SDGOP Exec Budmayr Sure Sanders Won’t Affect How We See Retrumplican “Leadership”

On the pretense of equal time (or perhaps just afraid that Senator John Thune will haul them before his new Senate Un-Conservative Activities Subcommittee), KELO-TV turns to South Dakota Republican Party exec Ryan Budmayr for comment on Senator Bernie Sanders’s statewide blitz yesterday. Budmayr says the enthusiastic reception for Sanders matters only as long as Budmayr wants it to:

Ryan Budmayr
What does strong conservative leadership look like—less color?

“I think that it goes to show that Hillary Clinton is pretty weak, that he’s spending time in South Dakota and can win South Dakota,” Budmayr said.

While Budmayr says Sanders could win the South Dakota Democratic primary, he believes presidential campaign stops in the state won’t have a lasting effect beyond June.

“I don’t see visits by Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton affecting the way people see what strong conservative leadership looks like,” Budmayr said [Perry Groten, “South Dakota GOP Reacts to Sanders Visit,” KELO-TV, 2016.05.13].

No, Ryan, I suppose visits by Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, or the reincarnated spirits of Paul Wellstone and Franklin D. Roosevelt would change what “strong conservative leadership” looks like in the GOP’s eyes in 2016:

Donald Trump
“Strong conservative leadership” in 2016

Per party rules, SDGOP exec Budmayr offered Groten no pre-primary endorsement, but Ryan, come one—you’re talking about the strong conservative leader who is your party’s de facto nominee, right?

Yeah, no visit, no speech, no spin, no nothing will change what the GOP’s choice to provide strong conservative leadership looks like this year. Have fun in November, Ryan!

13 Responses to SDGOP Exec Budmayr Sure Sanders Won’t Affect How We See Retrumplican “Leadership”

  1. It amuses me when Mr. H gives in to his temptations to call people names and show funny pictures. It reminds me that most bloggers are all the same no matter what they say.

  2. I am an exceptional blogger, Mrs. McGrudznik, and since I’m moving up to Legislature, you should learn to be more polite.

    Retrumplican—it’s not just a name, Grudz; it’s the new GOP order, accurately supplanting any vestige of connection to the original principles of the party and tying it entirely to its new cult of personality. Enjoy.

  3. Donald Pay

    Remillercans, Rebarroncans, Retrumplicans. Truly a unique individual….er, three individuals…the Republicans are nominating.

  4. Bah. You’re becoming a partisan hack and less of a reasoned thinker, Mr. H. However that will serve you well if you are elected to the legislatures.

  5. mike from iowa

    Strong conservative leadership in South Dakota looks like corruption from top to bottom, left to right,front to back.

  6. mike from iowa

    In that pic, Drumpf looks like he’d be willing to share a bathroom stall with Gays or Transgenders or even a woman.

  7. Donald Pay

    When I see Trump making that face, it makes me think he’s undergoing a prostate exam.

  8. Let’s just be honest. Republicans in this state would vote Hitler into office if he had an R after his name on the ballot.

  9. Well, duh! Why would we need Bernie or Hilary or anyone else to show us the corruption, greed, disappearance of million$, destruction of our planet and near destruction of the global economy to understand what strong Republican leadership looks like!

  10. Francis Schaffer

    A person cannot be reasoned out of a position into which they have not been reasoned.

  11. Strong conservative leadership? What a load of buffalo chips. Ryan Budmayr is delusional. He forgets the SDGOP brand of ‘strong conservative leadership’ brought us GEAR UP and EB-5.

  12. John Wrede

    Budmayr wades through the mire of assumptions and suggests that all South Dakotans want “conservative leadership” and all South Dakotan’s are sheep following a guy with a crooked stick and ringing the liberty bell carried in his RIGHT hand…. In spite of the chaos, confusion, ad hominem, fragmentation and identity crisis in the GOP, this torch of brilliance would have us believe he understands precisely what conservative leadership is.. Its an insult to intelligence and independent or perhaps even critical thinking. Putting on a smiley face for the camera portrays the plastic/fantastic lover of fiction. Haven’t we heard enough about the emperor’s new clothes.” I don’t know about anyone else but the same old dog and pony show featuring circled snake oil sales wagons is repulsive. One would think that after all the angst and finger pointing in the state legislature, followed up by the sloth and incivility of the Republican POTUS primary, these partisan geniuses would have something more humble and innovative to say. We shouldn’t subscribe to anything that even remotely smells like this sort of foolish arrogance.

  13. For once i agree w/ grudz. Bah. Bah. Bah. Republican sheep.