Trump Wins, America Loses

I accept the results of the election. Through ignorance, apathy, and misplaced rage, the American people have elected a sexist, racist, fascist pig to succeed Barack Obama as President of the United States.

President-Elect Donald Trump
President-Elect Donald Trump

I had hoped when I went to bed four hours ago that I would not have to write that last sentence. But even if the last few dozen Electoral College votes had all slid back toward the pre-Tuesday probabilities, we would still have among us tens of millions of Americans who think governance is a game show, who think science is a hoax, who think public service is for pansies, who think the bully pulpit is for bullies, and who think Donald Trump should be trusted with nuclear weapons.


David Duke is happy. I am not.

Democracy has gone awry. I commit myself to fixing it. (And, unlike Trump, I do not believe that I alone can fix it and make your every dream come true. I will need help.)

I accept the results of this election. We have elected a man unfit to be President. I commit myself to fighting the damage this man will do to our Constitution, to our economy, to our national security, to our health, and to the morals of our children… one of whom will wake up in less than an hour and ask who won, and to whom I will have to explain, not the good gal.

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  1. My biggest fear is that Trump will get my two navy boys killed, it’s a fear I will have to learn to live with for the next four years. What are the people of this country thinking? Republicans have it all now, the rest of the country is going to find out what we in SD have known for 30 plus years.

  2. And in another, not near as important, but still a WTF moment, the voters in Rapid City just elected a dead man. Proof that voters here will elect anything with an R behind his name.

  3. mike from iowa

    Donnie Drumpf##k said all along the election was rigged. Let’s take him at his word and sort through the mess, find the guilty Drumpf and co-horts and slap them in jail.

  4. As exciting as a Vikings come from behind win – what a night.
    I had been telling people all along that liberals were pissed off. Michael Moore predicted it correctly.

  5. Jenny, if liberals screwed this up, they’d better get their heads screwed back on in time for the 2018 election.

    Tim, I fear for your Navy sons as well.

  6. I believe Bernie would have won last night against Trump and the DNC rigged it from him.

    Congrats on the pay loan cap passage and minimum wage win South Dakotans! Big win for South Dakotas on those ones!

  7. Cory, it was more a vote against the establishment than anything else.

  8. mike from iowa

    Some time after the innauguration (I just threw up in my mouth a little)Drumpf will take to Twitter and tell the world how he and friends rigged the election in his favor. Count on it. He can’t keep his mouth shut.

    Jenny-bring it on girl. Remind us over and over how smart you were. Beat us while we are down. Flog me, honey.

  9. Hillary has won the popular vote. It’s time to do away with the electoral college.

    When Trump ruins things voters across the nation will elect Democrats by the thousands.

  10. happy camper

    Hillary is not a good gal, that’s the problem. She failed to understand or care about working-class voters. Very few Democrats really believed in her other than agreeing she is slightly better than Trump. The country will get through it.

  11. I’m with you Cory but we need a new strategy. Let’s talk soon.

  12. Darin Larson

    Jenny, you say liberals were pissed off so they allowed Trump to be elected President? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  13. FBI Director James Comey put Trump over the top in the swing states. President Obama has the authority to fire him, and should.

  14. Yes, liberals disliked her that much, Darin. Come on people, Hillary is a closet republican and very corporatist corrupted one at that. There was not much difference in these two candidates. The electoral college needs to go but the establishment won’t let that happen.
    Liberals learned from Obama that change doesn’t ever really happen. Bernie was our last bit of hope.

  15. Darin Larson

    Ror, I agree that Comey’s outrageous public disclosure 11 days before the election may have changed the course of history. If the tables were turned, Trump would be going crazy right now with accusations of a rigged election and a Republican FBI director who orchestrated it.

    I am torn about firing Comey because the FBI may be investigating Trump and I don’t want people to dismiss the FBI findings because Obama threw out the Republican Comey.

  16. Darin Larson

    Jenny, with all due respect, I think you have missed the big picture if you think there is no difference between Trump and Clinton. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren endorsed and campaigned vigorously for Clinton. Clinton backed much of Bernie’s platform. Trump did not. If Bernie was your last hope, why would you give up on his agenda?

  17. No, Darin, HRC and corporatists like you missed the big picture.

  18. mike from iowa

    Prepare yourselves for Secretary of State Misogynist Gingrich and Attorney General Misogynist Screwdy Rudy, along with Misogynist in Chief Drumpf.

  19. HRC didn’t campaign in Wisconsin for weeks, meanwhile Trump is getting thousands of people at his rallies there big time. Ever faithful democratic MN, which held on by just two percentage points (go MN!) had 21,000 people attend a Trump rally here just a week ago. Very complacent, smug thinking the HRC team.

  20. The FBI can investigate whoever needs investigating – without Comey. He’s been criticized by people in both parties. His impartiality is compromized. He needs to go. Now.

  21. Bob Newland

    Soooooeeeee. Sooee. Sooee. Sooee.

  22. There are a lot of valid points in Jenny’s statements. Like it or not, the DNC did a lot of damage with their manipulation of the primaries. The leaks that kept coming right up until election day didn’t help things, and I suspect many loyal Democrats refrained from bothering to vote for Clinton. The last minute FBI release was probably the nail in the coffin because even though it didn’t reveal any new information, it was enough for some people to question whether Clinton was as corrupt as they had been told she was for the past several years.

    The GOP has spent the last 20 years or so telling the story of how bad Hillary is, and the last couple of years they have used her past political experience against her. Any and all negative events were placed upon her back not because she was directly responsible but because she was part of the establishment and she was part of the team.

    The GOP had a lot of time to polish that message, and it seemed to have worked. I can’t begin to tell you how many people I interacted with which basically said they didn’t like either candidate or who thought Hillary was dishonest and untrustworthy. When pressed for specifics rarely could they come up with anything substantial, but the idea she was dishonest or a criminal was the message the GOP had designed and they did an amazing job turning someone who was well respected and admired into someone who was effectively disliked or even hated by a majority of Americans. Credit where credit is due I suppose.

