80% of SD Democratic Legislators Endorse Clinton

Dana Ferguson reports that sixteen of South Dakota’s twenty Democratic legislators issued a statement yesterday endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.

Not joining in this endorsement are Democrats Rep. Patrick Kirschman of Sioux Falls, Rep. Ray Ring of Vermillion, Senator Bernie Hunhoff of Yankton, and Senator Troy Heinert of Mission. Senator Heinert gave a show-stealing speech at the Bernie Sanders rally in Rapid City May 12. Senator Hunhoff introduced his fellow Bernie at the Sioux Falls Sanders rally the same day. No easy intel Googles up indicating whether Reps. Ring or Kirschman have thrown in with either Presidential candidate.

Rep. Kirschman may be too busy fighting his own District 15 primary to throw in with other campaigns. No other incumbent Democrat has a primary race of his or her own.

Among Clinton’s legislative endorsers—Sens. Jim Bradford,  Angie Buhl O’Donnell, Jason Frerichs, Scott Parsley, Jim Peterson and Billie Sutton and Reps. Julie Bartling, Shawn Bordeaux, Dennis Feickert, Peggy Gibson, Paula Hawks, Spencer Hawley, Kevin Killer, Steven McCleerey, Karen Soli and Dean Schrempp—Rep. Hawks is stepping away from the Legislature to contend for Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s seat. Hawks’s ticketmate Jay Williams is a Sanders man.

126 Responses to 80% of SD Democratic Legislators Endorse Clinton

  1. mike from iowa

    Symbolic endorsement only, I take it. Move to iowa and actually have a real place in the election system. At iowa caucus time, everyone hates iowa.

  2. Stupid is as stupid does!

  3. Will be interesting to see the results on Tuesday. Me, I am thinking the solution guy will win it as he has the most experience walking the minefields of congress to get stuff done for the working folk. With Clinton, it is just more day old stale bread. They don’t call the guy the “Amendment King” for nothing.

  4. mike from iowa

    ? for Jerry. If Bernie gets the nod and wins the presidency (my hope is he will) do you imagine wingnuts in congress will work with him any better than they have with Obama or HRC if she gets the nod?

  5. I know that if Bernie is our nominee, the down ticket will be ripe for change. This election year, there are a lot of deadenders in the congress that will be beaten if their is a voter turnout. How do you get that? You put Bernie as the nominee. Simple stuff, he relates to the working people in this country. Congress will work with Bernie because they will be there because of him. Damn straight, we will dig ourselves out of the hole to start to smell cleaner air, more security for our veterans, elderly, disabled, children as well as the programs that keep them in the forefront. Healthcare and education, big ol deals mike from Iowa. Bernie will deliver because the package will be what the populace has demanded. Mumbling Mitch and sad sack Paul, will be off to Kentucky and Wisconsin to spend more time with their families.

  6. I am going to go and talk with some folks about Bernie today and will let you know what I find out.

  7. Nick Nemec

    Bernie will not be the nominee. The only way he can win is if there is if superdelegates move to him in unison. It’s not going to happen. Clinton might be a flawed candidate but she is the horse we have to ride, at least the GOP has nominated an even more broke down rancid glue bucket.

  8. Why is Senator Daschle still a SD Superdelagate? Does he live here? Does he vote here?

  9. Nick, Do you think the superdelegates will move to Bernie Sanders if Hillary Clinton is indicted? The IG Report was very damning, and maybe only the tip of the iceberg. The biggest reveal is that HRC has been consistently lying to the public about her “permitted” use of a private server. Not allowed! How are we South Dakota Dems supposed to make a solid case claiming corruption against the Republicans for their indiscretions when it would appear that our SD Democratic establishment has granted their support for a sketchy, flawed candidate? I will vote for the candidate I trust and whose ideas represents South Dakotan needs and desires. I will vote for Bernie Sanders without equivocation. I applaud Jay Williams for his integrity.

  10. David Newquist

    Tom Daschle is not a South Dakota super delegate. He is one of 20 distinguished party leaders (DPL), consisting of current and former presidents, current and former vice-presidents, former congressional leaders, and former DNC chairs.

  11. David, are you telling me that Tom Daschle has no effect upon South Dakota’s State Convention results?

  12. David Newquist

    Leo, I don’t believe so. He would not have a vote and I haven’t heard that he has any intention of attending. However, I am no longer hold any party office and might not be aware of any efforts to involve him.

  13. David, The impression I received from Ann Tornberg’s statements in Pierre at the Democratic Party Presidential Delegate Selection Caucuses suggest otherwise. Probably need to look into this matter. Thank you for the description of the DPL’s.

  14. mike from iowa

    IG report was very damning? I wasn’t aware the report listed a single law as having been broken. Sounds exactly like the thirty plus years of false flags thrown at both Clinton’s because no one has been able to prove either Clinton has broken the law.

    If adultery was a reason to kick people out of government service-the halls of congress would be pretty empty today.

  15. Mike, See Federal Records Act. I know it is hard to defend the Clintons, so much work. You might want to watch Andrea Mitchell and Mika Brzezinski try to do it – it was even hard for them. Did you read Cory’s article regarding the IG Report? PS: I don’t give a hoot about their sex lives. I do give a hoot about repealing Glass-Steagall Act which led the way to the financial crisis of 2008!

  16. mike from iowa

    Defending the Clintons is easy as pie. Show me one indictment for a crime that either have committed. I’ll wait.

  17. Cully Williams

    Leo and David,
    Daschle almost surely won’t be back for the state party convention on the weekend of the 24th. He is a SD superdelegate because he was Senate Majority leader, and will hold it for life, unless rules change or he gives it up. He will still have pull at DNC, and the SD delegation may put him in in positions of power within themselves, but that’s still all up in the air.

  18. mike from iowa

    Repealing Glass-Steagall wasn’t a crime. It certainly lead to a bunch of crimes. Cory’s report had no mention of any broken laws. Violation of Department rules is not law breaking. Clinton did much of what her predecessors had done before her. The IG report laid part of the blame on the on the Department itself for systemic problems. Still,HRC was not accused of any specific crimes. If the FBI says she committed no crimes it will be because there was no criminal activity-not because Obama told them to lay off.

