Gubernatorial Races Key to Democratic Recovery in 2018

After Barack Obama led Democrats to victory in 2008, Republicans drove their recovery with big state-level wins in 2010. With a self-serving billionaire jerk leading Republicans to victory this year, Democrats have an opportunity to turn a mirror trick in 2018. A key part of that drive will be flipping a whole lot of Governors’ seats:

Twenty-seven of the 38 governorships up in 2017 and 2018 are Republican-held, including many seats that will be open after eight years of GOP control. That means widespread opportunities for Democratic gains, as well as a critical chance for new ideas and new blood to emerge as the party seeks to identify its next generation of leaders and dig out from a low point after President-elect Donald Trump’s shocking White House win.

The sweeping gubernatorial map takes in virtually every national battleground state and segment of the electorate. Diversifying states where Democrats have struggled in recent midterms, like Florida, Nevada and New Mexico, will have open races in 2018. Unorthodox Republicans who carried blue states like Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts in 2014 will face reelection challenges, too, while Democrats will also look to replicate recent successes in a handful of red states.

And, critically, Democrats itching to prove they can still win in the Midwest will get the opportunity to test themselves by chasing GOP-held governorships in Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin [Scott Bland, Gabriel Debendetti, and Kevin Robillard, “Democrats Look to 2018 Governors Races to Rebuild,” Politico, 2016.11.28].

The Politico article doesn’t mention South Dakota, but if Trumpism goes the way that seems likely (exploding deficits, irrational Tweet-based policy, corporate fascism), they must be ready to ride that wave with a lead surfer aiming for the Governor’s office. And while everybody’s minds will turn immediately to the usual suspects (Herseth Sandlin, Johnson, Huether), we must be ready for the distinct possibility that none of those three will take the plunge and that we must rally around a new leader, a reformer, a firebrand who can explain in blunt language how one-party rule has led South Dakota to stagnation and corruption.

And quiet gubernatorial candidate, be ready to lead the party. Be ready to take on the responsibility not just of enunciating that message of reform but of providing big coattails to all the other Democratic candidates you will need to make a difference in 2018 and beyond.

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  1. Noem’s inconvenient demanding job, like her sister Sara Palin, causes her to seek the ultimate speeding opportunity from Pierre to the family farm. CIA Dir Brennen tells BBC (once Npr & Sdpb used as their model of uncompromised news) that Noem’s twin/bbf/ “Ken” john Thune 47 senator treasonous shot across Iran’s Bow disavowing Obama’s nuke agreement, is “sheer folly”. She would make another milque-toaste governor like Daugaard/Rounds.


  2. Joe Nelson

    Cory, you should run for Governor!

  3. The Democrats should be looking to regain governorships in 2018, not only for its own value but also because the electoral map is very unfavorable for U.S. Senate Democrats in 2018. If Democratic and Democratic-aligned resources are scarce, they may well be better spent in statehouses.

    Focus on local races can pay big dividends.

    In the early 1990s, GOP-aligned groups focused on grassroots activism and local campaign promotion. Then-minority backbench House member Newt Gingrich’s GOPAC cassette tapes were sent, free of charge, to educate and inspire GOP activists. The Christian Coalition, then headed by Ralph Reed, held workshops in many church basements encouraging evangelicals to become active in political life, including running for political office. Then-VP Dan Quayle and his wife open courted opportunities to campaign with state legislative candidates – almost unheard-of generosity from people expected to maintain a national focus.

  4. bearcreekbat

    News reports suggest that Trump has apparently reversed his position on Medicare and Social Security and now supports the Ryan Republican plan to end both programs for our seniors and future elderly. I doubt if SD’s senior voters supporting Trump expected that from the Republican party.

    Given the aging of our population, the anti-Medicare and anti-SS policies of Republicans might be just the ticket to changing the SD political landscape. Add to that the slow realization that upcoming generations will have face their future old age without pension plans, SS benefits, or the guarantee of Medicare, the future must look pretty bleak if Republicans stay in charge.

  5. mike from iowa

    Getting rid of SS and Medicare is not a closely held secret of wingnuts. They have been trying to do this for quite some time, but Dems and more moderate wingnuts have been able to protect these programs.

    New wingnuts and korporate amerika see all that money in the so called trust funds and have wet dreams about receiving all that moolah as tax breaks. With this outfit in charge now, they might just have their fondest, wettest dreams ever come true.

    I DEPEND on SS and Medicare and cannot afford any reductions in either program. But I didn’t and don’t vote against my best interests.

    Wonder how Tennessean’s feel about taxes now, since they have wildfires and tax paid firemen to fight them. Taxcuts cause reductions in services for ordinary people. Libs will voluntarily donate to help these people in need. Obama will be there for them. I doubt Drumpf will spare a thought for them.

  6. Good news then that they are reversing the plan, really? That fast eh? Now then, why do we let them get by with even contemplating the idea? The best way to make an argument about your side is to remind others of what happens when your side is sidelined. If protecting Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid are the platform, act like it. Rounds is for vouchers. NOem is for vouchers, Thune is for vouchers, Daugaard and the list goes on. Why not put them in the position to defend their position? Just because it is not the right time to pull the trigger does not mean that the trigger will not be pulled. What would activists do? If you all want to win an election, go on the attack. Voters don’t wish to see anything other than you fighting on their behalf. Follow the platform and stay on task, don’t allow yourselves to be sidelined.

  7. I hope that Democrats do better for a candidate for governor than what we had last time around. Geesh. Democrats had a pick for senator that basically was chosen because no one wanted the job, so lets not go there again. Hawks has name recognition now and seems to be a good candidate regarding the 2nd Amendment, so there is that. She should have the confidence to demand her place at the table when it comes to political grandstanding and calling bullcrap when she hears it. Now she needs a fighter for her campaign adviser.

  8. I had a wonderful call from a nice lady who is a regular reader of the blog from the Aberdeen area. She wanted to tell me personally that I was right about the Porter Lansings, IOWA Mike, Jerry, et al driving people away from voting Democrat. She related her elderly parents are Republicans and were considering voting for Democrats in the hopes they would bring a contrast and help oppose the corruption voters have seen in the Rounds & Daugaard administration. She related they were turned off by the hard Left and ugly rhetoric on here and were inspired to oppose our host and other Democrats because of it.

    We often see nonsensical comments on here claiming conservatives are “radical” in their politics and beliefs.

    The reality is that voters in SD by our culture inherently are conservative (regardless of party registration) and do NOT support attacks on God, on American sovereignty, on the 2nd Amendment, they do not support abortion, they do not want more government, they do not want more taxes, they do not want the radical changes to SD that a vocal minority on the far Left pushes en masse.

    You want to win elections? Get back to being the party of Kennedy, not Fidel Castro & Obama.

  9. mike from iowa

    One person consensus?

  10. Porter Lansing

    Take campaign advice from someone expelled from his party’s caucus? No, thanks. I do believe that Nelson would keep his mouth shut on anything just to win a vote. Liberals don’t. If our policies, posturing and presentation of our values don’t match yours then don’t vote for us. Rather be real and lose then be phony and become just another Pierre fraud.
    ~ Was your “nice lady” named Lynn, by any chance. lol

  11. @Porter Lansing You show how out of touch you truly are with SD every time you type something about SD politics. Just because you are of such moral character that you might sell your black little soul for $6,000 a year part-time legislator election, my principles ain’t for sale. My record shows that, and my constituents get that no matter how much idiocy you spew. But you keep posting your nonsense, you are worth your weight in gold for the conservative cause. Post your Colorado mailing address so the SDGOP can send you a Thank You card.

  12. Porter Lansing

    You sure kept your mouth shut during your campaign, didn’t you? That was because you know damn well you’re too extreme for even the ultra-rural district you live in. You’re a phony.

  13. Roger Cornelius

    The “nice lady from Aberdeen” apparently had ear plugs in or her TV turned off for the last year and a half as Donald Trump spewed his vulgarity and hate across the country. How could she have possibly missed all that.
    There isn’t a person on Dakota Free Press that comes close or equals the vulgarity and hate of the leader of the republican party, Donald Trump.
    Did the “nice lady from Aberdeen” say anything about candidates and elected officers that reduce themselves to name calling when their opinions are challenged.
    South Dakota conservative voters will see exactly what they voted for in the months to come, if they haven’t already regretted their vote.
    Stace Nelson thinks Democrats are mean spirited because of our harsh criticisms, he misses the passion in the comments of Dakota Free Press regulars.
    This is America where citizens have the full support of the 1st Amendment in their likes and dislikes of the 2nd Amendment, abortion, or God. Those opinions that we hold dear are not disqualifiers for public office or community service, they are necessary ingredients to a functional society and government.
    Just as Stace gets a call from Cory’s district, I encounter people in Rapid City that read Dakota Free Press but don’t comment. When I meet these people at my bank or the Social Security or wherever they always encourage me and thank me for saying what they wanted to say themselves.
    The 2nd Amendment, God or an abortion debates don’t make for a functional government or improve the lives of citizens, the people do that via responsible leadership. South Dakota republicans ride their hobbyhorses into one election victory after another with nothing to show for it except ongoing corruption.

  14. Roger Cornelius

    I got a call from a nice gentleman in District 19, isn’t that Nelson’s district, that told me that in no uncertain terms Stace Nelson is bully.

  15. @Porter & Roger You nasty little internet slap bullies just don’t get it do you? ?
    I hand delivered and mailed 17,000 pamphlets with detailed information, and another 10,000 postcards to my constituents. I’ve been on here, FB, and Twitter. YOU are the extremelists, not me. But don’t take my word for it, let’s hear what The voters in my district had to say: largest win percentage in a contested race in the state of SD

  16. Consensus Roger? At what point do Democrats look at this and realize it isn’t that your message of hate isn’t getting out, but that it is…

    You guys keep up the good work of spelling it out on here in the ugly, hateful fashion that you do.

  17. Roger Cornelius

    What was it I just said about Stace Nelson’s name calling?

  18. Roger Cornelius

    A quick read of comments and I find there was nothing said about consensus, why are you just making things up?

  19. Roger Cornelius

    How about Nelson’s comment about “nasty”?
    Didn’t his hero Donald Trump call Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman’?
    Damn, the vulgarity is contagious.
    “It’s the Language, Stupid” as Dr. Newquist says on Northern Valley Beacon.

  20. Hi Nelson, why don’t you give us the full Nelson on your position regarding Medicare vouchers?

  21. Daniel Buresh

    If you guys spent as much time working on your party and elections as you spend on this blog reassuring each other how right and morally superior you are, you might actually win an election.

  22. Hi Nelson, me again, what is your position on Social Security? How about block grants for Medicaid?

  23. Ben Cerwinske

    Back to the gubernatorial race…I would vote for Hawks for anything. She might want to take another shot at the House though since people are familiar with her in that race. I of course would vote for Cory, but don’t know how likely elected office is for him in this state. Tsitrian would be my overall pick. He’s not a Democrat, but could he join? Or maybe run as an Independent with SDDP support?

    Sandlin, Johnson, and Huether have name recognition which I suppose might be necessary to win. But I just don’t see them as leaders of an alternative to those in office.

