Loot Left by Scott Westerhuis: 4 Big TVs, Loads of Gym Gear, Tools, Truck…

Jean Koehler, vice-president of First Dakota National Bank in Mitchell, would like to hold an auction. She needs Judge Bruce Anderson’s permission to do so; he may give that permission at a hearing on August 18 in Lake Andes. If Judge Anderson says okey-dokey, the public will get a crack at bidding on what’s left of Scott and Nicole Westerhuis’s criminal fiefdom.

According to the preliminary inventory Koehler submitted to the court, the Westerhuises left some pretty nice loot:

Remember: Scott Westerhuis burned his entire gigantic house down, but his estate still has four big flat-screen TVs—48-inch, 55, 55, and 72—to sell.

The estate auction also include lots of other electronics, lots of tools and gym equipment, 45 desks, 18 box springs and 15 mattresses, 330 life vests*, and a hot tub. The auction would not include the vehicles, which are being sold by an agent. Among the vehicles: three dump trucks and a 2008 Ford Super Duty 450 pickup—white. (Coincidence, of course.)

Among the over $60K in cash and investments left, the two biggest ticket items are $28K in College Access 529 plans for the Westerhuises’ murdered children and $10K in Scott’s life insurance policy with Unum Life.

Koehler says in her June 6 court filing in probate case #11PRO15-000020 that the Westerhuis estate is insolvent. Koehler says she has sent out Notices of Disallowance of Claims to creditors seeking their fair share from debts Scott Westerhuis left unpaid, but she asks the judge to approve partial payment on three priority claims: the $3,748.79 bill to Mount Funeral Home in Platte for Scott’s final disposition, attorney fees, and her own fees as personal representative of the estate.

Update 2016.06.30 06:53 CDT: I noticed the 25 orange life vests but missed the 297 yellow life vests and 8 Stearns life jackets in my first scan of the inventory.

8 Responses to Loot Left by Scott Westerhuis: 4 Big TVs, Loads of Gym Gear, Tools, Truck…

  1. Not a single item described as “swanky.”

  2. Roger Cornelius

    I couldn’t find ‘swanky’ either.

  3. I don’t know how Mr. X lives but I know Mr. C lives a bit of the swanky high-life, and to me most of those things are pretty fancy. It will be interesting to see if the notoriety of the murders/suicide drive the auction prices higher or hold them down. They should hold the auction in that fellow’s old barn.

  4. Was all of this stuff in the gym?

  5. 45 desks and 18 box springs sounds like gear for people getting ready to start up a cult. I do wonder where the money from this auction will go. Perhaps to the kids who were wronged. Perhaps back to the Education Department to dole it out for teacher raises.

  6. 25 life vests? No. There are 330 life vests and 257 inflatable river tubes.

  7. In my opinion this loot is what was left in the ashes of an organized crime syndicate waged upon the people of South Dakota. We must do better.

  8. Grudznick needs to quit day-drinking. $$$ to Ed Dept for teacher raises? Pretty ridiculous. Someone should read the actual text of the article to him.