Joe Lowe: Noem’s Vote for TrumpCare Heartless

South Dakota Democratic Party Vice-Chairman Joe Lowe is as mad about Kristi Noem’s vote for TrumpCare as we all ought be. Here’s his take on her vote to knock millions of Americans off their health insurance:

Give Joe Lowe the mic—he knows what to do with it!
Give Joe Lowe the mic—he knows what to do with it!

Today I witnessed one of the most shameful moments in our country’s history. The GOP voted to move Trumpcare forward, even though there was no report done by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and over 50 organizations oppose the proposed healthcare plan. This partial list includes the following organizations:

  • American Medical Association
  • AARP
  • American Hospital Association and Federation of American Hospitals
  • American Cancer Society Action Network
  • American Heath Care Association
  • America’s Essential Hospitals
  • American’s Hospitals and Health System
  • American Public Health Association
  • National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • Children’s Defense Fund
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Catholic Health Association of the United States

Put simply, Trumpcare takes funding away from the poorest Americans and transfers it to the richest. Medicaid cuts could impact people of all ages and put the health of over 17 million children and adults with disabilities and seniors at risk. The last time the GOP failed to pass a health care repeal measure, the CBO warned that 24 million Americans would lose healthcare coverage. This time, members of the House of Representatives voted without knowing how many will be dropped from coverage under their revised plan. Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) added an amendment allowing $8 billion, over five years, to help people with pre-existing conditions in states that opt to repeal Obamacare protections. When he was asked if that was enough, he said he did not know if it was. Experts say the number should be $25 billion.

The GOP allowed this President to push his heartless agenda and the GOP Representatives went along with it. I call on all Americans to remember the names of those who voted for Trumpcare and hit the streets now in peaceful protest.

In our state, Congresswomen Noem voted for the repeal. She must be held accountable for this vote when she runs Governor of our great state. She cares more about her next election rather than the people of South Dakota. On the national level, we must get rid of any member of Congress who voted to repeal of the Affordable Care Act [links added; Joe Lowe, “Trumpcare: A Heartless Act,” e-mailed to Dakota Free Press 2017.05.04].

You want to hold Kristi Noem accountable in next year’s election? Joe Lowe is a good man to do it.

39 Responses to Joe Lowe: Noem’s Vote for TrumpCare Heartless

  1. Yes, yes, yes……Lowe needs to run for governor. Absolutely.

    And no one can say it any better than he did about the cruel and heartless vote today done by the GOP and Ms Noem. He said it perfectly.

  2. Robin Friday

    The only good thing that can be said about her running for governor is that she will be out of Congress. But just think of the anti-rights and “freedom of religion” bills that will be passed and signed into law if she is governor. I wish so much that Paula Hawks was there instead. Does anyone doubt that Thune and Rounds will vote the same?

  3. Porter Lansing

    Thank-you, President Obama,
    Your compassion and dedication to those without a champion will seal your legacy as the most productive President since FDR. Your signature achievement wasn’t repealed because it was bad. Your best was just too damn good for the party of the negative. Obamacare (the name alone will never be forgotten) was repealed only because of how dangerous it was, how many it helped and how much it highlighted the truth about Republican selfishness.
    We Shall Return … payback’s a bitch.

  4. bearcreekbat

    If I understand the process, the vote in the House passed by only one vote. Had Kristi voted no the bill would not have passed. Whatever the final outcome, she has earned the right to claim that her vote actually did something – hers was the vote that passed Trumpcare and will be responsible for the harm or benefits that our population experiences if that bill becomes law. At last, Noem’s vote actually counted.

  5. Robert McTaggart

    Are you saying Democrats should “Go Lowe”? :^)

  6. Run. Joe. Run.

  7. mike from iowa

    Actually bcb that honor of the one vote margin was awarded to Darrell “my brother did it” Issa, R-sonist of California.

  8. Roger Cornelius

    Joe is too much of a gentleman for what I would call this scum.
    I encourage any and all to go to Noem’s Facebook homepage and let her know how you feel.
    After the vote, Democrats were waving bye bye to the republicans letting them know their congressional seats are in jeopardy in 2018.

  9. Seven years and this was best the House could do? Would love to hear Rep. Noem justify her vote w/o CBO assessment. Heartless. Foolish. Irresponsible.

  10. After Rep.. Noem explains her rationale to not wait for a CBO score, she can explain why she thinks it’s appropriate to exempt Congress from the effects of this legislation.

  11. Darin Larson

    The true Republican position on healthcare is simple: You can have the freedom to have healthcare if you are fortunate enough to have the money to pay for it. If you are without money, you have the freedom to die without government interference.

