Thune Affirms Know-Nothingness, Willing to Serve Il Duce Trump

Senator John Thune sums up his capacity to serve South Dakota in one concise sentence to NBC News:

I know nothing [Sen. John Thune, in Kelly O’Donnell, “Thune on VP Chatter: ‘I Know Nothing’,” NBC News, 2016.06.27].

Thune was referring to what he knows about his Presidential nominee’s vice-presidential selection process. But just as he doesn’t know enough to stand on principle and refuse to endorse a racist, Thune also doesn’t know enough to say he does not want to be the racist’s running mate:

Donald Trump and John Thune
Arrogance and Ignorance: the perfect GOP ticket.

With his western outdoorsman sensibilities, his evangelical Christian faith and the respect of colleagues, Thune could be a link to the GOP establishment. But, he said Monday, “I don’t have any reason to think I’m in that mix.”Up for re-election in November with no challenger, Thune said he has had no direct contact with the campaign, but added, “well, I think you always take the call.”

To do otherwise, said Thune, “would be rude, you know. In South Dakota, we’re not rude” [O’Donnell, 2016.06.27].

Wow—if John Thune thinks that “not rude” is a quality Donald Trump respects, Thune really hasn’t been paying attention. And if John Thune thinks that accepting Il Duce‘s vice-presidential invitation is anything other than political suicide, he must not understand that making Trump President would be national economic and moral suicide.

p.s.: NBC’s O’Donnell knows more than Thune, but she lacks knowledge about South Dakota politics. She says Thune faces no challenger for his Senate seat. Jay Williams and the rest of know that’s false.

16 Responses to Thune Affirms Know-Nothingness, Willing to Serve Il Duce Trump

  1. Photo op at his best he would jump like a high jumper if asked.

  2. So when South Dakotans call Thune we can all expect to speak with him personally because “well, I think you always take the call.” Not taking our calls “would be rude, you know. In South Dakota, we’re not rude.”

    I’m happy to learn Senator Thune is so committed to his constituents.

  3. Senator Thune really, really wants to be Trumpy McTrumpface’s vp choice. In the senate he hasn’t measured up to the guy he beat – and never will. His only chance to claim any superiority over Tom Daschle is to get on a national ticket and see how it plays out.

  4. mike from iowa

    Marlboro Barbie’s entire Senate legacy consists of being taller than the majority leader. That and a five spot won’t get you a cup of coffee at Starbuck’s.

  5. Roger Cornelius

    If Thune is elected along with trump, I suggest he maintains that “I know nothing” position.

  6. Oops. maybe he doesn’t know he has an opponent in SD.

  7. Roger Elgersma

    “It would be rude” to join in an agreement with a bad person sounds to much like a gov candidate a few years ago who said, ‘if it is legal it is ethical’. Pathetic, from a Christian values point of view.

  8. bearcreekbat

    You folks must have missed it. Thune described his accomplishments as a Senator and chair of the Commerce Committee this week in a Monday, June 27, 2016, RC Journal editorial. Heck, we don’t need any objective evidence as Thune himself will toot his own horn.

    He says that his committee has “worked hard to make the American peoples’ priorities our priorities.”

    He says his committee “has worked for safer skies, improved railroads and bringing our interstate highway system further into the 21st century.”

    He said that he was responsible for legislation to make the Surface Transportation Board more accountable. He claimed responsibility for provisions that “cut regulatory red tape” for ag shippers and “create new investments in the freight rail system” in SD.

    He claimed his committee was responsible for “legislation to reauthorize and reform the Federal Aviation Administration.”

    He claimed responsibility for the “Rural Health Care Connectivity Act” making it “easier and cheaper to access health care facilities and medical professionals in rural areas across the state without having to travel long distances to do so.”

    And he said he is proud of his committee’s accomplishments. And you thought he was just an empty suit. Funny how all these accomplishments don’t seem to make the local papers or Fox News?

  9. mike from iowa

    The STB was created by Congress in 1996 as the successor to the Interstate Commerce Commission. Since that time, the STB has not been reauthorized or substantively reformed.

  10. trump needs someone who knows what’s going on in the nation/world/DC, so thune has no experience there. chris Christie is getting strong consideration. a lawyer, a US Attorney, and a new jersey politician. can you imagine the world of hurt we’ll be in if these two, trump&christie, were elected. jeeze. two of a kind….

  11. Roger Cornelius

    While reading Thune’s self-serving editorial I kept waiting for him state some accomplishments for everyday South Dakotans.
    How has any South Dakotan benefited from Thune’s time in the senate, besides the rich?

  12. bearcreekbat

    Exactly Roger! He seems to be unable to address your question.

  13. NO one can beat Photo op for pictures or lip service.

  14. John Wrede

    Thune’s June 27th guest editorial in the RCJournal is, unquestionably, the most patronizing, self serving, condescending, substance empty message we’re invited to endure since Spirew Agnew’s “Natering nabobs of negativism” flotsam. Does anybody else enjoy being talked down to and smoozed with shallow irrationality? The three of them (Nome, Rounds and Thune) are long on the fashion of the emperors news clothes and short on substantive accomplishment. The bluster and conceptual idiocy of national conservatism has corrupted what were otherwise fairly intelligent persons, into sirens of superficiality. Thune knows a lot of stuff……….. But none of it is honestly relevant to SD or respectful of it’s voters intelligence! All three of them were Trump clones before Trump crawled out of his crib and found training wheels!

  15. mike from iowa

    So Marlboro Barbie is practicing his “fierce” catwalk to impress the rubes back home? That ought to insure his re-election.