  19. Mike, Well I can’t show you an indictment yet (you can still wait for it), but you can remember an impeachment, and the loss of a law license. More to come.

  20. Roger Cornelius

    If the republican congress and senate hated a black liberal president’s programs, how will they feel a about a Jewish Socialist’s agenda?

  21. Mike, I’m not so sure it’s purely symbolic when I catch flack from some fellow Dems for backing Bernie but acknowledging Clinton’s likely nomination and urging a Clinton vote to beat Trump. These endorsements could have an effect on local turnout and fundraising.

  22. Has Hillary Clinton even visited South Dakota? I know Bill Clinton has, but what about her? She is the candidate. Bernie Sanders is a workhorse!

  23. Roger Cornelius

    Tom Daschle endorsed Hillary late last month.

  24. owen reitzel

    I think Hillary cam to South Dakota in 2008. about the same time as Obama

  25. mike from iowa

    Arkansas suspended Clinton’s license to practice law. He surrendered his license to the Scotus to avoid disbarrment.

    Clinton seems to be the first lawyer to lose his license due to conduct totally unrelated to his being an attorney. He did not practice law in the WH.

  26. mike from iowa

    and Clinton was acquitted of all phony charges by the US Senate,as spelled out in the constitution.

  27. The Democratic Establishment in all their wisdom has offered up Hillary Clinton to the American people as their best hope to retain the WH. Record unfavorable ratings and losing more than half of the Democratic Party. Failing to inspire anyone, especially Independents, her campaign will result in a nail-biter general election causing great anxiety to our nation. Go figure.

  28. Douglas Wiken

    The Democratic establishment supported Hubert Humphrey who was supporting the Vietnam war continuation in order to prevent LBJ from jumping down his throat.

    Apparently Bernie Sanders just had a rally where 100,000 people turned out. Hillary has had trouble getting past 100 in some places.

    Hillary is almost a guarantee of the same old same old that Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are rebelling against.

  29. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Mr. Wiken is exactly right and like Hubert and the establishment, Hillary and her “Palace Guard” super delegates will give us Nixon in the fall….I mean Trump in the fall….

  30. Mr. Wiken, there were thousands and thousands at a huge rally in Los Angles. Amazing! I am seeing something astounding!

  31. Dick Van Dyke addresses the huge crowd at the Los Angeles Coliseum!

  32. Bernie goes after Trump big! Where is the corporate media? It does not exist other than for the wealthy owners.

  33. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Has anyone else found another poll for South Dakota concerning the Bernie and Hillary race here? This is the only one I can find:


  34. Roger Cornelius

    Nixonian Palace Guard Now Protects Hillary: Johnathon Turley, USA Today.

  35. Mike, Roger, on the question of who can work with Congress better: if we follow that criterion in selecting a Democratic nominee, aren’t we letting the Republicans set the Democratic agenda? Doesn’t that criterion boil down to, “Let’s pick the most Republican candidate”? If we enunciate that criterion, wouldn’t voters say, “Oh, well, if that’s what matters, why don’t we just vote for the Republican nominee?”

    Imagine we apply that same thinking to the state level. I hope to turn my Senate minority into a majority, but if the numbers just aren’t there, and if we have the pleasure of a Democratic primary for governor, should we pick the Democrat who has the most favorable rating among Republican legislators?

  36. mike from iowa

    Master, my comment was about wingnut’s obvious unwillingness to work with any Dems across party lines. At least that was my intention.

    I just don’t believe it matters who gets the Dem nod. For the record, I don’t think wingnuts will work with Drumpf#$k if he wins. He will be too freaking dangerous to work with.

  37. Notice that, as I wrote on May 27, I’m not going to make excuses for Clinton’s e-mail errors. The report does not exonerate her. It does not say, “Clinton broke no laws.” It concludes that multiple Secretaries of State, including Clinton, “have been slow to recognize and to manage effectively the legal requirements and cybersecurity risks associated with electronic data communications….” It says Secretary Clinton “did not comply with the Department’s policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act.”

  38. mike from iowa

    Poll source Date 1st 2nd Others / Undecided
    Targeted Persuasion[374]
    Margin of error: ±3.31%
    Sample size: 874
    May 23-24, 2016 Hillary Clinton
    50% Bernie Sanders
    47% Undecided

  39. Jason Sebern

    Our two party political system is broken. Both political parties are attached to neoliberal economic policies that are destroying the planet and our humanity. Both parties support/allow low taxes on the investor class (capital gains tax), “free trade” (NAFTA), deregulation (repeal of Glass-Steagall), anti-union “right to work” laws (Taft-Hartley, and privatization of public resources. Both parties have created our current condition and until we change our two party political system we will continue down this path.

  40. Recently Clinton struck out at Trump on foreign policy. It is what it is, but the lesser of two evils, is really the greater of two evils, pot meet kettle. http://www.thenation.com/article/the-problem-with-hillary-clintons-attack-on-trumps-foreign-policy-ishillary-clinton/
    Neither of these two ding a lings should be close to the nuke codes. Bernie would do America proud and he would do the necessary to help us be a good neighbor rather than the drunk belligerent guy at the party.

  41. mike from iowa

    Drumpf#$k’s been beating up on the judge in his Drumpf#$k University case, claiming it is not fair because the judge ruled against him. He also says if elected he will imprison HRC because she is obviously guilty. So that is how justice works for the wealthy?

    Former dubya AG Alberto Gonzalez rings in saying Drumpf#$k is entitled to an impartial judge just like drug dealers,rapists and murderers.

  42. Darin Larson

    Jerry and other Bernie supporters that refuse to unite behind the Democratic nominee: If you can’t see the difference between Hillary and Trump on foreign policy and most every other important issue, I’m speechless and you are beyond rational discussion. The constant generic general attacks against Hillary on here are also way beyond old news. With friends like you, the Democrats don’t need enemies.

