Bail Bondsman Murdered at Lederman’s Iowa City Office

Dan Lederman might not make the David Horowitz bushwah fest that he’s hosting in the shadow of the McGovern Day program and fundraiser for the South Dakota Democratic Party in Sioux Falls Saturday. The SDGOP may be preoccupied with the murder investigation happening at his Iowa City bail bonds office:

The death of a man found dead in an Iowa City bail bonds office — identified by friends as a local bail bondsman — is being treated as a homicide.

Iowa City police responded to Lederman Bail Bonds, 518 S. Capitol St., at 11:11 a.m. Sunday after a body was found inside. On Monday, police said the man — who they are not yet identifying — had “multiple sources of trauma.”

“Based on the evidence thus far discovered at 518 South Capitol St., and the known circumstances surrounding the death of the subject, the department’s Investigations Unit is treating this case as a homicide,” the police department said in a news release [Lee Hermiston, “Death of Iowa City Bail Bondsman Being Treats as Homicide,” Cedar Rapids Gazette, 2017.04.24].

That latest press release from the Iowa City PD says police are seeking information “particularly between the hours of 9 p.m. Saturday, April 22 and 11:11 a.m., Sunday April 23….”

Lederman Bail Bonds lists "Jonathon Wiesler" as an employee in Iowa City/Johnson County; screen cap 2017.04.25.
Lederman Bail Bonds lists “Jonathon Wiesler” as an employee in Iowa City/Johnson County; screen cap 2017.04.25.

Sioux City lawyer Brian Vakulskas has told the Cedar Rapids Gazette that the victim was his friend 34-year-old Jonathan J. Wieseler, who used to live in Sioux City and whom Lederman Bail Bonds lists (misspelled) as its agent in Iowa City. Vakulskas credited Wieseler as a “segment producer” of his “Having Read That” book review show on Sioux City radio station KSCJ.

25 Responses to Bail Bondsman Murdered at Lederman’s Iowa City Office

  1. Good Lord…

  2. I hope they can spell the man’s name right in the condolence card.

  3. Porter Lansing

    Love it when Cory gets Powers to load his diaper and scowl around doing his Pious Pappa Pat routine. He’s responsible for more vile vitriol on his blog than anyone ever with a failed poli/sci degree and the personality of a rotting cactus. It’s time for him to paddle his douchecanoe back to his Republic party of hay wagons and manure spreaders and watch while we Dems become the party of the Tesla. Fast – Efficient – Stylish and Popular
    ~ Accusing The Free Press blogmaster of politicizing this murder is foul play, Paddy. This article is just plain factual. Nothing about how Lederman is responsible for the lying, misleading postcards Powers sends out every election cycle and how Lederman is just as repulsive as his employee Powers. “Just the facts, ma’am.”

  4. Roger Cornelius

    It was just the other day, Earth Day to be exact, that Powers was ranting about serial killer Einhorn being a founder of Earth Day.
    Whether Powers likes it not, the fact that a murder happened at the business of the SDGOP president is newsworthy.
    I’m curious about Lederman’s involvement in this tragedy.

  5. Don Coyote

    @PorterLansing: “… while we Dems become the party of the Tesla. Fast – Efficient – Stylish and Popular.”

    Bwahahaha. Good one Porter. Ironically, Tesla has had to recall almost 2/3s of their 2016 production year of Models S and X because of faulty parking brakes. The brakes stay engaged preventing any movement but the stuck parking brake couldn’t be disengaged. Sounds exactly like the SDDP.

    Tesla is also being sued for selling 40k + cars with an “Enhanced Autopilot” driving system that isn’t functional and creates safety issues. More heat than light just like the SDDP.

  6. Tesla is up in price today and looks to be in the making for much more just like the SDDP with the post Cory put up, for future growth. While trump, the leader of the russia/sdgop is mired in some kind of lie machine regarding corruption, or as we say here, just another day.

    Tesla has had some autopilot issues just like the SDDP, but they have fixed these small issues and they are doing quite well thank you.

    Meanwhile, the SDGOP, is just getting murdered.

  7. Something else too Mr. Coyote, republicans cannot govern. Look at Pierre, see the failure with republican majorities. The only thing they are good at is denying people’s will to rid corruption. Look at the trump/russian/republican thingy going on there in Washington. They are gonna shut down the government because they cannot govern. Simple as that. They have no opposition, and yet they cannot govern. I think that you all should either tell trump to go or tell the russians to go or maybe all of you should go so we can have a democracy. Oh, and leave the key for that Tesla. Man, that baby has some giddy up.

  8. Porter Lansing

    New things need tweaking, Coyote. What new things have the Republican Party in South Dakota built in 40 years? NONE Everything in the state that was built to last came from Washington. (i.e. the interstate highways, Mount Rushmore, shelter belts, Lake Oahe, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare etc.) And on top of that … what new ideas were brought up during the Republican legislature’s “repeal the will of the voters” drunken love fest in Pierre? None, Paco. None! As an example, you guys bitched and moaned about repealing Obamacare and given the chance can’t even draft a piece of legislation. Democrats build things. Republicans sit in their outhouses and watch and complain about the cost of progress.

  9. And, while the Democrats and the SDDP pat themselves on the back and sniff themselves in their superiority over the Republicans, Democrats continue to lose voter registration numbers, legislative seats, and can’t get over 40% in a statewide vote in what will soon be a decade.

    Like it or not, there is a measure of relevance which I think is more tellign than the self-congratulation of Porter and Co.