  24. Hi Mr. Buresch, thanks for your input on this matter. Superior, I think not, we are far from it, we are just right on the issues that mean so much to regular voters like us. Hey, did you get a chance to check out the platform? You should, we have a lot of great ideas that you may even like.

  25. mike from iowa

    History will prove Obama was the greatest Potus in modern America’s time. Especially when you consider all the obstructionism from right wingnut jobs- who aren’t afraid of using the “N” word to describe Obama, but whine like spoiled brats when they get referred to as radical or extreme.

    If life was a football game, Obama would be the hero for dragging the entire opposing team into the 21st century and educating these people? about the depth and breadth of the constitution. It is so much more than arse wipe, as wingnuts got schooled about. Obama and Dems cleaned up most of dumbass dubya’s mistakes and were rewarded by having uneducated voters give the reins back to the party of destroy America at all costs.

    Roger, I mentioned consensus up above. Right after Nelson’s screed about one lady.

  26. Roger Cornelius

    What makes you think that commenting on a blog is all that time consuming. It only takes a minute or two to comment and you have no idea how we spend the rest of our time.
    That comment is pretty petty when you think about it.

  27. Ahhh, I didn’t make anything up. Wrong Leftist, Roger. It was IOWA Mike that brought up consensus.

    @Jerry Not going to be addressed in SD legislature. I was against dishonest Republican and Democrat politicians that Robbed the Social Securiity fund.

    Do you really want to play the Trump is MY hero game? Because what it highlights is the absolute hypocrisy of those of you on the Left who LOVED him up until 3 years ago when he rejected his life long NY liberal ways. I opposed him in the primaries and am skeptically optimistic of his conversion.

    Thank you again Owen, Jerry, Porter, IOWA Mike, keep up the good work.

    Off to do chores and enjoy my beautiful grandson Noah.

  28. Roger Cornelius

    Cory is right, this is a perfect time to start flipping states.
    We know that by the time of 2017-2018 election is here Donald Trump will have made a complete mess of the economy, republican gubernatorial candidates that hitched themselves to him in 2016 will pay the price for all his mistakes.
    In fact, any candidate with the R behind their will be vulnerable.
    In South Dakota we have only two years to start grooming someone to challenge Noem and Jackley, who I presume will be the top candidates.
    I’d support Paula Hawks in a heartbeat for the congressional seat, it is no secret that an election loss often strengthens a candidate.

  29. mike from iowa

    Just heard the Wasillahillbilly Snowgrifter Snoozie Palin is to head the VA. Because she can see Russia from her place?

  30. Daniel Buresh

    Hawks is a great lady and I also heard that personally from numerous high ranking Repubs. She is the one to get behind. If you want to get more people on board, tell them why their beliefs are wrong or should be different and don’t call them names. Rethuglicans, ammosexuals, birthers, deplorables, wingnuts….they get you nowhere. That just makes people want to beat you more and why Trump-like anti-establishment people are going to win more and more. Too bad you couldn’t see that with Bernie. Instead it was “my turn” for the sake of having a female president who barely even got a majority of the female vote. The anti-establishment sentiment is higher than it ever was and Dems failed to understand that. Don’t pick someone who your party leaders say you should pick. Pick the person who your party members actually pick. That will at least keep your alienated voters from voting red or not voting at all. DWS alone could be blamed for this loss. She had the position and ability to stop the insider workings….but she didn’t because she knew she would be rewarded for it. I guess Hillary was running things all along and that really proved well for her….lol.

  31. Porter Lansing

    Buresh … For a firefighter you have the lowest self-esteem I’ve seen. Get off your seat at Foley’s and you’ll feel better about being inferior.

  32. mike from iowa

    Thank you again Owen, Jerry, Porter, IOWA Mike, keep up the good work.

    You won’t be so smug when you receive the bills.

  33. Daniel Buresh

    oh Porter….you guys will never learn. You represent the party horribly and the biggest liberal source in SD(dakotafreepress) ends up portraying all liberals in SD as a bunch of crazy SOBs because of the few loudmouths around here. Keep up the good work!

  34. Nelson still will not give a yes or no answer. This is a winner folks. No one ever asks them a question, they always get to frame the discussion. Why is that? Nelson is for vouchers, Nelson is for block grants for Medicaid, Nelson is for the dismantling of Social Security. Silence is golden Nelson, thanks for admitting.

  35. Stace,

    Anytime a candidate gets 78% of the vote like you did it is impressive but you getting the highest total isn’t the most impressive # because you come from the 2nd most Republican district that was contested (0.6% less GOP than District 30).

    What is more impressive is your opponent didn’t even carry the Democrat registration % (he was -5.16%). You were 2nd of the four candidates who did that. In local races, it is very seldom done. Effectively, you got all the Republicans, all the independents and almost 20% of the Democrats (which is also 2nd best of all the contested races). Only Jim White of District 22 did better in both measures. This is the #’s I’d be most proud of regarding your performance in the election and is most reflective of your effort.

  36. If a voter is turned off by the comments on this blog to the point they couldn’t consider voting for a Democratic candidate, I dare say they are a very uninformed voter. Visit any political blog, or any website where differences of opinion are discussed (even a sports blog or an automotive blog), or listen to talk radio for a few hours and you will see much of the same. In fact you’ll find much worse. At least Cory is willing to ban people from commenting when they cross the line.

    Not to mention the fact that we had our now President-Elect caught on camera saying things far, far worse than anything that has been said here. So yes, if someone reads this blog and then ignores the detailed reporting and analysis that Cory has spent time to produce only to focus on a handful of comments, then they are very, very uninformed. Which probably explains why they continue to vote Republican… because it is easier to just do what everyone else does than it is to actually pay attention and read beyond the headlines.

  37. Welcome to the party then Mr. Buresh! You sound like a liberal “willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.
    “liberal views towards divorce”
    (of education) concerned with broadening a person’s general knowledge and experience, rather than with technical or professional training.

  38. bearcreekbat

    Daniel, it seems a bit hard to understand how Democrats erred by picking one of the most qualified and experienced individuals as their candidate. Add to that the fact that she won the popular vote by over 2.3 million votes, and it gets harder to figure out your criticism of Democrats.

    As for anti-establishment, does that mean you think Democrats should have picked a candidate that opposed our Country’s current conventional social, political, and economic principles? Really, if that is the case then Republicans seem to have a monopoly on ideas to change or undermine these principles. What further dismantling or destruction could the Democrats have argued for that Republicans may have overlooked?

  39. @Troy, you are correct about Nelson. But did he declare in that landslide his support for Medicare vouchers? Or his support letting Wall Street handle the Social Security? Did he explain how block grants to Medicaid would now work towards nursing homes and that sort of thing that voters kind of seem to care about?

  40. Do the taxpayers in Nelson’s district understand that if the need comes to fund what the block grants will not, then they will have to pony up the difference? Could be a big tax load that just keeps increasing with demographics.

  41. Porter Lansing

    It’s comical that Sen. Nelson appears on Cory’s Free Press every day before chores. We could observe, “First he spews it. Then he shovels it. Which pile is bigger?”

  42. @Troy maybe if the race was considered in a vacuum. But let’s not ignore Gov Daugaard, 4 current legislators, 1 former, and a slew of RINO cronies efforts against me in the primary, or ignore some of The same people’s efforts against me in the general. Let’s also not forget some of these same people’s corrupt actions of the past. The lies they created and pushed about me? The removals from committees to protect their misconduct and grease 2013’s unconstitutional disaster SB70? All of that makes me having the highest win margin in a contested race even more of a statement to the establishment by the voters.

  43. Great to hear all that self back slapping Nelson. Your position on Medicare Vouchers, please?

  44. I shouldn’t have said anything. I was just giving my opinion which is more impressive. Go with what makes you happy or feel better. Both point to a very solid victory.

  45. Delighted that you did say something. Yes, Nelson had a remarkable win and good for him. My question is very simple for a feller with all that good will, did he happen to mention his support for Medicare vouchers? Or the handing over of Social Security to Wall Street? How about the implications of block grants for Medicaid? These have been discussions in your right wing circles since at least 2010 so there should be a very simple yes or no.

  46. Jerry,

    If you think a criteria for legislative issues upon which legislators have no say, go for it. Most voters focus on issues which is in the purview of the job being sought.

  47. Roger Cornelius

    Do republicans simply troll Dakota Free Press to see all the “Nasty” things liberals say about republicans or do they read Dakota War College comments that say equally, if not worse, things about Democrats.
    Why don’t you chastise republican Nelson for his insults to constituents or his use of language, or does that not count?
    Name calling and nasty comments are now the new ‘normal’ established by republican president-elect Donald Trump. Or did you miss the Trump campaign like the ‘nice lady from Aberdeen’?
    Daniel, I’d suggest you read Dr. Newquist Northern Valley Beacon blog titled ‘It’s the Language Stupid”.

  48. Stace Nelson: “She related they were turned off by the hard Left and ugly rhetoric on here and were inspired to oppose our host and other Democrats because of it.”

    So did you direct them to the conservative site? Why are you not running your mouth over there?

  49. Of course they do Troy and this is why Nelson refuses to declare how either he would defend it or how he would de-fund Medicare vouchers. And that pesky block grant Medicaid would never be an issue for property taxpayers as those requests for funding would never ever be sought after there. You could not be further from the facts Troy and you are correct, it should scare the hell out of you all because you need to be asked your positions just like you do to others regarding guns and other issues that are in the purview of the job being sought. Social Security is another item that has nothing to do with South Dakota voters as they have all refused payments from that distrustful government.

  50. mike from iowa

    Medicare block grants would be prime pickings for crony crooks in corrupt crooked crony capital. The money would be siphoned off for other pocket….er….projects.

  51. owen reitzel

    I talked to some of the folks in our district Stace and had some good conversations. They’re against abortion like most of us are. I tried to explain that no one has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Most understood and agreed.
    As far as taxes go, nobody wants higher taxes, but there is a need for better roads and for increasing teacher pay. The people I talked to seemed to understand. I know Stace you’ve said that taxes didn’t have to be raised. Ok, where do we get the money?
    The problem Democrats have is we don’t scream as much as the far right does. Plus the alt-right screams lies long and loud enough they think it’s fact and sadly the people do as well. Trump did that to perfection in the election.
    Maybe some of you seen the manure that Stace has been spreading about Democrats being racists for 188 years-which of course isn’t true.
    By the way the only one in the name-calling business is Stace. I haven’t called him any names here.

    Your my Senator Stace and I plan to be the loyal opposition. I’m sure we’ll be emailing each other a few times during the legislative session.

  52. mfi, that is the way it works with block grants. There are no funding mechanisms for this other than property tax increases or sales tax and we just saw that sales tax took a big dump on state revenues. Gosh, if only Pence had not had that chat with Daugaard, maybe there could be a way out of this austerity that is coming. You know that nursing homes will take a hit on this as Daugaard targeted them before.

  53. I note that Mr. Nelson has the little picture of his major win saved and throws it out often, so one might save it for themselves so they could look at it often on those days it is not retweeted directly at you. I look forward to seeing how effective Mr. Nelson can be this go-around in the other side of the legislatures. I hope he is at least as entertaining as the last time.