    If you have specific policy differences to debate, I welcome reading the discussion. If this is now the place to go to bash Hillary, count me out. Maybe you should consider Fox and Friends or Hannity’s hit men or the latest from Ann Coulter?

    Given that 80% of South Dakota Democratic state legislators have endorsed Hillary, in addition to endorsements by Daschle, Johnson, Herseth Sandlin and an overwhelming number of national Democratic senators and representatives, I think we are hearing from the vocal minority on here.

    I used to think that tearing down one’s own party to spite oneself was mastered by the Tea Party types and their dominions. Now, I realize the left has its own version of people contending to write the playbook on how to lose an election. Republicans are uniting behind a womanizing, narcissistic, hate-bating racist with tyrannical rants and childish mannerisms. And you all are telling me you can’t unite behind a woman who has been in public service for much of her life, who has served as Secretary of State and as a Senator from New York, and who has carried water for Democratic issues for the last forty years, all the while being a lightning rod for the Republican attack machine?

    Hillary united the party prior to the Obama victory in 08. With her, party and country were above fighting for her own self interest. She enabled the election of the country’s first black president. Tell me that Bernie is going to be a uniter or his whole candidacy will have been a disaster in the making for this country. #nevertrump

  43. bearcreekbat

    I share your concerns Darin. As I wrote earlier, the Bernie supporters that bash Hillary are a “tough crowd” to reason with.

  44. Sorry fellers, Clinton is not the nominee. Don’t take my word for it, actually read some real news other than Daily Kos and you will see that as of this minute on the 5th of June 2016, Clinton’s position only exists in your melons. As far as a uniting goes, the only thing that Clinton seems to have success with is uniting the war machines. She is damn good at that. Obama was beating her like a pinata before she dropped out in June. Don’t make me post the assassination rabbit trail she was blathering about before then. She cannot beat Trump, look at her numbers. How in the hell can such a pristine candidate (in your minds) be in a tie with a doofus like Trump? Bernie beats him in the double digits. Tuesday, you can trot on down there and pull the lever for the war machine. Once again, don’t take my word for it, read something other than Kos who has stood down any complaints against Clinton. When Obama dropped Clinton from the Secretary of State, we finally got some progress going. John Kerry had a lot of bullpuckey to clean up before he got the house in order. By the way, John Kerry is not so arrogant as to use a private server either. The best thing for Clinton to do would be to spend more time with the family, I am sure wild Bill would like that.

    Here is a question for you. Why in the hell would Clinton keep saying that she will not allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon? Can’t she read the same reports that I can read that say that the Iranians have issued a fatwa on any further development of a weapon. If you do not know what one of those fatwa’s are, look it up. She is just trying to scare people into more war. That lady is dangerous, Maggie Thatcher on steroids.

  45. Its the server gents, not the emails. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q08AplBtsUw

  46. bearcreekbat

    Jerry, I think you may have misunderstood my arguments that encourage people to vote for Hillary. My arguments are addressed not at the primary nor against Bernie. As Cory posted, there is a “possibility” that Hillary might be the nominee instead of Bernie. If that happens, then I urge voters to get behind Hillary and defeat Trump. If Bernie gets the nod, then I urge voters to back him instead of Trump. I am not arguing that Hillary has the nomination all tied up, although that seems to be what people a lot more informed than I am are predicting.

    And I found no support for your “server” argument when I read the Inspector General’s reports. Instead, that report seemed to criticize the office of Secretary of State for failing to provide upgraded and modern equipment and security for the last five Secretaries of State.

    I can understand how Hillary’s advisors might have concluded that using a private server would be more secure than using a public server such as AOL, as used by Secretary Powell (and, according to the report, similar public servers used by a myriad of ranking officials in the State Department for many years) for all of his emails pertaining to our Nation’s foreign affairs. You might have better luck by going after Hillary for murdering four people in Bengazi and for murdering Foster as well as the multiple crimes that the Alex Jones’ blog can help you find.

    And I have never logged into the “Kos” source you mention as I was not aware that it existed. The only blog I read is Cory’s DFP. Otherwise, my viewing habits include primarily news stories or my very feeble attempts at Google research (coupled with Snopes and Factcheck type sites).

    I did check out your Young Turks’ link. They make a lot of sense in most of their videos. I didn’t hear any claim that the use of a private server was wrong or illegal. Instead, they recognized that it was an unusual choice that could be used to infer a nefarious intent to hide private communications making Hillary subject to attack if she is the nominee.

    But I heard nothing in the link to suggest that if Hillary is the nominee we should not support her. They worry about Trump defeating Hillary, which suggests that we need to stop feeding the right wing attack dogs and plan on backing her if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination.

  47. Bearcreekbat, nope, I clearly understood your position on voting for Clinton. Yours is much the same as the rest of the establishment’s voice. That, is what the problem is. As Clinton is either statistically tied or loosing to Trump, when will the Democrats pull their heads out of the sand and realize that the candidate Clinton is not going to win over Trump. Poll after poll says that what the American people want is someone who is Not establishment. Clinton is, Trump ain’t.

    I don’t worry about feeding the right wing attack dogs because their bellies are already full with how they will attack and certainly do not need folks like myself to make or break the deal. Clinton, will be deposed this month by the FBI, that is a known. As the FBI has already stated, their decision will come down some 2 months later. That is the criminal part of it. Judicial Watch has a civil case to be heard and it is going to be after that about the server. This finding will be why Clinton hide her communications with her own private server in her own private home with State information on it. Judicial Watch wants to know what she was talking about in them. You may scream that they are right wing, but they are right in this case. We all should want to know. By the way, remember “if it does not fit you must acquit?” Yep, OJ got off the criminal part of the two murders, but he was found guilty on the civil case. It took them a while to get’r done, but where do you think OJ is today?

    How in the hell did the Democrats even consider such a flawed candidate like Clinton in the first place? How could they and the RNC even think of allowing candidates that are either under FBI investigation or being indicted on various charges of you name it. Folks like me are sick and tired of the establishment politics that bring nothing but misery and corruption. We actually want change and we are certainly not going to get it with the likes of Clinton or Trump. Bernie is the answer, Bernie is the future of Democratic politics and for a new direction for this country.

