Obama Still Christian; Anti-Islam Shouter Coming to Winner Tuesday to Say Otherwise

Someone’s coming to Winner this week to make a buck off the Trump vote:

Poster for Usama Dakdok event in Winner
Poster for Usama Dakdok event in Winner

Usama K. Dakdok has been living in an RV and running an anti-Islam medicine show for quailing Americans for over a decade. Dakdok claims to have produced the only accurate English translation of the Qu’ran… because of course, a guy with degrees in Christian theology and missiology for whom English is a second language is best qualified to write the only accurate English translation of the Qu’ran.

Dakdok says that Mohammed was a sex offender; that Islam is a disease; that Allah is Satan; that every true Muslim is a barbaric, savage terrorist; and that anyone who says otherwise is a politically correct, ignorant dupe of the liberal media:

I’m no “useful idiot” for Islam. Whether we’re talking about ringing up pork products at the grocery store or showing proper and equal respect to women, Islam, like every other religion, needs to bend to the necessary unifying demands of democratic pluralism. Individuals who take their religion as a license to kill need to be restrained until they come up with a better religion.

But Dakdok appears to be wrapped up in the Fox-shouting anti-Obama nuttiness that hucksters like Annette Bosworth, Ben Carson, and, most alarmingly and successfully, Donald Trump have used to grasp for attention and money. Like Annette Bosworth, he appears to exploit fearful old folks who are easily separated from their money:

A majority of the listeners were elders. They stuffed a jar with free-will donations, $10s and $20s removed from pockets and purses. Most had never heard Dakdok speak before–he asked for a show of hands as he started–and a few had a hard time hearing, asking “What did he say?” to their neighbor. He requested they come–to the First Assembly of God church at 7 p.m. Thursday–when he speaks again [Kyle Farris, “‘Islam Is a Barbaric, Savage Cult,’ Usama Dakdok Tells Crowd in Bemidji,” Grand Forks Herald, 2015.09.09].

Dakdok preaches the tired “Obama is a Muslim” line, rejecting all evidence to the contrary by asserting that every Muslim is a liar and that every citizen who says Obama is a Christian is herself deceived. He asserts our President’s Muslim allegiance with further illogic:

President Barack Obama, he said, is a Muslim who was elected largely because he identified publicly as a Christian.

“Barack Hussein Obama is all smooth,” he said, “wears a suit and tie.

“All Muslims in America wear a suit and tie” [Farris, 2015.09.09].

Usama Dakdok in Bemidji, MN,  2015.09.08. Photo by Kyle Farris, Grand Forks Herald.
Wearing a tie but not a suit jacket, so obviously only half-Muslim.

Dakdok frequently wears a suit and tie in his speeches and media appearances, and he certainly makes an effort to be a smooth speaker. What shall we conclude from those facts about his true religion?

Dakdok’s argues that Islam errs because it contradicts the Bible. That’s like arguing that the Millennium Falcon‘s hyperdrive can’t work because it doesn’t use the Enterprise‘s warp technology.

Dakdok doesn’t talk about practical policy—what logical conclusion and action are we supposed to draw from his cries that Muslims are all terrorists?—rather, he just shouts the wild accusations that he knows a certain audience will pay good money to hear.

He also doesn’t mind inciting those certain audiences to menacing behavior. At his second performance in a three-day June 2014 event in Bagley, Minnesota, Dakdok tried to throw a Muslim woman out of the audience:

The audience members said the Muslim woman, who wears a religious headscarf, was part of a peaceful protest outside the hate event. She, along with others, entered the auditorium after the silent protest finished to listen to the speech. Their “Love Thy Neighbor” signs were lowered and not facing anyone inside. As the Muslim woman was quietly walking down the aisle looking for a seat, Dakdok stopped his presentation and singled her out. He asked her to leave, allegedly yelling, “Sister, I will give you one last chance to leave or I will throw you out myself!”

One attendee described an angry mob of Dakdok supporters who then began harassing the Muslim woman: “People were yelling at the Muslim woman, ‘Get out’ and ‘You weren’t invited.’ Men were getting to their feet and moving towards her to lay hands on her.”

The audience member announced he was calling the police out of concern for the Muslim woman’s safety. Godwin allegedly tried to interfere with the police call by attempting to intimidate the Good Samaritan by telling him, “Don’t you dare [call the police]. This will be on your soul.”

