Not My President’s Day Rally in Rapid Monday; Indivisible 605 Town Hall and SDDP Activist Training in SF Thursday!

Got some political ants in your pants? Three events this week offer you a chance to scratch that itch.

Not My President's Day Rapid City 20170220

Tomorrow (Monday!) at noon to 1 p.m.Mountain, Joyce Patton is hosting a “Not My President’s Day” Rally at 8th and Omaha, south side of Memorial Park in Rapid City. The event Facebook page says the rally “welcomes songs, signs and statements that support American values such as freedom of speech, freedom from religious discrimination, equal opportunity, gender equality, and environmental stewardship.”


Then Thursday evening, 5:30–7:00 Central, a bunch of our Minnehaha neighbors calling themselves Indivisible 605 are hosting the first Indivisible 605 Town Hall at the Icon Lounge Event Hall at 402 North Main Avenue in Sioux Falls. Congress is taking the week off from D.C. to get in touch with constituents. While Senators Thune and Rounds and Representative Noem have yet to announce any open meetings of their own, Indivisible 605 has invited all three to Thursday’s event. How thoughtful! Indivisible lines up the space, chairs, sound equipment, even some musical guests—all our busy elected officials have to do is show up!

If that Town Hall doesn’t dully scratch your itch, or if it gets you itching to do more to make your country great again, the South Dakota Democratic Party is hosting Activist Training 101 right afterwards, Thursday, 7:30–9:00 p.m., at the Prairie West Library, 7630 West 26th Street in Sioux Falls. They won’t cover anything too complicated, just the basics of getting involved, contacting elected officials, and effectively raising heck.

All three of these events will be great opportunities to start making a difference (if you haven’t already!) and to meet other people with similar goals.

34 Responses to Not My President’s Day Rally in Rapid Monday; Indivisible 605 Town Hall and SDDP Activist Training in SF Thursday!

  1. In order to be in the loyal opposition, one has to ascribe to the principle of loyalty. This failed as American when done by conservatives and it fails as American when done by liberals.

  2. Donald Pay

    Trump blames FOX News for fake Sweden terrorist attack reference. Cuckoo. I prefer to hope that he’s not my president for long.

  3. Troy, am I correct to assume your charge of disloyalty stems from the organizers’ use of the phrase “Not My President”?

    I will admit to having an issue with using that phrase, purely on factual grounds: the Constitution says the person who won a majority of the Electoral College vote last year is indeed the President of every American citizen… even if he doesn’t act like it.

    But can you lay out the specific parameters for loyal protest? What specific words or actions constitute genuine disloyalty? Did Mark Twain disqualify himself from loyal opposition when he said, “Loyalty to country always; loyalty to government when it deserves it“?

  4. I don’t get into hate rallies, it just makes the other sides vote against us even more. The president has been in office barely a month, so for god’s sakes let him do his job.
    Until he starts a war then I’ll be out protesting, as of now, I still can tolerate him (in spite of the mental illness and narcissism) more than W.

  5. Troy tries to make a division between liberals and himself. That is factually not true. What is true is that we Americans can see now that this man is mentally unstable, so much so, that he goes to Florida to campaign after a month in the job with even more lies. We are the concerned silent majority that sees the dangers of another Nixon on the rise. We now know of Nixon’s treachery and lies to allow the Vietnam War to escalate, doubling the casualties. We now know of a plan to mobilize National Guardsmen to “round up” deplorables in his eyes, for internment until they can be shipped off to where they had escaped deplorable conditions.

    No Troy, this is not about liberals and conservatives, it is about concerned citizens, with no labels, trying to save this country and the ideals that make us the last shining light of hope and freedom. We can smell the swamp as it has now gotten even more polluted with the bloat.

  6. Its a shame I can’t make it to a “Not My Presidents Day” rally clear on the other side of the state but I’m thinking such a rally with the faces on the mountain in the back ground would sure make a neat picture for national news!

  7. He may be our president, but he’s not MY president.

  8. CH,

    Yes. I have no problem with people protesting Trump and his policies within an attitude of “loyal opposition” and asserting “Not my President” makes gives the impression there is no loyalty to the Office of the President (which is distinct from the person in the chair and policies). I think Twain and I are on the same page.

    I think the best parameters for protest is to be specific about the policies as I think it is the best way for the protesters to actually affect change (attract people to their position). I also think it is the best way for people of differing opinions to continue to co-exist in society.

  9. Troy, I’m not sure you and Twain are on the same page. Twain speaks of “country” and “government”. The Office of the President is part of the government. Twain’s comment seems to indicate he’s o.k. with thumbing his nose at the President.

    I certainly agree with focusing political activism on policies. However, aren’t protestors entitled to also point out unpresidential behavior by the President?