    Now, pull your lever on Tuesday as I have already pulled mine. I voted for a man that actually has integrity, is not under FBI investigation has been doing quite well in all of the states that have no meaning. That means that Bernie should do quite well here in South Dakota. Me, I look forward to seeing all the results on Tuesday and also what will happen at the convention. Exciting times! I was around to talk to folks and find that they are voting and they like my choice. We shall see.

  48. Jason, I would welcome the Green Party and Libertarian Party to upset the two-party dynamic and forge a path to real change (priority one: liberation from corporate domination). However, the Libertarian Party failed to accomplish the meager task of petitioning for its official recognition this year, a year when they could easily have capitalized on sentiment like yours to promote a third-party alternative. The Greens have never made the effort here. Until some such party demonstrates a serious potential to challenge the two-party system (not to mention sufficient alignment with my values), I choose to exert my energies within the existing machinery of the Democratic Party in hopes of reforming it toward the change we want rather than in the far more gargantuan task of creating a whole new machine.

  49. mike from iowa

    Reuters has HRC up by double digits-46-35.

    When, in the last 30 years has Clinton not been under investigation for every crime in the book? After 30 years of this s— you’d think maybe someone,somewhere had found a charge that would stick. But they haven’t and it hasn’t even been close.

  50. mike from iowa

    Jerry-OJ is not in jail because he murdered his ex and her friend. He is not in jail because of the civil suit he lost. He is in jail for crimes committed that had nothing to do with either previous case.

    If you are depending on that joke of an outfit-Judicial Watch-to bring HRC down you are going to be sadly disappointed. Yhey filed several lawsuits against the Clintons while Bill was Potus and became such a laughable nuisance,Larry Klayman has been barred from many courtrooms. He can no longer get a case into court on his own.

  51. My point was that even though you may avoid criminal prosecution, the civil case that Judicial Watch brings to the dance is the one that is more problematic for Clinton and the DNC. The judge in the case Judicial Watch is not laughing. Sorry man, it is what it is.

    OJ was and is a thug, and is where he belongs.

  52. Linky linky on that poll you speak of mfi

  53. In the last 30 years, there has never been a private server involved. Different times.

  54. Real Clear Politics how the trend has been going down the crapper for Clinton http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_clinton-5491.html

  55. What more do you need to see? Clinton is not doing well against Trump. https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=54855

  56. Roger Cornelius

    Once again as Bernie said during the first Democratic Presidential debate, “I’m sick and tired of hearing about Hillary’s emails” Why don’t Bernie supporters support their leaders conclusions.

    Darin’s and bear’s responses have been excellent and I support their positions. One thing I know well, insulting my intelligence for the candidate I choose will not help Bernie if he does win the nomination. (Note to Jerry: unless you are psychic you don’t know who the party nominee or the president will be, regardless of the polls.)
    When Hillary becomes the nominee she will continued to be attacked by the likes of Jerry, tea party and FOX “News” hacks over every little thing in the past 30 years. And of course they’ll add that America isn’t ready for liberal woman president.
    And if Bernie should actually squeeze out the nomination, their bold attack will be, America isn’t ready for socialist Jew president.
    Take you pick, Democrats have a formidable battle coming up. Will you be with us or against us?

  57. Roger Cornelius

    “OJ was and is a thug”.
    “Thug’ is redneck code for ni**er.

  58. Roger Cornelius

    Yesterday Hillary buried Bernie in the Virgin Islands primary.
    Today she did the same in the Puerto Rico primary.
    CNN reports she only needs 30 delegates to secure the nomination.

  59. I don’t speak redneck, but you apparently do. Me, I always look to see what the word means in the English language.

    a violent person, especially a criminal.
    “he was attacked by a gang of thugs”
    synonyms: ruffian, hoodlum, bully boy, bully, bandit, mugger, gangster, terrorist, gunman, murderer, killer, hitman, assassin, hooligan, vandal, Yardie; More
    a member of an organization of robbers and assassins in India. Devotees of the goddess Kali, the Thugs waylaid and strangled their victims, usually travellers, in a ritually prescribed manner. They were suppressed by the British in the 1830s.

  60. Roger, you may need to kibitz with bearcreekbat and Darin with those numbers as you indicate that she does not have the nomination. They, and you seem to think that it is a done deal. Stop by the election office tomorrow and pull the lever for your choice. I did already and voted for the only honest politician in the race, Mr. Bernie Sanders. Go Bernie Go!

  61. Darin Larson

    Jerry- you are a troll. Good luck with your trolling operation.

  62. Darin, I am a progressive, as you maybe might be unfamiliar with that, it means that I support social programs and social change. I do like this old troll story though, thanks man for bringing that up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO-5KgcfHmI

  63. Roger Cornelius

    Why do you think that ‘thug’ has to only mean what the dictionary says, is your vocabulary limited to Webster’s?

    Most readers here will attest to the fact that when thug is used in referencing a black man (OJ) it is in derogatory sense and means ni**er.

  64. Roger Cornelius

    I’ve trusted CNN’s projections for years and they have served me well, whether I liked the news or not.
    CNN reports that HIllary only needs 30 delegates to secure the nomination.
    Bernie and his bashers will make a lot of noise for awhile but Hillary is clearly winning the race for delegates.

  65. Actually Roger, I am the one who used the word thug in the first place. I think I would know exactly what it meant, and come to think of it, I do. As Webster’s notes, the only historical reference would that of the notorious Indian bandits of the country India that actually called themselves that. There is no there there Roger. Just vote on Tuesday and you can set yourself free.

    I like Wolf Blitzer’s projection on CNN, with a name like Wolf, what more can be said? Bernie is doing just fine Roger. Don’t be so concerned about him. He is a remarkable senator that has brought millions of young Democratic voters into the political arena. From being an unknown, that is still in the running in June against someone like Clinton, says a lot about senator Sanders. She cannot put him away, what does that say? Pretty weak tea against a clod is what I am looking at.