    Also, like it or not, there are a lot of people – primarily older people – who simply wouldn’t vote for a woman as President. We saw that in the polling data and in statements from Trump voters. However I think there are a lot of people that are tired of the same old politics, and love him or hate him you have to admit Trump is not the same old politics. He isn’t a politician – he isn’t part of the establishment, and I think that is what drove people to support him. What remains to be seen is how he handles his power. It could be a pivotal time in American history, or we could end up with just more of the same in a new package. Only time will tell, but if the Democrats want to retake control of the White House in four years I suspect they are going to have to begin by finding an outsider who can go toe to toe with Trump.

    Mark Cuban… are you interested in being our next President?

  23. happy camper

    What about Sarah Palin is this her comeback? Head of Department of Energy maybe since she has prior experience. That’s a joke but who knows.

    Jenny is right Hillary was a most unlikable candidate and again we can review Cory’s own posts that reflect his disdain for her. The Clinton campaign wanted Trump they thought he would be an easy win. Stupid.

    The media bobble heads were like zombies last night not knowing what to say bunch of idiots. Their job is to report end of story not try to influence regardless of how the media was in 1825. There are many reasons Trump won justifiable but misdirected anger motivated his voters.

  24. Americans elect presidents who capture who we want to be: Kennedy, Reagan, Obama. In the absence of that option, we elect a president who reflects who we are. Last night The United States of America held a mirror up to ourselves and announced who we are – obviously not to the person or all-covering – but as a nation, Trump reflects who we are now.

  25. Daniel Buresh

    Ya’ll still want to write off those Bernie voters? Democrats put forth the only candidate that Trump could beat and they had to do it by cheating and alienating half of their supporters. This was a message to the establishment.

  26. Darin Larson

    No Jenny, I didn’t miss the big picture because I know what is going to happen now that Trump has been elected. Bernie knows as well. The 1% is going to make even greater strides in becoming a permanent aristocracy in our country. The Estate Tax will be repealed allowing Trump and other billionaire families to create vast sums of untaxed capital gains. Income taxes will be cut for many with the vast, vast majority of the gains going to the wealthy and 1%. Corporate taxes will be cut tremendously which will greatly favor the portfolios of the wealthy.

    Besides tax policy favoring the 1%, environmental regulations will be discarded. Climate change is no longer a concern and we will fire up the coal fired power plants as China and India do the same. Pipelines will stack up like cord wood across this country.

    20 million Americans can go back to having no health insurance. Medical bankruptcies will become more common than they were before the ACA.

    For agriculture in SD, we can look forward to trade wars, protectionism and wild market downturns as our exports get shut down in retaliation for Trump ultimatums.

    If you didn’t support Clinton because you were a liberal, welcome to your new America. I hope you like how Trump arranges things.

  27. CH,

    Four comments:

    1) While I believe strongly in the merits of my policy/political views, I concurrently believe good government requires a vigorous open discussion of the issues. Democracy and good government requires people willing to do what you did. Running for office and putting yourself out there is appreciated. While personally you may feel you lost, the body politic won because the people had a choice. Thank you.

    2) The Electoral College is going nowhere. There is no chance 35 states (Trump won 27-29 States) would ratify this amendment and to focus on the impossible distracts you from whatever is possible.

    3) Let’s presume all that you assert about Trump with regards to who he is as a person and the consequence of his policies. With that presumption, the reality is at least 15% of South Dakota Democrats and 100% of Independents preferred Trump over Hillary Clinton as a person and the consequence of her policies. The same can be said about all the Dem. state-wide candidates: They couldn’t even capture their registration percentage much less attract Independents and Republicans.

  28. I guess if you look at the good side, you can smoke weed recreationally in a few more states.

  29. Remember how populism feels today, everyone. Try not to become what you hate.

  30. happy camper

    Daniel is right establishment did it to themselves. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile (who says her conscience is clear). They got caught, so besides the FBI North Korea or whoever impacted this election. They proved themselves to be untrustworthy. Maybe something good can still come from all this if nothing more than the understanding nobody that high up can be trusted. Think more Libertarian stop looking up high for answers like a bunch of first grade kiddies. Momma Hillary was gonna save us. She never cared about you anyway.

  31. Kim Conlin

    As I headed to my overnight job, I had that really awful feeling of things spinning out of control. It is what it is. I have voted in every presidential election since I turned 18. I am 59 and 8 months today. I have voted Democratic my whole life including 2016. I believe we are the party of HOPE. We are the party of social progress. I will work to keep HOPE ALIVE!

  32. Nationally, the problem is the democratic party. Political parties are private, not public, entities. They care about power, not governing. This loss belongs to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, Clinton herself, and the rest of the true believers in the democratic party realm. While Clinton was a hideous candidate; she was the best of the worst. What a lousy field. We will not miss the passing of the Bush and Clinton fields – hoping the voters never allow them to return.

    Young author Wong foretold this election result.

    South Dakota voters once again showed they received what they deserved. They are under educated, devoid of rational thought, lacking in understanding the consequences of their votes as if they believed in the Wizard of Oz – here a boy of inherited wealth who jilts contractors while mascarading as a populist. Winston Churchill was right and could have spoke of the South Dakota voter: “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

  33. mike from iowa

    Drumpf had some serious allies-The FBI , Wikileaks and Putin’s Russia, not to mention several million uneducated voters. And don’t forget endless witch hunts by wingnuts in congress trying to find a single miniscule crime to hang HRC for.

  34. Oops. Got distracted and hit send without making my last point.

    4) Tina Brown said this morning on MSNBC: We have to stop with the rapid personal attacks. Just because someone wants to have a secure border doesn’t make them a racist. (she is a Brit and gave perspective on why Brexit passed) We need to have more discussion, not less and it won’t happen with personal attacks. When people get shut down expressing their legitimate concerns, they find an outlet to express themselves. (paraphrased)

    Then the guy who was on with her talked about how in so many ways this was predictable. Dems should have known she wasn’t that good a candidate after she imploded in 2008. Then when Bernie took off, they should have faced the reality and advanced a better candidate. Instead, they circled the wagons.

  35. Daniel Buresh

    Hillary should be in jail for her blatant attempts to circumvent FOIA laws and running a private server that would have imprisoned any other peon in our gov’t. She got what she deserved and hopefully there is more coming her way.

