with no proof.

  8. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Well, maybe in Shantel’s universe, the Republican primary base, there is a majority that is naively opposed to Obamacare, but the greater population believes in preventing pre-existing clauses, maintaining the elimination of the donut hole for prescription drug coverage by Medicare, allowing 26 years olds to stay on their parent’s health insurance plan, to have the costs of a physical covered 100% by a health plan, offering free birth control, free colonoscopies, and extending Medicaid to many hard working poor, who without Obamacare, would have no health care coverage whatsoever.

    And for those Republicans who claim the collapse of Obamacare throughout the land because of its own failures, those are merely crocodile tears by a group, which have done everything they possibly could do to prevent Obamacare’s success like the destroying of the risk pool for insurance companies which are a part of the many state Obamacare networks throughout the land…. If Obamacare is bad or has any serious problems, its because of the Republicans and not the Democrats…… Shame on the Republicans, Shame on them!!

    When will the Republican Party, that claims to protect life, begin to protect genuine health care for all Americans, I ask?

  9. Darin Larson

    I will vote for Dusty “I’m outta here” Johnson or Mike “My Main Man” Huether over Shantel “mini-Noem” Krebs. If you can’t understand the need for proper healthcare in this country, I won’t vote for you.

  10. What a moronic, false statement. And to think that I once thought she had integrity. Integrity. No one can take it from you. But can give it up. Krebs gave up her itegrity for votes from the systemically, perennially uninformed. Dusty Johnson or anyone else gained 2 votes.