    Should be a great day across South Dakota on Tuesday for the election. Good times.

  66. Roger Cornelius

    South Dakota’s presidential primary will be relevant as, well you know………..

  67. Funny the paths these conversations take.

    Whatever we think the chances are that Sanders will pull off an upset, I’d say it’s pretty clear that both campaigns don’t see much chance of an upset happening, at least not one in which South Dakota matters. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Presidential campaign activity during the past month has not been anything like what happened in 2008 when Clinton and Obama duked it out to the end. Both candidates came here. Both hit multiple towns. Both Clintons came to Madison, for Pete’s sake! Obama stood in front of the Corn Palace.

    This year, the underdog Sanders visited three towns; the frontrunner Clinton has only sent her surrogates. Maybe things are hotter in Sioux Falls and Rapid City with callers and knockers, but up here in Aberdeen, I still see just one Sanders yard sign, a couple bumper stickers, and that’s it.

    Remember, I speak as a guy who thinks Sanders is the superior candidate.

  68. All votes are relevant Roger. Here is a favorite veteran voter that speaks the truth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPc-Fqf4TwEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPc-Fqf4TwE

    There are very few signs out for any candidate be it Democrat or Republican presidential. There are a slew of ones for the right wing flavor of the week though. Damndest looking bunch that I have ever seen. They say that you should want to go have a beer with the candidates, I don’t think I would even want to be in the room with some of them unless I was armed and only then, consuming water.

  69. mike from iowa

    Ever heard the word “rethuglican?”

  70. mike from iowa

    What more do you need to see? Clinton is not doing well against Trump. https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=54855

    Pete’ sakes, Jerry- your article quotes Breitbart and Afghan Ann Coulter. Reckon there’s any bias being shown?

  71. Real Clear politics current: Statistical tie! http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_clinton-5491.html

    Statistical tie, That is like putting your best toilet paper up against that plywood acting stuff. Think of that for a while and you should shudder the thought. If all your candidate can do is tie Trump, then you should understand that she will not be able to beat him. Think Gore v Bush. A tie goes red, always.

  72. Yes, I have heard you write rethuglican in the past, you should be proud of that. Thank you for the link. As there are many that we now have posted, you surely can see the trend as I can. If you want to just go by one poll and be happy, kick back and be that guy. Me, I am kind of curious so I tend to look at other sources.

    Regarding the sources, you can find those at Washington Post and ABC as an example. Just because right wing sites say the same thing, does not mean that they are not true. The polling data is where I am coming from not looking at the innards of a freshly killed rabbit to make the call. Look, I get it, your a Clinton man. Good for you and I am sure she thanks you for that support. I am not, I see her clearly as the same establishment politico that is clueless on the needs of ordinary Americans like yours truly. I only encourage those who have not made a choice to make one and vote tomorrow, you will be glad you did.

  73. mike from iowa

    Jerry-I have always said I am voting for Sanders in the Primary and the general if he gets the nomination. He won’t. I have also said because Sanders won’t get the nod I will hold my nose and vote for the Dem which will be HRC and I have said over and over I do not like her.

  74. Lanny V Stricherz

    mfi, How can you vote for Sanders in the primary, if you are from Iowa?

  75. mike from iowa

    Good question, Lanny. iowa does stealth primaries for us that hate the caucus system. I am the only one that shows up in Obrien Co, iowa and Bernie gets my vote.

  76. Lanny V Stricherz

    Darn, maybe if you had caucused for him, he would have won Iowa, as close as it was. I heard that after the caucuses, the State Democratic party polled caucus leaders and got some of them to change their votes to HRC, so that at the convention, Iowa will not reflect the 50.05 to 49.95 advantage that HRC had. It will be more like 60 40.

  77. I do not have the power to look past this day as far as the election goes. Up until this day, I had thought that Democrats had the edge in integrity regarding voting issues, turns out, I was wrong about that. So, I really do not know what will happen tomorrow regarding California, South Dakota and a slew of other states. Bernie may win, Bernie may loose. I know that if he should loose, I will not hold my nose to vote. I have too much principle for that. I will vote for the down ticket though as will millions of my fellow voters. If we do that, it really will not matter much who is the president, much like it is now. If we change congress, we start to change the country.

  78. Darin Larson

    Headlines in tomorrow’s paper: HRC CLINCHES NOMINATION–SD delegates put her over the top.


  79. Democracy has taken the back seat once again. As my man Jimmy Carter has said “America has become an oligarchy” http://www.ibtimes.com/political-capital/state-department-blocks-release-hillary-clinton-era-tpp-emails-until-after

    Now comes the State Department with a black out of Clinton’s trade emails until after election. http://www.ibtimes.com/political-capital/state-department-blocks-release-hillary-clinton-era-tpp-emails-until-after

    Nothing to see here, just more of the same establishment smoke and mirrors. Putin gives his approval.

  80. Et tu Newsweek? http://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-hillary-clinton-election-2016-lies-466889?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Why-Voters-Don-t-Care-That-Clinton-and-Trump-Lie&utm_campaign=newsweek_email_newsletter When both candidates cannot be trusted, what do you do? You don’t do much if anything. Haven’t we seen this parade before? The public knows the fix is in if Bernie fails at this. They have already seen what Trump did to guys and gal that came after him in his primaries and they know that he will do the same to Clinton. Way to much baggage that can be found on the internets and in just looking back at their tenure in the White House. Clinton was for the Keystone XL, she is pro TPP is there anything she stands for that would help the working people? Not a thing. The headline may say a whole lot of things tomorrow Darrin, but I can tell you one thing it will never say, jerry voted for Clinton.

  81. Darin Larson

    Sorry jerry, Putin has already given his approval to Trump along with Kim Jong Un. Bernie has the Venezuelan Marxist Socialist dictator’s backing.

    HRC has the backing of most of the leaders of the free world.