  36. Darin Larson

    Cory, the black border around the DFP articles and discussion is appropriate for today. I don’t know if you added that intentionally or if I just noticed it this morning.

    On the other hand, the sun did rise again this morning and I still live in the best country on earth. This too shall pass.

    It is going to be riveting to watch what Republicans do with control of Congress and the Presidency. A lot of times it is easier to be the party of No than to actually have to come up with your own ideas and have them tested. We will test Republican ideas in the coming years. Trump has made so many promises that he has no capacity to fulfill and no idea where to start to make them happen.

    I refuse to be like the Republicans who refused to work with Obama and vowed to make him a one-term president even if it harmed the country. I am not optimistic about the success of this coming Trump administration, but unlike too many Republicans, I’m not willing to spite the country while hoping to tear down a President. I do hope Trump succeeds, but like his election, I can’t imagine this is going to end well.

  37. This story and subsequent comments are exactly why you lose. Self-righteous know it alls that really are just plain out of touch and dumb. Corruption right in front of you yet you turn a blind eye. Get real.

  38. Darin Larson

    Stay classy Daniel Buresh! In a world of turmoil and the unpredictable, you are a comfort to us all that some things never change.

  39. Daniel Buresh

    Sorry the truth offends you. Anyone else would be in Leavenworth already.

  40. mike from iowa

    Obama is a man of class
    to be replaced by a pompous ass
    misogynistic, vile and crass

    Remember Obama as a graceful, gentle human being-none of which can be said of Herr Drumpf.

    Cory-where you gonna head to when Drumpf comes after the media for telling the truth about him? Keep it to yourself. I suspect there are a number of posters on here who would gladly sell you out to curry favor with orange s##tgibbon.

  41. Don Coyote

    @John: “Winston Churchill was right and could have spoke of the South Dakota voter: “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.””

    Except that’s an apocryphal quote. There is no attribution, no evidence that this quote ever came from Churchill. However he did say this in the House of Commons in 1944:

    “At the bottom of all the tributes paid to democracy is the little man, walking into the little booth, with a little pencil, making a little cross on a little bit of paper—no amount of rhetoric or voluminous discussion can possibly diminish the overwhelming importance of that point.”

    And while quoting someone else he also said:

    “Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time…”

    Maybe you should up your game on your under-education problem.

  42. Darin, you are right, now the GOP actions have real policy consequences: this time when they vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it is GONE. This time they want conservative judges on the Supreme Court, it HAPPENS . . .

    Schumer is now in the unenviable position of goalie for EVERYTHING from the Obama/Democrat/Liberal (none of those used in the pejorative) agenda. Now Senate obstruction is potentially on the other foot.

  43. The kind of funny thing is, the Trump family and Trump himself doesn’t even look happy about winning it. I see very few smiles.

  44. I hope Pres elect Trump keeps his hands off the women treats his employees decently. I would think after Clinton, Trump would understand he better not dare. Maybe that’s why he’s not smiling.

  45. The Dems left the working class vote behind when they colluded to elevate HRC and diminish everything Sanders. This was an election about change. The GOP offered a change option, as horrific as it was, despite the objections of their party establishment. On the other side, the Dems suppressed their agent of change, leaving hard feelings and internal strife in its wake. With only one change agent on the ballot, the results were predictable. Dems shot themselves in the foot by nominating the “next in line” instead of someone who could win.

    What is the lesson to be learned? Incrementalism and the slow movement of the Dems to the center has not grown the party. To bounce back, the party needs to move hard left in order to provide the necessary counter-balance to the Alt-Right. They need to get back to being the party of big ideas. I hope 2020 sees the rise of another worthy progressive champion and I pray the DNC doesn’t screw us over this time.

  46. Troy,

    To your #2: while the electoral college is here to stay for the foreseeable future, states could change how they send electors to follow what Maine & Nebraska have done:

    * Two electors always vote the way the popular vote turns out in the state (think of these as the Senators). 50.1% vote for a candidate means two votes for that candidate.

    * The remaining electors vote according to the percentage of the vote in the state. Let’s take Florida – 29 electors. So 27 are in play. Trump got 49%, Hillary got 48%. That’d end up being 14 Trump Electors and 13 Clinton Electors.

    If every state followed this course, politicians would need to compete in more states, and not just 10 or so battleground states. New York, Texas, and California would be in play.

    It avoids the pitfalls of a national popular vote as elucidated by the Huffington Post.

  47. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Last night was a result thanks to “Super Delegates” and an electoral college. Neither concept is democratic and they are the last major vestiges of political privilege controlling the masses in this country.

    One can be resolved by a political party, while the other asks all of us to reexamine our political process as we walk into a transitional period in American history from one of a white dominance to one of a greater pluralism. Time will tell if this transition will be with great peace, but for now we are sadly left with the reality that as a nation we are going from the politics of hope to the politics of despair thanks to some vestiges which do not offer answers, rather only a continuance of undemocratic control…..

  48. Don Coyote

    @Wayne B: As written, the National Popular Vote compact violates Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution. “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation…”. If the States did it independently of one another, it might pass muster but then you get into a “prisoner’s dilemma” game as each State then has to decide whether to weaken it’s electoral college influence.

  49. Wayne,

    I’m not sure if I have this correct but I believe proportional awarding of electoral electors is Constitutional. There are two Constitutional options available to each of the States to choose (national imposition of one or the other is not allowed under the Constitution):

    1) Awarding Electors to the candidate who garners the most vote (what is done in most states including South Dakota) or

    2) Awarding two Electors to the candidate who garners the most state-wide votes and awarding one Elector to the winner of each Congressional District (what is done in Nebraska and Maine).

  50. mike from iowa

    How many electors went to wikileaks, Russian intelligence/hackers. the FBI’s NY office with rogue agents feeding tips to Giuliani, the head of the FBI, Comey and wingnut congress and senate for all those investigations that found no crimes committed by one HRC?

  51. mike from iowa

    See the photos of Drumpf and his brat peeking at their spouses ballots which is a crime which is one more than HRC has been charged with.

  52. Roger Cornelius

    Congratulations Jenny, Hillary didn’t win the election, you should be rightfully elated. Your campaign worked.

  53. bearcreekbat

    First, It is quite apparent that Cory ran a great race and that SD would benefit greatly (or is it bigly) if he is willing to continue his political work and seek public office again, including statewide office.