  54. Mr. Reitzel, if you would like, here is from the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, dated May 2, 2016 This is what is coming down the stream regarding South Dakota abuse of Nursing Homes and the disabled. I think the problem with Medicaid Expansion here is that it would show the corruption in how these folks have been handled and how unfairly they have been treated, so it can never be passed here. It looks to me like the property taxes will have to be raised in order to compensate for this shifting of responsibility that has been occurring for years. It may be a good time to again ask your senator his position on Medicare vouchers and on this letter that has an impact on where you live. Someone is going to have to build community based facilities for some of these folks, who is going to fund that locally?

  55. owen reitzel

    good question Jerry and you can call me Owen

  56. mike from iowa

    From DB- That just makes people want to beat you more and why Trump-like anti-establishment people are going to win more and more.

    Sure seems to make Nelson want to beat people. The Mango Mengele is anything but anti-establishment. His cabinet pri…..picks prove beyond a shadow of doubt he played you wingnuts for total suckers. You bought the whole spiel. Hope you enjoy the ride to hell. It will be short and sweet-for 1%ers.

  57. Mr. Nelson states his friend said “She related they were turned off by the hard Left and ugly rhetoric on here and were inspired to oppose our host and other Democrats because of it.” Mr. Nelson then closes by saying “You want to win elections? Get back to being the party of Kennedy, not Fidel Castro & Obama.”

    So Mr. Nelson, calling Democrats being the party of Fidel Castro isn’t an ugly comment in your world, Huh? I think you are full of your own ego.

    Being the party of Obama isn’t so bad. What is it now, about 80 months of consistent job growth, never cutting social security or medicare or Medicaid. A President with positive job approval numbers. I’ll take that party any day. Your party wants to cut or eliminate social security, medicare and Medicaid. Your party wants to put Sarah Palin in charge of the Veteran’s Administration. God help us all and all our veteran’s.

  58. Regrettably, I neglected to mention another Democrat that must be given the respect he deserves for the race he was in, Mr. Henry Red Cloud. Mr. Red Cloud brought forth a whole new prospective that had not been seen in South Dakota politics regarding renewable energy and how to make our state work for all of us without destroying it. He ran against an establishment Republican who clearly had a much better name recognition than Mr. Red Cloud who had just entered into politics this go around. He did okay with respect to what he was up against. The reservations have some outstanding folks there that have a presence in the South Dakota state house, so that is a well that can be worked on and not forgotten. I am sure that if and when the question comes to those Democrats that are in Pierre now or have run for office, they will tell us their support for Medicare and their support for Medicaid and of Social Security. They won’t be running off either going to the bathroom or doing chores to answer a direct question.

  59. Stace Nelson

    @Chuck Z Powers is no conservative, he’s a political prostitute. He’s a petty little internet bully of Roger, Porter, & Jerry’s ilk.

    @Lori/Owen If you don’t want to be reminded that the Democratic Party has the 2nd worst record of institutional racism known to man (Nazis murder count is higher), and don’t like me citing historic facts (what you call manure), stop claiming all Republicans are racists.

    It is not a right to kill an innocent baby. Please keep repeating your stance on the issues in support of Democrats in District 19 and across the state so voters can see the stark difference in this and other issues. You know that I made an effort to tell every voter where I stand on the issues. Anyone claiming the voters in district 19 were uniformed, is a fool.

    If you don’t receive a response during session, assume something went wrong and contact me direct.

  60. Porter Lansing

    Sen. Nelson … The racists of the Democratic party left under LBJ in 1969 when we endorsed civil rights. Those racists are now the the base of your Republican Party. Even the talk show hosts have given up on your foolish assertion. For the kids reading this, google Southern Strategy and see the facts. (In American politics, southern strategy refers to methods the Republican Party used to gain political support in the South by appealing to the racism against African Americans harbored by many southern white voters. )
    It’s murder to kill an innocent baby. No babies are being killed, Senator. As you well know, cells reproduce before you become a life and cells reproduce after you become a corpse. You’re not a baby until you’re born and God blesses you with a soul and you’re not a corpse until after you die and go to meet your maker. I’ll repeat it as many times as it takes to assure women have the total say over their own bodies. It doesn’t matter how many in District 19 believe different, they’re wrong. The voters absolutely have every right to be wrong but you however are using the issue for your own selfishness.

  61. That ugly retoric on here is certainly a powerful tool. Despite Trump being a draft dodger, sexual predator, racist and silver spooned liar you devil tongued bullies of DFP were able to get him elected.

    I hope you guys and ladies can sleep tonite. That lady should have asked Nelson how come he’s always threatening to beat up old men.

  62. owen reitzel

    Like I said. garbage. Plus I’ve never said “all” Republicans were racists. But all racists seem to be Republicans. Once again you’re putting words in my mouth.

    I also never said they are uniformed. I just talked to them about a different point of view and they were at the least receptive.

    Like I said the Democrats don’t yell as loud and as long as the alt-right.

    I know you’ll respond Stace. You did before.

    Wy mention my wife’s name Stace?

  63. Roger Cornelius

    Yikes!! You know how Nelson dislikes name calling so what does he do? He calls me an internet bully.
    I guess at this point I’m supposed to say it takes one to know one. That’s the kind of schoolyard fodder Nelson rides on.
    Anyway, this post is not about Stace Nelson as much as he wants it to be, it is about finding a gubernatorial candidate to go up against those commie republicans Noem and Jackley.
    Donald Trump has already given Democrats issues that gubernatorial candidates around the country can effectively challenge him on.
    jerry, give up on Stace Nelson providing you an answer on Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, he wouldn’t answer my questions when he was running for the senate, so I doubt he will answer them now.
    Next month the new congress will convene at which time they will tell 20,000,000 Americans that they no longer have health insurance, those insured need to tell congress you give up your health insurance and we’ll give up ours.
    Trump has a mere two years to tear down Obamacare and implement his plan, whatever it is.
    Bernie Sanders, what’s his name from District 19 calls him a communist, wants to develop a full movement to Stop Trump. If this movement gains the strength that his candidacy did Trump will have his hands full. Let’s all get behind Bernie.

  64. Got those chores done then Nelson, good deal. What are you going to tell your constituents on your position regarding Medicare vouchers? Why are you frightened to answer the question?

  65. mike from iowa

    Intimidation, Owen. Pure and simple. They know who you are, who your spouse is and where you live.

    In the 10 days since Mango Mengele was aided in obtaining the WH there have been 900 incidents of hate violence. The low lifes feel free to come out of hiding and attack non-whites because their fearless leader has basically given them the green light through his rhetoric during the election.

  66. mike from iowa

    OT- 7 Dem senators sent Obama a letter asking him to declassify info about Russian interference into election because wingnuts aren’t interested in probing anyone but HRC.

  67. I don’t know if I would call these two commies, but whatever. I think that whoever is the standard bearer for the race had better embrace this platform first and foremost. The SDDP must demand the funds from Clinton that were promised to fund this gubernatorial race.

  68. Stace Nelson

    @Porter Lansing Horse crap! There was NO mass migration of racist Democrats to the Republican Party. They held a death grip on the Southern states government from the end of the Civil War till around 2010, and kept the Confederate flag in Southern state flags and memorials until recent years when Republicans took over and got rid of it.

    If liberals claims were true? We would have seen Republicans take over all the Southern state governments in the early 80’s not 2000’s. A handful of Racist Democrat congressmen changing parties in the late 60’s and a couple politicians appeals by to Southern Democrats racism to win elections does not erase the Democratic Party’: horrific record of institutional racism.

    This shows the status of the Democrats death grip on Southern state governments which did not change from the end of the Civil War through 78-88:

    This shows Republicans starting to get a toe gold in the South 1990-2000:

    Democrats kept the racist vestiges of the Confederacy in Southern flags until Republicans made gains in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

    This is the historic “manure” that Owen complains about.

    @Owen I referenced you both as it was not your usual writing style and because I know you both are equally involved in local politics, tied st the hip. One of the many things I do like about you.

  69. Nelson, who gives a care about racists? We are all that in one way or another, pick another lane. The trick is to find ways of taking care so that we can actually see others for what they are. I think that you may have found that given your love for your family. Good for you. Democrats and Republicans are equal offenders, there ya go. We all have sinned, including you in that department.

    Now then, who do you support for governor? Be honest now, I know that is a stretch.

  70. owen reitzel

    that was me all the way. i actually will help my wife compose letters and stuff.
    My time sports writing for the MDR

  71. Stace Nelson

    Sorry fat fingers on little phone. Should have read late 60’s.

    @Jerry Just responding to the fanciful tales that Democratic racists have taken over the party of anti-racism. Too early to say.

  72. Stace Nelson

    @Owen My apologies, was wrong for me to assume otherwise.

  73. Porter Lansing

    Wrong, Nelson. Southern Democrats took their racism to today’s Republican Party. Your analogies and examples are invalid and baseless attempts to cover up your embarrassment over Republican bigotry. You own it and your President proves it daily.

  74. I’m disappointed Stace with your uber slamming in the last week. A big win in a lay-up district for (any) Republicans is not a mandate for anything. You’ve succeeded in becoming the tallest midget.

    This calls attention to your immature behavior that gained you the big boot from your party’s caucus when you were last allowed entrance to our legislature. Don’t castrate yourself like that.

    Again, I’m a fan. Politics is a game of addition. Place your skills in adding support (that’s different from and more hard work than pandering). Refrain from coming off as a trailer park version of the human bullhorn we know as Donald Trump. He’s a blowhard and a fool.

    You’re better than that. Think of a goal, like becoming someone’s first choice to be their running mate for Governor. Or to become the dark horse winner to become Governor.

    You can do this.

  75. @Porter aside from a handful of racist Democrat congressmen leaving the Democratic Party? as pointed out above? Racist Democrats maintained control of Southern state governments from the end of the Civil War till the late 90’s early 2000’s. Those are the facts, all the historic facts show there was no magical swap of racist Democratic voters in the late 60’s early 70’s.

    You belong to the Party of slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynchings, anti13th, 14th, 15th, 19th Amendments, Japanese internment, and Southern Democratic state governments that kept the Confederate legacy alive in a Southern states till Republicans took over.

    Those are the facts.

  76. Porter Lansing

    Nelson: You’re wrong and because you know you’re wrong that makes you a liar. USA southern states are as racist today as they were fifty years ago and USA southern states are all Republicans. The people didn’t move, they just switched to become Republicans.

  77. Stace Those now republicans .Dixie democrats.As soon as LBJ put the civil rights act in they went R.Racism is still big in the south , just like this xenophobic, racist, bigot in the white house elect.

  78. @96 Let’s not kid our selves, Frank Kloucek won in this district for 22 years, and my opponent was his protégé. I responded in kind to comments, I’m no politician (in the colloquial sense of that word) and have always been a straight shooter. I was uninvited from caucus after David Lust, Val Rausch, & Brian Gosch pushed a lie that I threatened to kill another legislator, it was no fault of mine. The reality was it was a retaliatory act for myself and other legislators publicly opposing them for tampering with confidential bills in research (and other official appropriate opposition to corruption) which Lust in fact apologized for and the LRC Director was later forced to resign over.

  79. @Porter You’re refusal to accept historic facts makes you ignorant, it doesn’t make me a liar.