  82. Seems to me that you are mistaken Darin once again. Americans have such a poor grasp of history that they think that change in the world does not happen. In Venezuela, they actually had an election. Here, you can read about it fyi. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicol%C3%A1s_Maduro

  83. Neo liberalism or you can call it what it really is, austerity, is and has been put into full practice since the banks failed here and abroad in 2008, thanks Bill Clinton for putting that in place. Test question. How many bankers have gone to jail for the theft of our taxpayer dollars? Test question 2, how many of those same bankers are the main contributors to Clinton?

    The leaders of the free world are kind of what then? Can they make a choice on if they are going to do anything that the US tells them not to. Like Germany for example, can Germany suddenly just leave the EU and move on? We know that Greece could not. The only EU country that could possible make an exit is the UK. Doubtful, but it could happen. So I guess we are gonna speak of the coalition of the willing once again, seems like I have heard that in my past.

  84. mike from iowa

    Jerry is 100% correct. Let’s all fold like moldy laundry and escort King Drumpf#$k into the Drumpf#$k white house in November. He has a lot of remodeling to do after he has Obama arrested and chained up some where.

  85. One way or another, if either one gets in, we are gonna fold like moldy laundry indeed. The lesser of two evils, like that is gonna make the mold any more tolerable. We can avoid all of this gloom and doom and put the man in the White House that could actually start fixing stuff. Vote Democratic, vote Bernie.

  86. bearcreekbat

    I think I am beginning to understand why Bernie supporters who believe Hillary is so terrible will refuse to vote for her if she gets the nomination. They believe that Trump will then be elected.

    And apparently in their view that would be a good thing since Trump has promised to immediately have Hillary investigated and indicted.


    What an amazing job the attack teams have done demonizing Hillary. There is a certain irony in taking satisfaction in knowing someone like Hillary, whom you believe you cannot trust, will be jailed by Trump, a fraudulent huckster con man. Go figure.

  87. Vote on Tuesday June 7, that is the solution. After that, it will depend on which way the wind blows.

  88. Darin Larson

    jerry, Maduro has been ruling by decree and having people killed. Read your own Wikipedia citation for goodness sake. Are you really going to take issue with my use of the word “dictator?” That would be consistent with your illogical “Bernie or burn it all down” philosophy.

  89. If Trump Is Winning, Why Aren’t Congressional Republicans Losing Primaries? Interesting headline as it would seem that the same old crew may be back for yet another term. Not one Republican incumbent has been lost to a primary, not one. The only way that could change is if Bernie and his supporters win. Take all of the money that Bernie has collected and divide it by 27. When you do that, you can see the sheer numbers of new Democratic voters that he has brought into the picture. The Democratic party needs new young blood, Bernie has delivered. Vote on June 7

  90. Yes, I do take that as an issue because he was elected. That means the people in a majority, voted him in. How he is ruling after being duly elected is an entirely different story. Case in point was our Patriot Act https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriot_Act. If you do not think that was ruling by decree more or less, you are mistaken. Right now, we are in wars all over the world. Little ones and a couple of larger ones, who decided on those? Remember the War Powers Act?

  91. Roger Cornelius

    Your comments at 13:17 have a certain amount of validity. Jerry here on DFP and Bernie supporters elsewhere have been working overtime to trash Hillary, it doesn’t matter if there is any truth in their claims.
    Trump says he’ll have Clinton jailed, with Trump’s fascism, he won’t need an investigation or indictment, he’ll just have her jailed.
    You are right Bear, these Hillary bashers do seem to want Trump to win the White House for just that reason.
    As we have watched the SDGOP this primary get down and dirty and outright filthy in some cases, it seems that South Dakota Democrats can be just as vile.

  92. Darin Larson

    Bear- you have described well what I think is the “false equivalency syndrome” of some Bernie supporters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_equivalence

    Because Hillary is not perfect and trump is not perfect, they are the same to these Bernie supporters. When, in fact, that is like saying a jay walker and a serial killer are the same because they both committed unlawful offenses. To me that is intellectually dishonest, lazy, or stupid–take your pick.

    Trump is defrauding people, resorting to racism and race-baiting, threatening to jail Clinton if he gets elected, bullying his way to power, scaring our allies and emboldening our enemies and some people are going to stand by and say Clinton is the same? Bernie rails against the 1%, but Trump is the worst of the 1%. He is the worst of America. Where the heck is Bernie on this? His absence of leadership on the threat of Trump is telling. It is more about Bernie’s cult of personality than it is about the issues. His supporters that refuse the life raft of a Clinton presidency would rather go down with the Titanic Trump.

  93. Darin Larson

    So jerry, if you are elected by the people and then take over absolute power after the election you are not a dictator? You do realize that Hitler was elected by the German people right? What was that about American’s not knowing their history?

  94. mike from iowa

    Here is the remedy for Bernie’s friends if he ISN”T given the nod. From Nevada wingnut whackdoodle Sharron Angle. Of we don’t get our way through the ballot box, we have 2nd amendment remedies to get what we want.

  95. BIll DIthmer

    The ticket will be Clinton Warren. !

    The Blindman

  96. Darin Larson

    This article sums up my opinion of Bernie Sanders at this point:


    This is the place where a policy-oriented Washington commentator like myself is supposed to offer Bernie Sanders supporters some sort of olive branch. For example, I could point out that he has highlighted some real issues. I am angry about money in politics, too. I believe that income inequality is a problem, too. I think the safety net needs strengthening, too. In other words, I am supposed to indicate that I get why Sanders has a movement.

    “But the truth is that Sanders does not deserve a movement, and his losing campaign does not deserve unusual deference and concessions. His tale about American oligarchy is simplistic, his policy proposals are shallow, his rejection of political reality is absurd, his self-righteousness and stubbornness are unbecoming. And, yes, he has lost. . . .”

    “Sanders’ path to the Democratic presidential nomination is essentially nonexistent. His only hope rests on persuading Democratic “superdelegates,” nearly all of whom back Hillary Clinton, to swing his way. They will not do that. It is incoherent for Sanders to ask them to do so, given that he has attacked superdelegates as non-democratic actors in the nominating process and that Clinton will almost certainly end the cycle with more votes and more pledged delegates. . . .”

