Howie Uses Flimsy Evidence to Say “Too Many Mexicans” in America

Gordon Howie knows how to get attention. Shout “Too Many Mexicans” in a blog headline (without even the blog-dodge question mark), and folks will click to watch him do his Alec Baldwin turn on today’s “Imigration Report“:

Oh, for Pedro’s sake.

As is standard with too many of his blog posts, Howie builds his claim that one fourth of the Mexican population has migrated to the United States on flimsy information and leaps of logic. Howie inflates the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. by citing the claim of one former border patrol officer, Zack Taylor, who said in 2013 that he thinks there are 18 million to 20 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. Taylor’s claim appears to get play exclusively in the right-wing sub-press. I can’t find any authoritative sources citing Taylor, who, like Ted Cruz, appears to simply throw numbers off the top of his head. Taylor also believes not just in FEMA camps but FEMA coffins.

Howie asserts that the numbers of Mexican illegal immigrants have”obviously increased in the last couple years.” Obviously is an important word to listen for in speeches: it usually signals that the speaker has no evidence to back his claim. Howie doesn’t say what makes this increase obvious to him. He doesn’t mention or screen-crawl a source for his claim.

Real demographers say there are 11.5 million immigrants in the United States—3.5 percent of the U.S. population—and the number of Mexicans among that population has declined since 2007 to 5.9 million.

America is not home to one-fourth of Mexico’s population. And even if we were, who’s to say that would be “too many” Mexicans? Who’s to say we shouldn’t adopt Mr. Kurtz’s solution and bring 100% of Mexico’s population into America through statehood?

30 Responses to Howie Uses Flimsy Evidence to Say “Too Many Mexicans” in America

  1. happy camper

    Content aside, he does a pretty nice video!!! You should try it. Mexico is too corrupt for words.

  2. True on the first count, Hap! I’d love to get my hands on the virtual studio and his producer!

  3. larry kurtz

    Mi español no es lo suficientemente bueno para redactar una carta al pueblo de México para pedirles que disolver su constitución y petición de estadidad, Cory.

  4. happy camper

    Yo seriuosly dudo que quieren ser parte de nuestro país

  5. Bill Fleming

    Needs to move his teleprompter higher, to eye level, and practice looking at the camera more. (And get a better writer? ;-) Good looking stuff though. Definitely coming along production wise.

  6. Barry G. Wick

    And the Lord sayeth: Pick thy own lettuce.

  7. Aunque aplaudo la videografía Sr. Howie intento buscar el contenido carece de hechos reales, alarmista y racista. ¡Qué vergüenza a ti, Gordon Howie!

  8. Roger Cornelius

    Are Sibson and Howie sleeping together?

    Just the other day Sibson claimed that the Brown County Democratic fundraiser is an attempt by Democrats to let Mexicans takeover South Dakota.

    These characters must have a hat full of hate topics and draw one when there is a slow news day.

    If Howie can make the claim that there are too many Mexicans in this country, I can make the claim that there are too many white people in this country and I can easily find the Facts to support that claim.

  9. … and Roger, your claim would be entirely more legitimate.

  10. Bill Fleming

    Roger is onto something. Consider that virtually all “Mexicans” are also “Indians” (aka indigenous.) As Delores Huerta of UFW fame says, “We didn’t cross the border. The border crossed us.” We American white folks have to be among the worst “house guests” in the history of our species.

  11. happy camper

    My guess the software does most of it. Who knows it might not even be very expensive anymore. A desk, a black sheet and you’re in business. It would be really cool to have your important messages posted on YouTube. My suggestion might be to make a Wish List so people can contribute to something you need. Build up a little drama. The Conservatives have video. Or whatever he is. Shouldn’t the Libs???

  12. larry kurtz

    you made me go look, bill.

    A 2014 publication summarizing population genetics research in Mexico, which have included three nationwide surveys and several region-specific surveys, found that in the studies done to date, counting only studies that looked at the ancestry of both parents: “Amerindian ancestry is most prevalent (51% to 56%) in the three general estimates, followed by European ancestry (40% to 45%); the African share represents only 2% to 5%…. In Mexico City, the European contribution was estimated as 21% to 32% in six of the seven reports, with the anomalous value of 57% obtained in a single sample of 19 subjects. European ancestry is most prevalent in the north (Chihuahua, 50%; Sonora, 62%; Nuevo León, 55%), but in a recent sample from Nuevo León and elsewhere in the country, Amerindian ancestry is dominant.”

  13. bearcreekbat

    Perhaps Gordy means there are too many Europeans in the USA. After all, didn’t the European nation of Spain invade Mexico and subjugate the Native population in a manner similar to the European invasion of the USA?

    Perhaps these European immigrant families from Mexico are simply trying to join their European brothers and sisters in the USA. Where are Gordy’s ancestors from again?

  14. Bill Fleming

    Yeah, Larry, that’s because the Conquistadores didn’t bring any women with them. Virtually everyone is “mestizo.” Make love, not war brother. Oh wait, the Spaniards did both. Never mind. ;-)

  15. Bob Newland

    There are too many Gordon Howies in America. Build a wall.

  16. larry kurtz

    not having sibby here brings such calm.

  17. larry kurtz

    btw, cory: it sure is creepy to open this page and see gordie staring into a pit.

  18. What the hell does that mean, Lar? Are you pointing this Worf fellow as my step brother?

  19. It is disturbing that 1/4 of the population of Mexico has emigrated to the United States. Very disturbing. I question Mr. Howies insaner than most facts but what is even more disturbing is how that tax cheat and lying bossturd can afford a TV studio like that fancier than those sports shows my granddaughter’s boyfriend watches. Stop sending Mr. Howie money, because he owes me some and he doesn’t pay!

  20. Roger: my Gaia! Sibby actually said that! I link only because it’s so incredible:

    (Sorry to ripple the calm, Larry.)

  21. Grudz, if Howie owes you money, send me verifiable copies of the IOUs. I’ll be happy to help you press your debt case in the court of blogospheric opinion.

  22. “Too Many Howiesque Radicals”—Roger, 12, if you can get together to produce that video, I’ll run it here!

  23. mike from iowa

    bcb-Comanche Indians stole the Conquistador’s horsies and forced them Spaniards to invent the Tijuana Taxi and inspired Procol Harum to record the song “Conquistador.” Ain’t history amazing?

  24. larry kurtz

    Hey, Toshiba is caught up in an accounting scandal: think Sibby is part of the conspiracy?

  25. Roger Cornelius

    Let’s get a video done, Cory.

    It would be fun to answer Sibson’s lunacy and Gordon’s self-righteousness with a video response.

    Do you suppose Gordon would let us use his studio?

  26. Bill Fleming

    If you and Cory were going to do a video, Roger, I know the guy you’ll want to produce it. Maybe you do too. His name is Sam Hurst. And I wouldn’t waste two seconds trying to rebut Sibby and Gordon. They’re so far off base, they’re “not even wrong.” ;-)

  27. Deb Geelsdottir

    “Not even wrong.” Bill, I have to remember that. Thanks.

  28. Roger Cornelius

    You’re right as usual Bill, I have far better uses for two seconds.
    I use one of those seconds to read all the comments on their blogs.

  29. happy camper

    Everybody knows what killed the radio star.