    If racist Democrats left their party in droves and became members of their historic hated enemy the Republicans that defeated the South, in the late 60’s and 70’s? Democrats would NOT have continued to control the South well into the early 2000’s:

    Those are the facts.

  80. Porter Lansing

    You threatened murder because another legislator touched your stuff? And you’re admitting it in an act of soul cleansing? Well, bless your heart.

  81. Roger Cornelius

    Nelson has been trying all week to clear his republican conscience over the party’s racism all week on Facebook.
    He presents here the same asinine arguments as he’s made on Facebook.
    It seems that if he keeps repeating his distorted sense of history it will all become his reality.

    What Nelson and his fellow republican racist completely ignore is that Lincoln, that great slave liberator, was not as humane as they like to think.
    Lincoln, followed by President Andrew Johnson, launched the greatest acts of human genocide against American Indians that history has ever known.
    A genocide that if you look closely continues to this day.
    This is part of the evidence that Lincoln didn’t fight the Civil War to stop slavery, he fought it to preserve the union.
    If Lincoln was a true humanitarian he would not have ordered the slaughter of thousand upon thousands of American Indians.

  82. Porter Lansing

    Democrats controlled only the numbers of southern legislators not the power. Many rural black counties sent representatives to the legislature but the racist Republicans negated their ability to make laws or change the bigoted culture. The racism of the south is squarely on Republican consciousness. Sorry, Nelson … try again.

  83. Porter Lansing

    Nelson, buddy … Your argument is invalid. Southern states voted for Republican Presidential candidates 11 out of 12 elections between 1952-1996. Not all southern Republicans are racist but it seems all southern racists are Republicans. (Thx, Owen)

  84. @Porter Lansing Lay off the Colorado ganja. As these factual historic diagrams show, DEMOCRATS controlled every Southern state legislature and governors office from the end of the Civil War until the early 2,000’s and were responsible for Jim Crow laws, lynchings, the KKK, and for retaining vestiges of the Confederacy in Southern flags till Republicans helped get rid of them 1978-1988:


    Please show us where Republicans controled anything in the racist South until the early 2000’s.

    There was no magical en masse swap of racist Democrat politicians or voters to the GOP, ever Experts say Southerners have joined thei historic party of their enemy because of the Democratic party’s war on God.

  85. Daniel-re: majority of woman voters comment. The Cook Political Report, a non-partisan group tracking election results, has Clinton with 65,145,375 votes, compared to Trump’s 62,623,869 votes, as of 11.26.

    Stace-“nasty little internet slap bullies…YOU are the extremelists, not me.”

    give it a rest.

    I’ve been voting as a SD dem for 45 years and none of your issues are important to me: “attacks on God, on American sovereignty, on the 2nd Amendment, they do not support abortion, they do not want more government, they do not want more taxes, they do not want the radical changes to SD” by the evil left.

    I’m concerned about Syria, man-made climate change, health care and education for all, and 1% insanity. Oh, and republican corruption like EB5 and MCEC. Dems here have been raging about this for years here. Is that why daugaard is speaking out against “poorly written” Frankenfeld/Weiland’s ethics IM 22?

    MFI ect., I admire your spine, and am often offended by Stace rants nearly every time he posts. It makes his posts unworthy of reading. Not all of us can get blood pressure meds nearly as easily as Stace can! Best of health to you all.

  86. Stace, Porter is historically correct about racist democrats leaving the party. Strom Thurmond (dem turned republican)created the short-lived Dixiecrats in 1948 which many of them flocked to. President Truman supported a civil rights platform which the racist wing of the Party opposed.
    Civil Rights and desegregation supported by Democrat Presidents Truman and Kennedy (although JFK wasn’t very vocal about civil rights until ’63 b/c he needed the Southern GOP vote) with LBJ finally signing the bill in 64.
    Why didn’t Eisenhower get it done in the 50’s?

  87. Porter Lansing

    I just showed you. Southern states always voted Republican for President and national office. Many black Democrats had legislative positions but had no power to stop Republican racism.

  88. @Jenny a handful of racist Democrat Congressmen did change parties, and Southerners voted for Republicans at the national level occasionally in the 70’s and later; however, the racist Southern Democrat politicians who controlled Southern governments that put the Confederate flag in southern flags, who enacted Jim Crow Laws, lynchings, the KKK, never changed and stayed in power until the GOP started gaining strength in 1994.

    If I am wrong? Point out what Southern state governments were not fully controlled by Democrats from the end of the Civil War till the 90’s


    If the mass swap of voters actually occurred? Republicans, not Democrats, would have controlled all of Southern state governments from 1968 to present. The facts show that did Not happen which totally refutes the theory that all the Democrat racists became Republicans.

  89. Porter Lansing

    Nelson : Your assertion that the southern states were controlled by Democrats when 11 of 12 times those states voted for a Republican Presidential candidate and the vast majorities of their national Senators and Representatives were Republican, is wrong. Black members of the highly biased state legislatures had Dem numbers in majority but had no power due to racist Jim Crow laws, enacted earlier. A state is controlled by it’s Washington officials not it’s state legislatures.

  90. Fear is what drives racism and that is why folks that have husbands, wives and children that are of mixed race are so scared of the future. You can blame Democrats and you can blame Republicans all until the roosters crow. But that sun, that comes up tomorrow, will still cast the shadow of fear on those who have family and friends that will have to bear the burden of racism. This is not all about Blacks and Whites, racism has transcended beyond all of that. Well, here we are now. What shall we do about it? Why blame parties when we can look in the mirrors and see the problem. Deal with it, racism has consumed us, why let it consume our children and their’s?

  91. Having a fragile, approval-craving narcissist as president (or as a SD R. legislator) isn’t the end of the world. It just means that to get him to do the right thing, you have to pet him. One example (When Trump ragged on windmills, Friedman whispered sweet nothings: “General Electric has a big wind turbine factory in South Carolina.” Trump, eager for approval, told the Times staffers about his “many environmental awards” and bragged, “I’m actually an environmentalist.” By the end of the session, Friedman had Trump eating out of his hand.)

    People in other countries have dealt with presidents like Trump for a long time. Can we handle it? Yes, we can. Probably Stace too.

  92. Porter Lansing

    To clarify for Senator Nelson, the most political power of a state is among the Washington elected officials of that state not the state politicians.

  93. @Porter WHAT!? Since when are state governments controlled at the state level by their federal legislators? The first blacks elected to state or federal office were Republicans

    @Jerry my wife is a beautiful brown American Filipina, my youngest 3 daughters are half Japanese, my youngest son is Vietnamese, and my 2nd grandson is a purebred American of Mexican, Japanese, German, & Danish heritage. We are Republicans, and we are fearful of the mess our country is in that was caused by Democrats & Republicans.

  94. Porter Lansing

    Nelson…Control was your word and I used it against you. Your assertion that because southern state legislatures were Dem that Dems had the most power lacks facts and logic. My assertion that because the southern, racist whites voted Republican in 11 of 12 Presidental elections and elected a vast majority of Repubs to Washington shows clearly the southern states were controlled by racist Republicans that had switched from Democrats. FYI … black legislators were elected immediatly from the time blacks got the vote.

  95. Stace Nelson

    @Porter A factual look at each Southern state shows they overall continued to Elect Southern Democrats into Congress until the 90’s and there was only a handful of Southern Racist Democrats that changed parties

    An examination of POTUS election results in the South show a mixed bag of support that doesn’t prove anything other than individual candidate success.

    By your claims, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Tom Daschle, & Tim Johnson’s electoral success in SD erases Republican influence at the state level, which we known not to be the case.

  96. Porter Lansing

    You lose, Nelson and you can tell Rush Limbaugh or whomever told you the big lie that Republicans aren’t the party that keeps black people needing to retaliate in the streets. Did you even read that chart? It doesn’t say that at all. When SoDak has two Dem Senators and a Dem Representative in Washington it will be a blue state, no matter how many rural Repubs are in Pierre. Bottom line … your Republican party is NOW the party of racism in Southern states. We disagree on how it became that way but you belong to a racist party.

  97. Porter Lansing

    Sen. Nelson … You see, I saw it happen first hand, sir. You’re only repeating the lies you were told by someone. Every summer in the 60’s I left lily white South Dakota and spent three months in Central Florida where many Lansings have lived since slavery times. I saw segregation when it was happening, Stace. Everytime we’ve had this argument in the past, which you can never seem to remember, I’ve ended with these anecdotes. I saw a burnt cross, meant to scare the hell out of black people. Of course, they weren’t called black or African American. I saw seperate drinking fountains. I remember the public swimming pools, one for whites and one for blacks. They were both shut down because of integration. No southern white person would allow their daughter to swim in a pool with a black boy. I saw restaurants with WHITES ONLY signs right on the front door. Same with drinking fountains on the streets. I distinctly remember the men of the family and their friends at picnics cursing the Democrat Party for what they’d done to their lives by making them integrate schools and buses and Woolworth store lunch counters. They hated Democrats and vowed never to vote for one again.
    Then Stacey, I came home to SoDak and would get to stand up at church and tell these stories. There were ignorant bigots like yourself that would try to justify racism, just like you’re still doing today. But you Sen. Nelson were only TOLD about these things by someone trying to spin history because of embarassment. Trying to make your Republican Party not seem like the harbor for racism that it was and still is. I saw it first hand and I remember it like it was yesterday. The racist Southern Democrats started voting Republican and still do on every election.

  98. @Jenny, Owen, Porter, & Roger 16 states comprise the South, let’s look at two. First Alabama, arguably the crown jewel of the racist South 1819-1990. Death grip control by Democrats during the worst moments in history till about 1994:

    Now let’s take a look at Florida where Porter said many of his family was from during its racist history. Death grip control by Democrats during the worst moments in history till 1988:

    Each Southern state is about the same, circa 1994 Democrats started to lose their death grip on every elected office in the South they held since the Civil War. There was no fanciful mass migration of the racists Democrats to the GOP in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or ever. If there had been? Democrats wouldn’t have controlled almost every elected office in the South well into the late 80’s.

    @Porter In regards to you calling me a “bigot” simply because I have shown your claims to be nothing more than fantesy inspired by Colorado marijuana smoke. My personal comments, to that ignorant insult, are not suitable for print. The best thing I can say is let’s examine that comment. Who really is the racist bigot? Let’s take a quick look at you and my Facebook friends. I have more lifelong and continual Loved ones of color, then you have friends. You are the one attempting to whitewash & transfer the racist history of your party. You are the bigot, not me.

  99. Democrat LBJ signed Civil Rights, so face it ‘pubs. It didn’t get done during the 50’s when Ike could have done it. Blacks have flocked to the Dem Party since then while many racists moved to support Republicanism. Why is that so hard to fathom, Stace? Clearly there are more racists in the GOP today, but of course they’re lurking everywhere.
    Democrats are now considered the Party of Equality and stand for many justified issues.