    “It is politically reasonable for the superdelegates to stick with Clinton. The poll numbers Sanders cites to argue that he would be a stronger nominee do not reflect the impressions voters would have after the Republicans engaged in a sustained anti-Sanders assault — the sort of thing Clinton has endured for decades. Polling shows that Sanders does not, in fact, do unusually well among true independents and that many of these crucial swing voters have not formed an opinion of him. . . .”

    Wait until Trump calls him Bernie the Commie!

    “So, enough with the reality denial. Enough with the sanctimony. Enough with the attitude that only Sanders’ agenda counts. Enough with the dream that his movement is broader and more powerful than it has proved to be at the ballot box. Enough with the paranoid conspiracy theorizing, the lazy attacks on the “establishment,” the platitudes about the right to health care and the right to free college without realistic plans to realize them, the delegitimization of those who disagree, the scorning of practicality, the outrageous negativity about the state of the country and the simplistic narrative of evil 1 percenters who are to blame for everything that is wrong. Enough with the excuses for half-baked policy proposals (It is the direction, not the specifics, that matter!). Enough with the ‘political revolution.'”
    Columbia Daily Online, June 5, 2016, Op Ed Stephen Stromberg

  97. Lanny V Stricherz

    As a self-admitted Washington commentator, I doubt that Stromberg is part of the establishment that we need to be rid of. Yeah right. Denigrate the message bearer of the fact that the PARTY insiders in DC have brought havoc on our country.

  98. mike from iowa

    bcb-your expertise is needed. Can I hope to see the day(soon) where Drumpf#$k gets tossed in jail on contempt charges for the hatchet job he is doing on the judge in his Drumpf#$k U case?

    Today he ordered his operatives to raise their level of attacks on the judge and call the press racists. I’d like to think that poor judge has suffered enough abuse from this lowlife.

  99. bearcreekbat

    mfi, criminal contempt in federal court is authorized by 18 U.S.C. 401. It provides:

    “A court of the United States shall have power to punish by fine or imprisonment, or both, at its discretion, such contempt of its authority, and none other, as –

    (1) Misbehavior of any person in its presence or so near thereto as to obstruct the administration of justice;

    (2) Misbehavior of any of its officers in their official transactions;

    (3) Disobedience or resistance to its lawful writ, process, order, rule, decree, or command.”

    Section (1) would have to be the basis for charging Trump with criminal contempt. This would require prosecutors to prove four elements beyond a reasonable doubt:


    “in or near to the presence of the Court”

    “obstructs the administration of justice,” and

    that the defendant commits “with the required degree of criminal intent.”


    It looks to me like the most difficult elements would be whether Trump’s contemptuous conduct occurred “near to the presence of the Court” and “obstructs the administration of justice.” Trump’s recent doubling down in attacking the integrity of the Court seems to open the door to a possible charge of criminal contempt.

  100. mike from iowa

    Thanks,bcb. You have given me great hope that someone will finally shut that SOB up! :)

  101. While I was out knocking on doors tonight, introducing some of my District 3 neighbors to their next State Senator, a friend texted and asked how I can claim to be fighting corruption when I’m willing to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    In the time it took me to dictate and proof a response, I could have knocked on three more doors and chatted or left my card with neighbors who might vote for change in Pierre. We could say something similar about my response here.

    I have cast my primary ballot for Bernie Sanders. If he is on my November ballot, I will vote for him again, no problem.

    I have not yet cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Senator Billie Sutton and Senator Troy Heinert spoke on SDPB Dakota Midday today. Senator Sutton endorsed Clinton; Senator Heinert endorsed Sanders. We need both Sutton and Heinert in Pierre to fight corruption in our state government. If I can be of service to either Senator, I will serve without hesitation. If they can help me in my Senate bid, I will welcome their help without hesitation.

    The next President of the United States will have little direct impact on fighting corruption in South Dakota. Heck, the next President will have little knowledge of or time for corruption in this state. We have our revolution to wage. I will wage it regardless of whom our parties nominate for President. I will go to Pierre and fix that corruption regardless of who our President is.


  102. Roger Cornelius

    With great protestations from Bernie supporters, AP has reported that Hillary has clinched the nomination after securing Puerto Rico and some last minute undeclared super delegates.
    Hillary is being very cautious and saying she is on the brink of the nomination.
    President Obama, Joe Biden, Senator Warren are expected to endorse her perhaps by the end of the week.

  103. Darin Larson

    Trump: “Look at my African-American over here. Look at him.”

    Stephen Colbert: “Trump did say he was going to start acting presidential and ‘Look at my African-American’ does sound like something Thomas Jefferson would have said. . . . In Trump’s defense the man he was pointing at was an African-American Trump supporter, but if you only have one it would be nice to learn the guy’s name.”

  104. Good one Darin, from the feller that is statistically tied with Clinton, what does it say? Fun times indeed. Stop me if you have heard the one about a man named Gore that was running for president.

  105. Lanny V Stricherz

    Well of course Bernie is a socialist and is just blowing a lot of smoke at us. We have never had it so good. Oh really? The Clintons are just like Trump and the Bushes and Reagan. And guess what, as Jerry has pointed out, it all started because of the constant war.


  106. mike from iowa

    Gregory Cheadle-Drumps#$k’s African American is not a Drunpf#$k supporter.


  107. Darin Larson

    Clinton Makes History! First woman to be a major party’s presumptive nominee. It is another proud day to be a Democrat.

  108. Jason Sebern

    Ask yourself why the AP announced Clinton as the winner on the eve of the California primary? Why not let the people vote first and then report on the winner AFTER the vote? How many Sanders voters will not vote today because the MSM has already stated that the contest is over?

  109. Darin Larson

    Jason: I’m sure the AP is part of a vast Clinton conspiracy to put her into the Whitehouse. It wouldn’t be that some uncommitted superdelegates announced their intention to vote for Clinton which mathematically gives her the number needed to clinch the nomination.

