Team Clinton Raps Team Trump-Pence as Divisive

Indiana Governor Mike Pence as Donald Trump’s running mate? Go ahead, make Hillary Clinton’s day:

“Building a great, big, beautiful wall between America and progress”—make my day, too.

And heck, make my day in Spanish:

No los gustan las personas LGBT, las mujeres, los inmigrantes… Trump y Pence: ¡muy divisivos, y muy malos para los Estados Unidos!

35 Responses to Team Clinton Raps Team Trump-Pence as Divisive

  1. Does Indiana law allow him to run for both governor and VP the same year? If so, it guarantees that Trump will win Indiana with all of the people there who want to get rid of Pence.

  2. W R Old Guy

    Indiana has a does not allow someone to run for a state and federal office at the same time. The deadline to withdraw from the ballot is today.

  3. W R Old Guy

    Indiana does not allow someone to run for a state and federal office at the same time. The deadline to withdraw from the ballot is today.

    Corrected from first post. I’m getting too old to try to multitask my thoughts.

  4. mike from iowa

    Maybe Indiana can quick pass a Marlboro Barbie rule allowing Pence to run for both.(instead of the Daschle rule)

  5. mike from iowa

    Ror-there is a good chance Pence won’t be re-elected whether he has to resign or not.

    A May 2016 poll showed that Pence’s job performance approval rating in Indiana was 40 percent – way underwater, said the Indianapolis Star. More people – 42 percent – disapproved of his job performance than liked it, said the newspaper. Specifically, the newspaper reported:

    About 40 percent approved of his job performance this time, while 42 percent disapproved. During last year’s poll, 46 percent approved and 46 percent disapproved.

    The newspaper added that the poll was “conducted by Christine Matthews of Bellwether Research and commissioned by Enterprise Republicans PAC, a group founded by former Angie’s List CEO Bill Oesterle, who has been critical of Pence’s conservative stances on gay rights and other issues.” It was taken May 11-May 15, 2016.

  6. Steve Sibson

    “Building a great, big, beautiful wall between America and progress”

    And then you bring the Mexican version. So do we look to Mexico for the definition of what you call “progress”?

  7. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    “Trump and Pence” is truly telling in its own way. It writes itself. It speaks not only about a presidential ticket, but it is also what Trump’s true wealth maybe….. a pence. Or better yet, it will be all that many of us will have to show for ourselves after fours years of Trump…. a meager pence…. Not to mention how short changed eventually many will be, if they truly think that Trump is the answer to their problems or our nations problems…. Just ask many in the past who have dealt with Trump in contractual relationships and they will tell you that Trump has often left them overtime with merely a pence…… And now there is a story breaking that Trump almost dropped Pence at the last minute last night, or may still drop him before Cleveland…. Short changed anybody?

  8. Roger Elgersma

    Pence will guarantee that the dump trump people will lose.

  9. Roger Cornelius

    The first decision a presidential candidate makes that demonstrate his leadership skills is selecting a vice presidential running mate.
    That Donald Trump was attempting to change his mind as late as midnight last night show how inconsistent his decision making is.
    Pence is a perfect fit for Trump and the GOP, the pair show just how racist and prejudice they both are.
    I can’t wait for Monday to come when the three ring circus starts. republicans will still be trying to dump Trump and the Black Lives Matter organization will be there if full force.
    Trump will get the nomination, but it is going to be a helluva week.

  10. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Roger E., that’s a good point. Roger C., you are exactly right about next week…. Everyone, get your popcorn. The show is about to begin….

  11. Clinton should give out rolls of toilet paper emblazoned with the Trump/Pence campaign’s new TP logo. When your logo is TP, it seems appropriate, no?

    By the way, the T & P are having some kind of relations with each other. The GOP party would not approve, but what the T is doing to the P is somehow appropriate too.

  12. The only way Trump will build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it is if it runs from northern California to east Texas.

  13. Not only do I trust in Hillary and her team’s expertise, I know that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are both doofuses. Pence spewed all kinds of bs all over me though my tv during the W Administration.

    Get the popcorn, this one’s gonna go down in history – in flames.

  14. Nice, France yesterday. Turkey last night. Syria 4 years ago or more. Recession of 2007, obstruction of nation’s health care. Iraq of course. We need Hillary on this job. Not Trump or any collaboration of hawks and neo-cons or bankruptcy artists who’ll glom onto Trump and try to run things ala Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush in the last GOP orchestrated world disaster.

  15. Darin Larson

    Ror- I just saw the TP logo that is good for a lot of laughs. Does this mean Trump is patterning his campaign after Beavis and Butthead? He is the great cornholio! He needs TP for his bunghole!