Three officers responded to the call, including the Bagley police chief, a Bagley police officer and a Sheriff’s Deputy. The Muslim woman was allowed to stay and an officer stayed at the event until it ended [“Police Called to Hate Event at Minnesota School After ‘Mob’ Harasses Muslim Woman,” Loonwatch, 2014.06.23].

At the following day’s event in Bagley, Dakdok laughed at criticism of that thuggish behavior and told audience members, “We all must be Islamophobes.” He then asserted that good Christians should replace the liberal pro-Muslim brainwashing in our school textbooks with Dakdok’s brainwashing:

Dakdok railed against “liberals,” who in his view allow Muslims to enter the country. He spent much of the lecture citing excerpts from various textbooks he said he disagreed with. Some implied the Bible was not literal fact, but a religious text and others referenced Jesus as originating from Palestine, not Israel. These, Dakdok assured the audience, were “lies.”

“We need to move this trash out of our public school and replace it with Jesus’ teaching,” he said. “Muslims are trying to use (it) to brainwash your children.”

He also claimed as lies excerpts from textbooks that pointed out there have been other examples of terrorism in world history besides that perpetrated by Muslim extremists and that the reasons for modern terrorism are complex.

Dakdok said the reason most of the people in the audience were older was because young people have already been exposed to the lies and thus didn’t believe in the Bible. The next time Dakdok would come to Bagley, he said, he wanted to see the audience filled with young people.

“You force your children to come and hear me,” Dakdok said [Zach Kayser, “Controversial Speaker Gives Final Presentation in Bagley,” Grand Forks Herald, 2014.06.24].

Dakdok’s comment at the top of that quote suggests he’d support banning Muslims from entering the U.S. He clearly doesn’t want them working at airports:

Usama Dakdok, Tweet to Donald Trump, 2016.05.20
Usama Dakdok, Tweet to Donald Trump, 2016.05.20

Good grief—expect Dakdok to make Trump’s VP short list… not that Dakdok would mind:

Dakdok Tweet to Trump, 2016.04.04
Dakdok Tweet to Trump, 2016.04.04

Dakdok will come to Winner Tuesday. He’ll preach Islamophobia. He’ll peddle lies about the President of the United States. He’ll sell a couple books and get some gas money in his jar from some nervous old ranchers and grey-haired ladies who think they’re helping do the Lord’s work. And no one in the Winner Middle School gym will go home any wiser or better equipped to do real practical political problem-solving.

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  1. This Dakdok knows where to go, an insignificant West River GOP Christian conservative town, to fuel the Islamic fear. Well, I guess you gotta make money somehow.

  2. Here is more on this nutcase. Surprise, surprise he spoke at a Tea Party rally in Ohio.


  3. mike from iowa

    He seems nice.

  4. @mike from iowa: too funny! :)

  5. BAH!!!!!!!!

  6. mike from iowa

    Good link,Owen. Tea Baggers might be the one group that would believe his words were the gospel according to Saint Dingbat.

    Spencer’s face reminds me of Too-Loose Lautrec.

  7. Roger Cornelius

    Dakdok’s collection jar needs to be pretty big, there are a lot of dumb South Dakotans that fall for tea party medicine shows.

  8. Donald Pay

    Yeah, this ain’t really about Islamophobia. It’s about shaking down the rubes for money. Fear lubricates the money pipeline.

    The MO of the anti-immigration and the Islamophobe scammers is similar. They search out mentally declining elders and scare them enough that they hand over their life savings. If your grandpa has a ranch and he’s not always thinking lucidly, you better keep him away or he’ll sign it over to Dumb Duck. Even if he’s got enough sense to not give away the farm, they’ll find a way to get him to sign something, even if it’s just a petition. Then they will relentless pursue money through direct mail. A lot of these folks don’t have good short-term memories, so they’ll give and give and give. Even if it’s only $25 a crack, they’ll hit up the poor guy every two weeks, and take quite a bit of money off him over a year or two.

  9. Good Holy Jesus!

  10. Jack Shaftoe

    Quoted from above:

    “I’m no “useful idiot” for Islam. Whether we’re talking about ringing up pork products at the grocery store or showing proper and equal respect to women, Islam, like every other religion, needs to bend to the necessary unifying demands of democratic pluralism. Individuals who take their religion as a license to kill need to be restrained until they come up with a better religion.”