  10. barry freed

    I’ll be there with a sign that reads: NOT MY CZAR

    Imagine what Coke would give if they could stick Pepsi with an idiot CEO they couldn’t be rid of for four years.

    Putin just invaded another country… nothing to fear from HIS President. “Only 3 years, 11 months left to pillage, Kmart shoppers.”

  11. CH,

    I think Twain’s country is more than a land mass but also its Constitution and political culture which includes the Office, our electoral system, judiciary etc. as institutions. I think Twain’s government are the policies and execution of the people’s business via the Executive branch, Legislative branch and Judicial branch. As Americans, I think we should unite behind the former and feel free to dissent over the latter.

    I agree one can thumb one’s nose at the person who is President but not at the Office. When one says Trump is not their President, they are dismissing the Constitution, electoral system, etc. as institutions. In any case, I never said (or agreed with others who did) Obama wasn’t my President and disagree with those who say the Trump isn’t their President.

    Regarding what protesters “can do”, they are entitled as citizens to do alot of things. The question is whether what one does is effective or appropriate.

  12. P.S. I think “so-called Judge” and “Trump is not my President” are equally negative and inappropriate.

  13. Hang on, Troy: Twain used “country” and “government” as distinct terms, right next to each other. His words suggest pretty clearly that he separated the country to which we owe our loyalty and the government that has to earn it.

    Twain was all about revolution, say our socialist friends:

    Troy, to be clear, are you saying that the marchers in Rapid City today cannot thumb their nose at the man occupying the White House without also disrespecting the Office of the Presidency?

    I agree that baseless insults—”so-called judge!” “so-called President!”—are not justified. However, let’s consider that while Trump hurls his insult at judges who rule on the basis of law and precedent against him, “Not My President” protestors can point to a wealth of objective statements and behaviors suggesting a failure to rise to the standards of the Office. False equivalency is a vital tool for this tyrant; let’s not fall for it.

  14. Someone has connected the dots, John Oliver

    There are many immigrants here in South Dakota that come from the German/Russia landscape of Europe. The reason they left was because of the Putin like past they escaped from. Why in the hell would these folks want that back? Do they know their past? They should read their family tree to get that answer. Even as tough as it was when they immigrated, it was paradise compared to what they left. They knew that the only good Russia is one that is way far far away, not one that walks hand in hand with trump.

  15. bearcreekbat

    I would think the point of the rallies objecting to the Trump administration is to show solidarity with potential victims of his hateful and divisive policy directives. It is to show the public that many, if not most, Americans do not hate or demonize refugees, immigrants, and Muslims.

    It is one thing to object to a President who wastes tax dollars on fool’s errands. It is another thing altogether to object to a President who attacks the weakest and most vulnerable people among us.

    Perhaps if enough folks show their dismay at Trump’s hateful and harmful behavior even our own Republican politicians might get the idea that we do not support, and will not vote for, Trump apologists.

  16. CH,

    Look up the definition of country and government.

    Unless you are asserting Twain was asserting to be loyal to a land mass, the context of “country” includes something and “government” means something else. For instance, we say one of our nation’s values/attributes is a “peaceful transfer of power/government.”

    I think “country” means our institutions of government, Constitutional principles, Constitution and Offices. If you think he meant something else, what?

    And, government means (as described in the definition) the policies and direction of the government.

    In my mind:

    1) Protest the policies and direction.

    2) Respect the institutions, Constitutional principles, Constitution and Offices.

  17. mike from iowa

    I think “country” means our institutions of government, Constitutional principles, Constitution and Offices. If you think he meant something else, what?

    Who the hell knows what Drumpf means? Quote him verbatim and he and they will accuse you of lying and distortion of his message. If you won’t admit that, you are in total denial.

    Are you attributing your ideas of what country means to Drumpf? Sounds like it. His idea of country is he won the biggest electoral vote ever and if he is wrong it is not his fault. Drumpf is for Drumpf and Drumpf only.

  18. mike from iowa

    BCB- even wingnut congressmen are accusing all of their protesters of being bused in. paid for Soro’s employees. It has become the latest wingnut talking point/rallying cry.

  19. MFI,

    I’m responding CH’s question regarding what Twain meant. Read up in the comments.

  20. Roger Cornelius

    Throughout the 2016 election 45 showed nothing but disdain and hate of President Obama and now he is showing the same for the Constitution and often times for the country.
    Watching and listening to 45 over the past 30 days shows that he has no clear understanding of the government he now leads and knows even less about the country and the Constitution.
    Roughly 45% of conservatives still think President Obama is a Muslim and was an illegitimate president and refused to acknowledge him as that for 8 years.

  21. Hang on, Troy: you said, “I think Twain and I are on the same page.” Twain used “country” and “government” separately; if you tell me to go look at dictionary page and assert that “country” and “government” are intertwingled, then you are no longer on the same page on which Twain wrote his distinction.

