KELO TV Spotlights Ballot Measures

I’ve spoken numerous times on South Dakota’s ten ballot measures. In front of an audience, I’ve never done it in less than thirty minutes. KELO TV attempts to explain all ten ballot measures in less than 23 minutes.

In a possible first, KELO TV gets someone to speak sort of, kind of, on behalf of the payday lenders. KELO’s Leland Steva tried to no avail to get Amendment U sponsor Lisa Furlong to speak in favor of her amendment. She apparently prefers to let her money man Rod Aycox lie for her via postcards and other ads. Instead, Laurie Haggerty of Dakota Pawn and Thrift in Sisseton comes on camera to say passage of Initiated Measure 21 and defeat of Amendment U will kill her job. Dakota Pawn and Thrift has been giving all-caps support for Amendment U and opposition to IM 21 on its Facebook page.

The KELO ballot measure program also features separate sit-down clips from Rep. Jim Bolin (R-16/Canton) and me on Referred Law 19. Alas, Jim and I are much more fun and instructive when we’re on camera together.

I will give KELO and the rest of the media credit. They have made an effort, within the confines of their business needs, to inform the voters about the ballot measures. There’s plenty of material out there for voters who want to study the measures and cast an informed vote. If you haven’t already, take an hour today to watch the program above, read some of the links on my ballot question page, and make up your own mind on the laws we get to vote on tomorrow.