Hawks Storms State with Four Town Halls in Two Time Zones Tuesday

Holy cow! If you think Rep. Paula Hawks is working hard today (Brookings, Watertown, Aberdeen) for your vote, check out her Tuesday town hall itinerary:

  • 9–10 a.m. CDT: Mobridge! Bridge City Florist & Coffee, 317 Main St.
  • Noon–1 p.m. CDT: Pierre! Branding Iron Bistro, 420 W Sioux Ave.
  • 5–6 p.m. MDT: Spearfish! Common Grounds Coffee, 135 E Hudson St.
  • 7–8 p.m. MDT: Rapid City! Pure Bean Coffee House, 201 Main St.
Wave those Hawks signs!
Wave those Hawks signs! (from @HawksforHouse, 2016.10.18)

Over the next 36 hours, Hawks is hosting meetings within a 20-minute drive of over a third of all South Dakota voters. That seems like the hustle of a woman who really wants to do the job.

Related: Rep. Hawks is not able to include a debate sponsored by the state’s largest weekly newspaper. Native Sun News Today reports that Rep. Kristi Noem refused an invitation to a debate NSNT wanted to dedicate to American Indian issues. Rep. Hawks responded last month to NSNT’s invitation with an unequivocal affirmative.

22 Responses to Hawks Storms State with Four Town Halls in Two Time Zones Tuesday

  1. Steve Parson

    What a wasted effort…

  2. mike from iowa

    Whose wasted effort, SP? Yours for leaving such an illuminating comment?

  3. Joe Nelson

    Still no public forum in Madison….Or if there was one, it was not publicized very well!

  4. mike from iowa

    Little Miss Suzy Sunshine doesn’t want people of a different hue to bother her with their concerns. Noem must be planning another vote to defund Obamacare. Sorry, my mistake. These present worthless wingnuts are hanging around Dakota doing nothing, just like their daytime jobs in Dee Cee.

  5. Steve Parson

    Hawks = No Win Possible. Mike from iowa cries soon.

  6. Roger Cornelius

    It is never a “wasted effort” when a candidate campaigns for public office to share their opinions and make democracy a part of everyday life.

    What is a wasted effort is how Noem, Thune and Rounds piss away South Dakota family values by supporting Donald Trump.

  7. Steve Parson

    So your statement contradicts itself then….Amazing.

    Never mind that Hillary Clinton has done so much illegal activity in her public service right? The emails are all doctored….wait…no they aren’t. But who cares if Dems do illegal things right?

  8. Steve Parson

    But all of the stuff Wikileaks is showing is just made up right?

  9. Paula was in Madison on October 19th from 7-8pm at the Public Library, there was a press release, social media, email, and robocall to the area. Over 30 people showed up, sorry to have missed you!

  10. mike from iowa

    Parson-Prove HRC committed crimes-ANY CRIME_ or put a sock in it! Let us see your iron clad proof. Hearsay isn’t allowable. Neither is well Trump said she is crooked.

  11. mike from iowa

    No contradiction to Roger’s statement, just and reading/comprehension problem on your end.

  12. Roger Cornelius

    Parsons’ can read from republican playbook ’til hell freezes over.

    With each day that passes Hillary’s percentage of winning grows. CNN just sent out a Breaking News email that shows Hillary at 49% and Trump at 44%, other polls show even wider margins as even higher.

    Hawks may well lose South Dakota and to quote Trump, “that’s sad”.

    The only thing South Dakota has look forward to is two more years of Noem do-nothing obstructionism, “that’s sad”.

    Trump wants term limits for congress, if Trump gets his way Noem will automatically lose her seat after this election.

  13. bearcreekbat

    mfi – people who share Parson’s view that Hillary is a criminal believe that law enforcement is too corrupt to prosecute her. The FBI, Justice Department, and everyone in government is corrupt and can do nothing to get Hillary. This corruption includes Hillary’s power to stop the Republican majorities in the House and Senate, as well as Republican law enforcement in every state controlled by Republicans. Indeed, our entire country is corrupt and no one seems able to stop Hillary’s crime sprees.

    What a sad nation for Parson. It is lucky, however, that only Hillary is immune from justice, while her husband, President Nixon, Spiro Agnew, and countless powerful men, including General Petraus, Bernie Madoff, and countless other powerful men and women have been charged with crimes or have had to resign their positions after getting caught committing crimes. Even Trump’s good buddy Jeffrey Epstein was unable to avoid prosecution for sex rimes.

    I just wish Parson could explain how Hillary alone has been able to corrupt the FBI, CIA, Justice Department and law enforcement and prosecutors throughout our nation. It is a puzzle to me.

  14. mike from iowa

    She’s a witch. It is getting on towards Halloween. How else to explain it.
    Maybe congress will burn her at the stake or try to drown her in the Reflecting Pool-if she has a reflection. If not she is a Vampire! That could explain it. So many theories, so little time. :)

  15. W R Old Guy


    We can also add former Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Democrat Kathleen Kane to the list of those charged and convicted of crimes. A PA court sentenced her to 10-13 months in prison and 8 years of probation for illegally disclosing details about a grand jury investigation in order to embarrass a rival and then lying about it.

    She was the first woman elected to the Attorney General’s office in PA. I guess Hillary’s protection didn’t include her and yes, I meant that as sarcasm for Mr. Parson’s benefit.

  16. Don’t let Steve P. take us down his preferred hole. We’re talking Paula. We’re talking her effort to reach the voters, which, has Roger C. says, is never wasted.

    Let’s ask Steve P. what he suggests as admirable alternative action. Should Paula not have run for office? Should no Democrat have challenged Noem? If not visiting Mobridge, Pierre, Spearfish, and Rapid City to talk to voters, what is the proper direction for Paula’s and all South Dakota Democrats’ energies in the U.S. House race?

  17. bearcreekbat

    You are right Cory. Hawks efforts to connect with her fellow South Dakotans coupled with Noem’s support of Trump and poor record in Congress should make this a competitive race. There is speculation that Democrats actually have a chance of obtaining a majority in the House. That chance improves considerably we get smart and elect Hawks!

  18. Joe Nelson

    I missed it! I volunteer on Wednesday nights in Howard!

  19. I voted today, Ms Hawks got my vote, I’ll go listen to her tomorrow evening anyway.

  20. Joe, volunteer for what, the Howard watchtower to make sure no one gets out? ;-)

  21. Tim, good vote! Bring a friend who hasn’t voted to tomorrow night’s program.

    Whether you’ve voted or not, Paula is just fun to talk to. I dropped in for the last portion of her town hall here in Aberdeen this evening. She’s still smiling big, laughing heartily, listening closely, and answering seriously and intelligently. She still appears to be enjoying every public minute of this campaign. I sense honest optimism from her. She certainly doesn’t act like a woman who is wasting her effort.

  22. I already voted this morning, but still plan to attend Paula’s town hall meeting in Spearfish later on today. She was here this past summer, too, and there was a decent-size crowd that came out to see and hear her.