  10. Tesla built a small fraction of the cars of Ford and GM last year and have never turned much of a profit – if any. Despite Tesla’s lack of success in its chosen field and lack of actual value to its shareholders, irrational exuberance has pushed the value of Tesla’s shares beyond those of General Motors and Ford. That bubble’s gonna burst, and the stupid investors who went all-in putting their money behind some sort of “alternative facts” are going to take it in the shorts. Tesla reminds me the GOP Party.

  11. Always good to see Troy with his feathers ruffled in some form of fake outrage. Hey, it was you and your bunch that put this guy at your helm. So he gets himself into some deep stuff and someone gets murdered. Seems like that is all part of the republican game here in South Dakota. First the EB5 guy gets wacked and then, you all have this. I will say one thing, you guys are consistent, now trot out there and change the subject. Go to some gun carrying thingy fib that Democrats are after your guns or something, you know the drill. Democrats just do their best at governance, while you guys do your best at destroying one another.

  12. Jerry,

    Feathers ruffled? Fake outrage? You really got that out of my post? LOL Serious?

    I kicked myself for writing that post because I’m trying to will myself to continue to take the SDDP serious and relevant despite what almost looks like a conscious effort of democrats to render the SDDP a historical curiosity for this is the reality of the SDDP since I became old enough to vote:

    SD Voter Registration in 1980: 46% Republican, 45% Democrat
    SD Voter Registration in 1990: 49% Republican, 43% Democrat
    SD Voter Registration in 2000: 48% Republican, 38% Democrat
    SD Voter Registration in 2010: 46% Republican, 37% Democrat
    SD Voter Registration in 2016: 46% Republican, 31% Democrat

  13. Yep, every since Nelson called you a whinny girlie girl, you have become even odder, which says a lot. Voter registration only shows that republicans are still behind the combination of Democrats and Independents. Nothing to see here that has not been the same for many years. What is not surprising is the fact that you have so little to show for it. How have you all improved the lives of the ag community? How about the retail community? What have you done since 1980 besides showing how corrupt you are? Your books are in taters man, we are broke with the only hope of more hand outs from the great white father in Washington. Go to a regular ag operation in the state to see the poverty you have wrought. The people here are in bad shape Troy and you are to blame. Ask some of the folks there how they make ends meet.

  14. Tell me Troy, what is the republican plan for water here in South Dakota? The systems are old and battered. How is that all gonna work? You guys have had years to fix the issues and all you want to do is chase the interns along with the fast bucks of the EB5. Let me in on how the super majority fixes infrastructure without the continued raising of ag property taxes.

  15. Roger Cornelius

    Troy is like a piece of carbon paper, he continually posts the same old GOP blather.
    Jerry, you are on to something, aside from making corruption a political issue we need to ask South Dakota voters exactly what the SDGOP has accomplished for them and the state.
    The only thing that comes to mind that republicans have accomplished is a relentless war on women and supporting the NRA.

  16. Roger Cornelius

    What does Dan Lederman know and when did he know it?

  17. Porter Lansing

    So, so well said, Jerry. What have you accomplished with this overwhelming majority, Republicans? The imbalance of voter registration is a feather in our blue cap because it shows just how impotent the red wave really is. You know … like the guy who couldn’t get a date at an all girls Catholic High School.
    And Ms. Rohrschach … The Tesla reference was a metaphor. You remember. Like they taught in college.

  18. I prefer my Tesla metaphor, Porter.

  19. Porter Lansing

    I live downtown in a little aerospace town of 40,000 with lots of rocket scientists with lots of “wives who lunch”. I used to take photos of Teslas on the street by the yoga studio because they’re so cool looking but they’re so prevalent now that they’ve become common place and the ladies car of choice. I think they’re cool with an electric motor for the front wheels and an electric motor for the back wheels. Elon Musk and Tesla symbolize what’s new and fast and efficient and popular … the goal of SDDP. I believe Rohrschach that you symbolize something else.

  20. Tesla? Voter registration? What the heck?

    Powers decides to misrepresent my story for the pleasure of another cheap shot, since he sure can’t generate any response to my policy analysis on other posts or a coherent defense of his President. He also misses the hypocrisy that Roger C. aptly points out—DWC willing to impugn Earth Day based on a story of an old crime by someone slantwise involved with the day, but thinks any mention of his pal and party chair’s business having a murder take place on the premises is not worth discussing.

    Chairman of a state political party experiences a murder in one of his offices? Yes, that is news.

  21. Porter Lansing

    Sorry, Cory.
    I can do a better job of staying on topic from now on. I did get my name mentioned by the distinguished Mr Jones, though. It’s hard for me to draw out his interest, anymore. 🎩

  22. The #2 blog also seriously misrepresents Rep. Keith Ellison’s positions and statements too. It’s almost as bad as the creepy guy hanging out at a yoga studio to ogle the rich ladies in their form-hugging pants driving their $120,000 Teslas.

  23. Porter Lansing

    She does this a couple times a year just for attention and recognition. She just wants me to tell her I know who she is. She’ll be fine.

  24. You’re a serious creeper, Porter. Loitering around the yoga studio with your camera. That explains a lot. You’re likely to get yourself into the same pickle as Jaber Jaw. How many restraining orders against you?

    I know. This post is about the foreign agent’s murdered agent. Jeepers Creepers wants to make it about him and his wittle bruised electric ego. I’ll let creeper jaber on, but my work is done here.

  25. Porter Lansing

    Good one, ma’am. As the Oracle of Gravy would say, “Porter got your goat.”