  110. Darin regardless of the numbers you still have to admit the result is that some people who feel their vote won’t matter will stay away and won’t bother to vote. When the media races to be first to announce or predict a “winner”, it harms democracy.

    In a perfect world, we would all vote on the same day and no results of any kind would be publicly available until after the polls close. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and the media companies know their revenue depends upon being first to report breaking news… so they use every tool in the shed to calculate a headline that they can shove into our eyes and ears.

    Is there a conspiracy? No… but it isn’t anything to admire either.

  111. Darin Larson

    Quoting the AP story:

    “Indeed, Clinton’s victory is broadly decisive. She leads Sanders by more than 3 million cast votes, by 291 pledged delegates and by 523 superdelegates. She won 29 caucuses and primaries to his 21 victories.

    That’s a far bigger margin than Obama had in 2008, when he led Clinton by 131 pledged delegates and 105 superdelegates at the point he clinched the nomination.”

  112. Steve Sibson

    ” First woman to be a major party’s presumptive nominee. It is another proud day to be a Democrat.”

    But it is the same old crony capitalist puppet for the Anglo-Saxon economic elites. And that makes a Democrat proud?

  113. Darin Larson

    Craig: oh for crying out loud. The Clinton people didn’t want it announced either by the AP that she clinched because they are worried about suppressing their turnout while the Sanders supporters still show up to vote.

  114. I don’t do conspiracy theories, but I am open to suggestions that just the right number of superdelegates saw announcing their Clinton endorsement to the press yesterday as an opportunity to tamp down whatever good buzz Sanders might get from California.

    Sanders is perfectly correct to point out that the convention will decide the nominee, not an AP declaration, and that superdelegates can change their minds right up until they vote at the convention. However…

    But Sanders’s statement — and the AP’s call — distract from the larger point. Clinton will be the Democratic nominee because substantially more Democrats have voted for her. In addition to her elected delegate majority, she’s received approximately 13.5 million votes so far in primaries and caucuses, compared with 10.5 million for Sanders.

    There also isn’t much sign of forward momentum for Sanders, after a strong run of contests in late March and early April. Over the past seven weeks, from the New York primary on April 19 through Puerto Rico on Sunday, Clinton has won 505 pledged delegates compared with 428 for Sanders. Her current lead in our national polling average, 14.4 percentage points, is the widest it has been since mid-February [Nate Silver, “Hillary Clinton Will Be Nominated Because More Democrats Are Voting For Her,” FiveThirtyEight, 2016.06.07].

    Bonus points to Silver for agreeing with me that we add an apostrophe and an s to make the possessive of Sanders’s name.

  115. Time to pull the Democratic party together to defeat Trumpy McTrumpface – the GOP party’s joke of a candidate.

  116. I am thinking that Bernie will do well here in South Dakota and that is really important. We need new blood into a party that has become complacent with the likes of Clinton or as we on the street say, the lesser of two evils. Yikes, I puked in my mouth at that!

    When we see the results after today, even though they are somewhat tainted by the early announcement of nothing news, we may be able to hang onto something positive for the state. I think once South Dakota voters have the feel that they can get something positive from a party other than the republican machine that has been their overlords for decades, we will see improvements. We actually have one of our own in the fight this cycle. If you have not put a couple of shekels into the coffers of one Cory H, now would be a great time to just say Yes and do it.

  117. Assuming Clinton is the nominee, in order for Clinton to come close to Trump, she will need Bernie’s platform complete. No bull—- 12 bucks an hour, but the 15. Tuition paid and education finally taken seriously by the nation. Universal healthcare with no strings, I am talking to you Daugaard. Climate change is real, lets address it with vigor. A two state solution and then go green. Kick the TPP and the rest of the anti American trade deals in the arse for starters and then put Bernie himself out selling his platform. There would be a landslide to do anything other will be 2000 again. We know how that works, tie goes to Red always.

  118. bearcreekbat

    Darin’s “false equivalency” analysis finds considerable support by Salon’s Digby in an article today.


    Media treatment of Trump and Hillary “has the perverse effect of normalizing Trump and pathologizing Clinton in a way that equalizes them to Trump’s advantage. There is no equivalence between them. He is an unqualified, unfit, unhinged authoritarian demagogue and she is a mainstream Democratic party politician.”

  119. Roger Cornelius

    For those concerned about the AP announcement that Hillary had won the Democratic nomination, how long ago was it announced that Donald Trump had won the Republican nomination? Even after Trump won the nomination, republican primaries continued and will continue today. I don’t know if droves of republicans are turning out for him today, but I doubt it.
    Hillary doesn’t have to adopt Bernie’s platform or anyone else’s, she ran on her own merits. If the electorate wanted Bernie’s platform, they would have voted for him.

  120. bearcreekbat

    I don’t see Hillary supporters as anti-Bernie at all. Bernie has brought so many positive ideas to this campaign. Robert Reich’s open letter to Bernie identifies why Bernie’s campaign should be considered a victory even though he didn’t get the nomination.


    I agree with Reich and say congratulations on a great campaign Bernie and Bernie supporters!

  121. Review all SD banking laws. That would be a giant step forward for SD DEMS! If you do not believe that former Governor William Janklow did not affect our nation’s economy and crash, then I ask you to question the history.

  122. Remember this? Let’s call on the SDDP to do a full audit of HillaryVictoryFunds entering our state. How did they get spread around? Shortly after June 7th, all mailers had the “paid for by” disclaimer on them. Yet many of our Dem candidates did not receive any of this victory money to support their campaigns. Political retribution for following the perceived “wrong” candidate? Who made these decisions?

  123. I don’t think the SDDP should have any problem auditing something that never came. The only one who got anything was from Bernie Sanders. I believe that was Clara Hart.

  124. The point of my request of the audit is not so much to determine what the candidates received because as you indicated that was almost universally denied by candidates. The point is, rather, did SDDP receive funds from the HillaryVictoryFund that were never disbursed to the DEM candidates. If, as you say, zero funds were received by the state party, one must wonder why? All in all, any relevant information supplied to state Democrats by SDDP would be welcome, don’t you think?