Peters Leading District 9 Primary Cash Contest

Deb Peters and Lora Hubbel—photos represent relative size of campaign kitties as of May 27, 2016.
Deb Peters and Lora Hubbel—photos represent relative size of campaign kitties as of May 27, 2016.

Senator Deb Peters (R-9/Hartford) is killing primary challenger Lora Hubbel in campaign contributions. According to the incumbent Senator’s pre-primary report, she’s received $10,148 in individual contributions, another $10,300 from 19 South Dakota PACs, $2,300 from six evil out-of-state corporate PACs (Big Pharma! Big Retail! Big Insurance—even though Peters voted against stealth vouchers!), and $1,750 from three candidate committees. Peters has spent $15,417.74, but with almost $14,000 that she had on hand at the beginning and over $4,000 in personal loans to the campaign, Peters had enough cash to give $600 to the Minnehaha County GOP and $400 to the Senate GOP Campaign Committee and still have over $22,000 on hand to finish off her challenger and prep for November.

Meanwhile, Lora Hubbel reported $50 in individual contributions and $800 from two South Dakota PACs. If Hubbel’s campaign pitch for cash to hire a private eye to find out who really killed the Westerhuises drew any takers, Hubbel didn’t report their contributions as campaign finance.

To cover her $4,978.40 in advertising, printing, and postage, Hubbel has had to loan her campaign $5,000 of her own money. Even if Hubbel writes off that $5K, her cash on hand of $871.20 is 4% of what Peters has available for the remaining primary season.

One oddity: Hubbel received $300 from SD RPAC, the realtors. During the same reporting period, SD RPAC gave Senator Peters $1,000. Hubbel’s only other PAC backer, the South Dakota Chiropractic PAC, gave her $500 and Peters nothing… signaling that our chiropractors may be one of the most arch-conservative professions in the state. (Curious: does anyone know a good Democratic chiropractor?)

22 Responses to Peters Leading District 9 Primary Cash Contest

  1. Nick Nemec

    John Carr of Carr Chiropractic Clinic in Miller is a Democrat. His now deceased father, Wayne Carr, was a Democratic candidate for the legislature 25-30 years ago.

  2. Roger Cornelius

    Has Hubbel ever given an update on her PI and the amount of money she raised for her efforts?

  3. There’s one! Thanks, Nick!

  4. Roger, I’ve heard no update, but as we know, Lora peruses our comment section every now and then, so perhaps we can prevail upon the candidate directly to update us on her progress toward discovering the true killers.

  5. Hubbel’s husband is a chiropractor.

    Nice gold dress Peters is wearing (-;

  6. … gold dress matches Peters’ hair.

    That man in the small photo with the pink shirt on. Did Steve Sibson shave his beard?

  7. mike from iowa

    What’s with the tag on Peters’ dress-watering instructions?

  8. Steve Hickey

    …about Hubbel . I restrained myself in that letter to the editor.

  9. Despite Mr. Hickey’s endorsement of Ms. Peters, she also receives the grudznick endorsement. Mainly because Ms. Hubbel is definitely a woman insaner than most, if not all others.

  10. Tell her how she feels about the minimum wage.

  11. Good letter Mr. Hickey.

  12. Lee Schoenbeck

    Griudznick, good post, thank you for morning laugh

  13. As the good Hickey notes, Hubbel’s accusations tend to lack follow-up and confirmation. Nothing came of her Bosworth-flacking on Hickey’s alleged petition shenanigans. No one else stepped forward on the record to back those allegations up with the evidence that convicted Bosworth. I suspect her campaign claims about conspiracy in the Westerhuis deaths will go a similar direction.

  14. (But the dress? Really, guys, that’s the best you’ve got?)

  15. Somehow Laura Hubbel got my cell phone number and left a robocall voicemail. How does one do that?

  16. Steve Sibson

    “Senator Peters is a strong fiscal conservative”

    There is some real misinformation from Hickey’s letter to the editor. Hypocrite. Peters is a tax and spend liberal.

  17. Hard to say, Wayne. Did you include your phone number with your voter registration?

  18. No, I didn’t… when I moved I just updated my address. I don’t recall including it on my DL registration, and that would’ve been long ago enough for me to have a different number.

    Someone’s doing some homework.

  19. mike from iowa

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  20. mike from iowa

    This should scare everyone with children or Grands with cell

  21. As Mike notes, that cell phone could have leaked out in any database from any private company with whom you’ve shared your contact info which then made a buck by selling that info. Hard to track!