    This, of course, doesn’t apply to his version of Christianity, though. Ask him the pro-life, pro-choice question and we’ll see how far his recitation of democratic pluralism goes.

  11. Steve Sibson

    “Dakdok preaches the tired “Obama is a Muslim” line, rejecting all evidence to the contrary by asserting that every Muslim is a liar and that every citizen who says Obama is a Christian is herself deceived.”

    Obama wear a ring that says, “There is no god but Allah”:


    Cory, you are the one that is rejecting real evidence. This post is largely propaganda to prevent people from knowing the truth. But you did say something that is true:

    “Islam, like every other religion, needs to bend to the necessary unifying demands of democratic pluralism.”

    That is correct, the Bible does mention that there will be a false religion that will unite all religions and then set up the anti-Christ’s political and economic one-world system. Then comes the Great Tribulation.

    People who read this web site should understand why those who advocate a true Biblical Christian worldview are bullied and called all kinds of names…it is because we will not give up our belief in the exclusivity of Jesus Christ in order to go along in order to get along. Certainly sounds like the religious version of crony capitalism.

  12. Sibby, which seminary did say you were attending?

  13. mike from iowa

    Sibby-hang a wreath on your nose,dude, your brain has passed away entirely.

    Your brain jumped the shark big time, fella.

  14. Jack Shaftoe

    Quoted from Sibson:

    People who read this web site should understand why those who advocate a true Biblical Christian worldview are bullied and called all kinds of names…it is because we will not give up our belief in the exclusivity of Jesus Christ in order to go along in order to get along.

    Besides trying to set yourself and your fellow believers above the rest of believers and of course atheists and agnostics, exactly what is a “true Biblical Christian”?

    Such a brave description of essentially stealing choices and freedom from other Americans based on nothing but your assertion. You are absolutely free to believe whatever you want, but this kind of “true Biblical Christianity” almost always demands to take decisions and choices away from other Americans based on your claim to understand the mind of God. Anytime someone voices criticism of these publically stated beliefs there are Christians crying about being bullied or persecuted, yet many of you think nothing of lumping all kinds of people and beliefs into a single group so you can turn the hate on them. These hateful, destructive ideas have existed for a long time, yet no answer to the big questions is any more apparent after all the killing. Apparent in that there is any wide spread agreement about it all.

    The problem that keeps repeating is the assumption made by certain zealots that they have arrived at “the” answer and so this gives them the right to force all the rest of us to do or not do a list of things because they are sure they know what God wants. We have gotten Inquisition, Auto da fe, the death penalty for not attending church and various episodes of ethnic cleansing and genocide – all over something none of you can show the slightest proof it even exists.

    And, on this very special day where we honor the lives of those who sacrificed everything for us to be able to live free, beliefs like this dishonor these folks – all the way back to and especially the dead from the American Revolution. Our founders did not want to repeat the same mistakes so many of our European progenitors had experienced because of the establishment of a strong, wealthy and powerful church that ruled everyone’s lives

  15. Yes the Papal Bull worked very well for the indigenous people of the Americas. A few of us even managed to survive it.

    Obama has sure proven to be the evil one. Getting out of the oil wars, trying to bring health care to the working poor and kicking Republican butt twice.

    The ceremonies going on at the Cemeteries on the rez speak to all religions, all ways of life, all beliefs and great patriotism for America. Despite Harney killing native women and children at Bluewater.

    Many nice statements here. We all know Dakdok is a nutcase.

    I don’t believe Sibson really thinks that way does he? Wow.

    On this memorial day it’s good to honor all that have gone before us.

  16. I am shocked the Winner MInisterial Association would do this. My understanding is they are an association of the local mainstream churches. Am I wrong?

  17. You know, notinks, that’s a good question. The WMA does not appear to have a Web presence of its own. However, it is a registered 501(c)3, enjoying breaks from federal income tax and from state sales and use tax. WMA’s 2013 990 form lists WMA’s address as 222 S. Main St., which is the location of the community thrift store. That 990 lists WMA’s board as Randy Hahne (Assemblies of God pastor), Dale Sherman (info?), Ron Snethen (Church of the Nazarene pastor), and Stanley Woolley (Catholic priest).