    Whether you believe Twain or not is a minor point compared to our greater theme of what level of protest still falls within proper loyalty to the country and its Constitutional institutions. But I do feel the need to stake out the seeming reversal the course of your words took there. Either Twain makes a distinction you agree with, or he doesn’t. You don’t get both.

    I don’t want to put words in Twain’s mouth. I will assert that there is not a conflict between pointing out that the President is violating basic qualifications for the Presidency, like making statements based on study and fact, and being a loyal patriot. Quite the contrary: my loyal patriotism demands that I point such failings out.

    So again, what are the proper bounds of loyal protest? Is it just the words, “Not My President,” that are the problem here? Or is there a broader realm of criticism that marks one as disloyal?

  22. CH,

    I will repeat.

    Protest policies, direction and even the person (government).

    Respect the institutions which include the Constitution, offices, branches etc. which survive the individuals (country).

    Figure it out what is proper for yourself and have the same standard whether the incumbents are your person or not.

  23. This Just In Dep’t —
    Great (Really Big) Rally in Rapid —

    Photos of the “crowds” at:

    Thanks to all the wonderful folks that showed up !!

  24. mike from iowa

    Nice photos buckobear. Thanks,

  25. Good pix, Buckobear!

    Working under Troy’s criteria, let’s test my loyalty:

    Protest policies, direction and even the person (government). Can and do, pretty much every day.

    Respect the institutions which include the Constitution, offices, branches etc. which survive the individuals (country). I respect the Constitution and institutions of this country far more than Donald Trump does.

    Figure it out what is proper for yourself and have the same standard whether the incumbents are your person or not. I acknowledge that the current President, like every President before him, has the legal authority to do much of what he does. I apply that standard consistently. I also recognize that any President of bald-faced lies on national television dishonors the office and shows less loyalty to the principles of our democracy than the noisy protestors on the sidewalks of Rapid City today.

  26. It’s one thing to disagree with a president ideologically. I would never have said Cruz is not my president if he had won, even though I probably dislike him more than Trump. But Trump is a fraud. Absolute fraud. He is a disgrace to everything the office of the POTUS stands for. To say “He’s not my president” becomes somewhat palatable in his situation. This President’s Day even more than in the past, was a good day to reflect on past presidents. I was thankful for that.

  27. mike from iowa

    Bill Clinton is not my commander-in-chief. Oliver North
    Read more at:

    If you could have imagined that someone is happy that Obama is president, it has to be Jimmy Carter because he is no longer the worst president in our history. Oliver North
    Read more at:

  28. Perfect quotes on the matter.

    #1 is inappropriate. The President is the CIC. Period.
    #2 is appropriate. Everyone can have an opinion of the occupant of the Office.

  29. I concur with Troy’s assessment. A soldier declaring that the President is not his Commander in Chief is both false and insubordinate.

  30. mike from iowa

    Especially a little weaselly one who swore to defend and protect the constitution, then proceeded to shred it with secret documents claiming there was a higher power than the constitution. Surprised he wasn’t tried, convicted and executed as a traitor to the uniform he so proudly bragged about wearing.

  31. MFI,

    Since he was referring to Clinton, he was already out of the military so not surprised there were no legal consequences. But, just because there are no legal consequences doesn’t make it less offensive or inappopriate. In fact, when people stand up and speak where there is consequences, I’m more impressed. People who just shout because they can don’t impress me.

  32. Troy, According to a real republican, your analysis is wrong. ““To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”” How in the world can you give give support to treason and a traitor like Oliver North?

  33. mike from iowa

    North was in the military when he shredded documents and the constitution and said there was a higher power than the constitution. He aided and abetted illegal foreign fighters in Nicaragua against the express will and intent of the Congress of the US and helped cover the Iran- Contra affair up.

    He also was aware of crimes committed but did not divulge that information because he wasn’t specifically asked. Sounds like a true traitor to me. But then so was Raygun for trading arms for hostages before he was elected, no less.

    Why is it wingnuts feel free to interfere in the official Potus business before they are sworn in?

  34. Servile meaning “of or characteristic of a slave or slaves” I know that this is the direction the republican party wants to take us, to be enslaved to the wills and workings of the gilded robber barons. There still continues to be the disparity of wealth in this nation that has not changed in the last several years. The swamp in Washington, continues to rise with the appointments of the billionaires to steal more while providing less.

    Where are the jobs? Where are they? Obama had those jobs up and running in a month after taking office. Where is the repeal of the ACA, put up, fix it or shut the hell up? Where is that wall, besides near the badlands? I think that is republican logic, hey, why build a wall when we already have a Wall.

    A nation that succumbs itself to lies, cannot stand. Read how that went for Germany in WW Deuce. Or better yet, think of the ponzi scheme of Madoff. There will only be those same winners with us as the marks, ready to loose it all in this latest fleece.