DFP Poll: IM 22 Enjoys 75% Support

IM 22 DFP PollThe latest Dakota Free Press poll finds strong support among you blogospherians for Initiated Measure 22, the Anti-Corruption Act. Polled from midday Friday through breakfast today (October 28–31), 75% of you said you’ll vote Yes on this sprawling, 70-section ballot measure providing for a state ethics commission, new lobbying restrictions and reporting requirements, lower campaign contribution limits, more campaign finance reports, and a small-donor system of public campaign financing.

With 167 self-selecting respondents, the margin of error on this poll is somewhere between the size of Pat Powers‘s ego and the Koch brothers‘ American Express Card limit. Applying my standard caution that my own blog poll results are probably 20 percentage points closer to the outcome I want than the electorate will give, I could speculate that IM 22 still stands as good a chance of passing as the successful minimum wage increase did in 2014. Passage of 22 could hinge on whether undecided voters who can’t make sense of 22’s 70 sections consider uncertainty a mandate to vote No or to abstain.