    Douglas, do you know if WMA includes all of your local churches?

  18. Obama’s ring? Bunk!

    This claim about Barack Obama’s ring (shown in more detail here) looks to be an artifact of someone who has never actually seen the ring in question trying mightily to find a hidden message where none exists, however. All of the images used to illustrate the claim are either blurry, low-resolution close-ups or shots taken from too distant a perspective to clearly show the details of the gold band. Isolating the ring from a much higher-resolution photograph of President Obama’s hand taken by photographer Miguel Villagran during a 5 June 2009 news conference in Dresden, Germany, shows the ring to bear what looks like nothing more than a plain loop-like pattern, with the top section matching the bottom…


    …We shared the above picture with a small survey of six different persons with fluency in written Arabic, and all of them said the pattern displayed on the ring appeared to be an abstract one with no discernible meaning in Arabic.

    One might also consider the incongruity that a politician who has long been dealing with (and denying) rumors that he is a Muslim would openly wear a symbol demonstrating those rumors to be true [David Mikkelson, “Lord of the Ring?Snopes.com, 2014.07.18].

    See also:


    This 2009 NYT article mentions that Barack’s wedding ring is “an intricate gold design from Indonesia”: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/01/magazine/01Obama-t.html

  19. Wade Brandis

    Cory… yep, the WMA operates the local thrift store and has done so for years. They also operate a food pantry from the same location.

  20. Steve Sibson

    “Obama’s ring? Bunk!”

    Cory, I have already read the denials from the sources you site. They have that one photo, while there are many other photos that say otherwise. Your sources are fronts for the covert propagandist to deny truth by calling them “conspiracy theories”. Kind of hard for the propagandists to rebut all 38 pieces of evidence that makes more than a little obvious that Obama is pro-Islam, who hate Christians:


  21. Steve Sibson

    “exactly what is a “true Biblical Christian”?”

    The answer is in the quote on what I said about the exclusivity of Jesus Christ. That means we will not be victims of those of the ecumenical movements seeking plurality. And our purpose is to warn others about the false church such as those who you talked about, and not conduct some kind of war against those who do not agree with the catholic (universal) church. What you see as “Christian” is not a true Biblical Christian worldview.

  22. Steve, none of the other photos are as clear or conclusive as one legitimate photo to which I link. You persist in denial just like Mr. Dakdok. As I have said many times before, if you can deny Barack Obama’s clear statement and all the evidence on the record that he is a Christian in favor of stretched conspiracizing and warped relativism, then I can deny the Christianity of you, Dakdok, and anyone else. You’re all atheists. Ha.

    I will never seriously make that claim. I will, however, assert that the evidence suggests that Dakdok is a Christian of convenience, a flim-flam man capitalizing on his professions of faith and expertise to separate fearful, vulnerable audiences from their money. It must be nice to be able to set aside one’s conscience, walk into a room, and scare people into handing over their money.

  23. Roger Cornelius

    President Obama’s ring is probably the most petty of arguments ever made on
    Dakota Free Press. It is bunk and anybody that takes it seriously is mentally challenged. It means nothing.

    If there is a definition of true Biblical Christian, it certainly isn’t Sibson. The hate and contempt that man has for anybody that disagrees with him is hardly an example of Love Thy Neighbor.
    Sibson works feverishly to find reasons to hate with his wacko ideologies.
    Even the atheist Cory is more Christian like than Sibson.

  24. bearcreekbat

    Cory, I have to disagree with you once again in your discussion of Sibby’s response to the question: “exactly what is a “true Biblical Christian”?”

    I think you can legitimately make the claim that Sibby and the rest are not real Christians. Indeed, as an impartial Atheist who has made a study of religion and married a spouse who has worked to become a pastor you are in the best position to evaluate whether the comments of Sibby and others fit within a valid concept of Christianity.

    People have used claims of Christianity to convince others to give them money ever since Christianity became a religion. Most have been discovered to be charlatans. Here is a great representation of the scam:


  25. Steve Sibson

    “if you can deny Barack Obama’s clear statement and all the evidence on the record that he is a Christian”

    Actions (38 of them) speak louder than words. The German photo being clearer is false. The White House photos are crystal clear.