  100. Before you call me names, Stace, I admire your stance against corruption.

  101. Porter Lansing

    Sen. Nelson … You continue to put up charts of elected offices in southern states that have no data on Presidential elections or Republicans sent to Washington to bolster your assertion that Democrats controlled the south from 1960-1988. Southern states voted Republican for 11 of 12 Presidential elections over that 48 year span and sent a vast majority of Republicans to Washington. Those are the offices that determine whether a state is Republican or Democrat. I’ve now substantiated the facts four times and that’s enough. People reading this are convinced and your refusal to budge in the face of factual evidence is a tell on your effectiveness as a legislator. It’s called “stubborn bullying”. Referencing your bigoted posts from the past are also proof enough of what you think about people of color. Just because you associate with them doesn’t excuse what you say and think of them. My Democrat Party had a group of bigoted racists in our ranks and we ran them off 50 years ago. They found refuge among your Republican party and spew their hate from your majority in Washington now.

  102. Oh, I’d vote for Democrats to stop corrupt Republicans from stealing our tax dollars, but some of those Democrats say mean things, so I’m going to vote Republican.

    Good grief, people. Eye on the ball!

  103. mike from iowa

    Looks like Nelson is wrong some more.Southern shift away from Dems started back in the 20’s and the big shift happened in 1952.

  104. Once again as a Democrat I am going to say it again, that we need to focus on what matters to the voters in South Dakota. You want to go toe to toe over certain single voter issues, and it doesn’t matter how “right’ you are, you will lose.

    For running for governor name recognition is only one aspect that will drive voters in. What you stand for also will. Democrats in South Dakota are scarcely moderates compared to some of the coasts. We share a lot of common themes throughout the state, that we neglect to talk about, instead we just use blanket statement’s such as pro-choice, pro-gun control, etc. The people in the Democratic party are more then just two issues and neither of these issues defines who the Democrats in the state are.

    As a Democrat who owns guns, I do recognize there use and while I may have some thoughts about who should be handling those weapons, I do recognize that as a state we may not all feel that way.

    Many people that I know are very concerned about the environment and what the state is doing to preserve it. Whether it be for tourism dollars or agriculture the state depends on its lands. I am all for environmental protection so that future generations can enjoy the same activities like I have such as pheasant or grouse hunting, and fishing. With discussions on boreholes up in the Redfield area, I feel that there needs to be some education on what those are and what they mean.

    Corruption in the government from policies from one aspect of the government is another issue that people talk about. As certain responders here immediately jump to the your a Republican you don’t know anything attitude, we have to understand that from my readings and listening to people like Stace Nelson talk they are supportive of having two or more competitive political parties in the state. The things mentioned here is a big reason Democrats that I know personally stayed home and didn’t vote.

    The average age of a farmer in South Dakota is 57. Now what is that farmer mostly concerned about (there is about 46,000 farmers/producers in the state). How would you describe that farmer, what is his lifestyle, most likely he is married, attends church, goes to the local school to watch his grandkids activities, worries about the market prices, complains about the weather, settles into the evening to watch tv, on his downtime he probably often goes hunting, fishing, going to social events in the area. How is the South Dakota Democratic Party going to reach him.

    Well Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Agriculture, the environment, roads are all things that are going to jump out at him, as well as taxes. How as a party are we bringing these things to his attention. How are we going to appeal to him to vote as a Democrat.

    There are several ways to not get his vote, or to make him stay home.

    Oh and there is another 70,000+ people whose job depends on that farmer producing a market item in the state. 100,000+ voting people (and their spouses/children who may not work in the industry). That seems like a large voting base to build on.

    As a party this type of marketing analysis should be done across the board to entice voters even before a candidate is announced for governor. Name recognition is one thing, but not understanding the voter base is a larger reason for the poor showing in South Dakota.

    Then again I’m just one of those Democrats under the age of 40.

  105. mike from iowa

    BTW it was in the teens of the last century that the KKK became infused by wingnuts.

  106. Roger Cornelius

    Nelson has ingrained himself with a distorted history to cover his personal guilt and that of his republican party and president-elect.
    History is history and people will always have their own interpretation, be it right or wrong.
    What Nelson hasn’t addressed directly is the racism of his party shown in the 2015-2016 election and the proposed agenda for president-elect Trump.
    Senator Jeff Session (racist) at the Justice Department. What parts of the Civil Rights Act does he plan to tear down and just as importantly what will become of the Voting Rights Act?
    In Alabama this past election republicans started closing voter registration stations in rural areas to prevent Blacks from registering and voting. Thousands more in Pennsylvania and other urban areas were turned away supposedly because they weren’t registered.
    And the biggest gem of 2016 was putting Steve Bannon a racist and well known white supremacist in the White House to advise the demonic Trump.
    I’m certain others here can add to the list that proves the republican party is racist.
    I’m not talking 166 years ago or even 50 years ago, we should be talking about the current and future of racism in America.

  107. It’s actually kind of funny, Cory, that republicans don’t want to to admit that for the last 50 years plus, the Democrat party changed for the better by denouncing racism and supporting Civil Rights.

  108. mike from iowa

    As certain responders here immediately jump to the your a Republican you don’t know anything attitude, we have to understand that from my readings and listening to people like Stace Nelson talk they are supportive of having two or more competitive political parties in the state.

    Madman- why do people like Nelson support another political party in South Dakota? Seems pretty simple to me. They want someone-anyone to blame for all the corruption wingnuts alone are responsible for, imho.

  109. Stace Nelson

    @Jenny I would encourage you to research the act and you’ll find it was Republicans who tried repeatedly to get it passed and was blocked by Democrats. It’s the same story with the 19th amendment. If anyone reading the posts on here with an impartial and Unpartisan eye can see it isn’t I that is the aggressor in personal insults.

    @Jenny & Porter obviously neither one of you is looking at the links which show historic election results every major office in those states to include congressional seats and president. They show that there was no mass migration of Democrats supporting Republicans until the late 80s early 90s which totally refutes any claims thaT racist Democrats migrated en masse to the GOP in the 60s 70s-1988.

    Case in point another of the worst racist states in history, Mississippi. Almost every major elected office controlled by Democrats from shortly after the end of the Civil War till the grip started to loosen in 1988

    Georgia, another of the most notorious states for racism, Almost every major elected office controlled by Democrats from shortly after the end of the Civil War till the grip started to loosen in 1992

    Every Southern state known for racism has the same story. There is no factual evidence that a mass migration of Democrats to the GOP occurred in the 60s 70s or 80’s.

    If there was any factual evidence, one of you would’ve provided an actual link to actual factual information and rebottle instead of opinions in theory.

    I have already posted links showing 4 of the the worst racist 16 southern states we’re completely controlled by Democrats from The end of Reconstruction up to 1988. There was no mass migration of racist Democrats as you claim. Being a fair man, I’ll throw it out there, Prove your claims with actual factual linked information (not more opinion or theory) showing even one southern state that flipped almost absolute democratic control from the Civil War to the late 80s, to Republican dominance before 1988.

  110. Porter Lansing

    Speaking of personal guilt … It’s great that you adopted a bunch of kids with varied heritage ( or were you married to five different women?). Do they live with you in Mitchell? Or do you just send them money and use their existence as a credit on your resume? Inquiring minds want to know.

  111. mike from iowa

    Madman- from Crooks and Liars this morning-
    Eric Bolling: Repealing Obamacare Is Great Because 20 Million People Still ‘Have Emergency Rooms’

    Veep elect Pence says repealing the ACA is the first priority once he is sworn in.

  112. mike from iowa

    Now Nelson is depending on Wiki? The site that is easily edited and changed?

  113. @Mike

    You have to search for the insight sometimes. Just because you look at the top layer of words and you assume there is nothing there, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything in those things that as a party we can use. There are things that have been addressed that as an average voter in South Dakota is going to use in their selection process of a candidate.

    As a party we don’t understand the average voter, we understand the issues. You want to get actively involved in South Dakota politics then please move in. Also look at Iowa who elected a worthless Senator again….what are you doing down over there to get that party moving to ensure in 6 years that Grassley won’t win again?

    I’m trying to discuss things that will cause growth in the SDDP, while people are discussing which party is responsible for things from 1776 onward and I’m the crazy one.

  114. Roger Cornelius

    There probably aren’t many people that know this, but back in the day of Civil Rights and even before, South Dakota whether it was red or blue, had its own version of Jim Crow laws directed at Native Americans.
    Coming to Rapid City from the reservation in the 50’s and 60′ to shop, it was common place to see the signs of segregation. “No Dogs or Indians Allowed” was one of the post common as “We Don’t Serve Indians”.
    We don’t see the signs anymore, but subtle forms of racism against Indians still exist in the forms of how some businesses rudely treat Indians to the comment sections of the Rapid City Journal, Facebook, and Twitter as well as other blogs.
    Other areas of discrimination do exist in the state as demonstrated a couple years ago by the legislatures attack on same-sex couples and the potty bill.

  115. bearcreekbat

    Here is an inquiry that might help shine some light on the current racism question whether you wear the label of Democrat or Republican: Ask yourself if you ever intentionally and knowingly supported a candidate or a party that you knew was also openly praised and supported by the KKK and other avowed white nationalists at the time you voted for him? If you knowingly vote for the guy you know is supported by racists, what does that say about your values?

  116. Stace Nelson

    @Jenny as per the factual postings above, here is further evidence refuting the claims that Republicans as a party opposed the Civil Rights Act and voting Act. The facts are Republicans were instrumental in getting both passed

    @ALCON Democratic almost complete control of Arkansas from the end of reconstruction until 1991

    That’s five out of the worst of the racist 16 southern states with no evidence of mass migration of racist Democrat voters or elected officials in the late 60s early 70s as Porter and others have claimed

  117. Again, the Democrats can rightfully claim Civil Rights. Republicans can’t.

  118. LBJ doesn’t have to roll over in his grave when it comes to Civil Rights. Signing it was the best thing to ever happen to Dems and moving the Party forward while the Pubs have continued to alienate many.

  119. mike from iowa

    Madman, it still seems simple to me. There is virtually zero depth to any South Dakota R pols. They campaign on the same topics, they stoke the same fears every single election, from what I have observed.

    As for my being here on this blog, I will be here until wingnuts take it over and prevent people like me from telling them the truth they don’t like to hear.

  120. mike from iowa

    Uh, Nixon’s Southern Strategery predates Nelson’s 1994 claim by a quarter of a century.

  121. Stace Nelson

    @Jenny You apparently did not review the facts in the above link Republicans get to claim the passage of those bills as much as Democrats “The degree of Republican support for the two bills actually exceeded the degree of Democratic support, and it’s also fair to say that Republicans took leading roles in both measures, even though they had far fewer seats, and thus less power.”

    Another look at Democratic (almost) absolute control of South Carolina from the end of reconstruction to 1986

    Another example that there were no mass migrations of agreeably racist Democratic voters or politicians in the South in the 60s 70s -1986 as you, Porter, and others claim.

  122. mike from iowa

    Democrats deserve credit for being the driving force behind the legislation, our experts said, particularly Johnson, who had only been in office for three months yet who staked his own re-election prospects on a tough, divisive legislative battle. Other crucial Democratic players were Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana and Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota, who had been championing the issue of civil rights for a decade and a half.

    Straight out of Nelson’s Politifact link. Thanks Stace.

  123. Porter Lansing

    Kids, Nelson. We deserve the facts about the kids you say are yours. Since you trot them out every time you’re rightly accused of intolerance towards diversity, it’s time to get the story. Also, as an elected official the public deserves to know if you’re cheating on your taxes. Are these kids legally adopted or are they your wards, which you help to support or are they some other category of family? Were they your wife’s kids from before your marriage? Are any of the kids blood relation to you? Do they live with you? Do they live in USA? Are they listed as deductions on your tax forms? Once again, are they legally adopted? As a public official these facts need to be open to scrutiny, sir.