    Second, I was wrong about SD voters and hereby acknowledge my error in predicting Hillary would win SD after the genitalia grabbing video came out. It appears SD voters preferred that Donald Trump over Hillary by a 2 to 1 margin.

    Finally, I predict that after the election Hillary will continue to pour her heart and soul into helping people in need through the Clinton Foundation and that in 12 months Hillary’s favorable ratings will once again rise to near where they were when she was SOS, at between 50% and 60%. And her favorables might climb even higher yet if Rudy, as Trump’s AG to be, decides to indict her for some made up non-existent crime.

  54. I say Julian Assange for Secretary of State. He deserves the job for a job well done. We Americans are so caught up in our pettiness that we missed a critical point, how can a hacker control the message of political parties? His hacking controlled the media to the point that this was the only news out there. A coup d’etat without a shot. There was no substance to any views on anything other than hacking. Michael Moore saw the whole picture clearly, so what? The only guy that could have won this hands down was Bernie and the power boys knew it. A friend of mine sent me a cartoon with a picture of Bernie and the caption read “Trump never groped me, but Hillary screwed me.”
    LMAO at the fact that the whole thing is now once again in the right wings hands to finally break us with the fact that the rich will get richer and the rest of us will pay for it. Grab your checkbooks and hold onto your ankles, it is gonna hurt.

  55. Roger,
    I didn’t vote for either HRC or Trump. I didn’t have a campaign against her and was actually hoping that she would win. I just heard the disliking of her in progressive MN, such as elderly DFLers that have been faithful democrat voters all their lives. The elder dems are sick of Washington corruption and that includes HRC.
    The Bernie primary loss was huge and tore to the heart of A LOT of liberals and twenty somethings. The way the DNC treated Bernie tore the passion out of a lot of democrats.

  56. Roger Cornelius

    Quite the contrary Jenny, you had a loud and steady beat against Hillary this whole campaign. Isn’t that campaigning against her?
    You didn’t seem to make that many anti-Trump statements at all that I recall or at least you weren’t that adamantly opposed to him.

  57. happy camper

    The obvious answer is to meet and mingle with Trump supporters and all kinds of people. Listen, talk, but don’t judge. Not everything has to be political get to know them and let them get to know you. You may come to appreciate their perspectives we have to live with one another anyway.

  58. I guess I just know that it doesn’t really mean much whoever gets the Presidency. Obama’s actions have reflected that.

    Your local city council affects a person more than Washington. There is more power to the average working person to change things locally.

  59. bearcreekbat

    Jenny and I debated whether Hillary was corrupt and I argued that refusing to vote or voting 3rd party just because Bernie did not get the nod would create the danger that Trump would win. Well, Jenny’s home state Minnesota voted for Hillary so Jenny’s personal refusal to vote for Hillary did not help Trump in Minnesota at least.

    That said, unfortunately just enough Bernie people to make a difference shared Jenny’s view to either put in a protest vote or stay home. This morning we have learned that Trump received substantially fewer votes in this 2016 election than Romney did in the 2012 election when he lost by a large margin. Bernie supporters who stayed home or voted 3rd party did, in fact, tip the electoral college in Trump’s favor even though it appears Hillary will still win the popular vote.

  60. Bear,

    HRC got over 6mm less votes than Obama. Trump got roughly 1.5mm votes less than Romney.

    In 2012, 128.7 million people voted. In 2016, 128.8 million people voted. The difference is third party candidates did much better this year vs. last year. I’m not sure the number of people who stayed home was statistically significant based on the similarity of the two elections regarding total votes.

  61. The MN GOP has the State Senate by one seat! I can handle that since we still have our Dayton for two more years. Also, a lot of republicans here are more moderate than South Dakota ‘pubs.

  62. Daniel Buresh, I would imagine that if you were so concerned about Hillary’s so-called corruption that you believe should land her in jail, then you and all your other Hillary haters should apply the same standard to Mike Rounds, yet Republicans had and continue to have no problem supporting him. The racism and hatred that exists in the hearts of Republican voters in South Dakota is sickening and makes us, in my opinion, the Mississippi of the North.

  63. All of the “family and religious values” voters that voted for Trump are nothing more than shameless hypocrites.

  64. bearcreekbat

    Troy, those are interesting numbers. I thought voter turnout was the key but your numbers suggest it was 3rd party or leave it blank voters. Do you have any information estimating the number of Bernie supporters declined to vote for Hillary?

  65. Roger Cornelius

    There are some profound realities that must be faced by a Trump presidency, some in the near future and some that will have long lasting affects on America.
    Trump and the republicans have promised to remove 20,000,000 citizens from ACA rolls without a viable or public plan to fill the void.
    Medicaid Expansion just went in the toilet of republican politics.
    republicans have stalled the Supreme Court appointment of President Obama ensuring a right wing court.
    Some of what is at risk with a right wing Supreme Court:
    Marriage Equality
    Roe vs Wade
    Voting Rights
    LGBTE Rights
    Future right wing appointments to the high court will put in jeopardy all the equal rights that we have fought to protect for years and will have a lasting impact.
    Trump has promised to undo every Executive Order that President has made without even reviewing them.
    The people at Standing Rock are frightened that all their activism and work will be in vain because Trump is an owner of the pipeline. They are probably right.
    Bear is right, the people that voted against Hillary based on false premises and wild accusations of corruption own a Trump presidency.
    As a Native American living in commie red Rapid City I feel that I now have a target on my back now that Trump is president will he unleash his goons to do whatever violence they choose to people of color.
    Trump will never be my president, how could he be? He hates me because of the color of my skin, he hates sisters and nieces, he hates my LGBTE friends and neighbors.
    My Lakota heart breaks and it is has no room for Trump hate.

  66. I’m ready to do what I can to help promote the Democratic platform in South Dakota.

    I know several dozen (perhaps a 100) like minded individuals living in the southeast corner of the state. People who are passionate about making South Dakota a state for the people and not a state about business, religion, and one topic that automatically makes people vote for one topic.