  26. Steve Sibson

    BCB, when have I asked you for money? Those who seek money from others thru the taxing authority of government for the religious cause of “social justice” are the fake Christians. Using the poor and now teachers as political pawns and promoting those victims to covet is truly sad.

  27. Steve Sibson

    “It is bunk and anybody that takes it seriously is mentally challenged.”

    “The hate and contempt that man has for anybody that disagrees with him is hardly an example of Love Thy Neighbor.”

    Isn’t calling someone mentally challenged an act of hate Roger?

  28. Sibby, did you hear that god drowned in a bowl of cereal?

  29. Roger Cornelius

    Calling someone mentally challenged could be considered an act of hate, but than I’m not the one masquerading as a Biblical Christian.

  30. Steve Sibson

    ” Indeed, as an impartial Atheist who has made a study of religion and married a spouse who has worked to become a pastor you are in the best position to evaluate whether the comments of Sibby and others fit within a valid concept of Christianity.”

    BCB, you deny God, so that you can become a god yourself. Your self-righteous comment is an example of that. As an unbeliever, you have eyes and ears, but you cannot see nor hear. Your are in the worse position to be judge in regard to what is Christianity. Certainly you and the rest of the confused people on this thread would not understand a true Christian:

    Straight Way of Grace Ministry travels throughout the United States and Canada equipping Christians to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ to their Muslim neighbors, as well as ministering to Muslims directly.

    Please look around the website. There are many resources available to Muslims to help them come to know the true Lord, Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian, you may want to learn more about the religion of Islam and how you might effectively reach out to Muslims with the word of our Savior.


  31. Roger Cornelius

    If Dakota Free Press is going to be turned into blog about the conspiracy behind President Obama’s wedding ring and sermonettes from the lunatic fringe, I’ll be compelled to rely of Dakotawarcollege and sibbyonline for more reliable news.

  32. mike from iowa

    Sibby, you make it real easy to dislike you. You are persistent in that regard. You go waaaaaayyyyyy out of your way to make people dislike you. I think, like Doc Boswell, you need professional help.

  33. Roger’s right—we shouldn’t even be having that discussion. There is no controversy or honest doubt about our President’s religion; I bring the nonsense up only to highlight the unreliability of hucksters like Dakdok.

    Bearcreekbat, notice the difference you describe between the assessment I would make of others’ religious beliefs and the lies about others’ beliefs that men like Dakdok so eagerly spread. You rightly say that, in evaluating the legitimacy of another’s religious claims, I would look at that person’s words themselves and determine how well they cohere with the principles of their claimed religion. Dakdok simply dismisses others’ words as lies and constructs his own hermetically sealed worldview with his own made-up claims, immune to any logical critique. Even on the Qu’ran itself, he doesn’t rely on other authorities; he fabricates his own version of the book to support the fearmongering claims that put gas in his RV.

  34. Wade, I hope WMA keeps focusing on practical efforts like the thrift store and food pantry. I hope they realize they are draining their donor base by letting Dakdok come to town to siphon away local dollars that could do more good feeding and clothing the local poor.

  35. Steve Sibson

    “Roger’s right”

    No, he is a hypocrite. The hate is on those who are attacking Dakdok for blowing the trumpet to warn those who have been deceived. Propagandists will use the poor to promote coveting, as Cory just did. And the biggest lie out their is the need for us to shut the hell up and agree with pluralism. If you don’t, the thugs will brand up a “hater”. Dakdok’s mission is one of love, not hate.

    Why would you people allow deception to go unchallenged? There are 38 reasons the show Obama’s actions do not match up with his claim. The propagandists have a lot more work to do if they want to rebut all 38 actions.

  36. David Newquist

    The p0sting of a link to one of the most debased, hate-dedicated sites on the Internet is beyond any semblance of sanity.

  37. Steve Sibson

    David, your definition of hate does not match up with the Bible.

    The most debased, hate-dedicated site on the internet is:


  38. Dude’s got s shtick and he’s working it. Mr. Sibson’s a dude with a shtick too. He needs to work on it.

  39. bearcreekbat

    What is this, a game of “Limbo” – how low can he go?

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the finest organizations in America. It stands for the sane, decent and compassionate treatment of all people and deserves our full support. You know, kind of like what was advocated at the sermon on the mount.