  124. mike from iowa

    Kennedy’s white constituents in the South were outraged. They had overwhelmingly supported Democrats since the end of Reconstruction. Yet between April 5 and June 23 of that year, the share of white Southerners who approved of Kennedy declined by 35 percentage points to about 20 percent , according to the Gallup polls. This abrupt shift marks when white Southerners turned against Democrats, Kuziemko and Washington argue. The percentage of whites in the rest of the country saying they approved of the president did not change appreciably.

    Right straight out of my Wapo link. Kennedy lost support of Southern whites by 35% after he forced Wallace to allow Blacks into Birmingham whites only schools. Sounds like a mass exodus to mike from iowa.

  125. Porter Lansing

    @Roger … I know that dirty history of South Dakota and let me apologize for the actions of my people. It was widely known that Indians weren’t allowed in Watertown. If a group of Indians came to town they were jailed and then driven up to Sisseton and released later in the week. No apologies or explanation was offered. It was said by elected authorities that Indians were trouble makers and had no business in Watertown bars. Things like that were a large component in why I left at a young age for a more tolerant place … which was almost anywhere. Again, apologies. In my humble opinion Indians have more character individually then ten thousand German Americans calling themselves Christians.

  126. Stace Nelson

    @IOWA Mike aside from Democratic propaganda claiming Nixon’s strategy and win demonstrated that the most racist democrats in the south switched parties and started voting Republican, every empirical and factual evidence (as evident in the above links of democratic almost absolute control of the most racist states in the south from the end of reconstruction until the late 80s and early 90s) completely refute that fanciful claim.

    A look at North Carolina shows the same thing. Almost absolute control of every major elected office in North Carolina by democrats from the end of reconstruction until the early 90s

    All of these links are sourced and linked for you to confirm, if you claim they are wrong? Point out where.

  127. mike from iowa

    Except you are ignoring actual facts, Nelson, with your Wiki propaganda. I can play that game to. Red run states lead the nation in poverty because austerity is good for poor people.

  128. Racism is not the issue in the south, voter suppression is. These are two different things. So while the eye is on race, it should be about the hijacking of democracy through voter suppression. Now when are we going to put a choice up for governor in South Dakota?

  129. Stace Nelson

    @IOWA Mike The facts belong to no man or party, you’re citing opinions, I’m citing verifiable facts that showed there was no mass immigration of racist Democrat voters or politicians to the GOP in the 60s 70s as you and others claim.

    Let’s add West Virginia to the list of southern states it was almost absolutely controlled by Democrats from the end of reconstruction until the 80s/90s

    Let’s add Oklahoma to the list of southern states they were almost absolute controlled by Democrats from the end of reconstruction until the 80s/90s

    There is zero factual evidence to support the propaganda push by liberals claiming that racist democrats immigrated to the GOP and mass in the 60s and 70s.

  130. Bill Fleming

    Stace, tsk.

    When we refuse to recognize a problem, we render ourselves unable to correct it.

    (Hi btw. Best to you and your family. BF)

  131. So the Democrats of old are the Republicans of new. One thing that those Democrats and Republicans of old always dreamed of and that is voter suppression. We will never be able to have legitimate elections in this country because that would violate the Powell Memorandum. Can you imagine if folks of color would actually be able to have their votes tabulated? It would mean the end of both parties for sure. In short, we must always have a division that does not really accomplish much of anything to keep the money flowing and social issues tamped down. So far, so good. Now, who are we gonna get to run for governor against the status quo?

  132. Perhaps Alabama’s Song of the South video will help explain why Southerner’s were majority democrats in the Past. They were poor farmers and supported FDR.
    As the saying goes, “my daddy was a Southern Democrat, you oughta get a rich man to vote like that.”
    It was more for economics than anything else.

  133. The Democratic candidate for South Dakota Governor in 2018 should not try to win back those racists who’ve fled to Atwater/Trumpism on racist terms. The Democratic candidate for Governor should run on the principle that South Dakota can include everyone equally in liberty, justice, and opportunity—white and red, liberal and conservative, holy roller and heretic, hipster and hayseed, hetero and homo.

  134. Stace Nelson

    @Bill how does a handful of people, capitalizing on the racist tendencies of southern Democrats, in the Nixon presidential campaign, change over 150 years of the worst institutional acts of racism by a political party Second only to the Nazis? I cited nine (? I lost count) links above that show the worst racist southern states were almost absolutely democratically controlled from the end of reconstruction into the 90s. That absolutely refutes the fanciful claims that racist southern Democrats immigrated en masse to the GOP during the 60s and 70’s.

    I find it absolutely amazing that intelligent people such as yourself cite Nixon’s presidential campaign’s exploitation of racist democrats tendencies as supposed evidence that the GOP as a whole is racist. It has to be the most monumental case of transference in the history of man. As I pointed out above in the numerous links showing almost absolute democratic control of the most Important elected positions in the southern states from after reconstruction till The 80s/90s, there is absolutely no empirical evidence that racist southern Democrats magically migrated to the GOP en masse and became racist Republicans in the 60s and 70s as claimed. On the contrary, a look at those links will show you and everyone concerned that those racist democrats stayed with your party.

    In light of the many horrific acts of institutional racism by the Democratic Party from slavery, opposition of the 13th 14th 15th and 19th amendments, Jim Crow laws, lynchings, birthing the KKK, trail of tears, segregation, Japanese internment, etc., it is the height of hypocrisy for any Democrat to point at Republicans As a whole for The Southern strategy’S ugly subtle strategy of capitalizing on racist DEMOCRAT tendencies, to win a national POTUS election.

    As long as people like Owen, Porter, Roger, etc, try and dishonestly transfer the Democratic parties horrific acts of institutional racism onto the GOP, I will doggedly point out that it is one of the worst acts of propaganda since the leading party of institutional racism was defeated in Germany.

  135. Porter Lansing

    You can point at a cow and call it an elk … but it ain’t so, no matter how many times you point and lie about it.

  136. Porter Lansing

    I know a Democratic candidate for Governor to thwart the bad guys like Schoenbeck and Deutsch.
    “One man in each century is given the power to control time. The man chosen to receive this power is carefully selected. He must be kind. He must be fair. He must be brave. You have fulfilled these requirements; and, we of the Outer Galaxies designate to you the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of Atlas. You are Cory Heidelberger.”

  137. Cory, Nick, – maybe you guys could try to explain it to Stace? This is fascinating to me how Stace could be so wrong with the historic Civil Rights Movement and the migration of Southern Dems to the Republican Party. Eisenhower had years to get it done but didn’t , JFK was busy with Cuba and got shot but I’m sure he would have eventually signed it. LBJ finally got it done. Robert Kennedy was another huge Civil Rights activist. Stace is in denial. Was Reagan a big civil rights activist – I don’t think so with his Welfare Queen term.

  138. Stace Nelson

    @Porter I cited verifiable links showing Democrats controlled almost absolutely all of the major political positions in The most racist of the southern states from the end of reconstruction all the way up into the 80s and 90s. I cited a litany of factual historic acts of institutional racism that the Democratic Party was responsible for, that it one person on here disagreed with. Just because you don’t like the fact that you cannot refute the facts, it doesn’t make them a lie.

    Keep calling Republicans racists for the crimes of the Democratic Party, it’s worked out so well for you the last 8 years:

  139. I might have to side with Porter on the history of party racism here. Racism was clearly a stain on the Democratic party of the south. However, as the Democratic party embraced more civil right legislation and rejected segregation, those racists became disenfranchised from the Democrat party. Unfortunately for the GOP, they found a place in the Southern Strategy. Bringing in those voters put votes in the ballot boxes for Republicans, but has cost that party the adoption of that moral stain.

    Racists should be given no safe harbor in any (either) party. More important than a census of who has more, is position to reject EVERYTHING those racists stand for. They are not a tool to be used for a “greater good,” but a cancer that needs to be eradicated upon discovery. They will grow and bring ruin to all they associate with.

    So, to Stace and Porter, the real issue on racism to discuss is who is NOW doing all they can to reject racism?

  140. Stace Nelson

    @O I debunked the myth that racist Southrrn Democrats migrated en masse to the GOP in the late 60s-70’s by posting links above showing the Democrats maintained a death grip control on almost every elected position in the south from the end of reconstruction into the 80s and 90s. I would have to respectfully disagree with you, it is overwhelming important to remember who was responsible for the most horrific accidents due to some racism in the history of man. As I pointed out to bars, as history attests, democrats were responsible for perpetuating slavery, opposing the 13th 14th 15th and 19th amendments, they responsible for Jim Crow laws, segregation, lynchings, birth of the KKK, trail of tears, Japanese American citizens interment, etc. etc. invariably, when confronted with these atrocities every Democrat cites the Southern strategy of the Nixon presidential campaign to appeal to the racist tendencies of southern Democrats, as a fanciful claim that those racist democrats emigrated en masse to the GOP. As I pointed out above with easy verifiable links above, that did not happen.

  141. Stace, again, respectfully, I agree that there is a racist stain on the Democratic party and concede that horrible things happened. More than who held power, it is important to look at the issues of those times and see how racists were politically disenfranchised by the issues that Democrats started to embrace. The Civil Rights and anti-segregation movements of the South were Democratic lead and it was in that ideological shift that the racists could not stand for. You ignore the displacement for ideology. You ignore the whole ideology shift. Looking at the actual Southern Strategy and what it entailed and HOW it gained the support of racist former democrats is again and ideology you do not deny.

    But again, I find all this secondary to looking forward to how BOTH (all) parties can work to eradicate ANY stain of racists and racist ideology from their current incarnations. The eradication of racism if far too important to allow efforts to be squandered by partisan squabbling. If today, moving forward, I wish to end the stain of racism in SD and the US, does it make a difference what my political party affiliation is?

  142. Stace Nelson

    @O Please review the links above that show Almost absolute Democratic control of every major political office in almost every Southern state from reconstruction to the 80s and 90s and show me when and where the 1972 Southern strategy to appeal to the racist democrats manifested in any tangible change and ideology in the elected offices of the south.

    I would also encourage you to review the link above that shows Republicans percentage did more to pass the civil rights and education act.

    If you disagree with those historical facts, as outlined in cited above, please provide a reputable link that refutes the linked information above so we can all see. This myth that southern Democrats emigrated to the GOP en masse is not supported by any reliable empirical data. On the contrary, all the data shows there was no masse migration of racist democrats to the GOP. Again, if you don’t believe your eyes on the information above, please cite a reputable source that refutes the overwhelming information above.

  143. Porter Lansing

    What have we learned in 24 hours since I told Sen. Nelson that even Limbaugh, Hannity and Joe Pags have quit the foolish assertion that Democrats are the party that’s held black people down for the last 50 years? We’ve learned that Nelson threatened murder on another legislator for touching his stuff and we’ve learned Nelson doesn’t legally have the kids he claims to have. Not too good on the character side of the tally, Senator. LWIY, Stacerator … last word is yours.

  144. All these bad democrats were Christians also. For shame on Christianity, they did it! Christianity did the killing in America!

