Rapid City Conservative Alleges Allender Racist and Brutal?

To demonstrate that political labels dissolve in municipal elections, conservative Rip Ryness posts the following graphic to encourage his Rapid City neighbors to re-elect Mayor Sam Kooiker and not vote for challenger Steve Allender:

Campaign graphic posted by Rip Ryness, Facebook, 2015.06.01.
Campaign graphic posted by Rip Ryness, Facebook, 2015.06.01.

Ryness joined some Tea-flavored collaborators in mounting primary challenges to Republicans considered too moderate in the 2014 election. Yet here he is, a conservative, not only adapting the “Black Lives Matter” mantra to “Native Votes Matter” but invoking an image of police brutality that verges on libel (even against the stiffer criteria for defamation of public figures).

Ryness is right to bring attention to the racist comments attributed to former police chief Allender. Allender’s denial of making those comments deserves equal attention as Rapid Citians decide whether he’s better qualified to lead their racially tense community than Mayor Kooiker. But is the text under scrutiny overwhelmed by too-charged imagery?

6 Responses to Rapid City Conservative Alleges Allender Racist and Brutal?

  1. I wonder if these posters will be taped to the walls of the breakfast establishments in which all elections in Rapid City are decided. I’m just sayin…

  2. Deb Geelsdottir

    Hmmm. I’m wondering about the cheerful, friendly photo of Allender. At least perhaps it should be smaller. Is it the same image Allender uses on his campaign literature? Maybe Ryness should have put an “X” through the photo.

    Yes, I think the damaging quotes should be more prominent so that it’s clear that the poster is opposed to Allender.

    Bill? This is your thing. What do you think of the poster?

  3. Roger Cornelius

    As I stated on the Charity Doyle thread, I’m worried that Allender will pick up support from the large number of racist that live in Rapid City.

    There are a lot of racist here that think just like Allender.

    And thanks to Rip Ryness for helping to get the word out on racist Allender.

  4. What I find interesting is that the narrative of race has taken over this election cycle. I have received a mailing from Stan Adelstien(sic) supporting Allender, but the only supporter that people are fixating is Doyle. Her previous comments on race are bad, but she is an elected representative to the Rapid City City Council. People vote for her, and you need votes for elections. My concerns this city election is infrastructure, my kids, fixing broken infrastructure. During Sam’s tenure, I feel he hasn’t addressed my concerns. Time for someone new. From phone

  5. Bill Fleming

    Deb, to clarify, this particular graphic is not “my thing” in that I had nothing to do with writing or designing it. I don’t like the piece, but I think that’s probably the point. (I’m not supposed to “like” it.)

  6. mike from iowa

    Grudz,the only poster that needs to be taped to the wall is you-and forced to watch others eat your gravy taters. :)