Top Ten Political Things I’m Thankful for Today

Turkey plays blue saxophone
O.K., Edge, play the blues….

Don’t ask me to lead the Thanksgiving prayer—I’ll talk turkey.

Today I am thankful for…

  1. A President-Elect who means what he says and says what he means;
  2. A President-Elect who vigorously denounces white supremacists who shout Sieg Heil in his name;
  3. A President-Elect who respects campaign finance law;
  4. An incoming United Nations Ambassador with vast experience in foreign policy and diplomacy;
  5. An incoming federal Secretary of Education with deep experience as an educator and a deep commitment to public schools and equality;
  6. A state government sharing a similar commitment to making sure tax dollars support public schools instead of subsidizing private schools.
  7. A Governor and Secretary of State who respect the will of the voters;
  8. State legislators who respect the will of the voters;
  9. State legislators focused on solving real problems that make a practical difference in all South Dakotans’ daily lives;
  10. A state that recruits lots of high-wage employers so that extremely low unemployment translates into big consumer spending and economic growth.

Amen and yum—pass some more raspberries—er, cranberries!

34 Responses to Top Ten Political Things I’m Thankful for Today

  1. 7 and 8, Daugaard has already sent a message to the legislature, they send a repeal of the anti-corruption law to him he will sign it. Seen that in a twitter post from AP yesterday.

  2. I am thankful that when they come to take me to my Thanksgiving dinner, it will not be as bitter as Mr. H’s must be. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  3. Darin Larson

    Talk about a bunch of turkeys, if the legislature and governor repeal the anti-corruption law just passed by the voters, we will vault to the top of corrupt states. Ignoring the will of the voters who are tired of the corruption and lack of oversight in Pierre risks a revolt by the electorate and highlights those politicians directly involved in the scandals. It will also draw into the fray those in the legislature that vote to undo what the voters passed. I can’t wait for the ads in the next election cycle: “scandal after scandal and the legislature and Daugaard administration did nothing but whitewash them. The voters reacted to pass IM22 and the corrupt politicians and lobbyists squashed it. Drain the swamp in Pierre and send Mr. or Mrs. legislator back to their day job.”

  4. Grud you won’t have to your bitter here most of the time.

  5. This Governor won’t even hold heads of Departments in state. Gov’t. Accountable.Sowhat do you expect he will do when they tell him to change the law .Yes sir.

  6. I am the sweetest and most loved Conservative with Common Sense here most every day, Mr. Moses.

  7. Darin Larson

    Has anybody else noticed that the only women that I have heard of so far joining his cabinet are Nikki Haley and Betsy DeVos. Nikki Haley will be the US Ambassador to the UN. Since Trump could care less about the UN and our alliances, this is a throw-away appointment. The real reason he is appointing Haley is that Trump’s supporter Henry McMaster then becomes Governor of South Carolina.

    Betsy DeVos is not going to be the Secretary of Education to reinforce Trump’s commitment to public education. No, she is there to tear it all down. She is a billionaire Republican donor and huge advocate for charter schools and vouchers. Trump, himself, has called for abolishing the Education Department.

  8. mike from iowa

    DeVos- talk about pay to play. I wish Master would get his top ten political wishes.

    Cory’s fellow blogger-Jim Wright @ Stonekettle Station got a 24 hour ban on Facebook for going full Nazi on Nazis.

    The anti-truth police are becoming more active.

  9. bearcreekbat

    Thanksgiving is a strange holiday. Many see it as a celebration of genocide and American imperialism. Others see it as football paradise with plenty of good eats. Cory sees it as a time to make a wish list, and a great one at that. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  10. Darrell Reifenrath

    You must be off the wagon..

  11. mike from iowa

    Palin finally gets her cabinet position as under the secretary of the dimly lit interior closet. Comes with kneepads.

  12. mike from iowa

    Things to be thankful for? Immigrant child musicians good. Wingnuts-bad. Bad, wingnuts, bad.

    Green Party has raised enough dinero to have recalls in all three affected states-Wisc, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Now watch dumbass drumpf’s followers threaten war.

  13. I reject the term “bitter.” Outraged, yes Patriotic, yes. Determined to do right for my state and my country and confident in the rightness of my cause, yes. But never bitter. Have some more gravy, Grudz.

  14. mike from iowa

    DeVos brother is none other than Eric Prince of “Mission Accomplished” mercenary providing, over paid, Black Water killers for hire.