    Christian Nazis killed the Jews in Europe! Christians aren’t very nice.
    See how it sounds, Stace. Kind of foolish isn’t it.

  145. God did tell W Bush to invade Iraq, though.

  146. Stace Nelson

    @Porter You prove my point in spades, when you cannot refute the facts you resort to out light lies and liable.

    @Jenny The southern Democrats KKK origins and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (AKA Nazis) all embraced pagan rituals that we’re not Christian. The Nazis in fact supplanted Christianity for their created religion around Hitler.

    @O it’s another opinion piece that continues to spin the propaganda that has already been completely refuted by the empirical and factual evidence listed above.

  147. Stace Nelson

    “Out right lies and libel”

  148. mike from iowa

    Excellent link, O. Digby is always a good read.

  149. Porter Lansing

    I have never known a guilty person that didn’t say exactly what you’re saying, Sen. Nelson. Please refute my accusations or allow the readers to decide for themselves.

  150. Why is my evidence “propaganda” and your GOP Chairman accounts of the greatness of the GOP get to be “evidence?”

    Still you dwell on the past to ignore the REAL issue: Where are these parties moving us NOW on the issues of racism and equality?

  151. Did your Grandpa tell you all this stuff when you were a young lad, Stace?
    Have you ever just thought that maybe man itself is, a lot of times, just not very good and does some very bad things. Don’t blame it on just b/c they were dems or just b/c it was Paganism, blame it on Man itself.

    Again, I think it just ticks you off that the historic Civil Rights Bill will forever be associated with Dems (as it should be).
    The GOP had a hundred years to make some sweeping changes but they didn’t. It took a Democrat President to get it done.
    Thanks LBJ – you got that one right!

  152. Stace, your “empirical evidence” about who held power at given times is not evidence to prove what you want it to prove. You cannot assume that Democrats held power because ONLY Democrats voted for Democrats. You of all people should recognize that party affiliation is not absolute and good candidates draw from both parties. The issue that drew decent Democrats and decent Republicans together (even in the south eventually) was to be on the right side of history and the promise of the Declaration of Independence to move toward equality and opportunity for all and reject segregation and racism. Your leap in reasoning to assert that because Democrats held power, the racist democrats must have stayed in the party and not gone to the GOP has no basis. Certainly that agenda was supported by many decent Republicans, but it was lead by Democrats at that time. Again, the issue, not the census is what counts. LBJ’s line about knowing Democrats would lose the south for a generation after signing the Civil Rights Act comes into play here. The Southern Strategy also was a Presidential/National strategy, not a state/local strategy. Again, you of all should concede that national politics is not necessarily the same as state/regional/local politics.

    And as scintillating as this back-and-forth is, it dodges the REAL issue: where are theses parties talking our country TODAY? I contend BOTH can shed their racist taint to do the right things now for race and equality.

  153. Roger Cornelius

    Exactly o, I have commented several times now that the discussion needs to be about the current racism in the republican party via Donald Trump.
    Nelson insist on discussing history and refuses to talk about the current stench of racism coming out his party for the past 8 years.
    The first Black president was twice elected overwhelming by Democrats not republicans and faced eight years of obstruction simply because republicans couldn’t stand being in the same room with a Black let alone supporting his economic policies that saved this country.
    Nelson can concern himself with what and who did what to whom 166 years ago and continually repeat himself, that does not change history and it certainly does not change the republicans racist overtones of their racist fascist white supremacist president-elect and the people he is choosing for his cabinet.
    Nelson refuses to address the well known racism in the state he was elected to represent, he probably thinks if he closes his eyes it doesn’t exist.
    As jerry said earlier, this isn’t all about racism and the Civil Rights Act, it is mostly about the voter suppression of minorities around the country this past election.
    If Nelson is okay with the racism of Donald Trump and the republican party, so be it.
    There are those of us that will resist Stace’s leader every step of the way for the next four years.
    I’m With Bernie’s Resistance!

  154. Really the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation is historic but it’s really nothing to brag about. The US was one of the last industrial nations to get it done. Many European nations banned slavery decades before such as England, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and France.

  155. Porter Lansing

    You’re perfectly correct, o. The supposed evidence doesn’t support the assertion. But, it was the Republican talking point during the last campaign. The elite Republicans have abandoned it but someone didn’t get the memo.

  156. bearcreekbat

    Roger, I also recall a sign on a store in Scenic that read “No Indians allowed.”

    As for racism and history, who can forget that deal resulting in the election of President Republican Rutherford B. Hayes based on Republicans promise to end Reconstruction federal policies that protected civil rights in the South for the newly freed slaves.

  157. mike from iowa

    Good links, Bear. Interesting reading.

  158. this issue that stace proposes has come up
    here and elsewhere many times as republicans wish to make Abe Lincoln their guy and paint Dems as racists from way back, while republicans are looking like racists more recently:

    “As Senate Majority Leader, Lyndon Johnson has been involved heavily in the fight for the Civil Rights Act of 1957…

    (in an unsuccessful attempt to derail passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, Strom Thurmond made the longest filibuster ever conducted by a single senator, speaking for a total of 24 hours and 18 minutes.)

    …and as President, Johnson was committed to honoring his own values and Kennedy’s legacy in the fight for the much-more comprehensive 1964 act.

    Johnson’s campaign for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 angered white segregationist Democrats.

    Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), filibustered the Civil Rights Act for 14 hours and 13 minutes on June 9 and 10, 1964.

    Strom Thurmond was increasingly at odds with the national Democratic Party. On September 16, 1964, he switched his party affiliation to the Republican Party.

    Behind the scenes, the two opposing leaders were working to find a way to get 67 votes to break the 1964 filibuster: the Democratic Senate whip, Hubert Humphrey and the Senate Minority Leader, Everett Dirksen of Illinois…
    the Humphrey-Dirksen group, got 71 votes to end the filibuster, four more than needed,… as 27 Republicans had decided to support the Act.”

    the republicans had decided to support the act.

  159. Roger Cornelius

    How could we forget old Rutherford B. Hayes?
    Thanks for providing such useful links, Bear. Hayes of course was credited with a 100 years of not allowing Blacks to vote and supported segregation, I thought, according to Nelson, that republicans didn’t do that sort of thing.
    And of course there was that damn pesky Dawes Act of allotting Indians private ownership of tribal lands in an effort to assimilate them and make them more prosperous.
    The back story to the Dawes Act was that it was a backdoor approach to encourage allotted Indian lands to be sold to non-Indians leading to one of the greatest land grabs in history and reducing the size of reservations.

  160. While this seems to be an argument about people who are dead, I will give you the facts on the Civil Rights Act of 1964:

    In Senate, 69% of the Democrats and 82% of the Republicans voted YES.

    In the House, 63% of the Democrats voted YES while 80% of the Republicans voted YES.

    While it was favored more broadly by the Republicans, it was a team effort and a good day for America. We really shouldn’t be bickering about the details.

    Often time what is more significant is when our country made the first move which was the Civil Rights Act of 1957 which gave hope and light to what would follow. That bill was supported as follows:

    House: 90% of the Republicans for it. 52% of the Democrats.
    Senate: 100% of the Republicans for it. 61% of the Democrats.

    The 1957 Bill was in reality a weakling compared to what was to come but it had to be weakened to get enough of the Majority Party (Dems) to support it for passage. But, this bill created both the precedent and opportunity for better bills to come after.

  161. Republicans just can’t stand the fact that Dems have owned civil rights the last fifty plus years. Strom Thurmond, the dirty old bastard,took off to join the ‘pubs and he took his racist followers with him.

    LBJs statement “we have lost the South for a generation” was as true a political prediction ever made. ,

  162. Thank Darwin for Evolution! Yes, the past is always the past. In 1964, I can’t remember what party was in power, must have been Republicans to pass the Civil Rights Act and the Medicare in 1965! Republicans have always been in favor of Medicare and Social Security, always.

  163. Porter Lansing

    Troy fails to mention that in 1957 the racists were Southern Democrats before they all left to foul the Republican Party.

  164. Republicans have led the way to make sure our Black brothers and sisters are allowed all the protections we have to offer in America, especially voting rights.

  165. Patrick Duffy, r.i.p. brought forth the defense here in South Dakota about voting rights of Native Americans Democrats were in charge here as well during that time. Republicans have long championed Native American voting rights here and go on record all the time to express those feelings.

  166. People actually evolved into different circumstances regarding race. Republicans changed into Democrats and Democrats changed into Republicans. Phooey, I even think the guy who has this blog was once upon a time, a Republican. Now, I personally do not know why Cory evolved, but it seems to me that he did.

  167. mike from iowa

    Just fer fun-Wapo sez of the 4 certified cases of voter fraud in the 2016 election, 3 for sure were done by wingnuts and the 4th is unclear because she was opening absentee ballots and voting for a mayoral candidate.

  168. Robert McTaggart

    Speaking of governors, isn’t the Governor of Iowa interested in becoming an ambassador in the Trump administration?

  169. Maybe a doorman at the new Trump hotel in Sioux City.

  170. Robert McTaggart

    I don’t know enough about Iowa politics to say whether there are any competitive Democrats in Iowa when a new election would ultimately occur.

    Trump is also considering a pair of Democratic senators from Republican states to serve as Secretary of Energy (North Dakota and West Virginia). Both likely to be for coal, but not necessarily against renewables. However, I don’t foresee Republican governors appointing Democratic replacements if either accept an offer.

  171. Dr. McTaggart, isn’t coal ultimately a renewable energy source? Might not many of us become coal at some future point?

  172. Indeed Mr. Grudznick, then we would be black again, good point.

  173. Robert McTaggart

    Technically I would say yes, because the carbon that is released originated with ancient plants and animals, and that carbon can be recycled in new plants and animals. But some of it will become trapped in minerals instead.

    I note that the conditions for producing coal on earth are not as widespread today as they were 300 million years ago, so it is unclear how much new coal will be made from here on out.

  174. Mr. Grudznick, the genius of it all is that we are all the same! We are black, so we will become even blacker. You sir, are a genius. You do not even have to declare a political party when you are carbonated. You are simply black. Who knew..

  175. Robert McTaggart

    Gubernatorial candidates often get recycled…not sure that makes them a renewable though.

  176. Mr. jerry, I myself foresee becoming a diamond, probably a translucent blue diamond of unusual quality. I understand your fixation on colors and other superficial things, given everything, but you are right that the carbonation of us all is a genius realization on my part. You would almost think that there is some omniscient being overseeing this giant plan except there are not any gods.

  177. Robert McTaggart

    I think you mean carbonization…carbonation implies we are all full of gas…which is highly likely ;^).

  178. First we are carbonated through consumption of malt beverages, then we end up carbonized.

  179. We are all diamonds in the rough, but black as coal until then. I shall call you my black brother, Nelson as well, Troy too. This is a groundswell for sure. When do we get the hashtag on that Mr. Grudznick, when do we get our own hashtag? BTW, knowing what you know now who would be your choice for governor against NOem or whatshisname?

  180. mike from iowa

    Manchin of West Virginia is a Dem in name only. He might just as well switch parties.

    As for Guv Braindead, I wouldn’t want him as an ambassador to an outhouse. Junior Sinator Ivana Kuturnutzov would be a good ambassador back to the mother country where she honed her chops as a KGB agent.

