Brown County Dems Fundraiser Tonight in Aberdeen

Brown County Democrats Fiesta, Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant, Aberdeen, South Dakota, June 17, 2015, 7:30 p.m.Reminder to all my northeastern South Dakota Democratic friends: the Brown County Democrats are hosting a summer kick-off fiesta tonight, 7:30 p.m., at Mazatlan, downtown Aberdeen! The event will be a good chance to…

  1. Put $25 in the kitty for the local Dems.
  2. Sign referendum petitions!
  3. Talk up potential 2016 candidates.
  4. Eat nachos!
  5. Chat with state SDDP chair Ann Tornberg about election-year strategy, West River outreach, and when the heck our new party exec is starting.
  6. Eat more nachos!
  7. Hang out with neighbors downtown on a calm, cool summer evening.
  8. Make Sibby nervous that we’re promoting Obama-style globalism (no, wait: that’s Kristi Noem).
  9. Bend my ear with good blog tips (after you’ve signed my petitions and passed me the nachos!).
  10. Show your support for the party that doesn’t need eleven task forces and a wall of sticky notes to figure out what’s wrong with K-12 funding.

Mazatlan, Aberdeen, tonight, 7:30! Bring your ideas, bring your money, and bring your friends!

7 Responses to Brown County Dems Fundraiser Tonight in Aberdeen

  1. Roger Cornelius

    Will the Brown County Democrats be posting their strategy for the Mexican takeover of South Dakota?

  2. $25 dollars buys a lot of chips and salsa.
    Don’t sign made up names like Batman and Felonious Hunk on Mr. H’s petitions.

  3. no offense, but they must not be expecting much of a crowd. if memory serves, that restaurant isn’t very big. good food though!

  4. I was just thinking that if I was the Brown County Democrat leader I might charge $100 per person for the nachos. There are a lot of rich Democrats in Aberdeen, it is the epicenter of the rich Democrats in South Dakota. Get your money’s worth and be a more powerful player. Or be like the Libertarians who at least are growing, but not going anywhere.

  5. Well, how was it?

  6. Scott, Curt, the bar area on the east side of the building is small, but we filled it and filled the cash bucket. Ann Tornberg gave a good speech, showing her grasp of the issues and her ability to articulate them with passion. I got signatures from everyone in the room who hadn’t already signed and met some more Aberdeen-area Dems.

    Grudz, I see no evidence that the Libertarians are growing.

  7. Thanks for the report. It would be good if we could have about one of these events each week in all 66 counties.