    According to Republican Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama, healthy people have been subsidizing the sick for far too long. He says Trumpcare “will allow insurance companies to require people who have higher health care costs to contribute more to the insurance pool that helps offset all these costs, thereby reducing the cost to those people who lead good lives, they’re healthy, they’ve done the things to keep their bodies healthy,” explained Brooks. “And right now, those are the people who have done things the right way that are seeing their costs skyrocketing.”

    So what things did the baby do wrong that is born with birth defects or the teenager with leukemia or the otherwise healthy individual who has a heart attack? What did the person who gets cancer do wrong?

  12. No go, Joe Lowe. You failed the democrat party as a leader and you are now failing as a commentator once again. You are a bug government tax and spender, proven over again, and South Dakota will not elect you or your divisive ilk that want to keep shoving Obamacare down everybody’s maw.

  13. Porter Lansing

    This is a good time to appreciate your artistic inclinations. Things are leaning left. You’re great at it. 🎩😎

  14. Grudznick,
    You must be having a bad night. I do not know what bug government is and the rest of your commentary is not well written. The problem with guys like you is you hide behind these made up names and are a constant critic of everything. I would love to set down face to face and discuss your issues with me; however I believe you are too much of a coward to do this. You would rather hide behind a made up name and make hatefully comments. Currently your GOP party is like the Titanic and is on it’s way down. You are also like to make up things just like the leader of your party. Get a grip old guy. By the way, I have been a public servant for over 36 years and I am damn proud of it. As this state’s Wildland fire Chief I have put myself on the fire line defending homes and lives of people. What great things have you done to contribute to humanity?

  15. do we really have to listen to your trolling grudz?

  16. one of my favorite deer in the headlights photos of Kristie for perv grudz.

  17. Grudz, you can shove that comment right up your ass (the place where your head is lodged).

    I have never seen anything about Joe Lowe that is congruent with your take.

    Are you on drugs – hooked on the pain meds – or something?

  18. Mr. Grudznick is okay, he just has a different take on reality. Joe Lowe would be a find candidate for governor. His platform could be that of trying to save rural healthcare and hospitals as they are going to be taking the brunt of NOem’s decision to close them. Maybe in the end, NOem’s idea will be the best for South Dakota as it will make Rapid City and Sioux Falls the medical centers for what ails us all. When old folks move to senior centers in these cities, it should effectively shut down the small towns to make campaigning much easier and dumpsters more available for their food sources. Who wants to spend the day in Murdo eating pie with 5 workers along with their boss man? What a conversation to be listened to, like listening to your bowels work. ye gads!

  19. NOem, Thune and Rounds, just feathered their nests with cash. What a windfall for them, krebs wants to get in on the act as well, this is what we call birds of a feather. ” If you are rich and you make over $200,000 a year, you will partake of a $300 billion tax cut.” Good news bad news as always depending on your wealth or lack of.

  20. One vote to spare: the vote was 217–213. If Kristi had flipped, it would have been 216–214 and still passed. We need to find two Republicans who will look at the Senate version and say “no way!”

  21. …assuming, of course, that the Senate passes any health care plan. Senate Republicans are already making clear they will forgo the House bill and write their own.

  22. McTaggart, don’t go messing up our slogans. :-D

    But if we can get Michelle Obama to come lead some chants… “When they go low, we go Joe!

    Better yet, get Michelle Obama to bring Jennifer Lopez to lead that chant.

  23. Not a peep from Joe about GOTV, funny how that always gets ignored. Kind of like everything else that is hard. Mowing a yard is hard as well. Not so much when you do upkeep, but when you let it go to republican weeds, then your yard is very difficult to maintain. I wonder when Joe and the rest of the Democrats will finally look out over the landscape to see there is a need to rid ourselves of these weeds that continue to drain the growth and look ugly as hell.

    In South Dakota, we are so poor that we all look at one another to see when will be the next funeral so we can have some chicken salad and desert. No one remembers old Bob, but we damn sure remember that there was extra chicken or tuna salad sandwiches on just week day old white bread too!

  24. Robert McTaggart


    I guess if Republicans can have Jeb!, Democrats can have Joe!

  25. Don’t be too hard on Kristi. As usual, she was just doing what she was told!

  26. Joe Lowe was hired by Bill Janklow. And helped South Dakota wildland fire and South Dakota Volunteer fire departments advance into an agile and mobile and qualified organizations. Joe was also Mayor of Mission Vejas in California. His father was killed in WW2 and he was an orphan at 11. He should have been our candidate in 2014 instead of Sue Wismer but the SD democratic “establishment” apparently didn’t want somebody who was ready to go all in.