    Send Grudz to Russia and watch him cry when he learns Russians drink their gravytaters minus the gravy.

  181. mike from iowa

    iowa Guv Braindead wants to be ambassador to China. Maybe he wants to see first hand where all that EB-5 money comes from.

  182. Mr. jerry, I can speak for Messrs. Nelson and Jones when I say we are proud to be called your brothers, pink brown and blue.

    Right now I am leaning towards whoever runs against Mr. Heuther, or Mr. H should he be prevailed upon to run, however I have not committed to a horse in that race just yet


  183. Stace Nelson

    @O the empirical evidence that The Democrats held almost absolute power in almost every elected office in the worst of the racist southern states from the end of reconstruction into the 80s and 90s absolutely proves that racist democrats did not abandon the Democratic Party en masse and become Republicans. Absolutely we can assume that Democrats held power because ONLY Democrats voted for Democrats. Many of those southern states voter registration was overwhelmingly democrat generation after generation with many elections being decided in the Democratic primaries.

    It is the only logical conclusion to understand that because there was no deviation in Democrats almost absolute control of every elective office in the South well into the 80’s, that there is no other explanation than the racist democrats stayed in their ancestral Party of racism.

    The Grand Canyon leap is claiming that The Southern Strategy resulted in a masse exodus of racist Democrats to the GOP, when Democratic almost absolute control of every elected office in the South didn’t change, AND the South voted Democrat again in the 1976 POTUS election. There is not a scintilla of factual evidence that supports the fanciful claim that racist Democrats Left and became racist Republicans.

    Thank you all for the discussion. it gave me the opportunity to confirm 100% that there was no evidence whatsoever that racist Democrats left their ancestral party en masse and became Republicans.

  184. Robert McTaggart

    Manchin has been more than willing to work on the big compromises that haven’t panned out yet, which will still be necessary to address the debt and keep Social Security working.

    That should be done regardless of which party you belong to since that is in the best interests of the nation.

  185. Roger Cornelius

    The only thing that Nelson has confirmed on this post is that he has a gift of repetition. He has written the same stale arguments so often that you would think he is trying convince himself and not us.
    He hasn’t added a single new item to this post since it was hijacked from talking about the next choice for governor.
    He cowardly evades questions and comments about the new republican party with a racist president-elect and the existing racism in South Dakota, or what Native Americans call North Mississippi.
    Nelson is headed for the state senate and will probably take up valuable time trying to change history and foolish racist bills.

  186. Stace Nelson

    @Roger The only cowards here are those that are attempting to whitewash the institutional racist history of the Democratic Party’s record which is only second to that of the Nazis. You belong to the party of racism. I am the Republican Party, so is my family. There’s more diversity and tolerance in my immediate family than there is in amongst the dozens of radial leftists angrily hating on here.

    But keep making excuses for the party of slavery, Jim Crow laws, the KKK, segregation, Japanese internment, the trail of tears, anti-13th 14th 15th & 19th Amendment!

    Leftist educated response to overwhelming factual data showing there was absolutely no change in the racist Democratic Party’s almost absolute control of every major elected office in the worst racist states in the South from after Reconstruction-80s/90’s? “But, but! Nixon’s 1972 win after appealing to racist Democrats natural tendencies with his Southern strategy is overwhelming evidence that every racist Democrat left the party and became Republicans!” ?

    Thanks again folks for showing there is absolutely no evidence to support the fanciful claims the racist Democrat Party swapped places with the Party of Lincoln.

  187. That just sounds so ridiculous when you says democrats have caused more destruction than the Nazis. Have you ever read what you have written, Stace?
    My god, if democrats were a close second to the Nazis on mass murders, why the hell didn’t Republicans step in?
    Again, today’s Republican Party is the party of racism. Electing Donald Trump has officially clarified that. He doesn’t like Muslims, Mexicans, and he and his father have illegally discriminated against blacks. Donald Trump represents your party, so own it!

  188. Douglas Wiken

    Nixon had a northern and a southern strategy. Southern was aimed at getting support from racists and northern was aimed at getting votes from Catholic Democrats by convincing them that abortion was the primary matter rather than economic issues.

    Nelson is irrelevant. His history is bunkum and irrelevant. Today is today and yesterday is never again. The times and the parties have changed…Democratic Party for the better and the Republican Party generally for the worst and the even worst.

  189. So the Democrats have even killed more people than Stalin, Stace? It’s true b/c Stace Nelson says so.

  190. Roger Cornelius

    Exactly Douglas, Nelson wallows in the history and how the Democrats started rejecting racism and republicans endorsed it to make sure they got the necessary southern votes.
    Once again, and probably for the final time, I challenge Stace Nelson to discuss and acknowledge the fact that the republican party of today, not 166 years ago, is racist.
    He goes blind when we point out the blatant racism of the president-elect Donald Trump and the racist and white supremacist he has appointed to his cabinet and administration.
    He can’t defend that racism or the racism that exist in South Dakota so he blames Democrats for it all.
    Democrats didn’t call Latino’s, Muslims and Blacks foul and racist names, Donald Trump did that, followed by the cheers of republicans and finally putting the republican racist in-chief in the White House.
    As I said previously, Nelson is an ignorant coward, he creates his own set of facts to come to his own conclusions and denies the written word of history.
    Nelson is one the Trump followers that now feels empowered by the Trump hate, Trump has given him the authority to tell these wild lies and cause distractions from the sins Trump is about to commit.
    C’mon Nelson, let’s talk about racism in 2016-2017.

  191. Roger Cornelius

    Your great humanitarian Lincoln that signed the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves is the same great president that ordered the genocide of thousands of Native Americans and the slaughter massive herds of buffalo in order to establish corporate railroads.
    Of course, Andrew Johnson was responsible for most of that genocide, but it was Lincoln’s plan, that genocide continues to day, only in different forms.
    That is your party of Lincoln.

  192. Lincoln order the hangings of several dozen Dakota Native Americans in MN in the 1850s. How brutal to do that to starving native Americans that were getting everything stolen from them.
    My daughter has been taught the truth of what happened to the Native Americans in her MN history class. I’m so glad they are teaching her the truth instead of making it all merry. When I was growing up no SD teacher ever mentioned Wounded Knee, it just wasn’t talked about.

  193. mike from iowa

    Nelson swallered Drumpf’s bs hook, line and sinker. There is no facts anymore.

  194. bearcreekbat

    One means of resolving the question of which party is currently more of a racist party would be to look to see which party or candidates proud and open racists tended to support over the years.

    We know the KKK endorsed Trump. According to the linked WaPo story the KKK also offered their support for Ronald Reagan, although he did not want it. The KKK was also a big fan of Republican Calvin Coolidge. In the 1920’s, the KKK endorsed Republican Frank Appleby for Congress, Republican Ben Paulen in a governor’s race, and Republican Charles E. Bowles in the race for mayor of Detroit.

    While the KKK also backed some Democrats, the KKK’s frequent backing of Republican politicians constitutes “evidence” that seems inconsistent with the picture Nelson is attempting to paint of his Republican party, at least after Hayes ended Republican support for Reconstruction.

  195. “One hundred years of delay has passed and yet they are not fully free from the bonds of injustice” – JFK
    Yep, it took one hundred years for Democrats to finally get Civil Rights done. It was in the Pub’s court but they chose to NOT do anything.

  196. Jenny,

    For the thirty years prior to JFK being President, the Dems controlled the House for 26 and the Senate for 26.

    Over the same 30 years, there was 10 years of a Republican President but during all 10 of those years the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress.

    Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the President for 16 of those 30 years.

    If Civil rights were a GOP priority during those years, they couldn’t have gotten it done without Democrat support. If Civil Rights were a Democratic priority during those years, they could have done it without any Republican support.

    Get your history right.

  197. It simply wasn’t a priority for republicans either, Troy.

  198. Are there even any GOP politicians in the decades before Civil Rights that are remembered for having fought passionately for it?

  199. Jenny,

    History is what it is and pretty readily available. The Republicans voted for it in greater %’s than the Democrats and many of them led the charge. The main reason Democrats got credit is the President was Democrat. And that is ok with me. President’s get disporportionate credit and disproportionate blame. Been that way forever and always will be. But, it doesn’t excuse your utter lack of knowledge and then spouting out as if Democrats were the be-all and end-all because it is not only factually incorrect. It is grossly factually incorrect.

  200. And in the end, we have Trump. The single greatest racist that has ever darkened the door of the White House. Whoever voted for him, here is what ya got. The past does not matter when you have the present looking right at ya.

  201. Roger Cornelius

    Who were the republicans that championed the Civil Rights Act, granted the President has been credited with both the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, but I do not know who the republicans are that lead those charges.

  202. mike from iowa

    Truman and Civil Rights
    In efforts to preserve the support of southern whites, Truman at first avoided issues of civil rights for blacks. But he could not stay removed for long. In 1947, the Presidential Committee on Civil Rights, created a year earlier, produced a report, To Secure These Rights, calling for the elimination of segregation. In 1948, Truman endorsed the findings of the report and called for an end to racial discrimination in federal hiring practices. He also issued an executive order to end segregation in the military, an initiative that would be completed by Eisenhower. Although these moves cost Truman the support of many southern whites, the increased support of black voters made up for the political loss.

  203. In late January 2017, The Republicans will start to do something. It sure as hell will not be governing any more than they did with Bush. Don’t put a lot of money into banks, because, well you know. It will all be good because this bunch cannot govern.

  204. Now, who we gonna make hay with for the governor’s seat. Medicare and Medicaid will be the issue that voters understand. Work with it and lets find someone who can do this state proud. Better find out in a hurry though as time is very important to get this crate up and running.

  205. Mr. H should to run for Governor, Mr. jerry. He has practice running a campaign and is a hard worker going to doors and has his blog to advertise with. If people start donating the the campaign now he may become a good enough larder hoard to really put up a good try, because it might take a pretty good hoard to get through the Democrat primary and then take on Ms. Noem.

  206. It has to be up to the SDDP Mr. Grudznick, so that could go many places that would be difficult to hang ones hat on. Whoever gets the nod is gonna have to show voters the reality of loosing everything they worked for all their working years for. That, my friend, is what they are gonna get with NOem or whatshisname. They ain’t kiddin Mr. Grudznick, either one of these two have planned for some time in ways to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid with their eyeballs on Social Security as well. NOem has been working on this since she got the office as Paul Ryan shows his intent from 2010. The person the SDDP chooses will have to speak the truth about what NOem or whatshisname’s plan is to steal what they have invested in since they started working.

  207. Again, the GOP party of the last 50 plus years has turned away from Civil Rights. Ronald Reagan had a pitiful record on Civil Rights and had vocalized being against the Vote in ’64. Barry Goldwater voted AGAINST it also.
    Reagan was against a Martin Luther King Jr holiday in the 80s and wanted to veto it but there was a veto-proof majority so had to sign it. He vetoed the Civil Rights Restoration Act in 1984 and notoriously became the first President to veto a Civil Rights bill since Andrew Johnson.
    George Bush also was against the Civil Rights bill in 64.

    W Bush was strongly against Gay rights and opposed hate crime legislation extended to protect gays.