    My own siblings voted for Trump for the following reason, he is against abortions. Discussions on this with them went straight to a wall that if you are pro choice, you don’t belong in South Dakota. On the flip side, I then asked them about what they thought about providing people with benefits. The immediate response is that all people should work for those. Once again I pushed the envelope and asked what if they can’t. The response was then that is their fault. So I went back and questioned their morals on all life is precious in the womb, but once out of the womb it is every person for themselves. My siblings were speechless but stated that they can’t vote for someone who is not pro-life….

    So what am I going to do? I’m going to continue to have these uncomfortable conversations about things in South Dakota with my siblings, friends, and even my mother. I know others in this area who are democrats, like myself, and I will encourage them to speak honestly. I am a democrat because I support many of the viewpoints of that party, not all but many.

    I am being positive about this and doing what I can to further what I feel is best for South Dakota.


  67. Good new though! Without immigrants, there can be no CAFO’s as it does not fit into the bottom line business plan. So we got that going, which is a good thing!

  68. Half of the voters proved they really do not care about women’s rights and we saw how that just turned out. If they outlaw Roe v Wade, then that will be that and no more arguments. If those who are so adamant about it have a daughter or wife or whatever that needs one, they can go to a payday loan dude and borrow the cash to send them out of the country and not have to pay more than 36% vig on the loan. Perfectly legal in whatever country decides to make a buck or two on it. To make it a trifecta, maybe that same country will actually pay for them so they can do research to sell back to us for treating Parkinson’s or some other disease that only others get.

  69. mike from iowa

    businessman has vacillated on his position on abortion in the past.

    In 1999, he told NBC’s Tim Russert that he was “very pro-choice,” and said he would not ban late-term abortions if he were president. In 2000, he said he changed his mind and would support a ban on late-term abortions. In 2010, he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that Stephanopoulos would “be very surprised” by his position on abortion; he did not elaborate.

    In 2011, Trump came out as pro-life. In 2015, he said he was pro-life, with certain exceptions — in cases of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother was at risk. In July of that year, he said he supported a 20-week ban. In March 2016, he told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that women who have abortions should face some sort of legal punishment, but quickly walked that claim back after facing backlash

  70. mike from iowa

    Comey had a Drumpf campaign sign in his front yard in Connecticut. Who knew?

  71. Trump’s infatuation with Russia goes back more than 30 years, to the glasnost period of the Soviet Union when communism proved no impediment to get-rich-quick artists with loose scruples, billionaires, and gaudy tastes.

    Culminating in hosting 2013 Miss Universe in Moscow, Trump, dealing with Putin’s Russia as a private citizen has been nothing more than cashing in.

    …he has flirted with the unlawful annexation of Crimea and unconditionally lifting U.S. sanctions, as the war in east Ukraine grinds on and… annihilation in Syria gathers momentum…the Kremlin’s links to organized crime and use of criminal networks [are] “a virtual mafia state.”

    Yet… dealing with Russia is… no real challenge for a seasoned negotiator who’s spent 30 years trying and failing to build a monument to himself in Moscow.

  72. Roger Cornelius

    With all those Mexicans now being kicked out of the country, who in the hell is going to pick the oranges for Trump’s orange juice?
    Trump did not give any consideration to the impact of immigrant labor and their contributions to our economy.
    Perhaps all those that lost their jobs in Trump’s casino can now have a new career.

  73. Darin Larson

    According to a CBS news poll, 13% of voters made up their minds in the last week and they went strongly for Trump in the battleground states.

    Comey’s announcement of further Clinton email questions 11 days before the election most certainly gave undecided voters cover to vote for Trump in the final days of the campaign. This is why they have a FBI policy not to make announcements like this in the 60 days before an election. The “nevermind” from the FBI on Sunday was too little too late. The bell was already rung.

  74. Jason Sebern


    There is very little chance of persuading someone who has closed their mind. Just let it be …

  75. Don Coyote Ugly:
    The Quotable Politician, By William B. Whitman, Guilford, CT: Lyons Press, 2003, p. 170:
    The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.
    and the Telegraph 22 Nov 2012 cites the quote in the newly published Dictionary of Humorous Political Quotations.

    — it is fitting that a climate change denier is Trumps EPA transition czar – as Florida and Alaska will be among the first reclaimed by the sea.

    It’s my fervent hope the voters get what they voted for; that the House of Regressives votes to abolish the Affordable Care Act throwing millions off of health insurance, and soon millions more off public assistance, and that Trump’s infrastructure proposal leads to toll roads from sea to shining sea.

  76. Look out now for the new Keystone XL as it is now in play. Oil and energy stocks are soaring. Climate change was so yesterday that we did not discuss it, maybe next time or something.

  77. What Trump thinks of his voters.

    no argument here.

  78. NOem, Thune and Rounds must stand and deliver the knock out punch to Obamacare that they have threatened to do for over 60 votes. That must be the top priority. As Mitch says root and branch. They promised South Dakota voters this and you know how it is, keep your promise. I want to see the Medicaid folks in nursing homes sent home to their families to take care of them rather than living on my tax dollars that I vote against my own best interests on to help keep them there. If voters do not care for their own welfare, why should I? That is exactly what is on the plate when they pull the pin and kill that bill. They ain’t gonna be blaming Obama either, cause he is gonna be long gone. As they once said in Vietnam “Sometimes you have to destroy the village to save it.”

  79. Porter Lansing

    Can you believe what a jealous majority of white women just did for spite against USA and Hillary Clinton? We discussed this possibility last year, Cory and hoped against it. They may claim other motives but it was jealousy, pure and selfish.

  80. leo van de vate

    What a disaster

  81. Porter,

    Great article as I think it sums up part of why HRC was fundamentally a poor candidate.* A few weeks ago I’m with the wife of a two-decade old friend. She is a Minneapolis liberal feminist non-practicing lawyer (works in another field). She told me she was skipping the Presidential race because she was sick and tired of HRC appealing to the woman factor. She said it reminded her of being in a sorority where you stuck by your sisters not matter what they did. Being a feminist to her is being able to stand as a person for your own sake.

    * defined as a person who had a sense of how to draw support. The intangible “it factor.”

  82. Porter Lansing

    You are a sick, twisted selfish individual Troy Jones. Hillary Clinton was the most qualified candidate among our two and your seventeen. People are in the streets disgusted at what your side has done to USA. You are going to see the most massive movement the country has ever seen and in two years a sweeping change in Washington. In your words, “You own this.”