  16. I’m deeply troubled by anything that creates the perception of a link between traditional evangelical Christianity and Donald Trump:

  17. Reading the GOP press release blog you wouldn’t know there is a presidential race going on. They must be really embarrassed about the “GOP party nominee” whose name most GOP elected officials don’t even want to say.

  18. Darin Larson

    MFI, maybe Trump can get in on the soul saving business and incorporate it into Trump University. He could license his name to God. They could both make millions. Trump and God both know that poor people are losers. What does the Bible say, a camel can go through the eye of a needle easier than a poor person getting in to heaven?

  19. mike from iowa

    Sounds like the decider- in- chief wannabe has discarded the TP logo because it was fairly easy to pornitize.

  20. mike from iowa

    Darin-why do I get the feeling that any collaboration between Drumpf and god would end up in bankruptcy court and god would be left holding the debt?

  21. Darin Larson

    I just heard Trump on the radio saying that Ted Cruz is a good man. What happened to Lyin’ Ted? Mike Pence chose Lyin’ Ted over Trump.

    Trump announced that he is going to get rid of the prohibition against lobbying by 501 religious organizations. He is pandering to the evangelicals and he is perfectly willing to tear down the separation of church and state. He will say anything and do anything to get elected.

  22. Darin Larson

    Pence talking right now about not abandoning our friends in the world when Trump has said we might leave NATO high and dry.

  23. mike from iowa

    This is Drumpf’s Honorary Chairman of Drumpf’s New York campaign. Bad language and redacted pics included.

  24. Darin Larson

    Mike, Trump is indeed bankrupt, morally if not fiscally.

  25. John Thune is very disappointed that he doesn’t get to be Trump’s eunuch. Being McConnell’s eunuch was getting boring.

  26. MIke Pence is actually Mike Rounds without grecian formula.

  27. mike from iowa

    Here is the new Drumpf logo which is the same as the old logo sans the pornagraphic part.

  28. Darin Larson

    Trump’s dangerous views: there are so many it is hard to keep track of all of them. Here is a start:

    “Trump is that kind of threat not because he knows virtually nothing about policy (though that’s true), or because he’s crass and crude (also true) or because he lies constantly (undeniable). He’s a threat because he rejects so many of the basic ideas on which our democracy is based.”

    “He talks about “open[ing] up the libel laws” so he can sue news organizations to punish them for being critical of him. He has spoken again and again not just about his admiration for dictators, but his approval of their most brutal methods.”

    “When he says about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, “You gotta give him credit” for taking over the government and killing his uncle, it’s not a surprise, because we’ve already heard him praise Vladimir Putin’s strong leadership, show his admiration for Saddam Hussein’s ability to kill terrorists without the inconvenience of legal proceedings, and extol the virtues of the Chinese government’s crackdown on democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square (“When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious. They were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength”).”

    “Trump has been even more specific about his intention to not just break U.S. law but literally commit war crimes. He expresses his regret that ISIS chops off people’s heads, but in America we have laws we have to obey that prevent us from reacting in kind.
    He promises to begin using torture on prisoners once again (including “a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding”), despite the fact that both U.S. law and international treaties to which we are a signatory prohibit it.”

    “He proposes that we should not only go after terrorists but kill their families, which is not just a war crime but an act so horrifically immoral that it should have destroyed his candidacy the moment the suggestion slithered from his mouth.”

  29. mike from iowa

    dumbass dubya’s first strike before the official start of “shock and awe” was at Dora Farms where he hoped to kill Saddam or his family members.

    4 bunker busters were dropped (and missed the target) and 40 Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched.

    The attack killed one civilian and injured fourteen others, including nine women and one child. Later investigation revealed that Saddam Hussein had not visited the farm since 1995.

  30. Darin Larson writes:

    Trump and God both know that poor people are losers. What does the Bible say, a camel can go through the eye of a needle easier than a poor person getting in to heaven?

    For anyone who doesn’t know, Darin appears to be making an ironic reference to one of Christ’s teachings as recorded in the tenth chapter of Mark:

    And Jesus, looking around, said to His disciples, “How hard it will be for those who are wealthy to enter the kingdom of God!” The disciples were amazed at His words. But Jesus answered again and said to them, “Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God! It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

    They were even more astonished and said to Him, “Then who can be saved?”

    Looking at them, Jesus said, “With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.”

    Gospel writers Matthew and Luke each recorded the same event in slightly less detail.

  31. Trump will start wars, ruin the economy, and make poor people out of all of us.

    Elect Trump. Get pence.

  32. Douglas Wiken

    Less than reassuring is the GOP spokesperson on CBS or ABC this morning claiming that Trump’s lack of experience is no real problem because Reagan also lacked experience. He was also demented.

  33. Roger Cornelius

    Those spokespeople obviously don’t know their history about Reagan, while I liked him, Reagan did have experience in politics, he was after all a two term governor.
    Trump has never held public office.