    Grudz knows more than the American Medical Association.

    I don’t know what Joe ever did to Grudz but Grudz has insulted Joe at every chance. Considering Joes amazing accomplishments and humble lifestyle, running a business, still skiing and hiking at 70 instead of harassing waitresses at Tallys or sexualizing his comments about females as Grudz is well known for, I’m with Adam.

  27. Miranda Gohn

    I’d support and volunteer for Joe Lowe if at all possible if he chooses to run for governor or whatever office in South Dakota. He is a good common sense and likeable guy that has tremendous experience. Door knocking talking and especially listening to South Dakotans in a respectful way to find out what their hopes are for them and their children or making phone calls doing the same. Count me in for Joe.

  28. Miranda Gohn


    2017-05-05 at 06:12 .

    Not a peep from Joe about GOTV, funny how that always gets ignored. Kind of like everything else that is hard. Mowing a yard is hard as well.”

    This is exactly what will do nothing to advance anything. Complaining and doing nothing but posting all day and everyday on a keyboard. Get out of the house or your apartment and go to your local unit meetings and actually talk to people face to face at those meetings and see how you can help. Not everyone feels comfortable door knocking or making phone calls. That is ok. There are other ways to contribute and to things forward.

  29. Joe’s right on the money.

    Grudz’s brain has clearly been hacked and the psychosomatic damage is likely permanent. I tell ya, once your brain’s been hacked by the NRA, Ayne Rand and radical phony Christians, not many people are able to recover from such a drastic reduction in neuroplasticity of the brain.

    Remember how on Novber 7th all our Trumptardlican friends said, “I’m not going to vote for Trump.” And then they all went out there and did it anyways. Yeah, never forget that. These people don’t even mean what say nor understand the meaning of words that come out of their mouths.

    To them Trump’s promise to “cover everybody for less money” is the same thing as kicking 24 million people off of health insurance. You people can GFYS.

  30. Roger Cornelius

    We should all appreciate the anonymous grudz’s posting on Dakota Free Press as he exemplifies the typical uneducated republican voter that makes South Dakota the retarded state that it is.
    I’m betting that Joe would be willing to go to grudz’s old folks home and discuss any issue with him one on one.
    We all know that grudz is irrelevant and his commentary is self-serving and nothing more than crying out for attention.

  31. NOem and krebs are just getting warmed up. The real target is Medicare and Social Security, that is where the big bucks are. ACA/Obamacare will at the most generate almost a trillion in their pockets with 100 million out on their arse’s, chump change to this bunch. Social Security and Medicare would be the sky, they are halfway there. GOTV is the answer to educate for change.

  32. Got an e-mail from kristie today. I replied:
    Dear republican hack,
    Why am I receiving this propaganda ??
    I do Not support you or your lizard-people agenda.
    All things considered, I hope you contract a painful, disfiguring disease and die alone and in great agony.
    Please discontinue these screeds to prevent me from telling you what I really think.
    … and don’t count on me for a vote (hopefully, you’ll never make it to the general election) as governor.
    Maybe you should just stay away.
    With pride in MY humanity, I remain 🐻

  33. Got me a whole herd of goats today, tied up right behind the one wearing the fire hat with the donkey symbol on it.

  34. Roger, I’ve always wondered what Grudzie’s real name is. Apparently he is a real person since I’ve heard him mention breakfasts with you, Kurtz and Newland. :)

  35. Roger Cornelius

    I don’t have any idea of that thing that calls himself grudz is.
    I’ve never had breakfast with him and I’ve heard Newland and Kurtz both deny knowing him.
    When he makes those outrageous claims about having breakfast with me it just shows what a liar he is.
    I’ll repeat myself, grudz’s is the typical uneducated republican voter that keeps South Dakota in the Dark Ages.
    It could also be that grudz is a figment of his own imagination.

  36. Roger Cornelius

    When Cory does a blog about GOTV it is likely that Joe will address the issue.

  37. You just think you haven’t had breakfast with me, Mr. C.
    Bob and Bill are acknowledged breakfasters. Lar smokes his breakfast.

  38. LOL – Grudz thinks he’s had breakfast with complete strangers.

    From this day forward, I will no longer assume there might possibly be a method to Grudz’s madness.

    You did it to yourself, dude. You’re so average it’s crazy.

  39. Roger Cornelius

    I did have breakfast with Harvey the rabbit, maybe it was actually grudz in disguise.