  83. Porter Lansing

    Psychologists have written extensively on the subject that many women just can’t stand to see another woman get ahead at anything. It may be a reversion to the female preservation of species trait. Whether that or just selfish jealousy, white women were the unpredicted voting block that gave Trump the victory and now , sadly, they and women’s rights will be set back once again.

  84. LMAO once again Troy, you fellers want to keep blaming the women for this all. You right wing nuts were so scared of your sexuality issues that you did not want a woman to be your boss. You just had a colored dude be your boss that you hated, but a woman, this cannot be. Women did not loose this election, hackers from Russia won it. Get over it man, your boy is in public housing because of some Russian hackers that leaked some emails from a private person’s account to the echo chambers of your minds. Pootie Putin should be your chant now, you all own both of them until one gets fired, who will it be? Lets ask Gary Busey as he seems to be in the running for press secretary, we will miss the intellectual copy of W. that is for sure.

  85. happy camper

    No I think Troy is right. Young people don’t look at things in terms of gender so she was not inspiring to them. This is an older person’s issue from those decades it was a bigger deal in their lives. Many older woman voters are not proud of Hillary even if she is smart and accomplished. Staying with a cheater being one of many reasons.

  86. It has always been the economy, Clinton, more than anyone else, should have been clear on that. Her husband won with a slogan straight out of the republican playbook, “It is the economy, stupid”. That is the kind of stuff you need to get votes. Republican voters go by bumper stickers. In their case, it was a saying from tee vee called “30 Rock” “Make America Great Again”. Young people wanted Bernie so she would have had to bring his message across with much enthusiasm as it transcended party lines. She did not and here is where we are. I think if she would have taken a page from Florida, where she did a lot of campaigning and put legal marijuana on the platform right there and now, she would have won it hands down. Obama got in the first time because people felt confident he could dig them out of the republican ditch we were in, he did do that so now there is a new game and that is one that says here is the opportunity that other states have to bring tax dollars in and keep your fannies out of the jail for supplying those tax dollars. It is the economy stupid indeed. Women were just voters, that is all and it was not there fault that she lost.

  87. Jerry,

    I’m not blaming women. I’m only pointing out what Democrat strategists have been saying in their post-mortem election analysis- Despite their (Democrats speaking) confidence in her abilities to perform the job, they ignored her weakness as a candidate which should have been obvious in her defeat by Obama in 2008.

    Regarding my views on a woman President, I couldn’t give a lick about gender either way. Carly Fiorina was among my initial top choices during the primary. I have no consideration to her gender but only her position on the issues and my belief she had great leadership skills and experience.

    Happy, the person I referenced isn’t a young person unless you consider middle age people like myself “young.” Maybe I should just accept the compliment and move on. :)

  88. Geez Porter, do you always have to be so mean to anyone that disagrees with you? I don’t think Troy is sick and twisted just b/c he has different views. I wish you would back off with the name calling, it’s not helping Cory’s blog.
    And this jealousy thing that you think women have with HRC is not really what women have a problem with. It is so much deeper than petty jealousy. You must not think women have anymore depth than jealousy. Jealous of being with a serial cheater and corporate money grabber and lazy with top confidential emails?
    You see, HRC became more corrupted as the years went on. I was that big HRC supporter years ago and didn’t like how she turned more conservative and took any lobbyist money no matter what corporation it came from. Then the Clinton Foundation and the hundreds of millions that have been given from countries that are anti-woman. It goes on and on, Porter. She became what good decent progressives despise.

  89. Carly Fiorina was your top choice? Troy, that is a good one. You good ol boys are scared to death of having any women of power around you, so your choice was someone as qualified as Jill Stein to be your lead. No consideration of gender from the party that is so consumed in gender issues that we are beaten over the head with abortion and potty bills all the time. Teh Gays and Lesbians, my you seem to think that gender is suddenly never been an issue? This is getting better each day. Clinton would have been boring, given that all she would have done was govern. Give yourselves a huge unfunded tax break Troy so that all can lick your wounds of what may have been. We want to see the rich get richer while we pay more in taxes for your privilege. Put some poll taxes on the roads, that will be a good starter. Sell those roads to private investors so that we can pay for the use of taxpayer paid highway systems. Pukwanna to Chamberlain for just 2 bucks, there ya go Troy. No one will even call it tax and spend. Clever fellows that you are.

  90. Well you guys can go on with your name-calling but a true liberal/progressive doesn’t vote for a war monger.
    How about that 2002 vote to send 5000 soldiers to their deaths? Bernie was our guy b/c he stayed true to his moral core of who he was and voted against it. That is a main reason why he was so beloved. HRC ruined a lot of her support when she pressed that button.

  91. No, please don’t go on with the name-calling, it’s wrong.
    Can’t we all just get along and agree to disagree respectfully?

  92. Porter Lansing

    @Jenny … a rebuttal
    -Troy has called me names at a higher frequency than I’ve reciprocated.
    -I post nothing in an effort to “help Cory’s blog” just as he doesn’t alter his thinking to win an election.
    -Asserting that women didn’t vote for Clinton because she stayed married to a serial cheater and that she’s a corporate money grabber and an abuser of e-mail privacy then they voted for a character with highly increased levels of those same traits is hard to rationalize.
    -Personalizing the article and my assessment of it when you personally didn’t vote for Trump and attempting to defend all women when only the 60% that voted for him are being discussed is straying from the topic to talking about yourself.
    -I didn’t write extensively about the deviant behavior of women’s jealousy toward one another, I’m just commenting on it. I’ve said for years that this election was all about women and that women are the majority in USA and they’d decide if Sec. Clinton would be elected, not men. The women have spoken. It’s only PoliSci students and scientists that need to explore why; so we as a political group can avoid the mistakes next time. White women chose Trump and Trump it is.

  93. Darin Larson

    Jenny, HRC’s vote was to give Bush the power to go to war if necessary. Based upon the trumped up intelligence of WMD’s that even Colin Powell was duped into peddling, I confess to making the same mistake as HRC and backing the war. This was in the aftermath of 9/11 and many people like myself thought that the world had changed after almost 3,000 people died in this country. The thought being that we could not sit idly by and wait for the terrorists to come to our homes anymore.