  40. Steve Sibson

    BCB, you lack of discernment is showing again:

    The SPLC itself has been accused of being a hate group. It was one of several groups identified by a domestic terrorist as having inspired his attempt to murder Christians at the Family Research Council in a foiled armed attack.

    In 2012, Floyd Lee Corkin is serving a 25-year prison sentence for the attack that resulted in the wounding of an FRC security guard. The judge determined that it was an act of domestic terrorism after the shooter admitted that he used SPLC’s hate map to identify FRC as a target. Corkins said his plan was to kill as many people at FRC as he could.

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/02/look-who-made-extremist-watch-list-now/#9ZffRRAX4ARb0o1s.99

    How many of you hate those that are on the SPLC list of groups?

  41. mike from iowa


    Here is the statute Corkins was charged with. Apparently,chik fil A is some nasty stuff.

  42. Roger Cornelius

    Sibson’s link only reinforces the findings of the South Poverty Law Center’s longtime findings.
    The greatest threat to terrorism in this country is not an massive ISIS or a communist invasion, it is the lone wolf threat and actions on Planned Parenthood, Muslim Mosques, military installations, movie theatres, and the heartbreaking attack on the babies in Newton, and Dylann Roof’s villainous attack on a South Carolina Church that claimed 9 Black lives.
    Lone wolves are rarely associated with an organization, but do share their hateful ideology
    The Southern Poverty Law Center provides an invaluable resource in indentifying and locating hate groups that we all should be aware of.

  43. happy camper

    He’s not to be taken seriously, but anyone who gives themselves over to a doctrine is an idiot and a slave. Islam stinks! It’s much worse than modern day Christianity. For a more accurate, scholarly interpretation of the Koran and Muhammad’s teaching watch Bill Warner. ISIS is actually following Muhammad’s last teaching, as he updated and changed his earlier views ultimately saying violence was necessary, not peace. Muslim extremists really are just following his instructions. He has many videos, here’s one:


  44. mike from iowa

    Islam stinks! It’s much worse than modern day Christianity.

    I’m gonna venture a guess and say 10 out of 10 Muslims will disagree with you. The kicker is I’d vote with the Muslims after watching today’s kristians make a mockery out of kristianity.

  45. happy camper

    Mike, this is an atheist’s blog. Cory tries it seems to be respectful of differing beliefs, but there ain’t no god. Muhammad was a prophet of nothing. Christianity and all religions are a mockery of themselves. Use that thing between your ears.

  46. Mike, I have yet to envision a circumstance in which, if I were to be knocked from my atheist perch, I would choose Islam over Christianity. Maybe that’s just cultural inertia.

    As Hap notes, I try to respect differing beliefs. I’ll give other beliefs room to run until their believers try bossing me around… or until they start committing acts in the name of their gods that infringe on reason, universal human rights, and pluralistic democracy.

  47. Steve Sibson

    “The Southern Poverty Law Center provides an invaluable resource in indentifying and locating hate groups that we all should be aware of.”

    What you really mean is the SPLC is an invaluable resource to help you find groups to hate.

  48. Well maybe you could go to all those misguided (hate) groups and try to save them, Sibs.

  49. Steve Sibson

    Jenny, that is exactly what I am doing here.

  50. happy camper

    Islam means submission: “Islam and Submission are not names. They are descriptions reflecting the soul’s absolute devotion and submission to God Alone.” That basis of the religion is an inherent infringement on reason. Everything that follows is just a bunch of hooey. Say that in the wrong place and they kill ya.

    “Islam is often defined as a religion, but this does not give a clear meaning of the word. Literally and in practice, it is self-surrender, submission, absolute surrender to the will, service and the commands of the One True God. It is a type of submission that will enable one to have a sense of peace within and to be free from all fears, to feel completely safe and protected. A submission and surrender that is given wholeheartedly without any doubt, and will make one readily obedient to the commands of the One True God. Therefore, Islam is not just some religion based on a simple belief or faith in something, but a total submission that is given to God alone.” Give me a break. Bad things come from such obedience like blowing yourself up, killing non-believers, etc. It’s 2016 yet Islam remains the fastest growing affront to the freedom of reason (religion).


  51. Roger Cornelius

    I meant precisely what I wrote Sibson, changing my words around doesn’t change by opinion