  15. mike from iowa

    and DeVos foundation isn’t too keen on LGBTQ people, either.

    I don’t believe that is a thing to be thankful for.

  16. Cory, will you be willing to work with Republican legislators to come up with a series of bills that are constitutional, and still does the same thing?

  17. Talk to me, MC. You bet. Let’s check the power of big money in politics by increasing transparency and by empowering individual donors. Does your caucus have something like that in mind, or do they just want to preserve the rich man’s status quo?

  18. And Darin, notice that the two women he picks are not qualified for their jobs. Trump believes women are window dressing, not effective co-participants in rational government.

  19. BCB—thanks! Same to you!

    Darrell: what wagon? I need another blop of cranberries… ;-)

  20. I am thankful that we have the opportunity to witness the realization of a great scam and what we can do to help those who fell for it. Time will tell on what will be needed for these folks as they will probably feel the government let them down when it was themselves. They are gonna be pissed when they see Medicare on the chopping block like today’s turkey in the oven. They are really gonna be toasted when Social Security goes into the garbage disposal. Until then, I am thankful that we have it in place today.

  21. mike from iowa

    Thank you for Rosie Odonnell who recently tweeted Barron Drumpf might be autistic. Oh what fun to be in Tweeter Land cuz an explosion is surely coming.

  22. Roger Cornelius

    I saw a picture of Cory’s wagon, or maybe its his daughter’s, and Cory wouldn’t fit in it much less fall off of it.
    Billionaire Wilber Ross appointed as Secretary of Commerce, very much of the people.
    Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador? How’d she score that? She’s not a billionaire is she?

  23. mike from iowa

    She has zero foreign policy experience. She has been named as an “other” woman in at least one divorce case. I believe she was also a “never drumpfer,” too. I’d say she is a perfect pick for the Potus elect who has never held elective office before.
    Religion‎: ‎Christian‎ (‎Methodist‎) ‎Sikh My gawd she ‘s almost a Muslim!

  24. owen reitzel

    Happy Thanksgiving Cory and lay off the booze. :)

  25. I, for one, think not even the hideous specter of Mr. Trump slicking back his brow before putting his hand on a bible and becoming president is enough for Mr. H to jump off that wagon. I’m just sayin…

  26. mike from iowa

    Raspberries and Cranberries and no music videos from either group. What kind of Thanksgiving are you running here?

  27. Mingnon Mike, unlike there in the smaller part of Iowa we have no cranberry bogs in South Dakota. We run a meat and potatoes with everything slathered in heavy gravy sort of Thanksgiving around here. Not berries.

  28. 13 crises leading to human extinction. Guardian 11.25.16

    Gee thx republicans. Winning at any cost….this is gonna be an expensive mess. Will we survive it? The Arctic is warm. The Jet Stream has changed. That is gonna hurt. Spencer? MacTaggart? Anyone?

  29. mike from iowa

    Pretty obvious Dakota wingnuts don’t care about the crimes and corruption rampant in Drumpf’s campaign and transition teams. But then they are conditioned to their whole government being corrupt and it doesn’t shock them in the least. And, lest we forget, Hillary’s a croooook.

  30. mike from iowa

    Can you even imagine Drumpf doing this type of community service? Maybe if he was serving up trillions in tax breaks for billionaires.

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  32. barry freed

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  33. Robert McTaggart


    Regulations regarding coal mining may change (or the application thereof), but that doesn’t say anything about the demand. Why are they going to produce a whole lot more coal if nobody is using it? If they cannot sell it to the world, then how do they make money?

    I don’t think new power plants that burn coal get going until carbon capture works, and then it may take advanced coal plants that burn coal more efficiently. It is more likely that the use of natural gas will continue to grow in a Trump administration as it has in the Obama administration….imagine that.

    Coal may require a future apart from the generation of electricity, such as becoming a source of hydrogen for fuel cells. If you could make some of that whenever wind and solar were available, that would be a terrific use of renewables and reduce the need for oil.

    At the end of the day, you can always power carbon removal from the atmosphere from the older nuclear plants or build stand-alone advanced nuclear to do that and provide waste heat for industry.

  34. Robert McTaggart

    If Trump lives up to his infrastructure promises, then we will need more steel. That requires metallurgical coal, which is not used in the generation of electricity. So steel may exceed power plants in the growth of coal consumption under a Trump administration.