    Certainly the war in Iraq was a mistake in hindsight, but the incompetence of the Bush administration, which was ready for war but was not ready for the rebuilding of Iraq, contributed to the catastrophe. The Bush administration squandered the opportunity to rebuild Iraq and engender goodwill for democracy and the US in the MiddleEast.

    It turned out the reasons for the Iraq war were manufactured and justified by a Bush administration bent on settling old scores with Sadaam Hussein. The fact that HRC didn’t see through this hardly makes her a war monger.

    So, Bernie Sanders is not a true liberal/progressive because he voted for HRC?

    The results of some liberal/progressives not voting for HRC in battleground states resulted in the election of Trump. If he doesn’t scare you a whole lot more in terms of his rhetoric on nuclear weapons, the use of the military, his toddler-like temperament, and his penchant for lashing out at any perceived slight, I can’t help you.

    Our only hope now is that Trump acts presidential even if he isn’t presidential material. If you give him an acting role, maybe he will try to keep his more base and mercurial instincts in check.

  94. Everyone knew that vote meant war and killing would happen, Darin.

  95. So what Jenny? She lost. Now we have what we have. I would not have stubbed my big toe if I would have picked up the brick in the way. Bernie is still a senator from Vermont that caucuses with the Democrats as does Angus King from Maine. Guess what? That makes the senate 50 50, hard to make a lot of stuff happen when it is that close. Clinton is gone and Trump has taken over. I think Gary Busey and Meatloaf are in discussions on who will be the press secretary for the show, kick back, don’t take it serious. Wait until the state needs some money to keep this leaking ship afloat, then it will be more comedic.

  96. Wow, quite the comments from the party of inclusion, love and acceptance! I would brand many of you Trumpophobes!

  97. bearcreekbat

    It is unfortunate to still read mean spirited attacks on Hillary, even after she won the popular vote but lost the electoral college. You would think that making public comments to demean her further would not representative of a progressive’s compassion or empathy. Sure, I suppose we will still hear garbage attacks and conspiracy theories from Rush and Alex Jones since that is how they make their living, but come on now, decent folks don’t attempt to inflict pain and derision on someone who is down and hurting.

    Perhaps it is a means to rationalize protest votes that have caused the election of Trump, which we now understand to have been caused by some progressives refusal to support Bernie’s choice of candidates and his path to Senate leadership if Hillary won and the Senate flipped. Smashed idealism hurts, but bashing Hillary won’t make it any better. She is no longer a candidate but she still is a fellow human being and deserves better.

  98. We must be fun and far more interesting than the Powers Nuclear Dump Site, Stump. Look at how busy Cory’s blog is.

  99. Jerry,

    The current composition of the US Senate is 54 Republicans, 44 Democrats and 2 Independents who caucus with the Democrats.

    The upcoming composition of the US Senate is 52 Republicans, 46 Democrats, 1 Independent who will caucus with the Democrats (Sanders) and 1 Independent (King) who is rumored to be discussing changing caucuses.

    For the 2018 Election, the GOP defends eight seats in Red States and one in a purple state that voted for Clinton (Nevada), and none in Blue States.

    For the 2018 Election, the Dems defend four seats in Red States, four seats in purple states which voted for Trump (Fla, OH, PA, WI), one seat in a purple state which went for Clinton (CO), and fifteen seats in Blue States.

    Besides losing the White House, the other bad thing for Dems that happened on Tuesday is they only picked up one seat in a blue state, one in a purple state and didn’t win in Fla, WI, PA, OH, IND, MO, or NC like they had thought/hoped.

    Sidenote: Senate composition is 2 GOP Senators in 17 Red States and 1 Purple State (NC) and 2 Dem Senators in 16 Blue States and none in purple states. The rest of the states are split delegations (4 Red States, one Blue state, and 10 purple states).

  100. Thanks Troy, yep, you are right, all of the blame goes to the red corner. Thanks for clearing that up for me. It is your baby now, I will sit back and enjoy the sideshow. BTW, King has always enjoyed toying with Mitch on who he is gonna hang with. Now call NOem, Thune and Rounds to get that Obamacare thingy put to death or fix it. It is your baby now which has always been your parties problem, clueless on how to govern. Took 60 many tries to finally get the wording (maybe) on kill the bill. Lets kick the tires on that bad boy and put it out there. Drive on Troy.

  101. As far as the upcoming elections at mid term, don’t worry. If the Democrats stay like they have done since 2008, you will pick up even more seats to non govern. Soon the place will look like Pierre with the same blank faces. So instead of a sidenote, it will be a sideshow to the highest bidder. Until our empty bellies are finally strained to the point of not taking it anymore.

  102. mike from iowa

    Stumpy took time to crawl out of his hole and grace with his wit and wisdom. Very flattering. BTW, Stumpy, the election was rigged.

  103. That would be Trumpopioids, we will need those as this wears on. Should be available like M&M’s at a C-Store.

  104. bearcreekbat

    I, for one, simply want to congratulate Hillary Clinton and the majority of American voters. She won the popular vote and put many irreparable cracks and breaks in the toughest glass window women in America face. After Hillary’s sacrifices the path to breaking this window is now wide open.

    And Hillary’s nomination by one of the major parties has actually destroyed the first line of defense for that ceiling altogether. Because of Hillary’s successes American women and girls know that they too have the opportunity to break on through (thanks Doors).

    And after she learned that Trump took the electoral college Hillary stayed on the high road. She urged everyone to give him a chance, and never once claimed the election was “rigged,” despite the FBI October surprise, Russia and Wikileaks and the theft of private emails.

    Hillary Clinton is one of the finest individuals who has devoted her career to bettering this world and I am proud to have defended her on this blog from day one. My sincerest congratulations and thanks to Hillary and the majority of Americans, who by giving Hillary the majority of the popular vote proved that Hillary’s character, experience, policies and ideas for this Country are more favorably received that those of the president-elect and the party that nominated him.

  105. Roger Cornelius

    Now here is a Trump irony.

    In his fear of losing the election he campaigned the last two months on the election was rigged.

    Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and Trump was elected president.

    Damn right Trump, the election was rigged.

  106. Roger Cornelius

    This morning presumed appointee Trump Attorney General Rudy Guliani said he won’t rule out prosecuting Hillary.

    Prosecuting Hillary maybe moot, the White House has said it hasn’t ruled out giving Hillary a pardon.

  107. I hope they do prosecute Hillary for this hacking by the Russian involvement in our domestic issues. By doing that, they would have to bring in Julian Assange to testify, thereby making him get on out of the hideout. The country and the world would see for itself that the rule of law has just been given a kick in the fanny here. So they would see just how far out of touch we are and falling fast with that news. This is so damn funny to me, I cannot help but wonder why we have not done stupid stuff like this before. Come on Rudy, kill Obamacare. Go Rudy go. America, where we now make it up as we go.

  108. Daniel Buresh

    It’s apparent Porter doesn’t think very highly of women. Damn son, that was hard to read.

  109. Insert Troy in place of Porter Daniel, and we are there. Always there to help, no thanks necessary.

  110. Daniel Buresh

    You could be right Jerry…it’s definitely prominent with the older generations. I don’t see such classifications happening with my generation and those younger. We are getting past the atrocities of the baby boomers.

  111. Daniel B. since you’re so concerned about HRC’s private sever, what say you about Bush’s RNC run server that he used during his Presidency?

  112. Know why NOem, Thune and Rounds will not end Obamacare “Trump told the Wall Street Journal in a Friday interview that he wants to keep the prohibition against insurers denying coverage because of patients pre-existing medical conditions, and allow children to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until they’re 26.

    “I like those very much,” he said.

    With those in place, the insurance companies have to keep offering until they can no longer do so and those that have individual health coverage say to hell with it. The pieces are in place to actually fix it.

    Here is the plan “Republicans will not be able to repeal the law full-stop despite their control of both branches of Congress because they lack the 60 votes to overcome a Senate filibuster. They will, however, be able to rely on the budget reconciliation process, which only requires 50 votes, to strip funding for the law’s Medicaid expansion program, insurance subsidies, and tax penalty mandate.” Gramps and Grams may be over for a visit for a long time.

    So in killing the bill, they will be killing the health care industry as a whole. Docs and hospitals are gonna be in for a big ol surprise if the funding is cut. Pre-existing conditions are what drives the costs. Lets see what the healthcare industry has to say about all of this. Lobbyists will have satchels full of loot to serve and protect, it may not do any good.

  113. Jerry, I’m sooo looking forward to seeing what Republicans do with Obamacare now that they have the chance to essentially do whatever they want. It’ll be interesting to see if they can come up with any meaningful changes. I’m not even sure what those could be. It’s going to be crucial for Dems to point out their lack of ideas.

  114. Robert McTaggart

    “After meeting with sitting President Barack Obama, Trump said he favors keeping the prohibition on denying coverage based on patients’ pre-existing conditions, as well as a provision that extends children’s coverage on their parents’ insurance policy, according to the Journal’s interview, the first since his election this week.”

  115. What you will see Chip is the complete breakdown of the lack of actual governing. When you say NO all the time, it is hard to figure that there may be an alternative. Regarding Obamacare, I am ready to watch it get strip funded. I do not wish bad things on my fellow Americans, but I do really want to see the look on the republican sour pusses when they realize they are gonna have to fix it as they broke it. In the meantime, I will be LMAO at the absurdity right along with you. That will keep them busy for sometime so the rest of us can go about our business.

  116. Jerry, I’d also like to see how they dance their way around the individual mandate that has been their perpetual whipping post. Get out the popcorn…

  117. mike from iowa

    Get the impeachment stakes ready for Jan 20,2017. Comrade Drumpfski will commit impeachable offenses by holding inaugural festivities at his DC Hotel and making money off the doings which is illegal. Drumpfski. like dumbass dubya, will surround himself with lawyers that will tell him everything he does, including torture, are perfectly legal.

    Drumpfski added Kansas pro-slavery slimeball Kobach to his transition team. What he really needs is DAPL to dig holes deep enough to bury the constitution from decent, honorable Americans.

  118. mike from iowa

    Drumpf can keep all the parts of the ACA he wants-without subsidies they are unaffordable. And America cannot afford more defense spending, more taxcuts for billionaires and subsidies for the less well off. Guess which one loses?

  119. mike from iowa, here is a question for you. Whatever happened with ISIS? President elect Trump said that Obama was stupid and that he was gonna bomb the crap out of them right away. Instead, they bring up this fakey stuff about subsidizing Medicare and killing Obamacare. None of the three will ever happen. In tee vee land, there are always threats made as part of the script. Then they jostle one another around for a little bit and then we have a new episode of much the same. So, then after all of that, where do you think ISIS went? They are no longer in the echo chamber. It kind of looks to me that Stupid Obama won, again.

  120. mike from iowa

    Since Drumpf is having a tough time recruiting intelligence officials to serve under him, he prolly just shrugged ISIS off until he gets the first attack which he will blame Obama for.

  121. I’ve put a lot of thought into this in the past few days, and this is where I am on this.

    Quit your bitching.

    Do you suppose Thomas Jefferson spent a lot of time bitching about how hard things were? Or how unfair? No he got ass to work and made things happen. All this whining about the electoral college, and voter suppression, and Comey, and whatever else cost Hillary the election, put it in a box and close it up. They’re excuses. Excuses make you seem weak, and petty. And as a business owner, I can tell you that nobody wants excuses. They want results. And you may be right, things may not be fair. But would you rather be right, or win?

    Democrats need to start today grooming a team for 2020. Not a just candidate, a team. It will take more than just one person. The #1 thing on people’s minds is jobs. Dems have an excellent track record for creating jobs, but unfortunately Republicans are very effective in sweeping that little fact under the rug. There needs to be a national effort by prominent Democrats and people in the business who are supportive of Democrats, to debunk that lie. Also, rather than trying to be the voice for every marginalized minority or community in America, Dems need to work with leaders in their own groups to help them pull themselves up by the bootstraps.

  122. One correction, Chip: 2018. We need a team for 2018.

  123. You’re spot on Cory, I thought that after I posted too. But it was a little late.